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  • Bella Heathcote Shows: How to Wear Makeuppy Makeup

    Fri, 7 December 2012 12:30PM

    You probably know we have a soft spot for Aussie actress Bella Heathcote. Why, just the other day we nominated her one of the beauty up-and-comers of 2012. And I’m sure you’re aware we like our makeup here at PRIMPED. Er, just a tad. But I have to admit, I’m personally usually too chicken to wear that… more



  • London Fashion Week S/S ’12: Front row at Temperly London: Is Pippa Middleton’s eye liner flattering?

    Wed, 21 September 2011 4:05PM

    Pippa Middleton, owner of the world’s best rear end (apparently), has always held a soft spot in her almost-royal heart for black eye liner. (So does her pretty princess sister, Kate Middleton, but I’m not here to talk about her today.) Having said this, you can guess what kind of makeup Pippa was seen sporting when… more


    Pippa Middleton sit front row seat at Termperly London's London Fashion Week show

  • My friend wears waaaaaay too much makeup. How can I tell her this?

    Wed, 7 September 2011 10:19AM

    How do I tell my friend she wears WAY too much makeup? She wears full eye liner, heaps of bronzer, lip liner, gloss, powder… And she isn’t hiding bad skin or anything, she’s so pretty, she doesn’t need all that stuff! Is there a way to do it without causing offense? Megs In a word, no. You cannot… more


    Clinique almost powder

  • Did you know this Monday is National Makeup-Free Day?

    Fri, 10 June 2011 3:55PM

    Well, that slight exaggeration got your attention, didn’t it? Let’s face it, if you’re anything like us and you live, eat, sleep, breathe all things makeup, then the idea of going entirely makeup-free for a day is no easy challenge. I’d say for some of us, it’s up there with cutting out carbs and trekking Mount Kilimanjaro. Hard. The thing… more


    Tinsley Mortimer

  • Careful! Too much makeup is no good, man.

    Thu, 14 May 2009 3:56PM

    Joo know who Allison Lohman is? She’s that cutie who was in Matchstick Men, which starred Nicholas Cage and that guy who’s in one million movies whose name always escapes me. Oh! I know, Sam Rockwell. Anyway, she’s in a new film called Drag Me to Hell, which stars Drew Barrymore’s not-really-boyfriend, Justin Long, and… more



  • Emmys: Eva does heavy makeup, adorable bows

    Mon, 22 September 2008 4:01PM

    Eva Longoria is quite a fan, I think, of the long, flowing spectacular red carpet gown. As you would be, if you could be, I imagine. So I love that she’s bucked that whole business and done a bit of a Twiggy and worn a mini to a place generally reserved for dresses of the… more

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