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  • This is how pollution is affecting your skin

    Wed, 16 November 2016 3:30PM

    Given how gross pollution is, it’s really unsurprising that it can have some neg skin effects. “Studies have shown a link between exposure to air pollution and signs of skin aging, ranging from hyperpigmentation and dehydration to a weakened skin structure and increased sensitivity,” explains Emma Hobson, Education Manager for the International Dermal Institute and… more



  • Those Fine Lines You Have? They Might Not Be From Ageing

    Wed, 17 August 2016 4:05PM

    There’s nothing worse than the moment you look in the mirror, and notice ANOTHER fine line or set of crows feet have made an appearance on your face. Don’t remember inviting you to the party, guys! But could those little mini-wrinkles be the result of something other than getting older?


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  • How To: Travel with First-Class Skin

    Tue, 1 July 2014 2:45PM

    You know those paparazzi photos you see, the ones where celebs are walking out of an airport after a long-haul flight, all gorgeously, glossy-skinned? There’s one key reason stars don’t look like we mere mortals who roll out of customs blotchy-faced and bleary-eyed: they rarely partake of all the free champagne that the rest of us… more

    Skincare / How To


  • Your summer skin survival guide

    Tue, 13 December 2011 1:00PM

    It’s that time of the year again: holidays, sun and celebrations all combined. Often our skincare routine is out the window, and we let all the bad habits slip back in. No wonder our skin goes into shock! I usually notice my skin misbehaves at this time of the year from too much junk food,… more



  • The hand cream sitting on my desk is a brilliant one by OPI

    Tue, 5 July 2011 3:13PM

    When a product claims a spot on my (admittedly very messy) desk, Primps, it means something. It means it’s good. It means it works. It means it’s worth using multiple times a day. And this product here, the one renting out a wee bit of space on my desk for free, is definitely a goodie: OPI… more


    OPI Avoplex High-Intensity Hand & Nail Cream

  • Why eye cream is an investment

    Wed, 1 September 2010 12:35PM

    Like a good little Primper, you know all about the importance of cleansing, toning and moisturising. You also know that it’s vital for you (and your pillowcase) to remove your makeup before hitting the hay. But how much do you know about eye cream? First of all, they differ from regular facial moisturisers, so if… more

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  • Clear hormonal pimples

    Tue, 20 July 2010 11:17AM

    I suffer from acne on my chin and around my mouth due to a hormonal imbalance, are there any products you recommend to help cope with the pimples? Oh Pascale, dealing with pimples is never fun, especially when it’s out of your control! The chin and mouth zone is super sensitive to break-outs, especially around… more

    Skincare / How To

    Liv Tyler

  • Fight the signs of dehydration

    Wed, 14 July 2010 12:59PM

    I’m sick of makeup sticking in my smile lines, I’m 23 not 53 and it’s making me look old! How do I stop this? Well Zoe, it sounds to me like you’re dehydrated! And while upping your H2O intake can help, what you really need is to infuse some moisture into your mug. Smile lines or… more

    Skincare / How To

    Jessica Alba

  • Ella Bache Soin Bio Réparateur Cream Mask

    Tue, 11 May 2010 1:26PM

    An energising mask that boosts the skins moisture levels by improving skin cell function, reinvigorating tired skin, and alleviating dryness and dehydration

    RRP $82.00


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  • Avon p.m Night Cream

    Fri, 4 December 2009 10:32AM

    A repairing cream that nourishes skin to replace nightly dehydration and reinforce skin’s own moisture barrier

    RRP $19.99

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