WIN: 1 of 10 Philosophy Skincare Packs

Fri, 23 November 2012 4:21PM

Primpers, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard us rave about the skincare brand Philosophy many a time over the years. That’s simply because it’s so damn good! This award-winning range is both simple to use and extremely high-tech in formulation. In short: you get results.

For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, here’s your chance to find out. Because the gorgeous team at Philosophy is going to give ten lucky Primpers a fabulous pack containing the following …

  • Great Skin Is In

This kit is an easy-to-follow routine of the Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser, Help Me retinol night treatment, and Hope in a Jar cream. It’s perfectly suited to combination complexions.

  • Keep the Peace Super Soothing Instant Relief Mask


Why you’ll love this mask? It does exactly what it says it will do!


The Great Skin Is In kit and Keep The Peace mask add up to a $95 prize pack, Primpers!

Excited? Thought so!

To enter, tell us in 25 words of fewer what your philosophy on great skin is.

Good luck!


The winners are: S Degenaar, TAS; N Talbert, NSW; S Lee, NSW; D Moore, NSW; M Greaney, QLD; T Poletan, SA; N Smith, VIC; J Thorn, NSW; J Adonovski, NSW, J Taaffe, NSW. Congratulations, ladies!

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  • Posted by: Jensta Master Fan // Fri, 23 November 2012 04:25pm

    My philosophy is feed the body healthily to achieve healthy skin,
    A good skincare routine and plenty of water and you will show no sin.

  • Posted by: Angela Brand // Fri, 23 November 2012 04:36pm

    My philosophy on skincare is hydration, both drinking water and with serums, and out with the old skin cells through exfoliation. I love clear skin so my makeup can be minimal!

  • Posted by: victoria // Fri, 23 November 2012 04:36pm

    Take care of your inside to get the beautiful outside:)

  • Posted by: wanda // Fri, 23 November 2012 04:37pm

    Keep good balance in life…sleep, eat healthy, drink plenty and avoid bad stress

  • Posted by: nikki talbert // Fri, 23 November 2012 04:37pm

    To love and cherish your skin. Feed your skin with nutrients and happiness to glow everyday

  • Posted by: sophie22 Supporter // Fri, 23 November 2012 04:48pm

    Wash clean, eat green and don’t been mean.. plenty of water, for the i-alta, keep up with your daughter.. fresh air, don’t stare, sweets beware!

  • Posted by: Love my brows // Fri, 23 November 2012 04:59pm

    Laugh lots, be happy healthy and kind. Oh and wear sunscreen!

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan // Fri, 23 November 2012 05:07pm

    Great skin is healthy skin, prevention is better than cure, so amp up sunscreen, anti-ageing serums, SMILE so the wrinkles you get are smile lines!

  • Posted by: Gloss_Geek Master Fan // Fri, 23 November 2012 05:41pm

    My philosophy for great physical and spiritual skin is to be consistent with everything in life from skincare, diet, fitness and rest.

  • Posted by: tprinsse Newbie // Fri, 23 November 2012 05:44pm

    Lots of fresh foods and water, yoga and meditation and a regular skin cleansing and moisturising routine with sunblock during the day.

  • Posted by: Louweeez // Fri, 23 November 2012 05:49pm

    drink lots of water throughout the day, wear sunscreen everyday, eat lots of fruits and berries (cherries are in season, yay!) moisturise and don’t be afraid to show those smile wrinkles!

  • Posted by: Knyholm Master Fan // Fri, 23 November 2012 06:08pm

    I look after my skin with good products, nourish it from within with plenty of water and healthy food. Simple things that make a difference.

  • Posted by: Shazam57 Enthusiast // Fri, 23 November 2012 06:08pm

    My philosophy on great skin starts with protection and hydration, followed by a great skincare routine.

  • Posted by: Anna Pham // Fri, 23 November 2012 06:10pm

    Clear your MIND to relieve stress and negativity.
    Nurture your BODY by eating clean, natural food.
    Relax your SPIRIT with meditation and yoga.

  • Posted by: Tessy // Fri, 23 November 2012 06:25pm

    Sunscreen – slather on every day!
    Kips – quality sleep equals better skin!
    Insides – lots of nutritious foods and water!
    Night-time activities – sex keeps the skin glowing!

  • Posted by: christina lungo // Fri, 23 November 2012 07:12pm

    Your skin is what you make it. What you put into it is what you get out. Noone has perfect skin without effort

  • Posted by: Brittany Curtis // Fri, 23 November 2012 07:19pm

    Minimal intervention- minimal makeup and chemicals. Clean skin is good skin.

  • Posted by: kay brymer // Fri, 23 November 2012 07:22pm

    Look after your skin it will look after you

  • Posted by: beautiful87 Master Fan // Fri, 23 November 2012 07:37pm

    Every skin can be great skin. Cleanse, treat and moisturise twice a day, every day, to help keep your skin healthy and protected from the stresses of daily life.

  • Posted by: Emma // Fri, 23 November 2012 08:15pm

    Staying out of the sun and keeping my skin cleansed and hydrated is essential. Along with a regular face masks to scare the neighbours!

  • Posted by: johanna rees // Fri, 23 November 2012 08:20pm

    Keep it simple, keep it pure, keep it quality.

  • Posted by: leanne // Fri, 23 November 2012 08:53pm

    dont put anything in your mouth that will seep oil out your skin

  • Posted by: Judith Senese // Fri, 23 November 2012 09:38pm

    To look after our skin we must look after our whole self. If we are dehydrated then our skin is dry.

  • Posted by: Margaret Hollis // Fri, 23 November 2012 10:01pm

    Take care of it and it will repay you a hundredfold

  • Posted by: Simone-1327932044 Enthusiast // Fri, 23 November 2012 10:31pm

    Look after you skin as if it were gold you are only given one chance be smart.

  • Posted by: Giselle // Fri, 23 November 2012 10:50pm

    well fed with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

  • Posted by: Lipstick Love Supporter // Fri, 23 November 2012 10:50pm

    “Be patient. Your skin took a while to deteriorate. Give it some time to reflect a calmer inner state.”

  • Posted by: Tabatha // Fri, 23 November 2012 11:42pm

    My Philosophy is that truly beautiful skin does not involve animal testing

  • Posted by: Linda Staszewski // Sat, 24 November 2012 12:41am

    Great skin is clean, balanced, moisturized and beautiful! It is smooth and luminous, with pores and lines minimized. It is the pallette of the face!

  • Posted by: Bec // Sat, 24 November 2012 01:07am

    I’m the sunscreen police! I never leave with house without it and deliver weekly lectures to my friends on its benefits thanks to mum’s wisdom!

  • Posted by: Lisa Souster // Sat, 24 November 2012 06:03am

    Lots of water, fresh fruit and veggies and good quality skin care products

  • Posted by: Jacqui Lagaluga // Sat, 24 November 2012 06:53am

    Eating well,avoiding stress and using quality beauty products helps create healthy,glowing skin!

  • Posted by: Ci // Sat, 24 November 2012 07:24am

    For that pregnant glow minus the bump, get active and drink up. The exercise-induced flush and endorphins make you radiant.

