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  • How To: Stop Your Phone Causing Skin Breakouts

    Mon, 5 August 2013 3:26PM

    You can thank technology for a squillion things: Instagram, Skype, Google, Snapchat…but when it comes to keeping your complexion clean, there’s one major factor bringing you down – your mobile phone. Sure, it’s a major 21st Century problem, but holding the phone close to your face and chatting away can cause breakouts along your cheeks and… more

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  • Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

    Mon, 5 August 2013 11:37AM

    You don’t need us to tell you that removing your makeup every night is a must-do part of your life, er, skincare routine. We are fairly confident that the cleanse/tone/moisturise system sounds something like your routine, too, Primpers which is why we’ve asked to you trial some cleansing facial wipes. Introducing Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes, $6.99,… more

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  • How To: Tick off 3 important skincare musts in one go

    Wed, 19 October 2011 5:40PM

    We’re time-poor, multi-tasking chicks so we need beauty products that can keep up with our fast-paced lifestyles. This is one of those products that looks after us in more ways than one.

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  • Video: Five Things I’m Loving This Week

    Fri, 10 June 2011 8:46AM

    Ciao from Rome, or Roma, as I’ve been affectionately calling it, since I’m now fluent in Italian and all. Okay, that’s a lie. I’ve just started adding an ‘a’ to the end of everything I say and suddenly feel like a local. It’s brilliant, you should try it. Anyway, Primpers, this week’s five things is coming… more



  • Simple Skincare

    Thu, 3 March 2011 11:46AM

    Old mate sensitive skin is a little fussy, Primps, but it’s not completely his fault. He just doesn’t mesh that well with harsh chemicals and fragrances, as they usually cause him to become inflamed, itchy, dry and just plain unhappy. Luckily, Simple Skincare is batting for Team Sensitive Skin. In fact, Simple is sensitive skin’s best… more

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  • If you want $20,000 you may want to read this

    Thu, 19 November 2009 12:10PM

    The promise of $20,000 is alluring to anyone. Even Bill Gates, I bet. I can’t imagine too many people turning the opportunity to win such a large sum of money down, even it meant having to sit in a cage with a hungry tiger. Well, maybe then you’d think twice but luckily for you, Primpers,… more

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  • Hey, Victoria Beckham, your skin is looking kind of gorgeous.

    Tue, 22 September 2009 3:17PM

    Which, and I only say this because she says this, is a little but surprising because she sometimes struggles with her skin, in terms of breakouts and oiliness and such things. (Fun fact: oiliness is actually one of the finest anti-aging tools there are. It’s the dry-skinned kids who have to worry about wrinkles, not… more



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