Lancôme Génifique Youth Activator & Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%]

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Serums are skincare’s speedway to best results; these silky-smooth, yet high-tech formulations are super-effective at absorbing into skin, and getting down into the deeper dermal layers where they can have the best impact and effect. Because the latest state-of-the-art serums are so skin-receptive, they can easily be layered in order to address a number of concerns. And one of the best double-acts around: Lancôme’s Génifique Youth Activator & Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%].

First up, Génifique. As we age, our gene activity slows down, and it takes longer for the skin to visibly repair itself … that’s where this serum comes into the pretty picture. During ten years of research, a clever team of lab coats tracked down the specific protein characteristics that keep skin looking youthful. The result: a serum designed to trigger the same activities in ageing skin, helping to keep it looking smoother, softer and more even.

Now, onto Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%]. This one ticks all the good-skin boxes, tackling skin tone, texture, pores and fine lines. This weightless corrector is ideal for layering over Lancôme Genifique Youth Activator, and before your day or night cream; use it all over or just on problem areas, such as enlarged pores or unevenly pigmented patches. Also genius: it’s so gentle you can also use it on the delicate eye area.

Oh, and did we mention that these two wonders perfectly prep the skin for flawless makeup application? Seriously, is there nothing they can’t do?

Time to turn over to you, Primpettes …


What do you think of these serums?

Did you like the feel of the products? 

Did you notice an improvement in the texture of your skin?

Did you notice an improvement in skin tone? 

What about fine lines and pores?

Would you recommend these products to your pals?

Would you use these serums again?

Are they worth the coin ($115 each)?


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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: Victoria-1302564382 Master Fan

    Thanks Primped for giving me this opportunity to try these serums! I like both serums! Very light texture, suitable for under eye area (Visionnaire only), my skin felt fresh, smooth and nice after applying those serums. I love the smell of Visionnaire so much! I didnt noticed any significant changes related with fine lines and pores but I think these serums definitely do something to my skin which will be beneficial in the future when I get older. I definitely recommend these products but I am not sure whether they worth $115 or not. Probably yes!!

  • Posted by: meedee Master Fan

    The moment I opened the package containing these two serums I was excited. The packaging screams quality.
    The Genifique bottle has a screw top lid that once you open it you discover is a dropper which is fantastic as your fingers never have to touch the remaining product within the bottle. The serum itself is a creamy white liquid and a little goes a long way so the 30ml bottle that i have would very much last a long time.
    The Visionnaire is in a lovely teal coloured bottle with a pop on lid and the product is dispensed via a pump which i liked as again you do not touch the remaining product and i found that one pump issued enough to cover my face with another one for my neck. Some of these pumps can be very annoying and issue way too much product but not with this one…it was perfect. The product itself is a white coloured serum with a light scent that was pleasing to the nose.
    On day one with my very first application of these serums…using the Genifique first and then the visionnaire and applying a little of the Visionnaire around my eye area I loved how it made my skin feel. As each day went on and i was applying these products morning and night i very quickly noticed an improvement in my skin. Firstly it was just a general “my skin looks better” without being able to really say why but i am now noticing that my skin tone is more even and im not so red in the face as i do tend to suffer a lot with rosacea. I have very sensitive skin but to my delight i suffered no problems at all using these products. Fine lines that i had around my eye and lip area are very much smoothed out and hardly visable. I do feel that with ongoing use they will totally vanish. Enlarged pores around my nose area are slowly vanishing.
    I would certainly recommend these products and they are products that i very much will not want to be without. I am very excited to see how my skin is looking in another month.
    $115 certainly sounds very expensive and it is and i really am not known as someone thats happy to splash money around but honestly im in love with these products. I find that a bottle would certainly last for quite sometime and for me these products do work. Im telling myself that its better to spend money on things that i know will work then to spend money on a product that just makes me feel as if im trying to help my skin.
    I WILL repurchase…im now a convert and im addicted.

