Ageing Gracefully – Part 1

Tue, 8 March 2011 4:54PM

We try to prevent it, hate to admit it, but still embrace it. Ageing, it’s inevitable, it going to happen whether you like it or not.  A topic I’m very fond of, because it’s always good to maintain and understand how ageing works altogether.

Sofia Vergara must have a few anti-ageing secrets up her sleeve…

Sofia Vergara

There are two types of ageing a person can experience in their lifetime:

Extrinsic Ageing – These are from external factors. Contributing factors can be smoking, lifestyle habits such as sun exposure (sun baking), pollution, nutrition/diet, alcohol, drugs, lack of sleep, exhaustion, and of course, poor maintenance of overall skin health.

Intrinsic Ageing-These are genetically determined. You are pretty much born and blessed with these genes. Think Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, Bruce Willis. For the ladies we have Olivia Newton John, Madonna, and Miranda Kerr.

These ladies are the epitome of anti-ageing. They look after themselves. And, by looking after I mean taking the extra to time to really listen and treat their bodies as an overall system, which in turn is reflected on their skin health.

Such treating can include: Consuming anti-ageing foods, and exercising and maintaining a regime (we have Madonna swearing by yoga, Olivia Newton John with her long walks and her detox spa).

So now, I’m going to share with you my anti-ageing rituals that I always do at home, or wherever I may be…

I Sip Green Tea- Taking the time to drink hot tea gives me time to meditate as I drink slowly. I’m also providing my body and skin with tea benefits as I sip.  Green tea is also high in antioxidants, which fight free radicals (these are your bad ageing factors and are mostly extrinsic). When compared to coffee, the caffeine amount is the better choice for anti-ageing.  I love this ritual.

So as I sip my tea, I have my mask on.

I just Mask It- Apply a mask that is high in anti-ageing ingredients, and just let the skin absorb the nutrients as it slowly weaves through. Look for masks with ingredients like, VIT C, A, E, essential oils, or herb extracts. Note: when you have a mask on, be sure to be completely relaxed and stress free. It’s about treating yourself, so do this ritual at a time when you’re not disturbed. I like to listen to music with my legs elevated. As I stand all day in my job, it’s important to help the circulation in my legs roam freely.

BE HAP HAP HAPPY- When you’re happy, you look younger and youthful. In France they embrace laughter lines. The Parisians believe in graceful ageing as oppose to depressed and saddened ageing. I noticed this in some parts of Italy too. The great thing about this philosophy is they don’t believe in invasive treatments. They believe laughter lines, fine lines and a wrinkle paints a story of how you have lived your life. I totally agree!

Too much happiness makes me want to eat…..FAT

I Eat FAT-Do you notice when someone is on a strictly low fat diet or who is a yo-yo dieter, they tend to look slightly aged or gaunt looking? Dramatic loss of Essential Fatty Acids can cause serious skin dryness, loss of firmness/plumpness, and weakened collagen and elastin (these are your skin fibres). I consider EFA’s as moisturising foods; they are going to internally and externally nourish your body, and skin cells.

I’ll make a rye toast, with avocados and tomatoes, rock salt and pepper. Avocados are on the top list for anti-ageing, it’s high in EFA’s and tomatoes for lycopene, which is an antioxidant. I like to think I’m eating myself young as I do this. Eat good fats such avocados, nuts, hummus, olive oil, fish, and sardines.

Part 2, will be more on specific anti-ageing skincare ingredients and lifestyle habits.

Tell me, do you have any anti-ageing rituals?

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  • Posted by: FlickaH // Tue, 8 March 2011 05:45pm

    Great tips to live by Gwen. I found that stress and some traumatic experiences saw me age very quickly. I was devastated by the lines, creases and dropping and that sadness in my eyes that made me feel 70. Great products and nurturing yourself do help. I found that some regular heavy duty facials with lots of relaxing massage made huge differences in my skin and outlook.

  • Posted by: Becca Master Fan // Tue, 8 March 2011 06:21pm

    Mm yum the toast sounds great. I use eye-cream & other preventive skincare and also exercice, eat healthily and use sunscreen. Look forward to part 2.

  • Posted by: beautybee1 Master Fan // Tue, 8 March 2011 07:39pm

    I always look at it this way: aging is good because it’s better than the alternative! But I do try to stave off looking old with sunscreen, lots of fruit and veges and adequate sleep.

  • Posted by: Kate // Tue, 8 March 2011 08:52pm

    It bothers me that Olivia Newton-John and Madonna are mentioned in a piece about aging gracefully, when it’s fairly obvious that both those women have had cosmetic surgery.

