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  • The Most Feel-Good Beauty Treatment You’ll Ever Have

    Thu, 7 May 2015 8:23AM

    If only Cara Delevigne’s brows could talk. They’d be all like “hey girl, I’m dark and dazzling and daringly overweight, which everyone goes mad for and wants to copy. But the truth is without incredible genes (okay, and a professional brow guru on hand) I’m one of a kind. Like Kim K’s butt. Anyway, where’s… more

    Blogs / Makeup

  • Aveda Warriors Walk for Water …

    Tue, 24 April 2012 1:00PM

    Most of us don’t think twice about turning on the tap and having a shower, wouldn’t you say Primpettes? But imagine if you had to walk six kilometres to even catch a glimpse of running water? Unfortunately, this is a regular occurrence for women in underdeveloped countries, who walk this distance daily to collect water… more


    Erika Heynatz

  • Pair on-trend nails with really great karma

    Fri, 7 October 2011 11:16AM

    Support the National Breast Cancer Foundation AND coat your nails in the latest nail trend in one go. A warm and fuzzy feeling guaranteed.

    Hands & Nails / How To

    OPI Pink Shatter

  • Liptember: Your lips are simply going to LOVE it

    Thu, 1 September 2011 10:09AM

    Liptember is back, Primps. And thank goodness, huh? I mean, not only does it give us a damn good excuse to buy a new piece of beauty loot,  it also allows us to help out our fellow female friends by raising money for women’s health issues. That’s a double whammy dose of awesomeness right there. Don’t… more


    Liptember; Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm

  • Doing it for the doggies…

    Tue, 29 March 2011 7:39AM

    And no, I don’t mean the Bulldogs, although I am aware that some Primpers are crazy football fans. Today, however, it’s all about the dogs, as in, the furry, man’s best friend kind, who lick our faces when we don’t want them to and bring more joy to our lives than a bunch of garden… more

    Body & Fragrance


  • Lady Gaga gets her glam on for AIDS. Again.

    Wed, 15 December 2010 9:55AM

    It appears Lady Gaga – despite her love for zany and badass get-ups – has a knack for selling cosmetics, Primps. Remember when she teamed up with Cindy Lauper for MAC’s 2010 Viva Glam campaign? Well, she’s at it again. But this time, she’s riding solo. You know, kinda like that Jason Derulo kid. For those… more


    Lady Gaga

  • Liptember: You and your lips should definitely get involved.

    Tue, 7 September 2010 2:49PM

    Did you know that you no longer need an excuse to buy a new lip colour, Primps? In fact, buying one could actually help raise awareness and lots of coin for women’s health issues. Yep, for the whole of September, one of my most loved brands, Burt’s Bees, is running a lovely campaign called Liptember,… more



  • Get awesome hair and donate to charity at the same time? Yes, please!

    Mon, 16 August 2010 9:57AM

    Good morning, Monday. What a glorious day you have put on for us (well, at least for those who currently find themselves in a super sunny Sydney Town). Since you’ve been so generous as to provide us with such delightful weather, I feel we should do something rather nice in return. Like purchase the 2010… more



  • News Desk: What’s been going down in Beauty Town

    Mon, 26 July 2010 11:02AM

    Today’s episode of the PRIMPED News Desk has a bit of a charitable theme to it, Primps. That’s right, there are some lovely, giving, thoughtful things going down in Beauty Town. What a wonderful way to kick off the week, huh? Indeed it is. News Story No.1: The Body Shop wants to put an end to… more



  • Kenzo’s Little Bottle of Goodness

    Tue, 29 September 2009 3:51PM

    It’s always a lovely feeling knowing the fragrance you wear or the makeup you slap on each morning is helping a greater cause. Don’t you think, Primpers? There’s something about giving back, or knowing that some of the money from your purchase is going to help someone else. It’s how it should be. Kenzo agree,… more

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