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  • Video: Three of the Best Beauty Gadgets

    Tue, 28 July 2015 8:08AM

    What did we do before cleansing brushes? Our skin was probably far less clean, with our fingers just not able to do the same job. The thing is, how do you know your Clarisonic from your FOREO? And what about Braun’s newcomer? Today, I take you through my top three cleansing gadgets for better skin. Just… more

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    Mia 2_Sun-washed_Peach_Front_LightOn_LowGlow_a1a

  • 10 Ways To Kick Start Your Spring Fitness Goals

    Mon, 27 July 2015 9:27AM

    With the plummeting temperatures, early sunsets and constant need to done a beanie or grab a scarf as you leave home lately, you’d be forgiven for thinking Spring is far away. In reality, it’s just a few weeks until the seasons change and the temperatures start to warm up. The tips below will help you… more

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    Jogging woman running in park

  • Guest Blog: Getting Older Has Its Challenges

    Thu, 23 July 2015 1:03PM

    Emma Cannell from Older Is The New Black is back from Bali (hooray!), and ready to talk ageing.  Image via Allure on Pinterest Getting older has it challenges. It happens suddenly, one day you get up look in the mirror and all you see is old looking back at you. You put on your normal makeup and… more

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  • Myth-Busting: Can You Really Change Your Pore Size?

    Thu, 23 July 2015 8:49AM

    It’s time for full disclosure with our serious of myth-busting posts that put some of the most contested beauty issues to rest. First up, pore size. Can it really be changed? We asked Karen Varker from NeoStrata to clear this up once and for all. “Pore size is genetically determined and often related to skin type…. more

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  • Guest Blog: How to: Brave at home micro-needling for major glowy payoffs

    Wed, 22 July 2015 7:58AM

    How would you feel about letting 540 needles loose on your face in the name of beauty? Let me guess? You would sharply say ‘as if’ and dismiss it as total narcissistic masochism. Am I close? Well there is a fine line between the pleasure of good skin and pain Primpers and I have been dabbling…… more

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    WE Cosmeceuticals Derma Roller 0.3mm micro-needling

  • Guest Blog: Makeup’s AHA! moments

    Mon, 20 July 2015 1:10PM

    Primpers, meet Maria. She’s a self-proclaimed makeup and web geek from Melbourne, who loves working on brides over the weekends and in digital marketing during  the week. Maria loves the education that comes with makeup, seeing women empowered by what should be fun and evolving. And that includes going bare-faced, too. She strongly advocates women… more

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  • Guest Blog: How To Look Good in a Humid Climate

    Fri, 17 July 2015 1:57PM

    Today’s guest blogger is stranded in Bali, leaving her with plenty of time to talk humidy, frizz and how to keep it all in check. Please welcome Emma Cannell, who, when not stranded in far away lands, blogs at Older Is The New Black and enjoys a fairly humidity-free life here in Australia. Enjoy! I am… more

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  • Bobbi Brown’s Telluride Collection is Now Available. Get Excited

    Fri, 17 July 2015 8:20AM

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; as a beauty editor with 10 plus years under my blow-dry it’s hard to get excited about new products. Not that I’m ungrateful, oh no, on the contrary I genuinely give my time to new and exciting products coming my way, but like anyone who’s worked… more

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  • Guest Blog: A Uni Student’s Guide to Balancing Your Beauty Budget: Where to Save So You Can Splurge

    Thu, 16 July 2015 9:46AM

    Primpers, meet Leah Monk. A beauty lover, blogger and International Development student from Melbourne, Australia. She started her blog, MonkeySee in 2015, as a way to write about beauty, her life happenings and her opinions in a non-Facebook related forum. Today, she opens up about life as a budget-conscious uni student, and shares her tried… more

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  • Margaret Zhang On Beauty, Life and Putting Her Best Face Forward

    Wed, 15 July 2015 1:54PM

    It’s pretty amazing meeting Margaret Zhang in ‘real life’. Sure, there’s the fan-girl factor, but on a much deeper level the ‘slashie’ (for the uninitiated, she’s the ultimate millennial – mastering multiple titles of photographer/stylist/creative director/writer after starting her own site Shine by Three when she was in high school) is exceptionally driven. Her determination,… more

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