  • Posted by: anikko Newbie

    I’d have to say, I am always skeptical about products that clai to do everything. I had the fortune of having PRIMPED send me full sized versions of this product as well as being introduced to it instore by a Lancome counter manager.

    The bottles and packaging are beautiful – this is typical of Lancome. I have to say, the dropper is not as functional as it could be.

    I personally didn’t notice much of a difference to my skin, but perhaps I am my harshest critique as people were saying it was if I was sleeping more/well rested. Now that is an improvement I like to hear.

    I found it good to use on its own (although not recommended) and as a compliment to my existing regime.

    I would recommend this to my friends and use it again, in fact I first heard about it through a friend who’s mother is a convert. However, it is suitable for all ages, not only those in their golden years.

    You don’t need to use much and it is fast/easy absorbing so I feel the $115 you spend will last a while. Moreover, some Lancome counters have an introductory offer.

  • Posted by: danigirl Enthusiast

    First of all a big thank you to Primped for allowing me to trial these products! I would just like to start off by giving a quick description of my skin type: I’m 23 and am starting to get fine lines under my eyes. I have acne (not the sore looking whiteheady type, but the bumps under the skin type that never seem to go away and I always have raised pimples spread randomly on my face), I also have mild rosacea, pigmentation from baking myself to a crisp in my teenage years and my skin can be quite sensitive.

    The packaging is gorgeous, it’s typical Lancome. The only thing I would criticise is that when I first tried to open up the Genefique bottle I had no idea how to do it. I eventually figured out it was a twist-top dropper but then when I tried to pump it to fill up the dropper it was a bit annoying as the pump isn’t as effective as it should be. The serums spread very easily so you don’t have to use much and I found that the pumps for both bottles offered the perfect amounts every time. The Youth Activator serum had a fragrant smell to it, which I didn’t like as fragrances usually irritate my skin, but this one didn’t.

    I was a bit skeptical about a product claiming to do everything as I have never really come across a product that made a noticeable difference to my skin. I’ve only been using this product for a week and a half and I am already noticing some pretty damn good differences! Although at first my skin broke out in pussy pimples the first few days they are now all gone and I think my pores may have shrunk as well. I definitely have less blackheads around my nose/cheeks area and my skin is noticeably smoother. I can’t wait to see what my skin looks like in another couple of weeks! I didn’t try the serums around my eye area but reading these other reviews it looks like it is something I will definitely have to try.

    I would definitely use these serums again. The price tag is a bit hefty as it comes to $230 for the two of them, so I would be a bit hesitant to purchase them only in that regard as I’m a uni student, but you don’t use much of the product so it should last a while. I am definitely going to budget better so that when these serums eventually do run out I will be able to purchase them!

  • Posted by: fifib Newbie

    Hi, I would love to say these products are worth the big $ asked for them, but I find myself really not able to.
    The texture of both was lovely, especially the Visionnaire.
    The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, very classy and elegant.
    But I struggled to find any direction as to how much exactly to use – 1 drop? 1 pump etc.
    The first week my skin was quite dry, I suppose the skin repairing itself, and now in the second week, its smoother, but I can’t notice enormous difference to fine lines etc.
    Having said that one of my friends commented today, on how nice my skin was looking!!!!
    I would recommend them but I don’t think I would go out myself and buy them.

  • Posted by: Kveeg Enthusiast

    The packaging for these two little beauties are fantastic, cute, colourful and easy to use. Genifique has a dropper with a squeezy top while Visionnaire has some pumpy action going on. Both products smell great too (although I thought Visionnaire smelt a little like superglue) which is a bonus as there is some pretty powerful stuff underneath the pretty packaging and sweet scents.

    I used the products religiously morning and evening after washing and toning my skin. Genifique goes first then followed by Visionnaire and your preferred day or night cream.
    I noticed results almost immediately, my skin was smoother and more moisturized than normal and after a couple of days I was getting some serious compliments on my plump and glowy skin. I did notice a slight decrease in the fine lines around my eyes and forehead but nothing amazing or mind blowing. I did not notice any difference in regards to the size of my pores or to pigmentation – I only have a few small patches and they don’t seem to be any lighter.

