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  • The (Rather Shocking) Truth About Sun Damage

    Tue, 21 October 2014 8:30AM

    If ever there was a picture of sun kissed perfection it would have to be this: total bronzed babe (and with her own fake tan range no less!), Kimmy K. She is the flawless epitome of honey caramel (and let me tell you a lil’ secret –  she works hard to achieve it. Ms Kardashian… more

    Body & Fragrance / Skincare


  • Not Using SPF50 Facial Sunscreen? Then You Need To Read This.

    Fri, 10 October 2014 2:59PM

    Here’s a freaky fact for you: according to new research by Neutrogena, only 30% of women actually bother to apply facial sunscreen on a daily basis. I know. I KNOW. So despite all those skin cancer awareness campaigns and our increased understanding of how UV rays cause premature skin ageing, 70% of us choose to dodge… more

    Health & Fitness / Skincare

  • Turns out I was the goose, after all. (Also: Vitamin D!)

    Fri, 11 February 2011 7:44AM

    It’s funny, yknow. Every time I divert away from being a raging lunatic, writing nonsense and having fun with beauty, (or anything, really) and start having a Serious Opinion on something, it almost always backfires. Like that time I wrote about V12 Jaguars being the best car to carry oil you need to dump into the… more



  • How to apply your SPF

    Tue, 28 December 2010 10:02AM

    Should I be applying sunscreen before moisturiser? I’m so happy you asked this question, Talithaw. I can rant and rave enough about the importance of wearing SPF everyday of your life! The mercury’s heating up and the sun is sizzling so it’s important to slip slop slap! Sun damage can cause freckles, age spots, spider veins,… more

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  • The MOCA Annual Gala attendees give us another reason to wear sunscreen. (As if we needed one.)

    Mon, 15 November 2010 5:08PM

    I have always been HUGE advocate of sunscreen, Primps. Always. And yes, that did mean I was teased a little when I was the only youngster at school slopping on the white gooey stuff daily, but even back then I knew protecting my skin was worth it. So I just sucked the teasing up and… more



  • Primpers, there’s no such thing as safe tanning

    Fri, 6 February 2009 11:29AM

    Playing it safe. It’s something that instinctively, we all try and do. We cross at the lights to avoid getting hit, eat organic food to steer clear of pesticides and inject ourselves with Botox from the age of 25, just in case we ever get a wrinkle. Yet, despite all our efforts to keep healthy… more

    Body & Fragrance

  • Top 10: Reasons Why Sunbaking Sucks

    Fri, 6 February 2009 9:26AM

    It’s odd that in 2009 we still have to write lists such as these, but one look at Bondi beach on a sunny day reminds me that wow, a lot of people still, just, don’t, get, it. So here we go, the Top 10 reasons laying and baking your body under the single most powerful… more


  • Some wise words from Dr Wines

    Tue, 3 February 2009 3:36PM

    Olay recently conducted exclusive research that revealed skin cancer has a strong presence in the lives of the majority of Australian women. A staggering 4.2 million are living in a household in which someone has been affected by the disease and 1.2 million actually having been diagnosed with skin cancer themselves.The survey results also showed… more


  • Do you even know what SPF means? Do you? Huh?

    Tue, 3 February 2009 10:04AM

    You probably don’t. Seriously. I didn’t till a few years back. And now I like to tell everyone that I ever meet (waitresses, news paper delivery boys, celebrities) exactly what it means. Here’s a clue: It has nothing to do with the strength of your sun protection. Nothing at all. Welcome to Day II of… more


  • It’s a beautiful day for cancer.

    Fri, 30 January 2009 1:24PM

    That got your attention, didn’t it. Sadly, I can’t take the credit for it. It’s the title of a song by Ohssie rapper Al Bino, and I thought it was the perfect opening for a week full of sun-related beauty on PRIMPED. Welcome to Sun of a Beach, in which we really, really, really drive… more


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