  • Posted by: Gwen Giorla // Tue, 8 March 2011 09:24pm

    Hi Kate,
    Thanks for your comment. Apologies, what i meant about Madonna and Olivia Newton’s Johns approach to aging. They live healthily, eat well,and look after after themselves.I wasnt trying to encourage cosmetic surgery.
    Kindest Regards,
    Gwen Giorla

  • Posted by: Chloe // Wed, 9 March 2011 08:48am

    I agree – I would say Helen mirin and Susan Sarandon are aging amazingly well!! Wonder what their secrets are

  • Posted by: anna // Wed, 9 March 2011 09:09am

    I totally agree with Kate’s comment – seriously Madonna and Olivia Newton-John are definately not the poster children for aging gracefully! Also, Miranda Kerr is obviously gorgeous.. but she’s only in her mid-20’s!

  • Posted by: anna // Wed, 9 March 2011 09:10am

    sorry Gwen – just saw your comment to Kate. I would have to say though, Madonna’s extreme diets aren’t really consistent with your “eat fat” approach!

  • Posted by: CarlyMichelle Supporter // Wed, 9 March 2011 09:56am

    I find that yoga and meditation helps my general health and wellbeing, which is definitely reflected in my appearance.

  • Posted by: jach Enthusiast // Wed, 9 March 2011 10:01am

    Sunscreen, sleep and water!

  • Posted by: Karen-1298334769 Master Fan // Wed, 9 March 2011 10:52am

    Quit smoking, drink plenty of water, exercise, plenty of vegies and fruit. Can’t say that I have a skin care routine for that, I’m hoping I take after my father’s side who all look incredibly young for their ages (my dad is 76 and only has wisps of grey in his hair!)

  • Posted by: PrettyPrincess Master Fan // Wed, 9 March 2011 11:12am

    I routinely slather in SPF and drink truckloads of water!

    Looking forward to part 2!
    I feel overwhelmed with ingredients to be looking for!
    Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A (retinol), etc

  • Posted by: nomes_1988 Enthusiast // Wed, 9 March 2011 11:28am

    There is no way madonna is ageing gracefully!

  • Posted by: Bennie Enthusiast // Wed, 9 March 2011 12:04pm

    I always wash my face in cold water regardless if its winter or summer. The invigoration my skin gets from it is circulation which wakens the face and skin.

    Even though I have a skincare regime I believe the cold water plays a part in delaying ageing. Warm to hot water cause capilleries to break and dries out the skin which can cause fine lines. We expose our skin to so much harsh chemicals and environmental pollution that we dont need to damage it even further with how we wash our face at home.

  • Posted by: PinkBerry // Wed, 9 March 2011 12:13pm

    I really enjoyed reading this blog. Thankyou Gwen!
    Looking forward to part 2.

  • Posted by: amy1 Enthusiast // Wed, 9 March 2011 12:17pm

    good article – totally agree that prevention is better than cure when it comes to aging. and i also like to think i am “eating myself young” when eating my omega 3s! : )

  • Posted by: emmymair Enthusiast // Wed, 9 March 2011 01:25pm

    Miranda Kerr shouldnt be in a story about anti-ageing, she’s not even 30! and yes Madonna looks great for her age but everyone knows shes had a little help. her body is amazing though.

    My tips for anti ageing/ageing gracefully -plenty of water, use sunscreen religiously, dont cake on the makeup, eat healthily and most importantly exercise!

    Accept that one day you will get wrinkles – derr everyone ages lol, but dont let them stop you from being amazing! embrace them!

  • Posted by: Julieow Master Fan // Wed, 9 March 2011 01:50pm

    Great – can’t wait for part 2. I love green tea too. Am also doing ginger and detox tea, always with lemon atm too.

    I traet myself weekly with face and hair masks also

    Totally agree re nourishing fats. I am happy and consisistent since I took- a eat for well being approach rather than restrictive dieting. If its natural and healtthy , I eat it. Regardless of fat or calorie count.

    I try to do a sauna and Bikram both once a week too. I think there is something in steaming that helps the process along……

  • Posted by: Julieow Master Fan // Wed, 9 March 2011 01:50pm

    Miranda swears by her Noni juice….. am yet to try it

  • Posted by: Gwen Giorla // Wed, 9 March 2011 01:57pm

    Ladies, im sorry to have upset you about the celebrities i have mentioned.It wasnt my intention. Thanks for your feedback. However,its great that you are all looking after yourself. Loving the tips, and loving that you are wearing suncreen :)
    Kindest Regards,
    Gwen Giorla

  • Posted by: BettyBoo Master Fan // Wed, 9 March 2011 02:33pm

    Thanks for the great article Gwen. Sofia looks amazing and I was shocked to hear she has a teenage son. I have just had some avocados on toast – yay – now I can say that my lunch is anti ageing :)

  • Posted by: laura_ Devotee // Wed, 9 March 2011 02:40pm

    Great article! I’m sipping green tea as I read this, but I did need this reminder to pamper myself and de stress more often.
    I’m at this horrible stage with my skin as I have adult acne but still need to keep the wrinkles at bay,I’m at a loss how to treat both.