    The only problem I could find with this product is that a few of the times I used the products there was some stinging and redness, granted it was after an intense exercise session and hot shower but I would be careful if you are the sensitive type.
    In terms of price I think Lancome are pretty spot on $115 each is fairly pricey particularly if you’re buying both, which is suggested but when compared to other products on the market they aren’t too bad.

  • Posted by: Fashionista8P Master Fan

    What fantastic elegant serums! Just look at the bottle.
    Lancome has never been a brand I can afford so I was thrilled that I had the opportunity to test both these serums for Primped. Thanks heaps!
    From the first application I was taken in with the soft, silky formula and really was pleased with the smell, the application and the feeling (before and after).
    I used both these serums morning and night (with the exception of a few times I missed one or the other :/) .. so you wash your face then use the genifique first then the visonnaire then your normal moisturiser.

    The application is very clean and hygenic so I was super pleased with that and the feeling of both serums is soft and silky, it applys on really well to the skin and soaks easily into the face and neck.

    As for the results, I am in my early 20s so I dont have that many wrinkles or such to see any major results and as its only been 2 weeks I think the difference is a little more subtle. My skin has become more softer and smoother and my skin tone has evened out.

    I have loved trying these products but I am not sure it is worth the hefty price tag.

    If you can get a trial or a test then I would recommend it.

  • Posted by: ProductJunkie2010 Devotee

    Once upon a time I thought serums were for people over 45, I always thought serums were made out of oils you would find in your kitchen cupboard – greasy, thick and sticky.

    I won’t lie, when I received the email informing me that I was one of the lucky one who was going to review Lancôme’s super serums, I was excited because I knew ordinarily I’d could never afford to buy these products, but I was a little nervous as well. Hitting 30 last year, I still find myself with temperamental hormonal skin. I’m pretty sure that was meant to disappear in my twenties, or is that just what they show in the movies? I follow a low fuss, basic skincare routine which, if I stick too, keeps breakouts to a minimum. Serums scare me, I think oil and grease. I was sceptical to say the least.

    There’s no denying Lancôme Génifique Youth Activator and Visionnaire are luxurious. The 30ml bottle of Génifique and Visionnaire retails for $115 each so they are definitely an investment. My boyfriend often calls me a Starling (a breed of birds that are attracted to shiny objects) and I ADORE the packaging and bottles. Both bottles are made of glass and are of a decent weight, so there’s no risk of knocking them over on the shelf. The Génifique has a dropper applicator and the Visionnaire is a pump. This is a huge plus as it reduces any unnecessary wastage of the product and it eliminates dirty fingers getting into the bottle and contaminating the serums. I do have one criticism with the packaging – nowhere on the either of the boxes or the bottles does it tell you how much to dispense or how to apply. Trust me, I triple checked. This baffles me – am I expected to know how to use it and how much? I ended up having to Google and YouTube the instructions. I was later informed that this is done on purpose, as when you buy the serums the Lancôme representative will show you how to use them. This seems silly to me, I’m all for an experience, but what happens if you physically can’t get to a counter? If you rely on internet shopping? Like me you have to resort to a trusty internet search.

    As instructed, I followed the skincare routine which was suggested in the introduction letter. 1. Cleanse, 2. Tone, 3. Génifique Youth Activator, 4. Génifique Visionnaire 5. Day Cream/ Night Cream (Use day cream in the morning and night cream at night) and 6. Eye Cream.