  • Posted by: Darlene Gower // Sat, 24 November 2012 07:30am


  • Posted by: meedee Master Fan // Sat, 24 November 2012 07:38am

    Smile and help your skin glow by using products suited to your skin type. Acne treatments will not help stop wrinkles. Smile some more.

  • Posted by: natalie-1295526858 Newbie // Sat, 24 November 2012 10:23am

    I ‘believe’ that great skin comes from being relaxed, stress free and happy….. If all else fails ensure to “KEEP THE PEACE”….

  • Posted by: Lucy Davidson // Sat, 24 November 2012 12:26pm

    Sunscreen is my no.1 skin care regime. My English mother has kept her skin subtle and sun-spotless due sunscreen and big floppy hats.

  • Posted by: luckychi Enthusiast // Sat, 24 November 2012 02:00pm

    Drink plenty of water, keep hydrated over summer, and try bikram yoga to feel great from the inside out.

  • Posted by: Bella // Sat, 24 November 2012 04:05pm

    Time. Spending more time on cleaning and applying products properly. If you can’t afford a real facial, replicate one at home.

  • Posted by: Newbie // Sat, 24 November 2012 04:36pm

    ALWAYS moisturise morning and night for great skin. It also makes makeup easier to apply (less draging of foundation)

  • Posted by: koala Newbie // Sat, 24 November 2012 07:29pm

    Great Skin is how you feel on the inside, it makes you sparkle with confidence on the outside

  • Posted by: Alana // Sat, 24 November 2012 08:36pm

    The key to great skin is nourishing the outer with a disciplined skincare routine and the inner with plenty of fresh foods, water and happiness.

  • Posted by: Its_Jess Master Fan // Sat, 24 November 2012 08:40pm

    I have a holistic philosophy; to achieve great skin internal (eating, drinking etc.) and external (moisturising, sunscreen etc.) factors need to be respected.

  • Posted by: nita01 Master Fan // Sat, 24 November 2012 09:40pm

    Eat well and treat your face with tonnes of TLC, otherwise you’ll pay for it later on!!!

  • Posted by: Melissa Buckle // Sun, 25 November 2012 12:00am

    Great skin is looked-after skin. Stay out of the sun, moisturise and take pride in it!

  • Posted by: lindasteabben Supporter // Sun, 25 November 2012 06:21am

    Keep out of the sun in my heat of the day
    There’s plenty of other hours for outdoor play!

  • Posted by: lisagray1 Enthusiast // Sun, 25 November 2012 07:32am

    Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring
    No matter the weather
    For fab skin, wear a grin! :-)

  • Posted by: sarbear Enthusiast // Sun, 25 November 2012 10:24am

    Water, clean eating, sunscreen and kindness.

  • Posted by: Kim // Sun, 25 November 2012 12:04pm

    Stress less :)

  • Posted by: Tessa McMeekin // Sun, 25 November 2012 01:04pm

    Lots of water and moisturizer!

  • Posted by: cath watts // Sun, 25 November 2012 02:07pm

    Cleanse and moisturise is the key
    To have great skin for all to see
    Philosophy products are great for me
    And that is my philosophy!

  • Posted by: cath watts // Sun, 25 November 2012 02:10pm

    Cleanse and moisturise is the key
    To have great skin for all to see
    Philosophy skin care is right for me
    That is my philosophy!

  • Posted by: Lucy White // Sun, 25 November 2012 02:40pm

    Your skin is an indication of your overall health and well being. For great skin you need to start working from the inside.

  • Posted by: kaseyb21 Newbie // Sun, 25 November 2012 02:54pm

    Take care of your outside, so it reflects how great you are on the inside!

  • Posted by: Tammy Velez // Sun, 25 November 2012 03:48pm

    The more fabulous you are to your skin ….the more fabulous it will make you look!!!!

  • Posted by: velezettes Newbie // Sun, 25 November 2012 03:56pm

    The more fabulous you are to skin,
    The more fabulous you will appear.
    Moisture , Moisture rub it in,
    You’ll look positively radiant my dear!

  • Posted by: Kathy Mason // Sun, 25 November 2012 04:04pm

    Stay out of the sun and drink plenty of water for beautiful glowing skin.

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan // Sun, 25 November 2012 04:20pm

    My philosophy for great skin is to appreciate, protect, pamper and LOVE my skin – my exterior beauty, which protects my heart and soul!

  • Posted by: Deborah // Sun, 25 November 2012 05:10pm

    Be consistent with your cleansing regime and stick with it. Ive never tried Philosophy Skincare but it sounds like something that would suit my skin.

  • Posted by: katrina jeffries // Sun, 25 November 2012 05:23pm

    Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise!!
    And drink loads of water!

  • Posted by: Nadia // Sun, 25 November 2012 05:41pm

    My philosophy is to love yourself and your life, because when you’re truly happy you shine with it.

  • Posted by: Julie Vulin // Sun, 25 November 2012 05:46pm

    clean, hydrated, soft skin, aged gracefully, never dry, flaky or red, always treated with TLC.

  • Posted by: sharon parsell // Sun, 25 November 2012 06:05pm

    To treat your skin as your best friend,
    love and care and nourish always.

  • Posted by: beautybee1 Master Fan // Sun, 25 November 2012 06:11pm

    Confucius said ‘Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it’. My philosophy is – use Philosophy and everyone will see it!

  • Posted by: mrsohsolovele Newbie // Sun, 25 November 2012 06:24pm

    Definitely must apply moisturizer, sunscreen, exfoliate and keep hydrated but the best skin philosophy is to simply be happy!

  • Posted by: cath // Sun, 25 November 2012 06:49pm

    Love the skin your in,aim for good health,a liitle sun,don’t smoke,exercise,drink lot’s of water,get your beauty sleep,
    SMILE lot’s

  • Posted by: Jacinda // Sun, 25 November 2012 07:11pm

    My philosophy on great skin is keeping it simple, keep skin hydrated so it’s always glowing!

  • Posted by: Gillian AJAYI // Sun, 25 November 2012 08:00pm

    My philosophy on great skin is a good skin care routine, lots of water, sun screen, oh and good genes don’t hurt either!

  • Posted by: liz lee // Sun, 25 November 2012 08:26pm

    Consistent moisturizing with exfoliation.

  • Posted by: Far // Sun, 25 November 2012 09:06pm

    To use environmentally sustainable products that enrich the skin so that I feel good about what I put on my skin and am able to reap rewards of healthy, glowing skin.

  • Posted by: Lyssette // Sun, 25 November 2012 09:27pm

    Your skin is the largest organ of the body, good Nutrition on the inside makes all the difference to the outside.

  • Posted by: Courtney Dettman // Sun, 25 November 2012 09:43pm

    Healthy skin is happy skin, and you always look your best when you are at your happiest.

  • Posted by: Tina-1291133452 Master Fan // Sun, 25 November 2012 10:45pm

    eat healthy, exercise, use skin care which is appropriate for your skin type and laugh regularly and your skin will glow.

