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  • Aussie Beauty Special 2013: Beach Hair, Australian Owned and Made

    Mon, 21 January 2013 12:47PM

    Here at PRIMPED, we have a sudden urge to eat pavlova, pull on our ugg boots and listen to Kylie all day long. It can only mean one thing… welcome to our Aussie Beauty Week! When I was brainstorming ideas for my first blog of the week, it seemed fitting to ask myself, what actually is… more



  • Do you also have O.C.D.C.D? As in, Obsessive Compulsive Dark Circle Disorder?

    Mon, 12 March 2012 11:07AM

    It’s when nothing ever seems to brighten your eyes to total satisfaction, and you’re constantly touching up your under-eye concealer all day long. I have been a sufferer for as long as I can remember. I’ve never ever quite felt that my eyes were perky enough. Partly because they happen to be rather deep-set, which… more



  • Put a twist on your everyday hairstyle

    Wed, 6 July 2011 2:27PM

    Escape your everyday hairstyle rut and jazz up any ‘do with our twist trick. You’ll be amazed by its versatility, too.

    Hair / How To

    Ariadne Artiles

  • I “MET” you are as enchanted by these looks as I am.

    Tue, 3 May 2011 6:03PM

    As you might have already seen in the gallery section of this very website, the annual Costume Gala ball was held today in NYC, and as always it was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, which is why it’s referred to as the MET ball, and hence the hilarious pun in my title. This ball… more

    Hair / Makeup

    Isabel Lucas at the Costume Institute Gala At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

  • Master no-makeup-looking makeup

    Wed, 6 April 2011 2:42PM

    While we’re as sure as eggs is eggs that Isabel Lucas wakes up looking this beautiful, for most of us, a lot of time and effort goes in to looking this fresh faced and fabulous, without looking like you’re wearing any makeup at all. Just like daring yourself to try out a dark lipstick or… more

    Makeup / How To

    Isabel Lucas

  • Attention all staff: Regarding Very Bright Lipstick and Bronzer.

    Fri, 4 March 2011 7:48AM

    Team, As a company we are very dedicated supporters of the Very Bright Lipstick and Bronzer movement. We have campaigned strongly for it since 2006, and have no plans of giving up any time soon. It looks tremendously exciting, wakes the whole face up, and is fiercely feminine. We can see no reason why all valuable… more


    Isabel Lucas wearing bright lipstick

  • Contemplate then Comment: Isabel Lucas’ Lions Mane

    Fri, 19 February 2010 12:07PM

    I’m not really one to celeb bash, we try to keep things fairly clean and happy and friendly here at PRIMPED, but sometimes there are moments when you just have to question their judgement. I mean, celebs are in the public eye. They know this. So, you’d think it would be a part of their… more



  • Isabel Lucas performs perfect hair and makeup for clothes are technicolour-super-brighty

    Wed, 3 February 2010 11:23AM

    Oh, IZZY! Look at you! Goodness, how wonderful it is to see you back to your stunning self, after, yknow, that little ‘moment’ we had towards the end of the last year with the, uh spray tan and stuff. Here you are with dark hair and sweet musk-stick pink lips and a tremendously vibrant smock giving… more

    Hair / Makeup


  • Isabel Lucas, I have taken issue with your spray tan and hair colour.

    Thu, 22 October 2009 11:37AM

    Although I must remember that it’s not so much Miss LUCAS as her “people” that threw her into the Blonde-o-Matic before shooting her with several loaded spray tan guns. Or, you know, maybe it’s for a film role. I think we may have paid out on Miss KRISTEN STEWART at the MTV movie awards before… more

    Body & Fragrance / Hair / Makeup


  • Isabel Lucas: Kinky ends and centre parts

    Thu, 9 July 2009 2:32PM

    Isn’t Isabel Lucas getting all courageous these days? What, with her pink lipstick and now this slightly waterwaved, centre parted style, she’s fast becoming one of the most beauty forward chicks in Hollywood. Here she is: Personally, I like my hair with a bit more body in it. You know, some volume, life…bounce. I think that Isabel… more

    Blogs / Beauty Duty


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