Top 4 Blur Creams: What Are They, And Do You Need Them?

Mon, 17 February 2014 3:00PM

Move over CC cream, there’s a new beauty trend in town. Meet Blur, the new wonder product taking the beauty world – and your face – by storm.

Sounds cool, tell me more…

You know the old Vaseline on the camera lens trick? Well it’s kinda like that. Blur is a type of makeup product that uses high tech ingredients and smart particles to cleverly reflect light and ‘blur’ your skin, which disguises fine lines and pores, helps to even out your skin tone and acts like an Instagram filter for your face.

How do I use it?

Blurring products are applied topically to your mug before or after makeup, depending on the formula. In some cases they can replace your primer, but in other cases they work better when used in conjunction with primer – again, it depends on the product.

So should I bother trying it?

Yes, if you find that primer and foundation alone aren’t cutting it when it comes to disguising fine lines, pores and uneven skin tone. Just remember this is purely a makeup product and not a skincare product; so while it will temporarily improve your appearance, the effect won’t last. You need to invest in a solid skincare regimen if you want to see long-term improvement in the health of your skin.

What products should I try?

1. Indeed Laboratories Nanoblur, $29.99, from


This was one of the first Blur products to hit the market, and should be applied on top of your foundation. Nanoblur combines millions of micro-prisms that give your skin an airbrushed effect.


2. Lancôme Visionnaire 1 Minute Blur, $60, from


This one’s all about smoothing out your skin as well as improving skin tone and irregularities. Applied before primer and foundation, it helps correct uneven skin texture and skin tone, enlarged pores, and wrinkles.


3. Garnier Perfect Blur Smoothing Base Perfector, $16.95, from pharmacies


This clever product can be used as a primer as well as a blurring skin perfector, as it helps to fill in fine lines and pores and well as even out skin tone and texture. It’s formulated with a high concentration of powerful light reflectors that disguise all your pesky problem spots.


4. L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Magic Blur Instant Skin Smoother, $24.95, from pharmacies


This bad boy hits shelves in a couple of weeks, and we’re awaiting this launch with baited breath because the product trials achieved some pretty impressive results – 92% of women said their skin had a perfect matte finish.

Lauren x

Have you tried a blurring product?

What did you think? 

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  • Posted by: Miss Makeup Master Fan // Mon, 17 February 2014 04:03pm

    This is the first I am hearing about this product. I think I might wait for the L’Oréal to come out!

  • Posted by: Lauren-1339916162 Master Fan // Mon, 17 February 2014 05:10pm

    I’ve heard good things about the Lancôme one. The L’Orral one is in my currents Woolworths catalogue on special might have to check it out if they have it.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Mon, 17 February 2014 06:11pm

    I’ve been lucky enough to try Nanoblur, I would love to try the other pictured products.

  • Posted by: meedee Master Fan // Tue, 18 February 2014 11:00am

    Applying on top of your foundation…hhmm….Sounds interesting but i wonder if it would mess up the makeup look

  • Posted by: Jensta Master Fan // Tue, 18 February 2014 11:46am

    Wow I didnt even know what a blur product was until just now. Very interesting. Great for a night out, but as you say, not a long term fix.

  • Posted by: jessica88 Newbie // Tue, 18 February 2014 12:04pm

    I havent tried any of those blurs creams. The LOreal one sounds good.

  • Posted by: Miss EJ // Tue, 18 February 2014 01:56pm

    Just another useless beauty product to make us question our already suitable makeup routines. I’m so over being fooled by the hype of the newest, must-have product that does nothing more than reduce your bank balance.

  • Posted by: daylight dancer Master Fan // Tue, 18 February 2014 02:30pm

    I did try the nanoblur but didnt see any difference in my skin so I gave it to mum :)
    I’d love to try the L’Oréal magic blur!
    Thanks for clearing up what all these blurring products do Lauren :)

  • Posted by: Claire88 Master Fan // Tue, 18 February 2014 11:42pm

    I have the Nanoblur but I didn’t notice a huge difference, but the L’Oreal magic blur sounds promising.

  • Posted by: Lewjac Devotee // Wed, 19 February 2014 02:38am

    these types of products seem to be popping up so fast, i cant keep up, im still amazed about bb cream :/

  • Posted by: p3charmed Master Fan // Thu, 20 February 2014 10:03am

    Ive tried the garnier one, and I love it, it really is magically perfect skin in a bottle :) love to try the lancome one too.

  • Posted by: Britty1 Master Fan // Thu, 20 February 2014 12:38pm

    sounds cool, will be trying it out soon (now) no doubt :)

  • Posted by: Niki // Thu, 20 February 2014 01:25pm

    Just got the L’oreal blur from priceline – it’s so smooth & silky on my skin like a dream… *excited*

  • Posted by: PrettyPrincess Master Fan // Thu, 20 February 2014 10:36pm

    I’ve got some nano blur, however wouldn’t mind trying the garnier one.