  • Posted by: Estelle Foudoulis // Sun, 25 November 2012 11:07pm

    always moisturise and always listen to the expert beauty advise from Primped!

  • Posted by: VandaB // Sun, 25 November 2012 11:09pm

    Skin is an investment. Just like a house, it needs regular maintenance to look good and provide decent returns.

  • Posted by: Linda-1341075684 Master Fan // Mon, 26 November 2012 04:11am

    Follow a regular daily & weekly regime and start it at a young age – you’ll be very glad you did when you’re older!

  • Posted by: Kylie-1335492235 Enthusiast // Mon, 26 November 2012 06:17am

    Beautiful skin and a radiant glow comes from the inside out. First learn to love yourself and confidence, healthiness and happiness will follow; magical moments!.

  • Posted by: snowwhite Enthusiast // Mon, 26 November 2012 09:45am

    HELP yourself live a PURE life, and HOPE for the best.

  • Posted by: caitie // Mon, 26 November 2012 11:01am

    I endorse protection in the AM, treatment in the PM. Be excited by skincare! Use your head to sort wonder prodz from duds.

  • Posted by: Bridey-1319441464 Supporter // Mon, 26 November 2012 11:43am

    Care begins on the inside and shows on the outside. Ingest good food and plenty of water and your skin will respond.

  • Posted by: p3charmed Master Fan // Mon, 26 November 2012 11:44am

    less is more, beauty comes from the inside so protect, hydrate, pamper, sleep and be happy for gorgeous radiant skin :)

  • Posted by: adriennne Master Fan // Mon, 26 November 2012 11:45am

    Sometimes I think less is more. Clean, fresh and moisturised and I’m happy!!

  • Posted by: Anna Lou Enthusiast // Mon, 26 November 2012 12:03pm

    Looking every aspect of your life so you shine from the inside out and using great products to complement your skin type.

  • Posted by: CandiH Devotee // Mon, 26 November 2012 01:12pm

    My biggest thing is to makes sure that I drink at least 8 glasses of water day. My Grandmother also told me when I was younger that to mix the starch water from washing the rice with a little green tea to cleanse and refresh your skin. I also wear sunscreen daily.

  • Posted by: Kirsty Waring // Mon, 26 November 2012 01:31pm

    Accept what Mother Nature gave you and make the most of it!

  • Posted by: Janet Colman // Mon, 26 November 2012 02:25pm

    Less is more. Simple cleansing routine with minimal makeup. Bit of bronzer and lippy and voila

  • Posted by: Melissa Hiemann // Mon, 26 November 2012 05:11pm

    Products that are made from naturally derived ingredients from mother-nature herself, but backed with scientific evidence.

  • Posted by: MZL1D3 Newbie // Mon, 26 November 2012 06:31pm

    My philosophy on great skin is to always cleanse and hydrate your skin morning/night each day & sunscreen is a must! Rain, Hail or Shine

  • Posted by: Gaye // Mon, 26 November 2012 07:36pm

    Cleanse, tone and moisturise! Drink lots of water and always wear sunscreen and a hat! Simple common sense really!

  • Posted by: Jacqui Moris-fontes // Mon, 26 November 2012 08:36pm

    eat health, drink plenty of water, limit too much sun exposure, exercise regularly and get plenty of sun and above all enjoy your life.

  • Posted by: snug Supporter // Mon, 26 November 2012 08:54pm

    Take care of my body: including sleeping well, and using the best possible skincare to replenish and retain good skin tone and moisture balance.

  • Posted by: tania-1314622868 Enthusiast // Mon, 26 November 2012 09:30pm

    You need to Keep The Peace with your skin and only feed it the best products because Great Skin Is In and you need results.

  • Posted by: Martha // Mon, 26 November 2012 10:04pm

    Enjoy blue sky’s but protect from sunshine,Bare feet in the sand but moisturize from top to toe and sometimes let the beauty routine go!

  • Posted by: Jasmine Delnido // Mon, 26 November 2012 11:00pm

    Water and a healthy diet! Add great skincare products and always wear sunscreen- your skin will thank you.

  • Posted by: tanya bowers // Mon, 26 November 2012 11:21pm

    a hot wash placed on our face for 2 min to open pores so when using a scrub you get the best benifits from it

  • Posted by: Iva Barac // Mon, 26 November 2012 11:51pm

    My philosophy on great skin is drinking lots of water, eating food with less sugar, working out and the use of great skin products which benefits us and makes us feel beautiful.

  • Posted by: Abby Lee // Tue, 27 November 2012 12:08am

    My philosophy is simple: cleanse, tone and moisturise.

  • Posted by: melg Master Fan // Tue, 27 November 2012 10:07am

    My philosophy is to treat my skin with care and love, thorough but gentle cleansing and exfoliating and to nourish from the inside out

  • Posted by: OhZoeZoe Newbie // Tue, 27 November 2012 11:49am

    My philosophy is always drink lots of water and it’s never too early for sunscreen and eyecream. Thanks for the advice, Mum.

  • Posted by: Eliza Channon // Tue, 27 November 2012 11:54am

    Love your skin and it will love you back

  • Posted by: Jessica Sandford // Tue, 27 November 2012 11:56am

    Be knid to your body and your body will shine

  • Posted by: Alison Humble // Tue, 27 November 2012 12:54pm

    Good skincare routine. Drinking plenty of water and loads of sunscreen in summer

  • Posted by: melany Master Fan // Tue, 27 November 2012 12:55pm

    Splurge on sleep but skip the sun,
    Keep up your skincare routine and you’re almost done.
    Great skin comes from within, so enjoy a run!

  • Posted by: Sue // Tue, 27 November 2012 02:10pm

    Lots of water, fresh food, sunscreen, moisterizer, night creams and not to much makeup

  • Posted by: stacey williams // Tue, 27 November 2012 02:29pm

    moisturise, moisturise, moisturise and drink lots of water.

  • Posted by: Susan Martinez // Tue, 27 November 2012 06:48pm

    No. 1: Water! Lots of it! Hydrates the skin, flushes toxins, slows ageing, etc No. 2: Stay out of the sun or use sunscreen…everyday.

  • Posted by: cassandra Ward // Tue, 27 November 2012 06:49pm

    Keep it moisturised and out of the way of skin damaging uv rays by suncreen and a lovely hat. The problem is if you don’t keep it well looked after it will show that you haven’t taken care of it later.

  • Posted by: simone bell // Wed, 28 November 2012 09:44am

    mine is to eat healthy and get lots of sleep, moisturiser needed alot too!, i use sudocream on any spots it always clears mine up :)

  • Posted by: Mikaela Cowan // Wed, 28 November 2012 12:12pm

    Eat healthy and drink a lot of water.

  • Posted by: Selen93 Supporter // Wed, 28 November 2012 12:42pm

    Keep hydrated, exercise, and keep a balanced skincare routine to achieve the best possible skin you have.

  • Posted by: Jennifer cutler // Wed, 28 November 2012 02:12pm

    Great skincare, no stress, plenty of water, good diet and inner happiness

  • Posted by: Andrea Boland // Wed, 28 November 2012 02:14pm

    My philosophy – consistency, cleanliness and sun protection is key. And a smile doesn’t hurt either!

