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  • These hilarious beauty videos are the funniest thing you’ll see today

    Thu, 8 December 2016 10:37AM

    If you haven’t gotten across Aussie comedian Tanya Hennessy’s hilarity yet, you’ve been missing out! Get ready to obsessively stalk through her Facebook videos, because Tanya is equal parts hilarious and painfully on point when it comes to life observations. While Tanya’s comedy vids range from musings about Kmart (she loves it) and what people say… more



  • Well, life is officially weird because Cheeto’s have a bronzer on the market

    Thu, 1 December 2016 3:16PM

    Two things you never thought you’d associate – Cheetos, those cheesey little fluoro-orange sticks – and makeup. But here we are, friends. Yes, Cheetos have released makeup for the holiday season – bronzer, to be specific. And yep – it’s fluoro orange.



  • So, ‘butt contouring’ is a thing celebs are doing now

    Wed, 28 September 2016 12:47PM

    Contouring – we’ve seen it all, haven’t we. There’s hair contouring (which we love here at Primped, by the way), leg contouring, NAIL contouring… oh, but wait – we haven’t seen it all, because there’s butt contouring – and Modern Family star Ariel Winter is pretty open about the fact it’s been done on her.

    Body & Fragrance


  • The ‘Bun Dropping’ beauty video trend is about to steal all your time today

    Wed, 14 September 2016 10:51AM

    Instagram beauty trends come and go, but we’re thinking ‘bun dropping’ will be around for a while. The new viral video concept is basically people wrapping their long, silky-smooth hair up into a high bun, then releasing it on video. You can imagine how damn mesmerising it’s gonna be, can’t you.


    Bun drop 3

  • This is hands-down the worst beauty disaster you’ll see this week

    Thu, 8 September 2016 12:18PM

        Source: Twitter   Now THIS is a sticky situation guys.  US gal Cachet Raynor posted a video to Twitter this week, and it is every one of our nightmares. Cachet had a down right painful experience removing a peel-off facial mask, and we may/may not have screamed along with her when watching it. NSFW warning: the video does contain quiiite a lot of… more



  • Jenna Marbles Recreated All Her Teen Beauty Looks, And It’s Obviously Hilarious

    Fri, 26 August 2016 11:30AM

    Jenna Marbles made us laugh til we cried with her take on the ‘100 Layers’ makeup challenge a few weeks ago, but this might be her best beauty vid yet. The YouTube star took to YouTube to recreate all her childhood/teen beauty looks, and there’s bound to be some memories in there for you too… more



  • 17 Women Reveal Their First Ever Makeup Purchase

    Thu, 25 August 2016 4:45PM

    Ah, pre-teen makeup. You were either deep in the flavoured lip balm trend, or tentatively trying out the real deal (and usually failing miserably). But whether you sailed through those awkward years without cakey powder-face or questionable emo eyeliner, or went hard on the concealer sticks with zero blending technique, your first beauty product always… more



  • Watch This YouTuber Do A Full Face of Makeup Using Craft Supplies

    Wed, 24 August 2016 4:53PM

    Source: YouTube We all experimented with makeup as little kids, but it turns out we could have been applying foundation, eyeliner and lippy since we first learnt to draw! YouTuber MissTiffanyMa has added a new crazy challenge to the list by doing a full face of makeup with products she bought from the art and craft… more


    Tiffany Ma

  • This Is The Anti ‘Vlogger Makeup Tutorial’ You’ve Always Wanted

    Mon, 15 August 2016 11:41AM

    QUEEN. Via: Youtube “I dunno, I just see it in the tutorials and I think I know how to do s*** but I really don’t”. This is perhaps the most hilarious beauty tutorial we have ever seen. We all know the feeling of watching some gorgeous gal on the internet transform her face into Kylie Jenner’s with the… more


    Morgan Hanbery

  • A Little Girl ATE The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Palette, And It’s The Greatest Thing You’ve Seen

    Tue, 2 August 2016 1:32PM

    Remember when you were a kid and you would dare your friends to eat your watermelon Lip Smackers balm? Well turns out some kids will go one step further, and give chomping on powdery eyeshadow a whirl. At least, that’s what this Twitter users niece allegedly did, and was totally caught in the act. MY NIECE… more


    too faced

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