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  • Four New Anti-Ageing Skincare Buys to Slather On Immediately

    Tue, 18 June 2013 1:49PM

    If you’re anything like me, you smother your morning toast with vegemite and avocado, your desk is covered in 87 post-it notes, and you’re obsessed with any cream that promises to make you look younger than your years. Are you still with me? Then I have an inkling that you’ll want to know about some of… more



  • How to: Get Rid of Rosacea

    Thu, 26 July 2012 11:59AM

    First up, a definition: rosacea is everything from a mild blushing on the cheeks to a red lumpy bumpiness on your chin and nose. The common link is an excess of redness in the skin – which is a sign of dilated blood vessels. Rosacea is crazy common. Something like one in 20 people have it…. more

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  • How to: Put an End to Pigmentation

    Tue, 8 May 2012 4:20PM

    Seeing spots? Good. You’re bang-on trend. Super cute, fresh and feminine, spots and dots are having a moment in the fashion sun. But hang on, Horatio! This is PRIMPED, not The Sartorialist, so let me shift a gear from fashion to the face. Above the neck – beanies and scarves not withstanding – dark spots are… more

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  • Video: Five Things I’m Loving This Week

    Fri, 6 April 2012 8:54AM

    Happy Easter Friday, Primpers. To kick off the long weekend, let’s indulge in a little beauty goodness between bites of chocolate (dark, preferably) eggs. This week, I have an exciting new fragrance from Polo Ralph Lauren called Big Pony, $120 (100ml). There are four delightful varieties, but my pick has to be number 1. I also… more



  • Five Things I’m Loving This Week

    Thu, 5 April 2012 2:18AM

    Happy Easter! Today, Yaz takes you through some of the best beauty launches of the week. Enjoy!

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  • This Week You Should…

    Mon, 18 April 2011 7:47AM

    Take part in one, or all, of these newsy snippets I’m about to tell you about, Primpers. 1. Skip into Kiehl’s to nab yourself a piece of Pharrell Williams (and support World Earth Day at the same time) It’s World Earth Day on Friday, Primpers, and to celebrate this wonderfully eco event, our mates at Kiehl’s have… more


    Pharrell Williams

  • How To: Get a better nights sleep

    Wed, 9 September 2009 10:43AM

    I don’t know about you, Primpers, but there’s pretty much nothing on the planet I treasure more than sleep. Well, there are a few things, I ‘spose, but generally I’m one of those sleepy head types who is thrilled to jump into bed at 9:30 on the dot every night and enjoy my 10 hours… more

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  • A review: Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat How To Sleep Real Good, Part 3.

    Mon, 30 March 2009 2:20PM

    Here we are! At the end of the Gwinganna Sleep Discovery journey. The beauty of all of this information is that when you have a rubbish night’s sleep (like I did last night) you should be able to work backwards and pinpoint exactly WHY you slept so badly. For me last night it was a… more

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  • Origins goes organic; launches recycling program

    Mon, 30 March 2009 2:10PM

    In a time where the economy seems to be falling apart around us and world peace seems about as realistic as weight reducing chocolate, there are some trends that help restore a little faith in us flaky human beings. While they may not be life changing, they do make a difference. Even if it’s a… more

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  • Think again about how you’re exfoliating

    Thu, 18 September 2008 3:15PM

    When you’re using a body scrub or exfoliator to remove dead skin cells or that hot spray tan that now looks like someone poured orange juice all over you a few days ago, don’t stand under the shower stream. Turn off the taps and scrub your body, or even better, scrub your body in the… more

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