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  • Jessica Biel’s First Post-Wedding Appearance. Thoughts?

    Tue, 20 November 2012 12:57PM

    Kate Moss recently caused some controversy (No, really? Kate? The shock!). This time it was about how she refuses to ‘dress like a wife’. In other words, she doesn’t want to drop the style ball and start scuffing around in tracky dacks just because she’s got a ring on it. It sounds harsh, but she has… more



  • Jessica Biel

    Fri, 17 August 2012 11:34AM

    Jessica Biel Goes Naked. Lip-wise.

    Hair / Makeup


  • Making Over Mid-Length Brown Hair

    Tue, 7 August 2012 10:44AM

    I have thick, naturally dark brown hair which I recently cut to shoulder length. I’m super-bored and after a change. Do you have any suggestions? Sure do! We love playing hairstylist here at PRIMPED. So my first thought is to suggest a fringe. That’s because there’s so much you can do with one that you’ll… more

    Hair / How To


  • Four Fabulisers for a Flagging Fringe

    Wed, 25 July 2012 3:39PM

    Hands up who went out and cut a fringe this season? If you did, Primpers, you’re not alone. Big bangs must be the hair trend of the season, hands down. Hollywood is awash with them right now, too, which always cements a look. Just take the perky Lea Michele, who has been rocking hers on… more



  • Katie Holmes’ Breakover Hair on the Cover of Elle

    Wed, 11 July 2012 11:45AM

    Talk about leaving your old life (and look) with a big bang…. Okay, so this photo was probably taken a few months ago when Katie Holmes was flirting with a clip-on fringe back at the Vanity Fair Oscars party (and was still, apparently, flirty with Tom): But how’s the timing? In the week when she escapes life as… more


    Katie Holmes US Elle August 12

  • Fringe Benefits: The Truth About Getting Bangs

    Wed, 2 May 2012 12:21PM

    Last week, I was feeling a little blah. Not sick, just slightly off. And this spell of just-a-touch-of-the-blues happened to coincide with a trip to the hairdresser. Normally, I march in confidently, and when the stylist tries to convince me to lop off my less-than-lustrous lengths, I politely decline. Yes, if your hair is fine… more


    Nicole Richie Hair

  • Katy Perry says: “It’s time to give the blunt fringe a rest.”

    Mon, 21 June 2010 2:10PM

    And Katy, I applaud you for making such a decision. I know it must have been tough, it is your signature look after all, but I’m enjoying this new look you’ve adopted. You’ve rocked a super sleek, high ponytail twice in the last week, so I’m thinking you’re enjoying the sexiness of this ‘do and… more


    Katy Perry

  • Rather Excellent RAFW Looks: Day 5

    Mon, 10 May 2010 2:33PM

    Oh pipe down, you frisky little friands, I couldn’t post this until I had seen the Ksubi show Friday night! And seen, as I do every fashion week (international and local) a gigastraight hairstyle that makes me wonder if Dead Straight Hair is genuinely coming back into big time fashion again, ala 2002. For the… more



  • There’s something to be said for loose updos and high necklines.

    Mon, 16 November 2009 7:57AM

    And that something is “It looks great.” As we’re heading into party season, I felt it might be nice to give everyone a wee little reminder that when your dress is right up around your chin, and spotlight-thieving and grabby-of-attention, your hair should look a little bit like you didn’t put much effort into it,… more



  • Strong Fringes: Celebrities love them.

    Mon, 8 December 2008 8:48AM

    I’m quite enjoying this sequence of blog posts, all of them leading to another. It’s like some kind of awesome Golden Book where each of the little boat misadventures lead to another, until he finds his way home safely to harbour. But boats don’t have fringes, so can we drop it please and get back… more


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