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Us Aussies are a sensitive bunch. And by that I don’t mean we cry when we chip a nail. At least not usually. It turns out that almost one in five of us claim to suffer from dry, sensitive skin.

Luckily Physiogel is here to save the day (and your skin) with products specifically designed for dry, sensitive. The brand’s Daily Moisture Therapy Range is clinically tested by dermatologists, so you know it won’t cause your skin to flare up or break out, and it helps to nourish and repair your skin while respecting the integrity of your skin and working gently to provide long lasting hydration while protecting you from external irritants.

Physiogel’s Daily Moisture Therapy creams and lotions contain Physiogel’s unique BioMimic Technology that cleverly matches the protective lipid layer of your skin, helping it to repair itself and retain moisture.

“According to reports, dry, sensitive skin is a prevalent problem for many in Australia, yet there is reluctance amongst dry, skin sufferers to try new products,” says Physiogel spokesperson Montse Penasaid. “We believe this stems from a fear of flair up, and a lack of confidence that the products will deliver results. Physiogel is different. Our creams and lotions…deliver visibly healthier skin while being hypoallergenic and free from fragrances, preservatives and colours.”

Now let’s find out what our VIP-ers had to say about Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Cream, $15.99, from pharmacies…

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Here are some questions to start you off:

  1. What did you think of the product packaging?
  2. Did you like the texture of the product?
  3. How did the product feel on your skin?
  4. After using the product, did you notice your skin felt more hydrated and less sensitive?
  5. Did you notice the cream made your skin feel softer and more nourished?
  6. The product retails for $15.99. Do you think this is good value for money?
  7. Will you continue to use Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Cream?
  8. Would you be keen to try other products from the Physiogel range?
  9. Would you recommend Physiogel to your friends?

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: millym Newbie

    Perfect for sensitive skin, but I need more hydration
    Packaging was basic, amount clinical. I liked this because the focus was on the product, not the prettiness of the tube and box
    Texture was good, although I prefer a thicker formula.
    How did the product feel on your skin?
    My skin didn’t feel irritated when I used the product, but I felt it wasn’t hydrating enough for my eczema prone skin. While my skin felt soft initially, I felt that I needed to apply more regularly than my thicker products.
    If my skin was in pretty good condition (it its very dry and has a fair bit of eczema at the moment), I think that it would be a good value product to keep my skin in good condition
    I will continue to use it until finished. I have also used it on my son with no side effects. When finished, I might purchase other products in this line.
    I would recommend this to friends and family with mild dryness.

  • Posted by: tiicky Master Fan

    Good but not greatThe Packaging of this product is in a tube form, I prefer my moisturisers to come in pump bottles, slippery cands and tubes dont mix!

    The Texture is quite thick but absorbs quite easily into the skin. Although it absorbed into my skin it left me feeling a bit like I had a layer of Glad Wrap over me, it was quite a “barrier cream” feeling

    After using this product for only a day I notice my skin was so so so much more moisturised and softer.

    For the cost of the product (retails for $16) its good value.

    Despite its amazing effect on my skin I really didnt like the feeling it gave me, I dont think I’d use it again, Although I would be keen to try anything else physiogel has to offer, I think that this particular one was just a bit heavy.

    I would recommend this brand to friends who wanted fast and deep moisturisation

  • Posted by: daylight dancer Master Fan

    Fantastic Day Cream For Dry SkinFirstly, many thanks to Primped and Physiogel for placing me on the Trial Team for the Daily Moisture Therapy Cream.
    I suffer from dry/dehydrated skin that can be often sensitive. A slight change in a skincare routine or even a new product can set my skin off. Thankfully my skin has no issues at all with this Physiogel cream.
    The tube is a nice touch, I prefer the tube style packaging of the cream compared to, say, a jar. And it’s a large 150ml too which is awesome value for money.
    The cream itself is quite thick and free from any scents or fragrances. Being free from artificial fragrances will make this product more likely to be suitable for sufferers of super sensitive skin. Even though the cream is on the thicker side I still found it easy to use and absorb into my skin to leave a silk like feeling behind.
    After use my skin always felt highly hydrated and cared for. I feel that I could depend on this cream to cater to the needs of my dry skin too and prevent any kind of reaction or sensitivity taking place.
    Now because this product is thick, and even though it absorbs well, I am wondering how well it will work on the skin when the Summer weather is here. Could this thickness be too much? Only time will tell I guess but at the moment I find it to be a very suitable product for my skin.
    More onto my review- This cream definitely makes my skin feel soft and nourished. I actually really enjoy the feeling and look of my skin after use. And the level of hydration that my skin needs lasts the day through which is extremely important to me. This product proves that skincare can be simple and effective.
    So although I am really enjoying this cream each morning and am certainly likely to finish off the tube, it just didn’t excite me unfortunately. I have tried lots of other creams that are on the market that perform just as well. What makes this cream stand out above these other creams is its price, size and affordability.
    I am still likely to recommend to a friend how suffers from sensitive/ dry skin.

  • Posted by: JadeRose Master Fan

    Works a treat!My first impression of the outer packaging was that it looked quite clinical – almost like medicine. My partner saw the box and asked what was wrong with me, think he thought it was a gel for sports injuries! Usually I would go for a more modern, bright and stylish packaging myself to be honest but the product worked great and that’s the main thing I guess. Quite like the tube packaging, little bit messy but much easier to use than a tub or jar.

