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  • There’s A Way To Make Your Armpits Smell Less

    Mon, 15 August 2016 1:20PM

    Source: Getty Armpits. Not exactly the most glamorous topic, but one area that you really want feeling fresh and fab at all times, right? Want to see the end of bumps, discolouration, odour and shaving rash? Dr. Jessica Weiser from the New York Dermatology Group spoke with Refinery 29 about how to keep the pits in line,… more



  • How to care for your underarm skin

    Tue, 28 June 2016 5:55PM

    Dark underarms, sweat patches and shaving rashes. Dodgy armpits can undermine any look, so why do most of us still omit them from our beauty routine?

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  • How to: Sort Out Itchy Skin and Scalp Stresses

    Mon, 27 May 2013 4:40PM

    I’ve got a keypad full of fonts and I’m not afraid to use them right now. When I TALK IN CAPS, you know you’d better listen. And don’t even get me started on CAP Italics. Really, DON’T GET ME STARTED! Forgive my fontal fanaticism, Primpettes, but this blog demands it. Kicking and screaming and itching; it… more

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  • Tried & Tested: the Be Genki Skin Detox

    Tue, 5 February 2013 12:27PM

    It’s no secret that I love trying new makeup and haircare products, and with that being one of the core components of my job, I’m constantly layering new lipsticks, or slathering on various lotions. However with my constant fake tan applications at the end of last year for my dancing competitions, I felt that over… more



  • Olympics 2012: The Beauty Products You Need to Carry in Your Gym Bag

    Tue, 7 August 2012 3:58PM

    The combination of watching the Olympics and Kat talking about getting swimsuit-ready has made me realise that not only do I need to amp up my exercise regimen, but also that it’s only four weeks ‘til spring. I’ve been trying to work on getting my fitness back on track after hibernating throughout winter, especially since I’m… more



  • How to: Pretty Up Your Armpits

    Fri, 13 July 2012 4:16PM

    Okay, we know what some of you are thinking: “Whaaaat?? Are you guys insane? I already tweeze my brows, wax my bikini line, fade my spots, colour my hair, purge my pores, and all the rest… and now you’re telling me I also have to have immaculate armpits?? Is a girl ever meant to sleep?” Look,… more

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    Natasha Poly red lipstick

  • Kiehl’s Cross Terrain 24 Hour Strong Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant Dry Stick

    Wed, 13 October 2010 3:23PM

    An anti-perspirant deodorant stick that contains clinical strength active ingredients for maximum protection to reduce sweat and odour

    RRP $28.00

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  • Nivea Calm & Care Aerosol Deodorant

    Wed, 25 August 2010 3:31PM

    An aerosol anti-perspirant deodorant that regenerates the delicate underarm skin while reducing the skin irritation and discomfort caused by shaving

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    Nivea Calm & Care

  • Nivea Calm & Care Roll-On Deodorant

    Wed, 25 August 2010 3:31PM

    A roll-on anti-perspirant deodorant that regenerates the delicate underarm skin while reducing the skin irritation and discomfort caused by shaving

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    Nivea Calm & Care

  • Choose the perfect deodorant

    Wed, 25 August 2010 3:26PM

    Deodorant is like air and concealer – absolutely essential. But with so much variety out there, which one is best? The skin under your arms is one of the most sensitive regions of your body and an area that often gets neglected. Rashes, bumps and irritation are caused by the dense population of sweat glands… more

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    Perfect deodorant

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