Video: Ace News: Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid is no longer a limited edition product

Fri, 29 July 2011 12:44PM

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid made a permanent product

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid, $15.95

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid hit the beauty scene, oh, a little less than a year ago, Primps, and it was a grand occasion. But it was only a limited edition product, and this did not sit well with me.

I fell somewhat hard for his delicious lemon scent, you see. It was love from the first time he touched my lips.

Unlike most men, he had the multitasking thing down pat. Containing 70% pure medical grade lanolin (read: ultra-hydrating), he treated my lips in such a gentle, caring way, but the hint of shimmer inside his yellow tubey outfit also left my pout with healthy, hot-looking sheen, too. I was outrageously impressed.

He also tasted amazing, which I thought was ace. (I do know that he’s not, in fact, meant to be a morning snack, but everyone licks their lips every now and again, right?)

The best part was, though, Primps, that he allowed me to exfoliate my lips in a gentle and completely natural way. How? Well, the citric acid in the organic lemon oil in this bad boy exfoliated away dead, dry skin while I was wearing it. Awesome, huh? The inclusion of this ingredient also meant I felt a slight tingling feeling after I applied him, and I loved it.

But as a limited edition product, he had a short shelf life. I knew that one day we’d have to part ways forever.

But not anymore, Primps, because oh my golly gosh, Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid has been made a permanent product. Yip, yip, yippee! I’m positively stoked.

If you haven’t tried it – you definitely need to. And now you don’t have to worry about falling in love with him, only for him to break your heart a few months down the track by disappearing forever. He is now here for the long haul. Bless him.

Now, if I haven’t managed to convince you that this kiddlet is splendid, then maybe his birth mother (aka Lanolips founder), Kirsten Carriol, can convince you of his awesomeness. As his mumma bear, she is even more passionate about him than I am.



Have you tried this Lanolips lip product?
Are you excited to hear he is no longer limited edition?
Are you keen to try him out? You should try the colour ones while you’re there, too. They are insanely moisturising but have amazing pigment at the same time.

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  • Posted by: Georgia-1302158019 Enthusiast // Fri, 29 July 2011 01:06pm

    Where can I get this??!

  • Posted by: Alex // Fri, 29 July 2011 01:06pm

    This looks really interesting! I’ll definitely try it out, anyone know where to buy it in Perth?

  • Posted by: Louise-1295043242 Master Fan // Fri, 29 July 2011 01:08pm

    Love the Lanolips balms (so moisturising!!!) and I can’t wait to see the lemonaid on the shelves soon!

  • Posted by: swoopingbuzzards Master Fan // Fri, 29 July 2011 01:09pm

    I love this stuff so much! seriosly the best lip product I’ve ever tried.

    Alex –
    You can get it at Myer, David jones, Priceline and many chemists also sell it.

  • Posted by: Louise-1295043242 Master Fan // Fri, 29 July 2011 01:10pm

    and Myer sell it too I believe?

  • Posted by: Cherie Herrmann Enthusiast // Fri, 29 July 2011 01:11pm

    Alex, you should totally listen to swoopingbuzzards. She knows her stuff, and completely took the words straight out of my mouth.

    CH x

  • Posted by: Coconal Master Fan // Fri, 29 July 2011 01:11pm

    Hmm, I tried this last weekend in DJ but wasn’t overly impressed. Perhaps I need to give it another chance, since I know it’s a really popular product!

  • Posted by: swoopingbuzzards Master Fan // Fri, 29 July 2011 01:13pm

    you can also by it online here
    and here
    and probably many other sites. :)

  • Posted by: nadiaaaa Enthusiast // Fri, 29 July 2011 01:23pm

    Yay I love this! Scored it in my lookbook goodie bag :) So glad it’s no longer limited edition

  • Posted by: Talithaw Enthusiast // Fri, 29 July 2011 01:41pm

    I have Lanolips in Apples and it is hands down the best lip prod i own and a fraction of the price of others. It also doubles as a cheek tint for when you’re out and need a quick pick me up. Am very keen to try this lemonaid lip and the others… Rhubarb is also on my list.

  • Posted by: Julie Rodwell // Fri, 29 July 2011 01:57pm

    Wow what a product I think this would be a must have in my handbag!
    Never tried it but I will definitely purchase this product when I find out where to buy it!

  • Posted by: sprinkles37 Master Fan // Fri, 29 July 2011 02:19pm

    i love that it has a little bit of shimmer :) its the perfect lipgloss

  • Posted by: zee // Fri, 29 July 2011 02:23pm

    Love the fresh scent and the tingle of Lemonaid!

    Shiny, natural, and exfoliating? It’s the holy grail of lipbalms!

  • Posted by: evalynvc Enthusiast // Fri, 29 July 2011 02:42pm

    cute video! <3

  • Posted by: lady Devotee // Fri, 29 July 2011 02:50pm

    I haven’t tried this, but would like to! Where can I get it?

  • Posted by: Roxymisha // Fri, 29 July 2011 02:54pm

    I have never tried it.

  • Posted by: PrettyPrincess Master Fan // Fri, 29 July 2011 05:05pm

    Priceline stock lanolips!
    I haven’t tried this version, but have heard rave reviews!!

  • Posted by: ssminnow Enthusiast // Fri, 29 July 2011 05:18pm

    Me wantee!

  • Posted by: Bantam Master Fan // Fri, 29 July 2011 05:24pm

    Woohoo! I love it because it’s so yummy :)

  • Posted by: SydneyRose Master Fan // Fri, 29 July 2011 05:40pm

    I never heard of Lanolips lip balm before. It sounds like the perfect lip treatment.

