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  • Oh Baby, Baby – It’s Britney Spears’ 32nd Birthday

    Tue, 3 December 2013 12:15PM

  • Britney Spears

    Mon, 29 July 2013 1:42PM

    Britney Spears’ Smurfs 2 Beauty Look

    Hair / Makeup

    "The Smurfs 2" - Los Angeles Premiere - Blue Carpet

  • Interview: Carrie Bickmore Shares her Suncare Secrets and Signature Scents

    Mon, 13 August 2012 12:09PM

    With equal doses of beauty and brains, not to mention a fabulous sense of humour and mega-watt smile, Carrie Bickmore, from Channel 10’s The Project, has been a girl crush of ours for many years. So you can imagine our excitement when we had the opportunity to talk beauty with the new face of SunSense…. more



  • Britney Spears; Untouched and Unperturbed

    Wed, 14 April 2010 5:11PM

    I’m loving this new-found celebrity confidence that’s seeing Jessica Simpson go makeupless on the cover of the May issue of US Marie Claire and Britney Spears show completely un-airbrushed images of herself to the world. It’s an argument many ‘real’ women have been fighting for for years and finally, this false sense of ‘beauty’ is… more

    Body & Fragrance


  • Just quietly…

    Fri, 20 November 2009 7:33AM

    … You know how you have to wet a sponge before you can use it, before it will absorb your Cleaning Agent of Choice, because if you try to clean with it when it hasn’t been pre-wet, nothing absorbs, and you’re just there, wiping a bench futilely, getting none of that spaghetti sauce off? Well,… more

    Hair / Makeup / Skincare


  • Sunday Telegraph Column: Don’t judge a perfume by its’ celebrity.

    Sun, 15 November 2009 12:05PM

    When we buy a celebrity fragrance, very often we couldn’t care less if the celebrity name on the front was Burt Reynolds, so long as the juice inside pleases us. This is relevant because Australia is currently in the middle of a Britney Spears Storm (“Duck! It’s raining midriffs!”) and Britney is the grand dame… more

    Body & Fragrance


  • An open letter to Britney Spears.

    Thu, 5 November 2009 11:58AM

    Dear Britney, Welcome to Australia! We’re so happy to have you here, at last! I know our signature fauna are extremely excited to be held in your arms when you visit the zoo, which you most undoubtedly will do, because Beyonce did and so did P!NK and I believe Englebert Humperdink also, and everyone knows the… more

    Body & Fragrance


  • Teen Choice Awards: Brit’s back (almost) and Leighton looks fresh faced and real pretty

    Tue, 11 August 2009 2:59PM

    My, my Leighton Meester is a pretty little thing. Isn’t she, Primpers? She’s always so fresh faced and natural. Her delightful ‘updo at the Teen Choice Awards was a splendid option for her, I think we should all skip off and try it this very instant. As for Britney, well, she’s looking pretty damn good… more

    Blogs / Beauty Duty


  • How to get Britney’s Circus hair

    Tue, 9 December 2008 1:00PM

    Man, are we here at PRIMPED really enjoying Britney’s weavetastical hair right now. And that was before we laid eyes on her Circus film clip! Golly! Now we’re doubly-besotted. And all because of the particular curly-wavey look she has in said film clip. It’s called the Waterwave, and you should try it immediately if not… more

    Hair / How To

  • Is it wrong to want to look like Britney?

    Tue, 25 November 2008 5:02PM

    Even if she has been airbrushed and extensioned and misted and colour-corrected and beveled and embossed to within a nanometre of her life? No! Obviously the answer is no. Unless you are Chris Brown. That would be weird. But despite knowing how many artificial flavours, colours and additives have been added to Miss Mississippi in… more


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