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  • How To: Avoid the 3pm Sugar Dash

    Mon, 9 September 2013 4:52PM

    It’s the 3pm slump that’s suddenly become a normal part of the working day. You’re sitting at your desk feeling tired, lethargic and like you really need a hit of sugar or caffeine (or both!) to get you through the rest of your afternoon. So, you trot on over to the vending machine and treat… more

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    Peter Lindbergh Exhibition at Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld Gallery

  • Aussie Bodies ProteinFX LO CARB Minis

    Mon, 9 September 2013 2:47PM

    If your day is anything at all like ours in PRIMPED HQ we’re pretty sure that come 3pm you’re hankering for a snack to keep you going all the way through to 5.30pm (or 7pm, or even 10pm). Aussie Bodies ProteinFX LO CARB bars are great portion-controlled snack for the carb-conscious Primpers out there. They contain… more

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  • Newbies: John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight

    Thu, 7 July 2011 10:47AM

    Boy, have I got a frizz-tastic product for you today, Primps. And considering the weather is windy and wet and basically just all-round shitty right now, I’m thinking it’s a product that’s bound to come in very handy. Please cast your eyes over to this bad boy, Primps, whose name is John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day… more


    Chelsea Tromans and Cherie Herrmann at a John Frieda event

  • 5 Things I Can’t Live Without

    Fri, 11 March 2011 2:25PM

    It’s a huge call I know, but this list you are about to read is no exaggeration. I love these products like a mother loves a child. They’re my oxygen, my water, my chicken noodle soup, and considering Sharing-Is-Caring is my middle name, I owe this countdown to you. Here’s the sweet story of how… more


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  • Essie Protein Base Coat

    Mon, 26 October 2009 2:13PM

    A fortifying base coat that extends the duration of a manicure while protecting and strengthening nails

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  • De Lorenzo Instant Rejuven8 Conditioner

    Thu, 28 May 2009 10:23AM

    A conditioner with added proteins and anti-static properties that smoothes, softens and detangles hair while leaving a natural shine

    RRP $20.95


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  • Evo Mane Prescription Protein Treatment

    Mon, 18 May 2009 1:17PM

    An intense protein treatment that strengthens hair, leaving it healthy and strong

    RRP $25.95


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  • Evo Normal Persons Conditioner

    Mon, 18 May 2009 12:28PM

    A light daily conditioner with moisturisers, protein, anti-sebum agents and scalp stimulating ingredients, that leave your hair and scalp healthy and oil free

    RRP $24.95

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  • Evo Gluttony Shampoo

    Mon, 18 May 2009 12:17PM

    A shampoo with protein and film formers that penetrate and coat hairs, leaving hair gently cleansed and volumised

    RRP $24.95


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  • Revlon Fabulash Mascara

    Fri, 8 May 2009 9:28AM

    A thickening mascara with a lash perfecting brush that combines short bristles to beautifully thicken lashes, and long bristles to perfectly separate without clumping, with an enriched formula with silk proteins and vitamins A and E to keep lashes soft

    RRP $19.95


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