    The serums themselves are quite different. The Génifique Youth Activator has a milky, runnier consistency with no fragrance. After some research application is done by putting two drops of serum into your palms, rubbing your hands together and then patting the serum onto your face. A little goes a long way, two drops is more than enough. After an initial stickiness, the serum absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling like velvet. Honestly as smooth as a baby’s bottom. My skin looked instantly more matt with no sign of oiliness, and it looked clearer than when I cleanse my makeup off in the evening. The Visionnaire is a thicker consistency and looks pearly. I applied it like my normal moisturiser, rubbing it into my skin instead of patting it. Unlike the Génifique, Visionnaire has a lovely fresh fragrance which is soft and not overwhelming. Together these serums make your skin look and feel incredible. Whilst I have experienced a few bumps whilst using it, they have been no way as aggravated as a ‘breakout’ or caused as much redness. In fact I’ve found they only last a day or so before they disappear. The overall texture of my skin has noticeably improved, I look ‘fresher’ and I am coming out in red patches far less often. Crow’s feet around my eyes and mouth have reduced, as have my pores. I never had large pores to begin with but I have noticed them reduce in size around my nose. I honestly believe if I continued to use the two serums they would make any wrinkles stay at bay a lot longer. I’ve also stopped using my makeup primer as the two serums used in the morning create a flawless canvas, my makeup just glides on and has all day staying power.

    I am delighted with how my skin is looking. The serums may be expensive but can you really put a price on something that makes you feel great? The amount of money I have spent on other products that have not produced any results is astounding, so I am all for investing in a product if it works for you. Whilst I highly recommend both serums, I advise anyone who is interested in them to try and get samples of them first, it’s important to test them out on your skin and see how they work for you. Before I tried these serums I would have never considered buying them, but as I am getting such great results I will definitely re-purchase.

    Thanks Primped and L’Oreal for the wonderful opportunity to test out and report on Lancôme’s super serums – super they indeed are!

  • Posted by: melany Master Fan

    Having trialed both the Genifique Youth Activator and Visionnaire serums, I can definitely say that these serums rose above and beyond my expectations. When used in conjunction with one another, you maximise the ability for the serums to do their job right and combat skin problems like enlarged pores, particularly around the nose area, which was a prominent skin issue for me (but not so much any more!). I definitely love the two products.

    The texture of the serums was very smooth and I did enjoy the feel of products. I noticed a great improvement in the texture of my skin as I can say that it now much smoother and feels much firmer. As uneven skin tone was another primary skin issue for me, I noticed that combining the two serums and incorporating them within my daily skincare routine dramatically improved my skin tone. Large pores on my nose and around my nose and chin areas were minimised and I believe with continued use of the two products, my pores will continue to reduce in appearance.

    I will most likely recommend these products to my friends because of the great quality of the products. I will continue to use the two serums and re-purchase them, despite both serums being a bit pricey compared to other serums on the market that claim to target similar skin problems as the Lancome serums. The $115 price tag on each product is a fantastic investment for improved skin as you definitely reap the benefits.

  • Posted by: Julia-1300919982 Supporter

    A huge fan of Genifique, I was interested in the results when combined with Visionnaire. Thanks, Primped, for giving me the opportunity to review these wonderful products.

    After 2 weeks of use, both morning and night, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in pore size and my skin feels smoother, more supple than ever before. Some discoloration on my cheeks is even fading. Plus, I find the combination of serums + day/night cream hydrates my skin 24/7, which is fantastic.

    The packaging is beautiful, the dropper for Genifique and pump dispenser for Visionnaire ensure you don’t accidently use too much. I imagine the bottles will last a while as you need only apply a small dollop of serum, so don’t be discouraged by their tiny appearance – it’s definitely a few months of product.

    The serums glide on with ease, drying quickly so you don’t end up with shinny skin. Both have a friendly smell and are a real pleasure to add to your skincare routine. I’m hooked and will continue to use both serums as part of my daily routine. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.

  • Posted by: lpilz Enthusiast

    These little beauties are super serums! I have relatively young skin, but am a huge advocate for jumping on the anti ageing bandwagon- the earlier the better. As they say, prevention is better then a cure.

    Both bottles look great, are shaped beautiful and look professional and expensive- great, when you pay a steep price tag.

    The texture genefique has a dropper which is great so you aren’t polluting the serum/ cream as you would in a container. The serum is quite slimy, and the push button is a little difficult, probably the only downfall.