  • Posted by: Ann Boyd // Wed, 28 November 2012 02:20pm

    Quality products which suit my skin and protection from the sun and wind.

  • Posted by: Kylie Panton // Wed, 28 November 2012 02:21pm

    Drink plenty of water and always use a good quality moisturiser

  • Posted by: Win Brown // Wed, 28 November 2012 02:24pm

    If I use quality skin care products, eat and drink healthily and get a proper amount of sleep, my skin will be beautiful for life!

  • Posted by: Paula // Wed, 28 November 2012 02:26pm

    Keep it simple and keep it regular.

  • Posted by: Molly // Wed, 28 November 2012 02:44pm

    My philosophy? Simple, natural and consistent! I believe skincare should be simple to adhere to, natural where possible, and always consistent to maintain the glow!

  • Posted by: Carol Gurney // Wed, 28 November 2012 02:45pm

    Start moisturizing when young, never go to bed without cleansing & moisturizing your face, try not to frown but smile

  • Posted by: Elizabeth-Anne Connell // Wed, 28 November 2012 02:54pm

    Great skin starts with good nutrition, lots of water and exercise, fresh air also helps as well as wonderful cleaning routines !

  • Posted by: violetflower61230 Enthusiast // Wed, 28 November 2012 02:56pm

    My philosophy on good skincare is that it starts from the inside out with good nutrition. Be gentle on the skin and always use sunscreen.

  • Posted by: Jane // Wed, 28 November 2012 03:03pm

    My Philosphy goes something like this : “Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.”
    ~ Douglas MacArthur

  • Posted by: Anna Johnson // Wed, 28 November 2012 03:08pm

    I believe in washing my face every night, wearing light minimal makeup and spending money on the important products like serums and moisturisers. I also believe in feeding skin from the inside out!

  • Posted by: Leanne Kennedy // Wed, 28 November 2012 03:09pm

    Keep the junk food at bay, buy quality products that are not too heavy on the harsh chemicals, keep it simple, and remember to smile…..

  • Posted by: Maria Pulkkinen // Wed, 28 November 2012 03:12pm

    Skin should be soft, smooth and healthy-looking. High-quality products without harmful chemicals and a healthy diet are very important to keep skin good.

  • Posted by: Jodi Morgan // Wed, 28 November 2012 03:13pm

    Cleaned moisturised and given good nutrients from the outside and the food and fluids we consume :)

  • Posted by: Carolyn // Wed, 28 November 2012 03:19pm

    Always love your skin no matter who you are or what you are doing. (cleanse,tone,moisturize).

  • Posted by: libra29 Enthusiast // Wed, 28 November 2012 03:19pm

    Lots of sleep, water, healthy food and the Primped website for all the beauty/skin advise & tips

  • Posted by: Leah Staker // Wed, 28 November 2012 03:35pm

    Your skin speaks volumes about you, diet, hormones, sleep or lack of. Look after yourself and your skin will love you.

  • Posted by: Tikag Enthusiast // Wed, 28 November 2012 03:39pm

    My Philosophy, use a trusted brand, highly recommended by blogs, always remove makeup at night and ALWAYS apply cream at night!

  • Posted by: Samantha Young // Wed, 28 November 2012 03:59pm

    Give your skin what it needs; if it’s uneven, exfoliate. If it’s dull, incorporate a serum. Exercise, drink fluids and get enough sleep! :)

  • Posted by: Carol Johansen // Wed, 28 November 2012 04:20pm

    My philosophy is start taking care of your skin early in life on a twice a day basis.cleanse,tone,moisturise..stay oit of the sun,dont smoke or drink alcohol and STAY HAPPY. It will save you many wrinkles.

  • Posted by: Michelle // Wed, 28 November 2012 04:33pm

    Find a simple skincare routine that works for you. Everyone’s skin is different but once you find a great product, stick with it!

  • Posted by: Anna Lee // Wed, 28 November 2012 04:34pm

    Treating your skin like something very fragile and a long term investment. You may not see things now, but you will later.

  • Posted by: Bianca // Wed, 28 November 2012 05:15pm

    Routine. It doesn’t matter how expensive or luxurious the lotions and potions are, if you don’t use them to their full potential. And water!

  • Posted by: Allirra Kennedy // Wed, 28 November 2012 05:17pm

    treat your body good inside and it will show on the outside

  • Posted by: Hannah Best // Wed, 28 November 2012 05:21pm

    My philosophy is that no amount of skin products will give you beautiful skin if you don’t take care of your health, including diet and exercise :)

  • Posted by: Candice E // Wed, 28 November 2012 06:01pm

    Eat healthy, sleep well and exercise.
    It makes you look and feel good both inside & out!

  • Posted by: muso Master Fan // Wed, 28 November 2012 06:38pm

    MORE IS LESS: the more I take care of my skin now, the less I have to worry about it in the future (hopefully).

  • Posted by: Ina // Wed, 28 November 2012 08:33pm

    Make sure you have a good skincare routine, day and night, and what you put into your body affects your skin. And plenty of water will benefit your health and your skin.

  • Posted by: Anita Black // Wed, 28 November 2012 08:55pm

    a good healthy balanced diet is essential for healthy skin as is a good regular skin care regime. Moisturising and cleansing and exfoliating away those dead cells!

  • Posted by: Linda Courtney // Wed, 28 November 2012 08:59pm

    Eat healthy and drink plenty of water.

  • Posted by: Elaine Dunn // Wed, 28 November 2012 09:34pm

    to treat it with kindness always and watch out for that harsh Australian sun at all times.

  • Posted by: Karina Wong // Wed, 28 November 2012 11:15pm

    Drink lots of water, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and lather SPF all over your skin!

  • Posted by: Momo Newbie // Thu, 29 November 2012 12:12am

    Always stick to your cleansing routine no matter how crazy your day was or how tired you are, your skin needs your love!

  • Posted by: Helen B // Thu, 29 November 2012 12:25am

    I’m mindful about diet, exercise, early nights, using the right creams so Hanna and Barbera’s basset Droopy doesn’t gaze back at me from the mirror.

  • Posted by: Rachel Kapsalakis // Thu, 29 November 2012 02:57am

    Avoid sulfates, they’re surfactants that make your cleanser foam, they strip too much of your skin’s sebum away, leaving dry, flaky, and even itchy skin.

  • Posted by: Rebecca Norton // Thu, 29 November 2012 07:55am

    simple less is more and it starts with fantastic products!

  • Posted by: Karen Smith // Thu, 29 November 2012 08:41am

    The only way to keep your skin great is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not

  • Posted by: Gaye Rugg // Thu, 29 November 2012 08:51am

    Look after what you have when you are young as you will appreaciate it when you are older ,just like a fine wine.

  • Posted by: isabella21 Enthusiast // Thu, 29 November 2012 09:38am

    Use quality skin products, keep your skin hydrated, protect it from the sun
    and eat healthy.