  • Posted by: alanakateh Master Fan // Fri, 21 February 2014 06:01pm

    I haven’t tried any of these. I think I’d give Lancome a go.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan // Sun, 23 February 2014 06:55pm

    havent tried it

  • Posted by: roxymisha Master Fan // Thu, 27 February 2014 09:36pm

    I have been thinking of buying the Lancome Blur as I have read great reviews.

  • Posted by: lovetoplay Master Fan // Sat, 1 March 2014 05:23pm

    I haven’t tried any of those. I’m a bit scared that they have nano particles in them? I don’t know but I do like a few products that seem to act a bit like these sound like they do. I’ve tried a Revlon one and I find the Benefit Porefessional primer tends to act like these sound like they do. If that makes sense!

  • Posted by: brookieliz Master Fan // Mon, 3 March 2014 12:13pm

    Haven’t tried this type of product, but I like the idea of the Garnier doing double-duty as a primer (don’t like alot of product on my skin). Seems price friendly aswell.

  • Posted by: Lisa-1294413802 Master Fan // Wed, 5 March 2014 03:09pm

    These sound great. Is there any chance a foundation could come with blurring technology? The morning routine is getting more crowded!

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan // Fri, 7 March 2014 03:32pm

    I love using the Nanoblur but do need to moisturise well before I apply.

  • Posted by: V. // Sun, 23 March 2014 08:10pm

    Just recently, I read a review about a Blur cream by L’Oréal (not the one from your list), and the description and its effect reminded me a lot of the Benefit Porefessional. The way that one works is by help of silicones, but from your article I imagined there would be light reflecting particles in blur creams, too, which enhance the blurring effect. Is that right or did I misread something?

  • Posted by: lovinglipstick Enthusiast // Mon, 7 April 2014 08:29pm

    These look interesting – I have heard good things about a few of them but haven’t tried them myself.

  • Posted by: anitas.artistry Master Fan // Mon, 14 April 2014 02:39pm

    I’ve heard mixed reviews about the Nanoblur
    I’d like to try the Lancôme Visionnaire 1 Minute Blur

  • Posted by: Linda-1341075684 Master Fan // Mon, 21 April 2014 01:12pm

    I’m yet to try these, but I know others swear by them so they must have a good benefit – keen to try the L’oreal one, I’m a big fan of the Revitalift moisturisers

  • Posted by: lindasayz Enthusiast // Wed, 4 June 2014 11:29pm

    I have tried Garniers 5 second blur and it works fairly well. But right now I am using Nanoblur and its works better for me that the one from Garnier. Would love to try the others but they are alittle bit more expensive.

  • Posted by: JudyM2 // Mon, 14 July 2014 12:53pm

    Havetried Nanoblur and think it is great. Would like to try the new Garnier one and maybe the Lancome also.

  • Posted by: Georgie // Sun, 7 September 2014 11:26pm

    I’m a make-up artist and I predominately use MAC make-up professionally and for personal use. I tried the Magic Blur on myself prior to foundation (under my eyes, on enlarged pores on my nose etc) and used my primer on the other areas of my face. I found my make-up to go on so smoothly and flawlessly over the Magic Blur. So impressed that I now also use it on many of my clients too (particularly on mature skin). Highly recommend it as a primer & line / pore minimiser.

  • Posted by: PreetK // Wed, 15 October 2014 04:37am

    I tried L’Oreal Blur cream. I guess it is the most beautiful experience on my skin. I love it. My friends recommend Garnier, however I think it is the great product by L’Oreal.

  • Posted by: Angela Statz // Thu, 30 October 2014 03:52am

    I have never worn foundation because I could never find one that looks natural and improves my natural look, not cover it up. I love BB cream and have been using that lately. I saw an add and coupon in a magazine for the Blur by Garnier and tried it. I LOVE IT. I love it even more when I blend it on with my BB cream at the same time! My husband noticed and actually asked my what I did. (I think he may be using it, too!) I have never felt anything go on dry and feel so silky all day. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I was also impressed with the price. Well done.

  • Posted by: Jennifer // Sat, 27 December 2014 03:10pm

    I have used the Garnier product. Love it!!! Do not want to be without it. Makes my skin look and feel amazingly soft and smooth

  • Posted by: Dodothy Dillon // Sat, 20 June 2015 08:09am

    Never heard about the creams until watching The Doctors. Would like to try the L’Oreal when it comes out.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Sat, 11 July 2015 01:25pm

    Received the L’Oreal Blur Cream in the Priceline skincare bonus beauty bag, its an excellent product.

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