    Visionnaire has a great scent, that is actually quite soothing. The texture is smooth and leaves my skin super soft.The only downfall I would say is that the lid is hard to get off the bottle.!!

    After 2 weeks of using these two together, I have noticed a difference. You use Genifique first then Visionnaire followed by a day or night cream. I noticed an increased smoothness in the texture of my skin and my overall appearance was more even texture and clearer. I got a few comments that my skin was looking good which is a great confidence booster. In terms of pores, i actually noticed an increase in blackheads but a small reduction in pore size. Overall, having a cleaner and more even complexion was a huge bonus, and I will continue to use in hope that there are more improvements in the future.

    I personally can’t afford to pay the $115 price tag for them because I am still a student and thus, can’t afford that. But, in the future, when i get a better paid job, i would definitely purchase both as investments into the longevity of my skin- but only use once a day.

    I recommend these products to anyone and I know that I will start saving to use them in the future. I definitely will be reviewing these babies for my blog as well as I am pleased with them and want to spread the love, so keep an eye out at :) Xx

  • Posted by: loopylexy Master Fan

    As a 21 year old, unemployed uni student my reaction to receiving $115 serums (and two at that) was something along the lines of – squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! If I’m honest, I don’t use a serum at the moment (besides the occasional use of rose hip oil, if that counts) and if I did it would cost a max of $20. So straight off I was completely in awe of my skin receiving a luxurious treatment so far from the price range it is used to!

    I have oily skin, particularly on my t-zone. I also have hormonal acne along my jaw line which has left unsightly little purple marks which take ages and ages to fade. I’m pretty good on the wrinkle front- my main concern is a particularly stubborn wrinkle that goes horizontally across my forehead. It does. Not. Budge.

    Now onto the products (and I apologise for that excessive introduction).

    First off, the packaging. Both of the products are, frankly, stunning. The Lancome Genifique Youth Activator is incredible classy looking even in its cardboard box, black with a silver rose. The bottle is very interesting, the main body is predominantly black but gradients off to white at the bottom. It has a silver “lid”, which I was bewildered as to how to open. After pressing the button on the top a number of times, I realised I was meant to unscrew it, and the button in facts controls the dropper mechanism used to dispense the product. Upon use I discovered that about 1-2 drops is enough to cover the whole face (possible one, but the dropper isn’t as effective as it could be). Inside is a clear, milky white liquid which is fast absorbed by the skin. The smell is pretty much unnoticeable.

    One thing I would like to point out was actually noticed by my (graphic designer) boyfriend- the LANCOME at the top of the bottle is on a slant. It is fairly obvious (at least on my bottle) that the L is lower from the top than the E is. Obviously, this isn’t a huge problem as it doesn’t have any effect on the product but considering the fact that this is costing $115 it’s a bit of a letdown in the area of classiness.

    The Lancome Visionnaire Anvanced Skin Corrector impressed me less with its cardboard packaging, being silver with a gold rose. The actual container was beautiful though- classy, innovative in dark aqua glass. It is very easy to use with a simple pump mechanism- one light pump is enough to cover the face. The product is white, and quite fragrant. The fragrance bothered me at first but has become something I like. The product is quickly absorbed.

    One pet hate that I noticed with both products as that they each came with a little information type paper (like those that often come in medication boxes). There is information written on it in 13 languages and the actual information is useless, mostly just advertising about how smooth and soft and even your skin would end up being. Seeing as I’ve already got the product, this seems a bit redundant. But what bothered me the most is that the paper filled out the box so much that the box “bludges” and ends up with creases in it. It doesn’t look impressive.

    As much as I wish I could report a miraculous change in my skin texture and tone, I’m sadly unable to. I don’t believe my fine lines have altered at all, however it is possible my pore size has reduced somewhat. My skin appears to be a bit “smoother” in texture, particularly on my forehead, my mother noted that it looked like I was “wearing foundation all the time”, which, I suppose, is excellent. I can’t really point a finger here but one thing I noticed upon commencing the serums is that I developed a few pimples on my cheeks. This surprised me because, as I mentioned earlier, my acne is generally located around my jawline. I’m not sure if this could be because of medication or stress or any other factor, but it is possible that it was caused by the serums.

