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  • How To: Feed Your Skin With Vegies

    Tue, 17 June 2014 8:30AM

    Grab your forks Primpers – we’re celebrating Eat Your Vegetables Day (it’s not just us, we swear on the beauty bible that this is an official worldwide June 17 event). For gorgeous gals like veg-loving Jessica Biel, paying homage to Mother Nature’s nutritious offerings is nothing unusual – every day is pretty much a major veg fest! Jessica follows… more

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  • Totally Useful Things You (Probably) Don’t Know Are In Your Fridge

    Thu, 3 April 2014 12:00PM

    We don’t need to tell you that you are what you eat, Primpers – you already know that beautiful skin relies on a daily dose of wholesome, fresh food as much as it does a good cleanse-tone-moisturise routine. But foodwise.com.au stats reveal that you and I aren’t living all that clean: each household tosses out an… more

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  • Why Sauerkraut is the New Super-Veg

    Mon, 10 February 2014 8:00AM

    The humble cabbage. It’s possibly one of the least inspiring-looking vegies on earth. And that’s before you even get a whiff of it cooking (think seriously stinky cheesy feet!). But WAIT! Stay with me here. If you’re a fan of fermented superfoods, you probably already know that this cruciferous super-veg is a probiotic powerhouse (if… more

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    heidiklum 9.58.16 AM

  • Winter Beauty Special 2013: The Best Foods For Your Skin This Season

    Fri, 14 June 2013 11:35AM

    The mangoes are nowhere to be seen; the nectarines have gone to ground; and suddenly, all that delightful colour and zest you get at the farmers’ market in the summer months seems to have slipped away with the sun, surf and sand. But don’t think winter eating is all potatoes and pears, there’s a stack… more



  • How to: Get an Inner (and Outer) Glow

    Tue, 26 March 2013 9:52AM

    Like whether JT can be classified an actor, singer or Mr Biel, some things are hard to define. And a ‘glow’ is bang in the undefinable basket. Does it mean you look perennially, painstakingly tanned? Or you are free of lines and wrinkles thanks to some faux intervention? Can a deft hand at foundation combined with… more

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  • The Vicious Cycle: Hormonal Skin

    Tue, 17 July 2012 4:04PM

    If you’re a woman, you’ve had days where you feel crappy, anxious and able to inhale a Violet Crumble at breakneck speed. You’ve probably also suffered from spotty, blotchy skin – all on a monthly rotation. Even celebrities, like Kirsten Dunst, aren’t immune from periods of less-than-picture-perfect skin. Yes, any woman will tell you the hormones… more



  • Goodbye JanYOUary…

    Mon, 31 January 2011 9:39AM

    It’s been nice knowing you, seriously. You’ve opened my eyes wide and bright to a happier, healthier world. However, you have also totally ruined my ability to spell JanYOUary, oops I mean January, correctly. (Spell Check has definitely thrown more than a few red underlined words my way this past month, Primps.) Considering I kicked off… more

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    Diet Coke

  • JanYOUary is detox time

    Fri, 21 January 2011 3:10PM

    ‘Twas the season to be jolly, now ‘tis the season to get back on track. The big question is what sort of detox to do. There are quite a few options depending on how long and how intense you want your detox experience to be. A short program is good if you want to do a… more

    Health & Fitness

    Mandy Moore

  • What inspires the inspiring? PART II

    Fri, 21 January 2011 9:26AM

    Queen B. The final credits may be on the horizon for JanYOUary, but there are still a truckload of tips and tricks to help you Primpettes stay on the yellow brick road to health and wellbeing and living – quite simply – a healthier, more socially conscious life! Last week I chatted to the exquisitely inspiring Claire… more


    Natalie Bloom

  • Get your glow on with healthy food

    Tue, 16 February 2010 9:52AM

    Getting healthy, glowing skin is always high on our priority here at PRIMPED. And with all the lotions and potions that land on our desks, we sometimes forget just how awesome natural foods really are. But just when you thought you’d heard about all the super foods your face can handle, we’ve gone and found… more

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