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  • How To: Feel Happy (Like, Right Now!)

    Wed, 9 July 2014 12:15PM

    OK, Primpers, when was the last time you spent quality time with a good friend in person (remember, that thing we used to do before life was lived in 140 lower case characters!?). I only ask because, according to new research by San Churro (yep, the chocolate café!), hanging out with people you like (preferably over a hot choc churros!)… more

    Health & Fitness / How To


  • Beauty à la Brigitte Bardot

    Thu, 2 August 2012 4:40PM

    Try to secure an interview with anyone in Paris right now (as I just did) and chances are you’ll have no luck (as I just had). Because most Parisians have put up their version of the ‘Gone Surfing’ sign. Except they’ve gone to a seaside sans waves – the Riviera. And they’ve gone for a… more


    Brigitte Bardot Saint Tropez

  • GQ Men Of The Year Awards: Leona Lewis’ ravishing red pout and red nails (and red clutch)

    Wed, 7 September 2011 2:26PM

    Leona Lewis is a woman after my own heart, Primps. She’s worn a white frock with red lipstick and red nails and a red clutch to the GQ Men Of The Year Awards, you see, and that is so something I would do. Why? It’s classic. It keeps everything uniform. It makes a huge statement. It just… more


    Leona Lewis' red nails, lips and clutch at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards

  • What inspires the inspiring?

    Tue, 11 January 2011 9:19AM

    I often wonder. When I can barely remember to separate the plastics from the papers, there are certain industry innovators who live and breathe 24-hour TLC for our planet; local beauty business minds who are effectively working to reduce their carbon footprint as well as our wrinkles. Over coming weeks, I will be chatting to a… more

    Body & Fragrance

    Claire and Dylan

  • Improving your health is as easy as smiling. True story.

    Mon, 10 January 2011 3:40PM

    Feeling a little grumpy today, Primps? Maybe even a wee bit mad that it’s a Monday and you’re back at work already? (Old mate weekend always insists on being so darn speedy, doesn’t he?) If you’re nodding furiously because you are, in fact, a cranky pants today, can I suggest you smile? Yep, just smile. But… more

    Health & Fitness


  • Smiley EDT

    Thu, 26 March 2009 9:17AM

    A psycho-tonic perfume with mirco-nutrients that activate happiness, with a sparkling-fruity, but also delightfully spicy and woody-musky, scent

    RRP $78.95


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  • Smiley EDP

    Thu, 26 March 2009 9:16AM

    A psycho-tonic perfume with mirco-nutrients that activate happiness, with a sparkling-fruity, but also delightfully spicy and woody-musky, scent

    RRP $72.95


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  • Biotherm Happy Legs Icy Leg Gel

    Fri, 9 January 2009 1:59PM

    A cooling gel that relieves tired legs with a burst of freshness, contouring and slimming legs while leaving them feeling fresh, cool and comfortable

    RRP $68.00


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  • Clinique Happy To Be Perfume Spray

    Tue, 4 November 2008 4:43PM

    Fragrance with soft floral notes that create a sparkling vibrancy and casual elegance

    RRP $79.00


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    Clinique Happy To Be Perfume Spray

  • Clinique Happy Heart Perfume Spray

    Tue, 4 November 2008 4:36PM

    Clinique Happy Heart is a true floral fragrance, yet it still has the same light and refreshing qualities of Clinique Happy

    RRP $79.00


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