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  • Five Beauty Lessons To Learn From The Front Row Pros

    Fri, 15 February 2013 9:29AM

    While the Olivia Palermos of the world glide into their front row seats to peer at the latest fashion must-haves, there’s another group of women sitting a few seats down that could teach these youngsters a thing or two about being fabulous. You see, Primpers, while the new crew of hipsters (think: Amber Le Bon,… more


    Rachel Zoe - Backstage - Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

  • Get Katherine Heigl’s Skin. Well, Close Enough.

    Mon, 2 April 2012 10:19AM

    Years ago, a friend came back from Los Angeles with a few pairs of Christian Louboutins, a new-found obsession for Mexican food, and the most amazing skin I’d seen on her in a long time. She had been to see an amazing facialist, newly set up in town and building up an impressive celebrity client… more



  • Katherine Heigl goes from brunette to blonde, which is actually disastrously hard work.

    Wed, 29 September 2010 4:34PM

    Katherine Heigl, in my opinion, is one of those celebrities who always seem to miss the boat when it comes to style and beauty. Don’t get me wrong, she’s an absolute burner, but she just never looks as good as she could. There was the full-on brunette incident a little while back, and now, she’s… more



  • Considering dying your hair darker for winter? Maybe go lighter instead.

    Fri, 4 June 2010 8:34AM

    I used to be big fan of going dark in winter, actually. Thought it made overwhelming sense. Especially since I loved to wear more makeup, and in bolder tones in the colder months, and to me, that was a marriage on par with WILL and JADA, because generally, when you’ve been light-haired and switch to… more


    Katherine Heigl

  • Katherine Heigl takes a walk on the dark side.

    Thu, 6 August 2009 9:17AM

    What do you say Primps? Dig Katherine Heigl’s new colour? Here she is at the UK premiere of The Ugly Truth on Tuesday night. Katherine’s been sporting the darker shade since the start of her red carpet rounds to promote her new movie The Ugly Truth (must be such a tough gig having to get… more



  • Michelle Obama Vs/ Katherine Heigl

    Thu, 23 July 2009 11:03AM

    I can imagine that when you’re the First Lady, every move you make is pounced upon and judged and ridiculed by the hungry media circling your life. PRIMPED, of course, isn’t all that hungry and we try not to ridicule, but we definitely do love a change. And Michelle Obama, your brave little choppidy chop… more

    Blogs / Beauty Duty


  • Would you EVER age yourself on purpose? Discuss

    Fri, 3 April 2009 5:02PM

    I recently spotted a news story that covered the transformation of Adelaide girl, Gules D’Orsi and her uncanny resemblance to Princess Diana. I must tell you, Primpers, the similarities are ridiculous. Almost a little creepy, but it did make my brain trip over itself for a second with bewilderment as I recognised an emerging… more

    Blogs / Beauty Duty


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