  • Posted by: Kathy R // Thu, 29 November 2012 11:01am

    Embrace your positives, don’t dwell on your negatives. Make the most of what you have by investing in quality products & living healthily.

  • Posted by: Marija // Thu, 29 November 2012 11:30am

    Being happy does wonders for your skins as well ample sleep, good diet, lots of water and a great skincare. An added bonus is great sex!

  • Posted by: maria // Thu, 29 November 2012 11:43am

    Take your skin supplements, no to clogging cosmetics, have make up free skin more to allow the skin to breathe and use non clogging sunscreen

  • Posted by: Hayman85 Newbie // Thu, 29 November 2012 01:11pm

    To capture that elusive glow
    ‘naughty nights’ are the way to go
    prevention and maintenance we already do
    Up the ante! Make life enjoyable :)

  • Posted by: lisa diano // Thu, 29 November 2012 01:13pm

    keep up on your beauty routine daily.

  • Posted by: lisa diano // Thu, 29 November 2012 01:14pm

    keep up your beauty routine daily.

  • Posted by: teagan stewart // Thu, 29 November 2012 01:50pm

    to be in happy within your self is number one combine that with water and the skincare brand Philosophy and your skin will be radiant

  • Posted by: linda // Thu, 29 November 2012 02:25pm

    Life is complicated, skin doesn’t need to be. Find what works and stick with it, until something better comes along.

  • Posted by: Dannielle // Thu, 29 November 2012 02:30pm

    Your skin reflects what you put into your body!

  • Posted by: Shae131 Newbie // Thu, 29 November 2012 03:28pm

    Use simple and effective products combined with healthy living and food.

  • Posted by: Dyane // Thu, 29 November 2012 03:29pm

    My philosophy is to beautify your body from the inside with vitamins, minerals, water and exercise. Also a positive attitude makes us more beautiful, so smile more!

  • Posted by: DebstarDesigns Master Fan // Thu, 29 November 2012 03:47pm

    Great skincare is simple, eat well, exercise, drink lots of water, wear sunscreen and surround yourself with people who make you smile!

  • Posted by: Amy // Thu, 29 November 2012 07:02pm

    I’ve noticed that when I’m feeling happy and confident, this seems to shine through with bright, clear glowing skin. So do whatever makes you happy!

  • Posted by: Mary Preston // Thu, 29 November 2012 09:10pm

    If I could practically eat it, then it’s okay near my skin. Naturally does it for me.

  • Posted by: Caroline Lissaman // Thu, 29 November 2012 09:50pm

    Love the skin you are in! If you love yourself, beauty will shine from within and you will look beautiful too!

  • Posted by: lovefashionangel Master Fan // Thu, 29 November 2012 11:38pm

    Whether dry, sensitive or oily skinned, toning is absolutely a must to remove grime and makeup that you wouldn’t even know was left!

  • Posted by: Newbie // Fri, 30 November 2012 07:49am

    Have become vegetarian over the past 24 months, great improvement to my skin plus I saved some animals as well.

  • Posted by: Nicola Pengilly // Fri, 30 November 2012 10:19am

    Natural products with a little TLC – like philosophy!

  • Posted by: Tracy // Fri, 30 November 2012 03:41pm

    Apply sunscreen daily so you don’t turn into a crocodile!

  • Posted by: Vera // Fri, 30 November 2012 05:56pm

    KISS! I always come back to Keep It Simple Stupid. Stay out of the sun, drink lots of water and eat well.

  • Posted by: Sneha // Fri, 30 November 2012 09:03pm

    Be consistent and you’ll see results – cleanse and moisturise, eat healthy, exercise and get enough sleep regularly.

  • Posted by: stella galanis // Fri, 30 November 2012 10:06pm

    keep it clean and keep it natural by using fresh pawpaw as a facial mask every few nights

  • Posted by: Rachel T // Fri, 30 November 2012 11:58pm

    Great skin is a constant chase, there’s always need to up the water intake. Don’t miss a single day because flared up skin will come your way!

  • Posted by: michelle clark // Sat, 1 December 2012 12:01am

    you have to watch what you eat and drink plenty of water to keep skin looking its best

  • Posted by: kathy clark // Sat, 1 December 2012 09:59am

    Pray, if im going to get wrinkles their is nothing i can do about it

  • Posted by: Jamie-lee mcmeeking // Sat, 1 December 2012 10:58am

    Your skin represents what you eat and who you are! Eat well, drink loads of water and use facial products – VOILA, perfect!

  • Posted by: Sarah Collett // Sat, 1 December 2012 12:50pm

    Protection from the sun, moisturise and drink plenty of fluids. The three ingredients to healthy, anti ageing natural skin.

  • Posted by: Jenny O'Donnell // Sat, 1 December 2012 03:20pm

    My Philosophy is to try and see, what works and be true to you.

  • Posted by: aprilmcr Supporter // Sat, 1 December 2012 06:06pm

    Mine is the less artificial ingredients you put on your skin the better.

  • Posted by: Pauline Stacey // Sat, 1 December 2012 06:43pm

    Stay out of the midday sun between 10am and 3pm ,and wear sunscreen,hat and sunnies.

  • Posted by: Sharon // Sat, 1 December 2012 10:16pm

    Always use the correct skincare products for your skin. If you use the wrong ones, you could make your skin worse or possibly damage it.

  • Posted by: carmen diano // Sat, 1 December 2012 10:44pm

    Beauty is not just on the outside but its also the inside.

  • Posted by: Leanne J // Sat, 1 December 2012 11:08pm

    Lots of water for the inside….
    Lots of sunscreen and Philosophy for the outside!

  • Posted by: Karly Head // Sun, 2 December 2012 12:33am

    My philosophy is respect. I respect my skin and appreciate the sheer brilliance of it wholeheartedly. In return, I only use amazing products on it.

  • Posted by: BeyondElegance Newbie // Sun, 2 December 2012 01:23am

    You need to feel good to look good! Happiness tends to make one glow

  • Posted by: Belinda Bonello // Sun, 2 December 2012 02:45am

    Your skin is your biggest organ that you have to live in everyday so it should be taken care of everyday and that includes moisturising.

  • Posted by: Olivia // Sun, 2 December 2012 07:45am

    Less is more. Keep it simple and your skin will be good to you.

  • Posted by: Jemma Berkett // Sun, 2 December 2012 09:33am

    Go to bed early

  • Posted by: Stacey // Sun, 2 December 2012 09:42am

    My philosophy on great skin is exercise, hydration, sunscreen, great health and lots of tomato’s (internal sunscreen)

  • Posted by: Merrilee Shaw // Sun, 2 December 2012 11:16am

    Protect from the outside, pamper from the inside and restore with honest, brilliant products

  • Posted by: roberto colombi // Sun, 2 December 2012 11:21am

    Be a fanatical moderate… do everything in moderation and your anturally beautiful skin will last you a lifetime!

  • Posted by: Paul Wilson // Sun, 2 December 2012 11:23am

    Moisturise, Cleanse and wash every day, means your skin will look perfect in every way

  • Posted by: mandy woods // Sun, 2 December 2012 11:36am

    Hydration on the inside and out because water pumps out wrinkles!

