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  • 10 Bits Of Brilliant Beauty Loot To Keep In Your Glovebox

    Thu, 13 March 2014 8:00AM

    Let’s be dead honest from the get go: between tweeting and texting and applying lipgloss at the lights, we’ve all been guilty of bending the rules once or twice (or with disturbing frequency if you’re British – an estimated 450,000 crashes per annum in the UK are believed to be caused by women applying makeup… more

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  • DIY Waxing 101: When, What and Where.

    Mon, 5 December 2011 10:14AM

    No matter what age you are for some women, unwanted body hair is a fact of life. Ever since Cleopatra’s day, women have been fighting Mother Nature in the pursuit of smooth, baby-soft, hair-free skin. There are various different types of at home hair removal products for different areas of the body and your choice… more

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  • Deal with unwanted facial hair

    Tue, 4 October 2011 9:18AM

    Let’s face it, there’s nothing romantic about the topic of hair removal, but the reality is, it’s a common beauty woe, and one that most women usually take into their own hands with at-home hair removal products. But before you reach for a pot of hot wax, here are some pointers you need to know… more

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    Ashely Olsen

  • Waxaway Ready to Use Strips for Face

    Tue, 4 October 2011 8:24AM

    Pre-waxed strips are the quick and easy solution to removing unwanted facial hair.

    RRP $9.98


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  • Wax Lyrical on Waxing

    Fri, 8 April 2011 2:07PM

    Not everyone is a Brave Heart when it come to hair removal. Especially facial hair removal. Unlike easy to reach areas, like the legs that can be over and done with in just a few minutes, trying to groom fiddly spots, like the brows, upper lip and chin can be enough to test the patience of a saint…. more

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    Selena Gomez

  • Remove facial hair safely

    Fri, 7 August 2009 3:22PM

    I’ve tried off the shelf creams and waxing to remove facial, but neither agree with me. Is there another way? While depilatory creams and waxing are the most common form of hair removal, in some people like you Judith, rashes and irritation can occur. Don’t worry, it’s very common and there are other options for you… more

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  • Brow blunders, fixed

    Fri, 19 December 2008 1:01PM

    I think I’ve over plucked my brows to the point that they aren’t growing back. Can this happen? In very few circumstances, you can cause trauma to your brows by tweezing them too much and scarring your hair follicle. What this does is make the hair grow back all wack and curly, or not at all…. more

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  • Moustache mistakes, corrected

    Mon, 10 November 2008 2:53PM

    I have a moustache and don’t know whether to bleach it or not? When it comes to moustaches, I say leave the bleaching alone. Think about it, you’re not actually getting rid of the problem, you’re just changing the colour from black, to white. And as for all those chemicals on your face. No, no, no…. more

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