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  • How To: Treat Dry Skin. The 1980s’ version

    Wed, 14 August 2013 5:28PM

    Remember cassette tapes? The original ‘CD’s. Well, back in the 80s (so I’m told, as I clearly wasn’t even in the womb, right?) you could buy one song – or twelve – on cassette tape. In the case of top ten titles by Mel + Kim, and Kris Kross, one song was enough thankyouverymuch. But when it came… more

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  • Blistex Moisture Max

    Fri, 17 May 2013 4:28PM

    With just one application, lips are left moisturised and protected with this rich balm. Not only is it chock-full of hydrating ingredients, including aloe vera and shea butter, it also contains SPF15+ an essential even on cloudy days

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  • 10 of the Best: New Beauty Product Releases for May 2013

    Mon, 13 May 2013 3:55PM

    Can you believe it’s May already, Primpers? Where has this year gone? While the months of January to April brought about a heap of new beauty goodies that we wanted to add to cart, May is proving to be equally as fruitful (beauty-ful?). In a nutshell, there are oh, around 1,452 newbies that we want to… more



  • Monday-to-Friday Beauty Style (Yes, You Can)

    Wed, 10 April 2013 5:01PM

    While we all love a smoky eye for fail-safe sexy, there are times that a sooty stare just isn’t appropriate. Case in point? The office. Just as you wouldn’t wear a super short cocktail frock at your desk, there are makeup looks that are similarly best reserved for the bar, rather than the boardroom. I’ve been… more



  • How to: Switch up your Beauty Look for Summer

    Wed, 28 November 2012 3:17PM

    I’m a big fan of Last Minute Decisions. Hell, I’ve even been known to regularly give the Last Second Deciders a go, too. I’m not scared. But, dear Primpettes, I am not prepared to take you with me down the slippery slope of my sedentary approach to decision making. To ensure you don’t leave the important stuff… more

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  • Get More Bang For Your Beauty Buck

    Thu, 12 July 2012 11:37AM

    I want serious bang for my beauty buck, so I often peel off my old, sceptical peepers and adorn “fresh eyes” when peering into my beauty kit. You’d be amazed at how many bits in there can offer double the love (and how interesting it is to own four pairs of eyes!) Here’s my fave; for nigh… more



  • Welcome to my Lipiphany

    Tue, 27 March 2012 1:41PM

    I love my job. Don’t for a minute think I don’t, Primpettes. But with it come major hazards. Although no hard hat is required, a steely resolve is. For we beauty girls are bombarded with product at a rapid-fire pace. And last time I checked, I only had one face, two hands and several pulse points… more



  • And the Blistex winners are…

    Mon, 28 June 2010 11:26AM

    I swear by Blistex, Primps. See that dark blue little pot in the pic below? The one on the end? I slather its contents on my lips EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I love it. It makes my lips all happy and soft and moisturised. And as a huge fan of Blistex lip balms, I feel like… more



  • WIN: Glorious Skin Month: Kicking dry, cracked lips to the curb

    Thu, 24 June 2010 4:58PM

    My lips have been cracking up a lot lately, Primps. Not in a funny ha-ha kind of way, but in an ouchy cracking and flaking kind of way. And let me tell you, it’s no laughing matter. Taking a trip to Cracked Lips City is not what I call a pleasant holiday, especially when all… more



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