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  • Hairy Adventures: Like Emma Stone, Rihanna and Jessie J, let’s embrace side-swept strands

    Thu, 6 October 2011 3:28PM

    It’s time to go on a hairy adventure, Primps; a journey where you explore new hair looks and then embrace them, even if it’s only for one day. Your hair is meant to be played with, after all. Today we’re fixing our eyes on side-swept strands. Yes, this style is nothing radical, nothing new, and certainly… more


    Emma Stone's Side-Swept Curls

  • It’s a Gloss Off: Side Braid vs. Side Braid. Beyonce vs. Kristen Stewart.

    Tue, 27 September 2011 10:45AM

    OK, you got me. These Gloss Off games are usually reserved for some good old product banter, but today I’m mixing things up – I’m playing celebrity against celebrity; hairstyle against hairstyle. (Beyonce and Kristen Stewart begged me to bend the rules. And I couldn’t say no to their cute wee faces, could I? Nope.) SOME… more


    Kristen Stewart's Jet-Black Side Braid

  • Video: My new dye job (and debaffling balayage)

    Mon, 18 July 2011 4:31PM

    When was the last time you switched-up your hair colour, Primps? I’m not talking an extreme change like Lauren Conrad’s multi-coloured dip-dyed ends, but, you know, a time where you stepped out of your comfort zone just to jazz up your look a little. For me, it was two weeks ago. Yep, just recently I… more


    PRIMPED's Beauty Editor, Cherie Herrmann, and PRIMPED HQ resident, Tammy Collins showing off their new balyage

  • Hilary Duff is batting for Team Blonde once again

    Fri, 1 April 2011 9:32AM

    And as a result, PRIMPED Stadium erupts in earth shattering cheers. Woo! But seriously, you know this news makes me smile, Primps, mainly because that darker, somewhat disastrous balayage style I spoke about last week was not doing the Duffsta’s beautiful face any justice at all. Nope, none whatsoever. Don’t remember this not-so-awesome ‘do I speak of?… more


    Hilary Duff

  • Golden Globes 2011: Sandra Bullock’s fringy tales

    Mon, 17 January 2011 12:53PM

    I’m chuckling in my seat a little right now, Primps. Just a few minutes ago I was perving at Olivia Wilde’s stunning new fringe thinking how drastic haircuts before big events are somewhat risky, and for me, an epic no-no. But another dramatic hair change has just landed in my lap, in the form of… more


    Sandra Bullock

  • COVERGIRL’s 50th Anniversary Party; Lauren Conrad is now batting for Team Brunette

    Fri, 7 January 2011 12:26PM

    The suit-wearing, seriously serious, quality news-hunting journos out there must be having a field day today. Why? Because not only has there been one EPIC celebrity hair colour change in the past 24 hours (I’m nodding my head your way, Khloe Kardashian), but two. Yes, TWO. And it’s going to make the 6pm news, I’m… more


    Lauren Conrad

  • Top 5: The People’s Choice Awards’ pretty, erm, people

    Fri, 7 January 2011 9:28AM

    How do you feel about taking a break from JanYOUary just for a wee moment (but not enough time to sneak in a Diet Coke, Cherie. Don’t even go there) so we can perve on some celebs? You’re down with it? Brilliant, because a totally low-key, massively boring event (lie. Total lie) called the People’s… more


    Malin Akerman

  • OMG. Mischa Barton has FINALLY ditched her blocky locks.

    Mon, 8 November 2010 5:05PM

    And she looks fantastic. Beautiful. Natural. So much so that I’m even going to go as far as to say that the OC-esque Mischa Barton may soon be gracing us with her stunning presence. Shocking, huh? Yes, indeed it is, but oh-so delightful news, too. I mean, she’s been trudging around with those overly-bleached, heavy… more


    Mischa Barton ditched her blocky locks

  • New ‘dos: Kristen goes rusty-red; Posh opts for extensions

    Wed, 30 June 2010 8:55AM

    Wowzers, Primps. I never thought I’d say this, but Kristen Stewart is continuing to blow me away. And it’s not because she has learnt to stand without looking awkward and managed to turn her solemn little smirk into a huge, delightful smile, it’s because she keeps on looking so darn pretty. She’s been trying new looks… more


    Kristen Stewart

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