5 Products You Should Steal From Your Boyfriend

Fri, 19 August 2016 3:34PM


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I used to break up with my ex-boyfriend a lot, which meant this constant cycle of collecting all my stuff from his place in tears, then returning it to it’s “girlfriend shelf” once we got back together. Awkward, I know. One time, I didn’t even go in to get stuff – he brought it out to me. Because I was in ~max heartbreak mode~, I didn’t really think hard about what I had stashed there, but when we got back together again (breakup/makeup #583649) I noticed a really expensive body wash in his shower that mysteriously hadn’t made it into my returned things. Hmmm… 

The bottle was almost empty, when it was definitely full right before the breakup – because I remember him being all “that body wash is weird” (it was one of those creamy half-moisturiser types). Yeah, so weird that you decided to TAKE IT HOSTAGE, huh? 

How annoying is it when your boyfriend/hook up/guy housemate/the guy your housemate won’t stop seeing even though he’s a literal garbage person takes it upon themselves to raid your beauty cupboard? One week, your fresh new $100 cleanser is full, by Friday – half empty. You start noticing your signature scent lingering in rooms you haven’t been in… you take a nice anti-ageing serum to your guys place, only to find him extremely liberally slapping that stuff all over his (totally un-aged) skin like it was water. Uggghhhhhhh!

Well, it’s time for us to turn the tables. Ladies – start stealing his s***. Start with these bad boys…

Shaving balm


Nivea for Men Post Shave Balm, $

Look, if Kylie Jenner says it’s a makeup must-have, it’s a damn makeup must-have. She’s gone on record to say she uses shaving balm (specifically, Nivea’s Sensitive version) as a primer, because it’s calming, but also great for oily skinned gals due to it’s matte finish. Shaving balm in general can double as a moisturiser in a pinch – they’re all designed to be calming to irritated freshly-shaven skin.

Hair product

Goldwell-Men-Styling-Texture Cream-Paste

Goldwell DualSenses Men Styling Texture Cream Paste, $25.45

If there’s one thing guys do really, really right – it’s hair texture. They’ve been texturing up their strands for decades – let’s use that as an excuse to visit THIS delight of a 90’s hair trend:


Oh, Lance Bass. Via: Pinterest

The best hair products to go for are the matte waxes – a little rubbed over your palms and scrunched through mid-lengths and ends can add some real cool-girl mess, and it even works to hold braids and hair details in place – just run a little over the section before braiding to lock down fly-aways and add grit.

Hair brush


The Man Brush by Wet Brush Scalp Massager, $3.95

Guys often have these really aggressive hair brushes, because they don’t have to detangle or anything – and once you try one you’ll be hooked. They’re so scalp-massagey they give that same sensation those weird “Orgasmatron” metal forky toys do.


That name totally went over our heads as kids… Via: Orgasmatron.com.au

They’re not for every-day (also if you’re just casually “borrowing” it, remember that your hair is long and he WILL notice if you’re not super stealthy), but daaamn, do they feel good.


Comme Des Garcons Wonderwood, 50ml, $155

Now, we’re not talking his regular cologne. Too obvious, guys! But most dudes have multiple scents, many that they don’t use as often, and this is your game zone. As I’ve said before – I’m a sucker for unisex scents, and often men’s cologne wins me over.

Body wash

HANDSOME - Body Wash - Front

Handsome Men’s Skincare Body Wash, $29.95

Do you find yourself always reaching for the fruity/floral body washes at the supermarket? Give your boyfriend’s one a try – they’re often really zingy and fresh, and sometimes it’s a really nice change, especially as a wake-me-up fix in the morning.


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  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan // Tue, 23 August 2016 08:06pm

    My goodness I have not heard of an orgasmatron until today. What a weird looking tool. I could do with a scalp massager.

  • Posted by: canberra Master Fan // Sat, 27 August 2016 10:34pm

    Shaving balm I going to go looking for some right now.

  • Posted by: beccha77 Master Fan // Sun, 28 August 2016 11:47am

    Mens shavers seem to be a beauty winner they can get taken. They tend to remove hair and smooth the skin more.


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