  • Posted by: Travis King // Sun, 2 December 2012 12:18pm

    A happy and healthy lifestyle gives the most radiant and clear skin.

  • Posted by: Georgia Sourlatzis // Sun, 2 December 2012 01:00pm

    Drinking plenty of water and wearing sun screen,
    Eating your veggies and keeping skin clean.
    Should help your skin get a youthful sheen!

  • Posted by: Kim Raymer // Sun, 2 December 2012 02:18pm

    Holistic attitude towards achieving great skin. Look after the inside and the results show on the outside. Protect your skin from sun damage too.

  • Posted by: Barbara Weber // Sun, 2 December 2012 02:25pm

    to have great skin , keep hydrated and eat mainly fresh fruits and vegetables! Make sure to cleanse and moisturise at least twice a day,

  • Posted by: chris horgan // Sun, 2 December 2012 03:01pm

    Keeping things uncomplicated and clean, that’s my daily skincare routine. Treat your skin with love and respect, and a glowing complexion is what to expect.

  • Posted by: Jennifer-1294273141 Newbie // Sun, 2 December 2012 03:03pm

    Eat organic, drink plenty of water, always cleanse and moisturise, wear sunscreen, a hat & sunglasses, always remember to smile, laugh and don’t stress.

  • Posted by: Jelena M. // Sun, 2 December 2012 03:03pm

    Continuously educating myself through my top beauty website Primped! The key to a great life is education, and it is no different with my skin!

  • Posted by: jayla1987 Enthusiast // Sun, 2 December 2012 03:57pm

    no overdoing makeup in summer help[s reduce the pimples

  • Posted by: Danu Ho // Sun, 2 December 2012 04:53pm

    clear glowing skin

  • Posted by: Claudia // Sun, 2 December 2012 05:47pm

    Keep it simple, keep it clean, nothing too fancy – cleanse, tone and moisturise, your skin will glean!

  • Posted by: Margaret Chafer // Sun, 2 December 2012 06:34pm

    Eat well, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, but must of all, be happy with who you are and what you have achieved to date.

  • Posted by: SANDRA VAN ROOYE // Sun, 2 December 2012 07:01pm


  • Posted by: Monica Evans // Sun, 2 December 2012 07:59pm

    Great skin is clean, moisturised and natural looking!

  • Posted by: a // Sun, 2 December 2012 08:01pm

    My philosophy is drink water sun tan lotion. Never fails.

  • Posted by: Fleur-1338735250 Newbie // Sun, 2 December 2012 08:01pm

    My philosophy on great skin comes from within, it is hydrated and healthy with a cheeky grin.

  • Posted by: KAREN J WILSON // Sun, 2 December 2012 08:37pm


  • Posted by: meg-anne Harrop // Sun, 2 December 2012 09:19pm

    My philosophy on great skin keep it natural! Natural makeup, natural moisture and natural cleansing. Clean natural skin is happy healthy skin!

  • Posted by: Leanne Sear // Sun, 2 December 2012 09:46pm

    i love taking care of my skin.

  • Posted by: Chrissy Roberts // Sun, 2 December 2012 11:20pm

    Sunscreen and moisturiser is necessary every day even in winter and if you want great skin.

  • Posted by: sharron smith // Mon, 3 December 2012 08:00am

    If you can do nothing else at least wash face twice daily in water

  • Posted by: Aimee sharpe // Mon, 3 December 2012 11:30am

    Cleanse, tone and moisturize the only philosophy to great skin.

  • Posted by: paula curtis // Mon, 3 December 2012 12:05pm

    love the smell and ease to use

  • Posted by: Richard Kiss // Mon, 3 December 2012 12:20pm

    Avoid sun exposure,or use SPF 30,use after sun aloe Vera
    and moisturise,exfoliate dead skin.

  • Posted by: nicole larsen // Mon, 3 December 2012 12:28pm

    always looking after what you put into your body

  • Posted by: Bridget Rankin // Mon, 3 December 2012 12:32pm

    For me it’s keep it simple. Cleanse and hydrate and get lots restful sleep.

  • Posted by: sarah // Mon, 3 December 2012 01:02pm

    To care,nuture and look after it.

  • Posted by: Lorraine Bartolo // Mon, 3 December 2012 01:41pm

    eating fresh healthy foods and a good skincare regime

  • Posted by: Susie Attwood // Mon, 3 December 2012 02:01pm

    Must use a good moisturiser after cleansing otherwise skin will be dull and dry.

  • Posted by: Amanda Owen // Mon, 3 December 2012 02:16pm

    If your very lucky….great genes!
    If not…..sunscreen, plenty of water, exercise, sleep and a great skincare regime. Love how you look – at any age.

  • Posted by: goddessmagick Enthusiast // Mon, 3 December 2012 02:29pm

    “Less is More” for great skin…
    Great skincare makes for a glowing complexion and less need of makeup,
    Philosophy complete!

  • Posted by: daylight dancer Master Fan // Mon, 3 December 2012 03:37pm

    A happy healthy life will lead to glowing skin bursting with joy. Take care of the skin your in!

  • Posted by: Amber Malkinson // Mon, 3 December 2012 03:57pm

    Drink lots of water, give yourself a home facial once a week, keep face clean, eat lots of leafy greens and get lots of sleep.

  • Posted by: Liz Dowhaluk // Mon, 3 December 2012 05:04pm

    HYDRATION, EXFOLIATION and drink lots of water. I believe looking after your skin inside and out. Do not sun-bake ever!

  • Posted by: Win Brown // Mon, 3 December 2012 06:40pm

    Great skin is the result of eating healthy balanced meals with plenty of fresh veggies, drinking enough water and getting the right amount of sleep.

  • Posted by: lovetoplay Master Fan // Mon, 3 December 2012 07:15pm

    Personally, controlling my oiliness can be key to controlling pimples and acne so using oil-control products leads to great skin!

  • Posted by: Karen // Mon, 3 December 2012 07:43pm

    Great skin must be soft, clean and fresh

  • Posted by: Linda Wyncoll // Mon, 3 December 2012 08:41pm

    Beauty comes with adequate sleep, a natural healthy diet,
    Plenty of fruit and vegetables, hydration, not smoking,
    Sun protection, thorough cleansing and moisterisation.

  • Posted by: Mel Beersmith // Mon, 3 December 2012 09:11pm

    Stay hydrated and moisturise. And eat healthy.

  • Posted by: Lesleigh Stewart // Mon, 3 December 2012 09:21pm

    It has to feel good, smell good and not contain poisons that may harm me.

  • Posted by: Njari Johnson // Mon, 3 December 2012 09:25pm

    P-urity cleanser
    H-elp me night cream
    I-nner peace
    O-pen heart
    O-rganic food
    P-lant based products
    H-ope in a jar
    Y-oung at heart

  • Posted by: Kerry Green // Tue, 4 December 2012 07:09am

    Great skin shows the world you’re happy and healthy.

  • Posted by: Irena Simunec // Tue, 4 December 2012 07:25am

    Everyday cleanse, tone and moisturise.
    Look after your skin when you are young and you’ll reap the benefits in your older years.

