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  • Hilary Duff

    Fri, 2 May 2014 3:00PM

    Hilary Duff Rocks A Messy Top Knot



  • How to: Use an Illuminator Correctly and Glow Like Never Before

    Tue, 11 December 2012 4:03PM

    Some cosmetics need to come with a 77-page manual tacked their backside, right? But those pretty little tubes and tubs can only house so many instructions, and who’s looking at the fine print when the pretty palette inside is so darn distracting? For me, illuminators are such cosmetics. They are shiny and bright and oh-so-alluring,… more

    Makeup / How To


  • How to: Detox

    Mon, 9 April 2012 11:54AM

    If you feel like you’ve over-indulged this past Easter weekend (uh, join the club), you might just be hoping to come across some get-healthy inspiration. Well, look no further! Sure, we know PRIMPED is a beauty site, but looking good starts with feeling good, and lashings of lipstick and illuminiser can only do so much if… more

    Body & Fragrance / How To

    KImberly Snyder and Hilary Duff

  • Hilary Duff is batting for Team Blonde once again

    Fri, 1 April 2011 9:32AM

    And as a result, PRIMPED Stadium erupts in earth shattering cheers. Woo! But seriously, you know this news makes me smile, Primps, mainly because that darker, somewhat disastrous balayage style I spoke about last week was not doing the Duffsta’s beautiful face any justice at all. Nope, none whatsoever. Don’t remember this not-so-awesome ‘do I speak of?… more


    Hilary Duff

  • Hilary Duff is now sporting some darker strands

    Wed, 23 March 2011 9:00AM

    And I don’t think they’re doing her beautiful mug any justice, Primps.   Hilary Duff showing off her new strands on March 21st. You see it, don’t you? That The Duffsta just doesn’t look as sharp and glowy as she normally does?  That her eyes aren’t sparkling and her skin isn’t looking like a luminous light bulb? This new… more


    Hilary Duff

  • Hilary Duff and Kim Kardashian both have ace messy updos

    Mon, 7 February 2011 11:17AM

    And messy updos are the perfect fodder for us on this gloomy Monday (well, it is in Sydney Town, anyway) when you can’t be arsed washing your hair in the morning and an updo is the only thing that will save your greasy strands. God bless those amazing updos. So, Hils and Kimmy, please show us… more


    Hilary Duff

  • Hilary Duff takes an epic hair risk; I don’t know if I like it.

    Wed, 10 November 2010 10:13AM

    A few weeks back, the ultimate burner, Kate Bosworth, nicked Proenza Schouler’s S/S ‘11 look, taking it straight from the runway into real life. And she pulled it off, Primps, with grace and style and utter beauty. But don’t be mistaken, this is not an easy feat. Runway looks are generally just that – meant… more


    Hilary duff takes an epic hair risk

  • Lauren Conrad and Hilary Duff both release books; captivate me with their stunning beauty looks.

    Tue, 12 October 2010 4:40PM

    Two of my favourite young Hollywood burners, Lauren Conrad and Hilary Duff, have both recently been trotting around the US of A, posing for a bunch of photos. Why? Because they’ve both released wonderful new books (Sugar and Spice: An LA Candy Novel and Elixir, respectively), and you know, such achievements call for country-wide book… more


    Lauren Conrad's new book

  • Bobbi Brown releases a new book; thrills the stationery lover in me

    Wed, 22 September 2010 5:52PM

    I love stationery. I always have. Call me a dork if you will, but there’s just something about a bunch of brand spankin’ new highlighters and fresh, untouched notebooks that makes me happy. And even though this thrill was usually reserved for the start of the school year back when I was a student, Bobbi… more



  • Kim Kardashian’s bangin’ new fringe; Hilary Duff darkens her locks. Slightly.

    Mon, 23 August 2010 9:53AM

    Thank goodness celebs love changing their hair, Primps. It keeps me in a job, and keeps the rest of you entertained. So because of this, I feel we must thank you, Kim Kardashian and Hilary Duff, for paying your sweet stylists a visit. We truly do appreciate it. And while neither of their new ‘dos… more


    Kim's new fringe

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