    The texture of the product was quite good, not too runny and was easy to apply. It felt soothing and refreshing upon application. Though I found that it didn’t absorb very well and left an unpleasant sticky feeling the first time I used it. But I may have used too much product, so reduced the amount I was using and it wasn’t too bad really.

    It really helped with keeping my skin feeling soft, hydrated and flake-free. Also was great at reducing the tightness and irritation that I get, especially around my forehead and eyebrow area.

    I think the price is definitely good value, it’s a generous sized tube and also less is more when it comes to applying the product. I’ll be happily continuing to use Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy and look forward to trying other products by this brand.

    Overall I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with dry or sensitive skin. It has really made a positive difference and improvements to my skin. Thank-you Primped and Physiogel for the opportunity to trial and review this great product.

  • Posted by: Jensta Master Fan

    Great moisturisation.I was unsure of where I was supposed to be using this product, but found out online that it can be used on the face and body.]
    The product comes in a handy tube with a flip top lid. I found it very easy to disperse the product and not waste any.
    I started out by using it on my arms and hands and found that it was so good at hydrating my skin that I also started to use it on my face at night.
    I love the fact that there is no smell, and also that it just soaks into the skin and really feels like it locks in the moisture.
    Both my arms, hands and face really loved this product, as it kept them soft and hydrated.
    I also love that this has no nasties whatsoever in it.
    I think this is great value for money and I would love to try other products in the range.

  • Posted by: Michelle-1320649049 Supporter

    PhysiogelThe packaging is boring and clinical for a moisturiser it looks more like a medical cream. The texture is thick and I found I didn’t need a lot of product as it spreads easily. It felt good on my skin, no stinging or irritation that I get with a lot of products, my skin felt soft, smooth and hydrated. I think that it is well priced and would suit most budgets. I am happily continuing using Physiogel, I like that it has no scent and is kind to my sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend to my family and friends and would love to try more of the products in this range.

  • Posted by: grahamm Enthusiast

    Physiogel Daily Moisture TherapyPackaging was modern and factive.
    The texture was a bit too thick for me.
    The product felt good on my skin.
    My skin felt more moisturised after using it.
    My skin felt softer after using the cream.
    It’s good value for money as you don’t need to use much.
    I will keep using.
    Yes, bring them on.
    Yes, I would recommend Physiogel to my friends.

  • Posted by: natzerat Enthusiast

    Skin feels super soft!The packaging is very basic, no frills, clinical. I like the plastic tube. I loved the texture of this cream. I found it to be really light and absorbed quickly.

    My skin definitely felt more hydrated after using this product and was much less prone to redness. My skin is noticeably softer and I’m now just using this as a night cream and also as a hand cream.

    At $15.99 it is excellent value for money for a moisturiser. There are no anti-aging properties but I use a day cream and serum for that.

    I will continue to use this product and would love to try more from this range. Highly recommend.

  • Posted by: Lauren-1339916162 Master Fan

    Does what it promises
    Thank you so much to Primped and Physiogel for the opportunity to try this product.
    My skin is dry and sensitive and seems to get worse through winter and at the change of season. It can be a bit temperamental when trying new products but I had no issues with this at all.
    The cream is in a tube which comes in a box. The packaging on both is the same plain white with a blue and black/ grey design and writing. Very plain and understated.
    At first I wasn’t exactly sure where to use the product. The instructions say to apply twice daily or more as needed. It doesn’t say where to apply though. After contacting the company I found that it was suitable for both the face and body.
    The creams quite thick and a little goes a long way. At first I thought it was going to leave my skin greasy as it took a while to absorb in. After massaging into my skin though it only took a short amount of time for it to,feel normal, smooth and look glowing. The cream is unfragranced and has a plain moisturiser smell to it.
    My skin tends to look a little crepey on my cheeks and feels a bit itchy. I applied the cream after my regular skincare routine. I cleanse, tone, apply serum and the the Physiogel followed by sunscreen in the morning. I used it in the morning and night and every now and then would add a little through the day for some extra moisturiisation.
    My face definitely appeared more hydrated and I had less trouble with sensitivity and itchiness. I found that if I didn’t use it or skipped my routine it made a huge difference. My skin returned to pre use condition and looked dull. I also get sensitive skin on my legs after shaving no matter what I do. I tried a little cream and they responded nicely. There was no itchy or excessive appearance of drying. It worked just as well on my body as it did my face.
    The product comes in a very decent sized tube and is great value for money. This is something that I will continue to use in my skincare routine. I will also be continuing to use asa general moisturiser for my body as well.
    I would be interested to try more products in the range if they work anywhere near as well as this one does.
    I would definitely recommend it to friends and family.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan

    trial tramThank you Primped and Physiogel for giving me opportunity to trial this product.
    The texture of the product is a bit thick, but absorbs well. After applying this cream my skin felt soft smooth and hydrated.
    At $15.99 this is a great value for money and i will definitely continue to use it and recommend it to all my friends and family.

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan

    trial teamThank you Primped and Physiogel for giving me opportunity to trial this product.
    The packaging of this product is really basic, it comes in a tube with a flip top lid.

    I have an oily skin type and when using this on my face it felt heavy and did not absorb well. However, i tried using it as a body moisturiser and it works wonders! The texture of the product is a bit thick, but it absorbs well on my body.
    After applying this cream my skin felt moisturised, soft smooth and hydrated.

    At $15.99 this is a great value for money. I would definitely recommend to my family and friends and would love to try more of the products in this range.

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