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  • How To: Rock Rainbow Braids

    Wed, 19 August 2015 8:27AM

    From ombre to sombre and now, coloured ends, this season sees a return to multicoloured hair that’s fun and inspired. We asked the team at Fudge Urban how to recreate rainbow braids at home. Here’s what they said… Step 1: Part hair down the center and spray different shades of Hair Art on random sections. Step 2:… more

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  • Guest Blog: Getting Older Has Its Challenges

    Thu, 23 July 2015 1:03PM

    Emma Cannell from Older Is The New Black is back from Bali (hooray!), and ready to talk ageing.  Image via Allure on Pinterest Getting older has it challenges. It happens suddenly, one day you get up look in the mirror and all you see is old looking back at you. You put on your normal makeup and… more

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  • Bobbi Brown’s Telluride Collection is Now Available. Get Excited

    Fri, 17 July 2015 8:20AM

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; as a beauty editor with 10 plus years under my blow-dry it’s hard to get excited about new products. Not that I’m ungrateful, oh no, on the contrary I genuinely give my time to new and exciting products coming my way, but like anyone who’s worked… more

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  • Could Kiwi Fruit Be The Key To Ageless Skin?

    Mon, 13 July 2015 4:37PM

    In the world of anti-ageing, vitamin C is king. Known for its ability to tackle free radicals, boost collagen and brighten your overall complexion, it’s little wonder skincare products are packed with the stuff. But what happens when you eat it; can consuming foods high in vitamin C also benefit your biggest organ? We quizzed Accredited Practising Dietitian, Geraldine Georgeou,… more

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  • Guest Blog: The Secret Online Stores You Need To Know About

    Fri, 10 July 2015 3:15PM

    Today’s guest post is penned by Jacqui Turner (aka Parisienne Chic), a nurse who’s always had a penchant for all things beauty. From “borrowing” her mother’s red lipstick and 4711 cologne as a child, to earning a diploma in makeup artistry some time ago, beauty has been at the forefront of all she does. Today, she… more

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  • Are Lip Oils All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

    Tue, 7 July 2015 8:03AM

    Remember Lip Smackers? The fruity flavoured lip balm was a staple in every teen pocket in the ‘90s, bringing with it an entire generation of women obsessed with lip products. Now we’re all grown up and looking for the next big thing, and having surfed the wave of gloss-come-stain-come-lipstick we’re on the precipice of something new…. more

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  • Guest Blog: How To Master the Art of Strobing for Your Best Glow Yet

    Mon, 6 July 2015 2:56PM

    Primpers, meet Julie Wakely. She’s the first of our guest bloggers, who also happens to be the ‘me’ behind memybestandi.com – a daily online dose of healthy inspiration, beauty fixes & motivational must-trys for real girls striving to unleash the best version of themselves because positivity is simply infectious. Make her feel welcome as she delves into makeup’s newest movement – STROBING! Image courtesy… more

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  • How To: Master Metal Hair Wear

    Fri, 3 July 2015 8:28AM

    Of all the trends that roll off the runways each season, only 50 per cent of them are truly wearable. Case in point metal hair accessories, that, unlike the scrunchy before them, manage to master functionality without having to compromise on form. Here, your guide your mastering metal no matter what your hair type. If your… more

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  • How To: Wear Bronzer, In Winter

    Tue, 23 June 2015 8:24AM

    Beauty isn’t always black and white. Some rules, like daily cleansing or wearing SPF are a no-brainer, but others, like wearing makeup to the gym or washing your hair everyday are left open to interpretation. Truth be told, beauty is a thousand shades of grey because depending on who you ask, the rules are always different. Case… more

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  • The Best Korean Beauty Buys Of The Moment

    Fri, 12 June 2015 8:30AM

    Our love affair with Korean skincare continues with these must-try products that treat everything from fine lines to pigmentation. Expect serious results. 1. The Acne Ace: Aromatica Tea Tree Balancing Toner Helps balance your skin’s pH, making it less susceptible to oil overload and breakouts. Packed with complexion-friendly goodies like tea tree (an awesome antibacterial agent) swipe… more

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