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  • Why eating a healthy breakfast is so important

    Wed, 17 February 2016 8:00AM

    Professional Chef and Personal Trainer Alex shares her insights and tips to kickstart your day.

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  • Fitspo: the best celebrity fitness Instagrams to look to for inspiration

    Wed, 20 January 2016 8:00AM

  • How To: Reconnect With Yourself

    Tue, 19 January 2016 8:00AM

    Connectedness. What does it really mean? Social researchers use the word connectedness to describe the connection one has to the people and community around them. It refers to how joined we feel (fun fact: the word connectedness has its roots in the word harmony, which comes from the Greek word ‘harmos’ or ‘to join’). But what… more

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  • Everything You Need To Know About Protein Powder

    Tue, 5 January 2016 11:00AM

    Do you go the bio-fermented pea protein, the sprouted rice, the soy or the whey? Go on, pick one. It’s easy to understand how the everyday girl can become flummoxed by protein powders. The truth is, unless you’re Arnie it’s a minefield of conflicting arguments with too many products to choose from and an underlying fear… more

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  • Six ‘Healthies’ Reveal Their Secret To Surviving The Silly Season

    Thu, 24 December 2015 8:27AM

    Sometimes the holiday season can feel like warfare…against your waistline! Most of us wind up feeling worse for wear in January, resulting in drastic New Year’s Resolutions and resorting to liquid detoxes in order to undo the damage of December. To help you avoid the January woes, we’ve rounded up six of our favourite Health and… more

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  • Need to Know: The A-Z of Supplements for Fitness

    Wed, 2 December 2015 8:31AM

    Summer’s on its way and you’re busy whipping yourself into shape for bikini season after a winter spent hibernating and watching The Bachelor. These days, awesome fitness plans and workouts are available at your fingertips, making it get easier for you to just get on with it. But when it comes to nutrition, things become… more

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  • Workout Week: Supermodel Legs, 5 Exercises You Need to be Doing

    Mon, 9 November 2015 8:31AM

    Welcome to Workout Week, Primpers, an entire week of content dedicated to helping you reach your health goals, feel reinspired and get you prepped for bikini season. To kick things off we asked the gorgeous Hannah Saul – model for JETS, Nookie and Bendon, Instagram guru (@hanxfit) and, as of the 10th of November, fitness app… more

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  • Guest Post: How To: Run Like A Marathon Runner

    Wed, 16 September 2015 7:50AM

    When people find out I’m training for a marathon, the first thing they say is “how far is this one?” (For the record all marathons are 42.195km.) The second? “I can’t even run 500 metres, how you could do that?” Ten years ago I would have said the same thing. I couldn’t run a kilometre. Unless… more

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  • Mindfulness Made Easy

    Mon, 3 November 2014 8:30AM

    I remember the moment of clarity like it was yesterday. I’d just realised I was using my once sacred meditation cushion as a foot stool in my son’s room, meaning I hadn’t meditated on my own in a very long time. I meditate with him, but that’s for him, so that doesn’t really count. It was time… more

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  • Five of the Best: Online Wellness Courses

    Wed, 22 October 2014 8:30AM

    Ever had the itch to enhance your life? Do something that’s going to help you surge forward with positivity, joy, a fresh perspective? Me too. These online courses bring self-help into the new age, teaching fresh, exciting and effective techniques to switch negative life experiences into positive ones.  Here are my top picks. 1. 30 Days of Genki Workshop WHEN:… more

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