Prep your skin for the warmer months ahead

Wed, 17 November 2010 3:42PM

With over 30 degree days in Melbourne last week, it’s safe to say we should ditch the wintry skincare products and prep our skin to withstand the sticky and oily days ahead. Gosh, don’t you love summer along with the flies, stinky BO from a train carriage and the never ending oily/shiny skin dilemma? Just kidding, I love summer as much as everyone else as long as I get to stay in the shade.

Aside from bronzers, tanning cream and spray tans; I thought I’d share with you Primpers, some of my favourite summer ready products/treatments.

IPL – Intense Pulsed Light treatment for permanent hair removal
This is the current beauty rave among Twittterverse at the moment. It’s quick, efficient and you don’t have to worry about annoying bodily hair anymore.Try looking online for cheap deals on websites like Jump on It to give it a go without making a dent in your wallet.

Choose SPF everything
According to the Skin Cancer Council, we only need five to ten minutes of sun exposure for the required daily intake of Vitamin D. This includes walking to and from home to catch a bus/tram, grabbing lunch etc. I cannot stress enough how important SPF is and that we should use a separate sunscreen on top of our daily skincare routine. Products with SPF are just an added bonus. I remember a dermatologist told me any product boasting high sunscreen will mean you are not getting the full benefit of said product.

For example, if your primer has SPF 30 in it, chances are it’s all sunscreen and not much primer. Which is why, on average, skincare/makeup that comes with sunscreen is usually around SPF 15-20. Any product that contains more than SPF 25, is usually 75 per cent sunscreen.

Another common misconception is that using SPF 5 here and SPF 15 there will combine the SPF factor together. This isn’t the case Primpers. The simplest way to ensure you’re protected from the sun is to use SPF 30+ sunscreen on its own.

Some great SPF skincare products include: Olay Complete Defence SPF 30+, $14.69, Rodial Eye Light SPF 15, $60.00 and Ella Bache Everyday Zinc SPF 30+, $49.00 (specially formulated for the Australian sun).

Choose oil-free, water based everything
Regardless of your skin type, the skin will be a little sticky and oily in extreme humidity. Due to overactive oil glands during warmer months, it’s a better choice to pick water based products and steer clear from potentially pore clogging oil-based skincare/makeup products.

Some skincare/makeup products that are water based inlcude: Napoleon Perdis Sheer Genius Liquid Foundation, $69.00, and Benefit the POREfessional , $53.00.

Last summer, I also raved about spray foundations, body moisturising sprays and facial cloth masks as my summer essentials.

So Primpers, tell me what is your favourite summer products?
Do you store your products in the fridge for the added refreshing coolness?


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  • Posted by: kristina // Thu, 18 November 2010 11:07am

    Thank For That V =]

  • Posted by: Norlin // Thu, 18 November 2010 01:29pm

    My friend recently went for IPL and is loving the fact that she doesn’t need to shave or wax anymore! But, as a precaution, they did say not to touch any chlorine (swimming pool) for around a few weeks – can’t remember how long though. But, great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • Posted by: ponikuta // Thu, 18 November 2010 05:16pm

    Hey Norlin, spot on, on top of that one should avoid the sun, excessive scrub and products that are high in alcohol on the sensitive freshly IPLed area. :)

  • Posted by: sari Devotee // Thu, 9 December 2010 04:54pm

    Great read, glad you mentioned vitamin D, absorbed through our skin it is necessary for some exposure to the sun for this hormone in our bodies, though I agree and protection is important for most the day. I am likeing some of the tinted moisturisers out, HissyFit, Invisible Zinc, Nivea, are really good. Currently using Hamilton ‘everyday face’ light moisturising cream SPF30+. Non-oily does not clog pores, fragrance free, for normal, combination & acne prone skin. It is good stuff. Thankyou for your advice.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Sun, 5 October 2014 09:32pm

    SPF everything sounds like the way to go to keep skin protected for the warmer months.


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