  • Posted by: Stephanie Compton // Tue, 4 December 2012 09:28am

    Lots of water, lots of sleep, lots of laughter and love yourself with a great skin routine that you stick to.

  • Posted by: Judi // Tue, 4 December 2012 10:51am

    keep it simple and moisturise

  • Posted by: shclifton24 Newbie // Tue, 4 December 2012 11:38am

    My wide-brimmed hat, sleep, water and sun screen – keeps my skin youthful as I age gracefully

  • Posted by: Skye // Tue, 4 December 2012 12:04pm

    Eat clean and fresh but ensure you have 2L of water daily. Plus you can’t forget sweating out any extra indulgences had over the weekend.

  • Posted by: KATE HERBERT // Tue, 4 December 2012 12:26pm

    Besides drinking litres of water each day, always wear sunscreen, yes, even during winter, and use the best cleanser and moisturiser my wallet can afford.

  • Posted by: Joe // Tue, 4 December 2012 01:55pm

    A balanced diet + Simple skin care routine + regular exercise = Good skin

  • Posted by: zora // Tue, 4 December 2012 01:58pm

    It’s easy, eat healthy, drink water and always remove your make up at night. Great skin should glow and feel soft and looked after.

  • Posted by: Sharon Markwell // Tue, 4 December 2012 02:07pm

    Lots of moisturiser is my trick to looking younger than my ancient years. It works!

  • Posted by: Krystle Sky // Tue, 4 December 2012 02:33pm

    Simplicity: eat well, drink lots of water, and use a few great products

  • Posted by: Matt Postle // Tue, 4 December 2012 03:20pm

    Exfoliate, but not too much. Moisturize, but not too often. Go easy on sugars and fatty foods.

  • Posted by: Carolyn // Tue, 4 December 2012 03:26pm

    To always look after what you have by cleansing, toning,moisturizing

  • Posted by: Amanda van Vuuren // Tue, 4 December 2012 03:53pm

    I woul love to try this facial mask it looks wonderful all pure ingredients in this. This is great.

  • Posted by: Kathryn Bell // Tue, 4 December 2012 05:12pm

    I have always put moisturiser on my skin since i hit puberty.

  • Posted by: Ariel Richardson // Tue, 4 December 2012 06:12pm

    Drink as much water as you possibly can. It makes a huge difference!

  • Posted by: Sergio Ross // Tue, 4 December 2012 06:30pm

    Skin must be dry and clean all the time. That’s why I’m not wearing socks or shoes at work – just barefooted, no probs – cracked skin othetwise

  • Posted by: Lauren // Tue, 4 December 2012 08:45pm

    My philosophy: good skin starts from within. Don’t poison yourself with alcohol, sugary and fried foods. Ensure you have 8 hours of sleep each night.

  • Posted by: Erin Veide // Tue, 4 December 2012 09:08pm

    Being happy and healthy on the inside shows on your skin, Live life to the fullest whilst being kind to your face, always!

  • Posted by: Natasha // Tue, 4 December 2012 09:13pm

    Along with your daily routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise 8 glasses of water a day and a healthy diet can add the extra umph!

  • Posted by: Michelle James // Tue, 4 December 2012 09:14pm

    Eating well, keeping skin hydrated by moisturising and drinking water, removing make-up before bed & lots of rest …oh and good genes seem to help!

  • Posted by: pamela guzman // Tue, 4 December 2012 09:22pm

    sunscreen everyday

  • Posted by: Margaret Maffullo // Tue, 4 December 2012 09:23pm

    Drink lots of water., use a good cleanser and sunblock.

  • Posted by: Vicki F // Tue, 4 December 2012 09:29pm

    See my wrinkles as smile lines….. then I have none!

  • Posted by: Lourdes Roda // Tue, 4 December 2012 10:01pm

    Drink plenty of water, keep away from the sun and use a good hydrating cream morning and night, always on a clean face!

  • Posted by: namron Supporter // Tue, 4 December 2012 10:03pm

    look after your skin and your skin will make you feel happier and younger.

  • Posted by: Megan // Tue, 4 December 2012 10:13pm

    Use one brand of quality skin care for your daily routine. The products are designed to work together and the results are worth the loyalty!

  • Posted by: Barbara B // Tue, 4 December 2012 11:54pm

    Combination skin like mine needs specific brands made especially for my skin. Spend the extra money trying new products and stick to those that work.

  • Posted by: MELANIE TAYLOR // Wed, 5 December 2012 01:19am


  • Posted by: natalie foster // Wed, 5 December 2012 08:40am

    My philosophy is you are what you eat, so treat yourself good on the inside and benefit on the out….

  • Posted by: Tara Hall // Wed, 5 December 2012 10:40am

    Natural ingridients are always best!

  • Posted by: lou061 Newbie // Wed, 5 December 2012 11:04am

    beautiful skin can be so easily achieved
    if your follow the basics and believe.
    start from within with diet and water
    sunscreen and moisture will keep you in order

  • Posted by: Lisa Clark // Wed, 5 December 2012 11:58am

    I not very stringent with this but I always use moisturizer and face wash in the shower I still look good at 40 I think

  • Posted by: Lisa // Wed, 5 December 2012 12:20pm

    no matter how much money you spend on skin care, if you’re ugly on the inside, you’ll always be ugly on the outside.

  • Posted by: Sarah Hancock // Wed, 5 December 2012 02:11pm

    stay out of the sun and away from the stressful kids!

  • Posted by: Danielle // Wed, 5 December 2012 04:06pm

    Keep it simple! Don’t overload your skin with chemicals, heavy make up or the harsh sun. Let your natural beauty shine through!

  • Posted by: F Mason // Wed, 5 December 2012 04:39pm

    Great skin glows and shines
    When you stop whinging, and celebrate lines!
    Drink water, smile, share love
    That’ll give skin that’s an average above.

  • Posted by: Tiffany Humphrey // Wed, 5 December 2012 06:11pm

    Unfortunately I haven’t had a philosophy that has worked to any great extent and at 41 years, it’s unlikely I will !!

  • Posted by: Genniveve // Wed, 5 December 2012 06:51pm

    Dove products and flax seed oil as dove products keep my skin wrinkleless and the oil slowly remoes scars and keeps my skin beautiful.

  • Posted by: Sarah // Wed, 5 December 2012 07:02pm

    Keep it simple – quality products, lots of sunscreen daily and a healthly lifestyle equals great skin.

  • Posted by: Mampha Master Fan // Wed, 5 December 2012 07:33pm

    A fabulous smile and plenty of hydration covers a multitude of sins, but a holistic attitude to your general wellbeing works wonders on your skin!

  • Posted by: Holly Creswick // Wed, 5 December 2012 08:18pm

    clear, clean and radiant all achieved through a clean and healthy diet and LOTS of water

  • Posted by: Becky S // Wed, 5 December 2012 08:19pm

    Feed you body the good healthy stuff and it will reward you with good clear skin.

