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  • How To: Change Your Mood By Changing Your Makeup

    Thu, 23 October 2014 8:30AM

    Let’s be totally clear: makeup is a powerful thing, but it can’t literally change the course of your day (Clearly. Or else my stop-em-dead red lippie would have made that bus actually wait 6 extra seconds until I’d made it helter skelter to the shelter. Just saying). But it can entirely affect how you feel… more

    Makeup / How To


  • Top 10: Natural Products Celebs Love

    Mon, 21 April 2014 2:00PM

    Boob jobs, botox jabs and butt lifts might get loads of press, but not all Hollywood beauties rely on artificial enhancements to maintain their gorgeousness. In fact, lotsa stars are swinging their beauty gaze squarely in the other direction. “With so many natural products delivering outstanding results we are seeing more and more celebrities opt out of… more



  • Emerald Eyes for St Patrick’s Day. Plus, Some Other Great Green Beauty Buys.

    Fri, 15 March 2013 1:50PM

    You didn’t think I could leave St Patrick’s Day (AKA this coming Sunday) alone without an ode to green eye makeup, did you? I mean, I was the one seriously advocating green & gold eyes back in January, for Australia Day. But I have good reason to argue this particular makeup case right now. Because, you see, St… more



  • Mummy Beauty Blog: Eco-Chic (and -Cheap) Skincare Buys

    Sun, 10 March 2013 12:53PM

    Take a deep breath ‘cos I’m going all green on you today. While I could be referring to the colour of tea sitting next to me on my desk or the strings of beads around my neck, conveniently covering the fact that I managed to spill a glob of toothpaste down my grey t-shirt before… more



  • What to Buy this Week: Stella L.I.L.Y

    Mon, 1 October 2012 2:20PM

    In my eyes, Stella McCartney can do no wrong (except the bit about sending me broke due to my Stella handbag addiction). Everything she touches turns to fashion or fragrance gold. And her latest perfume is no exception. L.I.L.Y stands for Linda, I Love You – which was her dad’s nickname for her late mum. Aren’t… more

    Body & Fragrance


  • Jennifer Garner is pregnant (yay!) so let’s perve on her glowy skin

    Tue, 23 August 2011 5:01PM

    THE BEAUTIFUL NEWS: Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are expecting their third child. Yep, little Violet and Seraphina will soon have a little sister or brother. Sweet, huh? Their family is the cutest. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR US: Well, it does eventually mean we’ll find ourselves snooping through the glossies hoping to catch a glimpse of… more


    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are expecting their third child.

  • Kelly Rowland’s utterly delicious watermelon eye makeup

    Mon, 22 August 2011 10:29AM

    WARNING: FUN EYE MAKEUP AHEAD! Sorry for the capitals, Primps, but I felt I needed to build a little bit off hype around this image of Kelly Rowland sporting some ultra-tasty pink and green watermelon-esque eye makeup. It is one spiffy makeup look after all, and brave makeup choices need to be celebrated. KELLY ROWLAND AND HER… more


    Kelly Rowland's Watermelon-like Eye Makeup

  • Beyonce really does love her multi-coloured nails

    Tue, 5 July 2011 9:27AM

    Is she colour blind? Has she lost her marbles? Did she run out of pink nail polish? Or is she just in the mood to goof around like a goofy goof? I have no idea, Primps, but Beyonce has cranked out some crazy multi-coloured nails again. This time, though, she has ditched the similar sunset hues… more

    Hands & Nails

    Beyonce's Pink and Green Nails

  • Donna Karan DKNY Be Delicious Women EDT 50ml

    Fri, 1 October 2010 4:08PM

    A lighter version of the original fruity fragrance inspired by grapefruit and magnolia, with a touch of smooth sandalwood, blond woods and white amber

    RRP $90.00


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  • S/S ’11: Milan: Missoni: Spreading the colourful lacquer love.

    Tue, 28 September 2010 10:54AM

    This morning we’re taking a trip down south to Tootsies Town, Primps. We haven’t payed it a visit yet this season, and that’s most certainly a shame. Why? Because when it comes to our toes, we tend to be a little less reserved. In fact, we often become outrageously daring. I mean, cranking out the… more

    Hands & Nails


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