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  • The makeup brushes you need in your life (and the ones you don’t)

    Fri, 4 November 2016 2:59PM

    There are approximately 329502 types of brush on the market. So which ones do you actually buy? If you get lost in the extreme range you’ll end up forking out $2000 on 40 makeup brushes. Of which you’ll use like, 4. Fortunately, I’m here for you in your time of need. Here are the brushes… more



  • Harry Potter ‘wand’ makeup brushes are a real thing that exist

    Fri, 14 October 2016 11:04AM

    Obsessed with Harry Potter? Want everything in your entire life to be Potter themed? Like… your makeup? Well, you’re 100% in luck because, yes, someone has made wand makeup brushes. Like, Harry Potter-style wand makeup brushes.



  • You are going to want every one of these unicorn makeup brushes!

    Thu, 15 September 2016 5:08PM

    Ok, seriously – who DOESN’T love unicorns? The answers is no one because unicorns are the greatest magical creatures of all time. All time! That’s exactly why these new makeup brushes from Unicorn Lashes UK have gone internet viral. The brush’s bristles resemble a unicorn’s mane, aka rainbow pastel perfection, what we always imagined a… more



  • How To Properly Clean Your Makeup Brushes

    Wed, 10 August 2016 2:56PM

    Source: Pinterest When’s the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? If you’re guiltily looking away from your screen right now because the answer is “never”, you’re not alone. Loads of makeup lovers worldwide neglect to clean their beauty tools – and why wouldn’t they? It’s annoying, kinda time consuming, and – if you want to… more

    Makeup / How To


  • People Are Losing It Over These Brushes, But You’ll Never Guess How Much They Cost

    Mon, 8 August 2016 12:35PM

    Source: Instagram Is there anything more exciting than brand new makeup brushes? What about $5 to $12 brushes? Did you gasp? We did. E.L.F cosmetics “Beautifully Precise” makeup brushes have swept Instagram after a sneak peek event took place in San Francisco and Beauty YouTubers and bloggers got hold of these babes. Cosmopolitan interviewed Achelle Dunaway, global… more



  • Why You Should Immediately Add This Brush To Your Makeup Bag

    Tue, 19 July 2016 3:41PM

    Source: Pinterest   I used to have quite the aversion to makeup brushes. I was this “I’m super chill/low-key, I don’t need TOOLS to do my makeup with” type of person, convinced I could do everything with one big powder brush, and my fingers. And look, I didn’t look like Marge in The Simpsons when Homer uses… more



  • How to: Get The Most Out of Your Makeup

    Fri, 26 April 2013 4:30PM

    Hey Primpettes! I’m Ave. Nice to meet you! I would like to warmly introduce myself as the latest intern addition to the PRIMPED team! As a long-time Primper myself, I’d always ponder about the latest ‘new kids’, so let me just pull out my resumé and we can get started. I’m an ex-beauty-counter girl with a few… more

    Makeup / How To


  • Video: Five of the Best – Must-Have Makeup Brushes

    Wed, 10 April 2013 8:50AM

    If Picasso is anything to go by, skill is only 3/4 of the job. The rest comes down to your tools. So when it comes to makeup application, the pros swear by having the best brushes on hand to help them create the ultimate makeup finish: perfectly blended, even, and in most cases, like you’re… more



  • Video: The Week in Beauty … L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Meeting Barbara Palvin and the Scrunchie!

    Fri, 22 March 2013 12:19PM

    Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but this week has flown by for me, Primpers. I was fortunate enough to attend L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival, where I not only got a chance to go to the official launch luncheon and get a sneak peek of the runway beauty looks, I also had the opportunity to interview… more



  • The One Where I Perfected Black Eyeliner

    Wed, 26 September 2012 12:39PM

    The LBE is a makeup wardrobe essential. I’m talking, of course, about Little Black Eyeliner. But just as the LBD is an elusive find, so too can the LBE be difficult to craft. I’ve long had issues with simple black eyeliner. A luscious liquid eyeliner look – like that seen at Dolce & Gabbana the other day… more



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