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  • How To: Reduce Belly Bloating

    Wed, 4 March 2015 8:00AM

    Here’s a brief rundown: Bloating is often caused by food intolerances (lactose and gluten, I’m talking to you) as well as excessive gas, hormones, and a lazy small intestine that has swapped muscle contractions pushing the gas down the passage (what it’s supposed to do) for late nights and party pies (what you’ve encouraged it… more

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  • Face Mapping: The C.S.I Of Celebrity Skin Diagnosis

    Mon, 26 May 2014 11:30AM

    What do Rachael Finch, Lauren Conrad and Bambi Northwood-Blyth have in common (aside from the obvious long limbs, lush locks and speed-dial access to designers)? It has to be that skin Primpettes. One simply can’t go past that ridiculously glowy SKIN! And it seems these women all share a low-risk approach to diagnosing what is bothering their visage… more



  • How To: Use Epsom Salts (From Top To Toe!)

    Tue, 20 May 2014 8:00AM

    What do Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow have in common? OK, that’s a toughie, I know. How about, what can fix a bloated tum, sore muscles, tired-looking skin and flat hair (other than a beauty genie?). Drumroll please…Epsom salts! They’re kinda magic, Primpers. Celebs (including the aforementioned) like to toss them in a warm bath to temporarily slim… more

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  • How To: Beat The Bloat This Christmas

    Tue, 17 December 2013 3:30PM

    It’s summer, and if you’re really lucky, you’re physically – or at least mentally – in holiday mode. So the weight of the world should most definitely not be falling on your shoulders. However, the weight of the festive season may be loitering around your belly… The extra padding may not be all that Christmas cake, but… more

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  • 8 reasons you should try a colonic hydrotherapy, Part 2

    Fri, 11 June 2010 10:23AM

    Yesterday I leaped up onto my soapbox about why I loved colonic irrigation, and what it actually does. Today? The benefits. The stuff that makes all the (initial) awkwardness and (occasional) pain entirely worth it, and the reason most who try it (and stick with it for a full course) become as devoted to water… more

    Body & Fragrance / Skincare


  • Updated: 8 reasons you should try colonic hydrotherapy, Part 1.

    Thu, 10 June 2010 11:11AM

    And I would know, because I am an unashamed fan of colonics, to the point where I am one of those morons who feels it’s appropriate dinner (or lunch, or breakfast) talk, no matter the company. It’s bordering on evangelical. But with good reason: I am a firm believer colonics are one of the finest… more

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