  • Posted by: Filiz Yagci // Wed, 5 December 2012 08:40pm

    Caring for what is inside as much as what is on the outside. Good food, less sun, gentle natural cleansing and nourishment.

  • Posted by: Karen Ngwenya // Wed, 5 December 2012 09:16pm

    Keep it simple, otherwise you won’t keep up with the involved process that many skin products ask you to do!

  • Posted by: Rachael Massarotti // Wed, 5 December 2012 09:21pm

    Moisturising your face daily combined with drinking 1-3 glasses of water a day! You feel more fresh, relaxed & constantly hydrated!

  • Posted by: Michelle Ward // Wed, 5 December 2012 09:25pm

    Love your skin and nurture it from babyhood to old age and it will reward you with bonus youth years!

  • Posted by: Yaz // Wed, 5 December 2012 09:29pm

    Respect your body inside and out! (Hydrate, exercise, eat healthy, don’t smoke and avoid alcohol if possible.) You only get one body …Nurture it!

  • Posted by: Claire G // Wed, 5 December 2012 09:52pm

    Great skin is a product of genes, excellent diet, hydration, minimal sun exposure as well as adequate exercise and sleep!

  • Posted by: Tina S // Wed, 5 December 2012 10:06pm

    Cleanse and moisturise everyday and drink plenty of water.

  • Posted by: Courtney Brideson // Wed, 5 December 2012 10:28pm

    water and sunscreen to keep away the wrinkles, and if you have oily skin you don’t necessarily have to moisturise.

  • Posted by: Hannah Drought // Wed, 5 December 2012 10:48pm

    Simple! Eat healthy, exercise more, stress less. Oh and a basic cleanse, tone, moisturise regime of course.

  • Posted by: jennifer dunne // Wed, 5 December 2012 11:47pm

    Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin and not just salve your thirst.

  • Posted by: Fatima Shah // Thu, 6 December 2012 12:35am

    Be happy, healthy and your skin will glow.

  • Posted by: Meredith Bennett // Thu, 6 December 2012 12:36am

    Confucius says beauty is from within, however a good moisturiser never hurts

  • Posted by: Natalie Stoute // Thu, 6 December 2012 12:36am

    Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Start with a hydrating morning mist, a light SPF day cream and end with rich night cream for soft, supple skin ♥

  • Posted by: Jackie Dickens // Thu, 6 December 2012 01:10am

    A healthy diet, plenty of water and a regular skincare routine are essentials for great skin.

  • Posted by: Linda Clark // Thu, 6 December 2012 01:30am

    Lucky genes is a contributing factor, but quality products is an asset

  • Posted by: S Mason // Thu, 6 December 2012 06:46am

    Stay out of the sun as much as possible, treat your skin with the care it deserves you don’t get a second chance

  • Posted by: W.Ryan // Thu, 6 December 2012 07:34am

    It all starts with healthy living! .A balanced diet, rich in fruits,vegetables , proteins ,copious drinks of hydrating water and ultimately ,a daily cleaning regimen.

  • Posted by: Kirsten W // Thu, 6 December 2012 08:54am

    You skin echoes everything you do. Treat it right, feed it right and you will reap the rewards.

  • Posted by: Laura Jilka // Thu, 6 December 2012 08:59am

    To cleanse and tone every night
    So my skin is glowing bright.
    No more spots for me,
    I’m almost blemish-free!

  • Posted by: Falon Downing // Thu, 6 December 2012 08:59am

    My philosophy is that taking care of my body keeps my skin looking great.

  • Posted by: Annee Thomas // Thu, 6 December 2012 09:09am

    What’s within shows on your skin, a happy heart gives your complexion the best possible start!

  • Posted by: Renee Barratt // Thu, 6 December 2012 09:10am

    Always wear sunblock and protect your skin from the suns damage

  • Posted by: Amanda -1293680654 Supporter // Thu, 6 December 2012 09:13am

    Keep it simple…hydrate yourself, eat a natural diet rich in Omega 3, cleanse daily, moisturise and use rosehip oil before bed!

  • Posted by: billy james // Thu, 6 December 2012 09:13am

    never leave the house without sunblock on, I use a oil for moisturiser as it rehydrates my skin beautifuly

  • Posted by: Chloe // Thu, 6 December 2012 09:20am

    Keep yourself healthy and happy and your skin will reap the rewards!

  • Posted by: Amanda van Vuuren // Thu, 6 December 2012 11:12am

    I think these haircare packs are fantastic, can’t wait to try them. Will be wonderful for my dry and lifeless hair.

  • Posted by: Antonietta Farrugia // Thu, 6 December 2012 11:59am

    it’s never to early to start looking after your skin, use washes that are age/skin type suitable and moisturize always

  • Posted by: Lami Martin // Thu, 6 December 2012 12:09pm

    My philosophy is that healthy eating, hydration and a good skin care regime is the key for soft, radiant skin!

  • Posted by: farout055 Enthusiast // Thu, 6 December 2012 01:33pm

    If genetics played dirty trick, eat well, keep smiling and hydrate your skin.

  • Posted by: Tina Vlass // Thu, 6 December 2012 01:35pm

    Charlie Chaplin said “a day without laughter is a day wasted”, so my philosophy on great skin, is to smile and be happy from within!

  • Posted by: Bridey-1319441464 Supporter // Thu, 6 December 2012 01:53pm

    Nourish your biggest organ from the inside out. Your skin is a reflection of what you put in your body so eat well, drink plenty of water and of course, ALWAYS use sunscreen.

  • Posted by: Karina // Thu, 6 December 2012 01:56pm

    Exercise, lots of water, and two Evening Primrose Oil’s a day. It LITERALLY changes your skin to look AMAZING.

  • Posted by: Karina // Thu, 6 December 2012 01:57pm

    Exercise. plenty of water and two Evening Primrose Oil’s a day. They LITERALLY transform your skin.

  • Posted by: Grant Sainsbury // Thu, 6 December 2012 02:26pm

    As a pro.Surfer my skin is always in and out of the strain from the surf,then drying up out of the salt water I stake

  • Posted by: Amanda // Thu, 6 December 2012 03:20pm

    It all starts with fantastic skincare, when your skin looks and feels great you will feel confident and happy!

  • Posted by: Andrew // Thu, 6 December 2012 03:23pm

    Great skin = using fantastic proven skincare which in turns equals happy girlfriend! She loves it when I look after myself!

  • Posted by: C. Graham // Thu, 6 December 2012 04:21pm

    Look after your skin and always look fantastic.

  • Posted by: daylight dancer Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 08:33am

    Thanks so much primped and philosophy!! Congrats to other winners!!

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Fri, 7 December 2012 09:07pm

    congrats to the winners ,well done!

  • Posted by: Its_Jess Master Fan // Fri, 21 December 2012 09:15pm

    Well done winners! Enjoy! :)

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Mon, 27 May 2013 09:06pm

    lucky ladies, i wish i have won this :)

  • Posted by: jacqueline // Sat, 10 May 2014 04:51pm

    wen your healthy on the inside you need to be heathy on the outside to

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Sat, 1 August 2015 04:57pm

    A wonderful prize, well done Primper’s.


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