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  • How To: Double Cleanse All Proper-Like

    Thu, 15 May 2014 3:00PM

    Some things are better doubled up. Like the Olsen twins. And double cream. And twice-cooked potato chips (I could murder a snack right now in case you can’t tell). And then there are doubles that aren’t such a great idea. Like double parking and double dipping (and yes, I’m guilty of both). But what about double… more

    Skincare / How To


  • Bringing Sexy Back, Er, Back

    Wed, 16 January 2013 3:02PM

    Oh, summer! Strappy dresses, bitsy bikinis and…backne. Yep – those pesky back bumps and shoulder spots have a way of ruining sultry summer outfits. Even more annoyingly, they seem to arise without warning and can be super tricky to shift. In addition, steamy, sweaty days can make the problem worse. It seems unfair, doesn’t it,… more



  • Meet Emily … AKA our beautyholic new blogger

    Wed, 14 March 2012 3:58PM

    Hello Primpers, After bombarding you with snippets from backstage during the shows – let’s face it, fashion stops for no one – I thought it was only polite to take a little post-Fashion-Week breather and properly introduce myself. My name’s Emily and I’m a beautyholic from waaay back. If you love your mags, you might have… more



  • Glorious Skin Month: Skin According to Emma Hobson (Part 2)

    Wed, 23 June 2010 9:52AM

    Emma Hobson is back, Primpers, guiding us all in the right skincare direction and spreading her good skin seeds across the PRIMPED valley. That’s right, all those little skincare questions that have been floating around your head are about to be answered. Hooray! Let’s begin, shall we… My skin hates me this winter. It’s very dry… more


    Emma Hobson

  • WIN: Glorious Skin Month: Skin According to Emma Hobson (Part 1)

    Mon, 21 June 2010 5:53PM

    In the years that I have been a beauty editor, Primpers, there has been one lady who continuously shines a beacon of understandable and completely sensical hope on understanding the complex nature of skincare. Trust me. Skin is seriously hard to get your head around. It’s like every science lesson you bludged rolled into one… more


    Emma Hobson

  • Soothe a sore, red nose

    Thu, 22 January 2009 3:57PM

    The skin around my nostrils is always red and a little pimply. Why is this and how can I make my nose look calmer? Here’s a tip: The skin around your nose is really delicate. That’s why when you’ve got a cold, you end up being more upset about your bright red tissue-chapped nose than the… more

    Skincare / How To


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