  • Posted by: Danni Master Fan // Wed, 9 March 2011 05:03pm

    Great tips, I agree with everything. Looking forward to part 2 :)

  • Posted by: Tina-1291133452 Master Fan // Thu, 10 March 2011 05:53am

    sunscreeeeeen!! i look forward to part 2!

  • Posted by: crystaldance Enthusiast // Thu, 10 March 2011 10:36am

    Great post. And I agree with the French – what life have you lived if you don’t have the cheerful lines to express it?! hehe.

    Foods rich in antioxidants are a must… as is a good skin care routine that also has plenty of antioxidants (those these are hard to isolate being light and air sensitive)…

    I’ve heard tomatoes also help you not be as sensitive to sun damage? Something in them?

  • Posted by: kr1sten Supporter // Thu, 10 March 2011 11:50am

    i absolutely love this post, its so important to listen to your body and nourish it with what it needs. whether that be certain foods, sleep, excerise, meditation or a night out dancing with the girls. i love these holistic posts because its how i strive to live my life. im happy to say that i do all these things on your list :) looking forward to part two! xo

  • Posted by: p3charmed Master Fan // Thu, 10 March 2011 12:02pm

    Great tips and great article too, im just distracted by the gorgeous yummy sofia vergara… I love her and modern family :)

  • Posted by: loopylexy Master Fan // Thu, 10 March 2011 12:24pm

    Wow. Mega avocado craving. Thanks for the tips!!

  • Posted by: Gen // Thu, 10 March 2011 07:55pm

    Loving your blog Gwen, looking forward to part 2.

  • Posted by: Shaybear Devotee // Mon, 14 March 2011 11:33am

    Fabulous post! I love that avocado can make you look younger, but alas I’m allergic to it! :( Oh well, at least I have nuts. 😉

  • Posted by: chicklet Master Fan // Wed, 16 March 2011 12:14am

    Great tips. I find a high SPF broad spectrum sunscreen essential in the fight against aging.

  • Posted by: jusbruers Enthusiast // Tue, 22 March 2011 08:35pm

    I love this post! I think I’ll mosey off and do a mask after my primped time. And maybe eat an avocado. Yum!
    I, like most primpers, use sunscreen and have just gotten Clinque’s Repairwear serum to try out. I try to drink more water but I can sometimes struggle, same with the green tea, although I am trying!

  • Posted by: misslysie Master Fan // Mon, 9 May 2011 06:38pm

    Great article. I’m very passionate about sunscreen.

  • Posted by: sprinkles37 Master Fan // Wed, 20 July 2011 03:59pm

    i found having children aged me!! Its stressful with little sleep :/ but worth it!!

  • Posted by: lovetoplay Master Fan // Tue, 26 July 2011 10:29am

    I’m going to have an avocado for lunch! Thanks for this article – it’s fab!

    I don’t really have any ‘rituals’! But I I do believe in keeping active and keeping unworried about everything!

  • Posted by: bluebird Master Fan // Wed, 3 August 2011 12:31pm

    Thanks for the helpful article Gloria:)
    My rituals include sunscreen(everyday), aiming for enough sleep, lots of water, enough vegies and fruit.. and EFAs!!
    (love Avos!) For me these include walnuts and almonds and LSA- a mixture of ground linseed, almonds and sunflower seed-which I have on muesli or porridge for breakfast everyday.
    Managing stress is another must, although it can sometimes be difficult. Anti-aging creams and rosehip oil are other staples for my skin.

  • Posted by: bluebird Master Fan // Wed, 3 August 2011 12:32pm

    Apologies for the typo Gwen!!
    Looking forward to Part 2:)

  • Posted by: zoeeangelaa Master Fan // Wed, 31 August 2011 10:21pm

    Good tips.

  • Posted by: meedee Master Fan // Sun, 11 September 2011 02:13pm

    I honestly cant remember the last time gave myself a facemask. Although i have been to the spa for a couple of facials over the last couple of years. I so need to indulge myself more.

  • Posted by: snowbunny12345 Enthusiast // Thu, 6 October 2011 04:58pm

    Sleeping early is my secret weapon to ageing gracefully. I need my beauty sleep.

  • Posted by: Fashionista8P Master Fan // Wed, 12 October 2011 02:51pm

    thanks for the article… be happy :) i like that

  • Posted by: Monica Master Fan // Mon, 19 December 2011 11:41am

    I think as a general rule overall health and balance is the best way to look good at any age!

  • Posted by: lovefashionangel Master Fan // Wed, 21 March 2012 07:54pm

    Some many great celebrities only look better with age

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Fri, 2 August 2013 07:29pm

    I use face masks regularly and try to be happy. With the stresses of life it is hard to be happy all the time.
    Thanks for these great ageing gracefully tips.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Wed, 22 October 2014 06:03pm

    My anti ageing ritual is to slather my skin with moisturiser and anti oxidant serums


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