    I’ve been using Carmex lip balm and Blistex lip conditioner for so many years as they both work for me.

    Lanolips is another product for my shopping list this weekend.

  • Posted by: beautybee1 Master Fan // Fri, 29 July 2011 06:05pm

    I like lanolin based products but I’ve never tried this one. Sound good.

  • Posted by: Tina-1291133452 Master Fan // Fri, 29 July 2011 06:48pm

    i love lanolips balms too! i got this is as a present, love it!

  • Posted by: Bridals // Fri, 29 July 2011 06:54pm

    WOW had never tried it but it ticks a lot of boxes. I will be trying this!

  • Posted by: xKMS Master Fan // Fri, 29 July 2011 08:22pm

    i really like this aswell!! still freaks me out a bit after finding out what lanolin is though! :S lol

  • Posted by: NatMon Master Fan // Fri, 29 July 2011 08:37pm

    I love Lanolips! They have great products and I really love Lemonaid.

  • Posted by: tinamiller Enthusiast // Fri, 29 July 2011 09:47pm

    I’m a fairly new convert to the lanolips product. These feel incredibly good on and I love the colours that it comes in as well. I haven’t tried this little fell and await it’s arrival with bated breath.

  • Posted by: RROZZ Enthusiast // Fri, 29 July 2011 10:06pm

    hmm, sounds yummy…

  • Posted by: Alishes Devotee // Fri, 29 July 2011 10:06pm

    I’ve never tired this product but I’m certainly going to be on the look out for it now. My lips could use some exfoliating.

  • Posted by: Notting Hill Girl // Fri, 29 July 2011 10:53pm

    I’ve seen this in Boots (in the UK) but didn’t really know what it was! I’ve just gone and bought this and so far, it’s great!

  • Posted by: katiekates Devotee // Sat, 30 July 2011 06:45am

    love lanolin, love lemonade, sounds like just the product for me:)

  • Posted by: sumaya Master Fan // Sat, 30 July 2011 08:38am

    I’m very keen to give this a go, can’t wait!

  • Posted by: DebstarDesigns Master Fan // Sat, 30 July 2011 06:15pm

    Sounds reat, but I’m not too sure about the tingling sensation? I’ve avoided using a few lip plumping glosses/ formulations for that very reason. Is it super tingly???

  • Posted by: Karen-1298334769 Master Fan // Sat, 30 July 2011 10:01pm

    Sounds interesting, will have to have a try.

  • Posted by: Cherie Herrmann Enthusiast // Mon, 1 August 2011 08:52am

    DebstarDesigns, you don’t have to worry about over the top tingly-ness. It’s very subtle. CH x

  • Posted by: rainbow // Mon, 1 August 2011 10:54am

    I just purchased a twin pack on the counter at DJ’s of the plain lanolips and a red tinted one.
    Result = the other 7 lipglosses and lipsticks living in my handbag have been shifted to the bathroom, these two badboys now the love of my lips and travelling with me exclusively.

  • Posted by: kristinkate Devotee // Mon, 1 August 2011 11:25am

    I’ll be adding this to my shopping list for sure!

  • Posted by: Jess // Mon, 1 August 2011 11:26am

    LOVE Lanolips and have ever since it hit the shelves. The 101 Ointment is a staple for me. Lemonaid is divine but I’m not a fan of the glittery bits at all.

  • Posted by: Ainslee // Mon, 1 August 2011 01:38pm

    I love the red one, but would be very tempted by a lemonade flavour…my only criticism is the applicator. I just don’t find it very user-friendly.

  • Posted by: Gracie Devotee // Mon, 1 August 2011 07:04pm

    Sounds like a lovely product, except that it’s lanolin! Yuk.

    Farmers selectively breed sheep to have excessively wrinkly skin so that they product more wool (and therefore more lanolin).

    But by doing so the wrinkly skin creates folds around the sheeps’ groin area, where blow flies lay their eggs. This is called ‘fly strike’. The maggots eat away at the skin and it is incredibly painful for the sheep. Sheep often die from fly strike infections.

    To combat this problem farmers slice off big chunks of loose skin around the groin area (without using any anaesthetic)!!! It is an extremely horrific procedure and the pain can last up to 2 weeks.

    Every day thousands of sheep endure this painful procedure so that we can use lanolin on our skin.

  • Posted by: tegania11 Master Fan // Tue, 2 August 2011 12:24pm

    i have never tried this but I have only heard good things. I may definitely have to hunt it down now though!

  • Posted by: Julieow Master Fan // Wed, 3 August 2011 11:04am

    Ive yet to try but as I currently have 10 balms in rotation, I’m on a balm ban!! All I hear is good things about it!

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan // Mon, 8 August 2011 03:25pm

    I haven’t tried Lanolips before! I’ve seen a few products from Lanolips from Myer, but wasn’t sure of the quality.

  • Posted by: Fashionista8P Master Fan // Sat, 10 September 2011 07:09pm

    i have never tried there lip products, i am very intrigued though

  • Posted by: beautiful87 Master Fan // Sun, 21 April 2013 04:37pm

    these are amazing

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Thu, 8 August 2013 02:03pm

    I have not tried Lanolips before, I have actually just sent away for a sample to try and offer from facebook. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Sat, 14 December 2013 11:30am

    great video

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Thu, 30 January 2014 07:31pm

    I have not tried this products sounds very nice.


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