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  • Lien Bui answers your brow questions

    Wed, 13 October 2010 2:25PM

    How long does it take to grow out your brows and how do I keep them tidy while doing so? Lien Bui, our resident brow expert and queen of the brow shaping brigade answered… OK Tegan, you’ve stumped me. No, not really, but this question is really tricky to answer because it depends on the individual and… more

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    Jessica Szohr

  • Choose artificial nails

    Wed, 25 August 2010 2:51PM

    I want to stop biting my nails, so I’m thinking of getting fake ones. What’s the difference between them all and what won’t kill my nails? Good one MadisonC, everyone knows that nothing says polished and well-groomed like a fresh mani on neat nails. Whether you rock a demure pale pink or a bold red, wearing… more

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    Artificial nails

  • Matching your brows with your hair colour

    Tue, 1 September 2009 11:19AM

    Is there a rule about darker brows with blonde hair? You may come across trends that dictate which is the ‘it’ way to wear your brows for the season. But really it comes down to your personal preference and whatever makes you feel the sauciest.If you’re a little too shy to wear your stand-out dark brows… more

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  • Safely remove your lady moustache

    Thu, 16 July 2009 10:55AM

    I have upper lip hair. What’s the best method of removing it? My advice for upper lip hair removal is this. Only do it if you truly need to. Once you start removing those tiny little hairs from above your lip, you will most likely be doing it on a regular basis either monthly or… more

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  • Advice for over-waxed brows

    Thu, 2 April 2009 12:02PM

    I recently encountered an over-zealous waxer and now my eyebrows resemble Pamela Andersons. I need to grow them out but I hate the way they look, any advice? Ooh, I feel for you Anonymous. Eyebrows are tricky territory. We have to put a lot of faith into the professionals when it comes to our brows… more

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  • Help for Unsightly Teeth

    Thu, 19 March 2009 5:10PM

    I have really bad teeth and don’t want to spend too much money on dental surgery. Are there any other options? Unfortunately teeth are one of the first things people notice about a person, so looking after them and having them look their best is pretty important. When it comes to bad teeth, prevention should be… more

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  • Lengthen your lashes

    Tue, 10 February 2009 4:29PM

    I have really stumpy lashes. Are there any products to help lengthen them? If there was one thing that I wish I was blessed with it’s skinny knees. They just look so great in minis and shorts. Another thing is really, really long lashes, they look amazing in pretty much anything. Especially mascara, they look best… more

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  • Get wash and go hair, forever

    Fri, 19 December 2008 12:02PM

    My hair is curly and frizzy and annoying. I want to get it permanently straightened. Is there a way to do it that won’t wreck my hair? Frizzy hair types, listen up. This treatment may very well change your life.Its name is Shiseido Professional Crystallizing Straight and what it will do is make your hair completely… more

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  • Moustache mistakes, corrected

    Mon, 10 November 2008 2:53PM

    I have a moustache and don’t know whether to bleach it or not? When it comes to moustaches, I say leave the bleaching alone. Think about it, you’re not actually getting rid of the problem, you’re just changing the colour from black, to white. And as for all those chemicals on your face. No, no, no…. more

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  • What to do with your unsightly monobrow

    Wed, 3 September 2008 4:26PM

    What should I do about my monobrow? Liz, let’s be brutally honest here, there’s no place for monobrows here, ever (unless you’re Frida Kahlo, actually, no, even if you are Frida Kahlo). You have to get it waxed off immediately. Take yourself down to your nearest brow bar or beauty salon, and tell them to… more

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