    In conclusion, I’m not 100% sure the serums have had a big effect on my skin. While it does seem somewhat better at the moment, this could be due to a number of factors and I’d have to use the serums for a few months to decide conclusively that the serums are the reason for improvement. At this stage, $115 each seems a bit excessive for minute changes. I probably wouldn’t use them again, or recommend them (at this stage). Another thing that bothers me a little is the fact that two new products were introduced simultaneously. Do they need to be used together? Perhaps one is making a different whilst the other is not? I think trailing them separately would be beneficial (and possible save you $115 is you chose to repurchase just one).

    Thank you for the opportunity to test these products, and I’m sorry I couldn’t give a more sparkling review.

  • Posted by: ploppy72 Newbie

    Special thanks for the opportunity to trial Lancôme’s Génifique Youth Activator & Visionnaire [LR 2412 4%] serum. A most generous gift. I must say the product packaging was the strong point for mine. Both bottles were particularly visually pleasing and demanded attention. Light strikes them beautifully and I’d be inclined to leave them on my dressing table once empty. Unfortunately, I was far from impressed by the products themselves. I wanted to love them but my skin has pimpled badly – and in areas that are not prone to breakouts. I enjoyed the texture and super subtle fragrance of both proucts and applied sparingly they felt light on my skin. I’ve noticed minimal improvement in tone and texture, if any anything freckles have lightened slightly. Based purely on my experience I’d not be an advocate for these products, nor would I use them again. I think the obvious price premium is unjustified and that the Vitamin A and C and Even Skintone serums available from companies like Ultraceuticals are far more effective. I’ll take effectiveness over pretty packaging every time. I found myself counting the days until I could return to my normal skincare routine. That said, thank you for the opportunity. I’m pleased it achieved fabulous results for others.

  • Posted by: Noir1 Supporter

    The Serums arrived at my doorstep courtesy of PRIMPED and packaged in the Lancome style foiled boxes – quality. The bottles themselves are attractive and definately reflect Lancomes known reputation of style and elegance. They sat nicely on my cosmetics shelf – the centre piece.
    Being a mother of two, i have little time for a complicated skin routine and usually suffer from tiredness and dryness in areas of my face and a slightly oily T-zone. I have sensitive skin, which mean i am very picky and complain of redness around the cheek area.
    1) The serums were easy to apply. Two drop of the Glenifique and two squirts of Vissionaire were enough to apply to my face and neck. Quick drying, so i didn’t waste any time to move to the next step.
    2) They were both easy to apply. Glenifique instantly made my face tighten up, so the application of Vissionaire brought some instant relief and moisture into my skin.
    3) The redness in my face has reduced.. noticable. In fact i have received compliments, especially that i look “well rested” which is great (only i wish i DID get enought sleep!)
    4)I don’t have a tone problem, but it certainly illuminated my tone, my skin kept fresh looking throughout the day and maintained moisture. With a moisturiser only routine, i find it wears off.
    5)I haven’t noticed much difference in fine lines, but an confident with further use, i will. The pores around my nose seem less noticeable and problematic.
    6)I would definately recommend this product. It is kind to sensitive skin and offers a efficient care routine for time poor ladies who need some help to maintain youthful skin.
    7) I have totally fallen for these products, and can’t imagine life without them now. I notice a HUGE difference when i don’t use them, so the proof is there.
    8) $115 is worth it. For a quality product that works, i would spend the money. Knowing that this works encourages me to spend more on a full Lancome range of facial skincare. It is certainly NOT money wasted.

    Thank you PRIMPED and LANCOME!

  • Posted by: jordannabondi Newbie

    I absolutely loved both of these serums. At first I was a little sceptical but within days i started noticing a difference. They felt gorgeous, and instantly made my skin feel satiny and smooth. The texture of my skin improved, the tone and patchiness of my skin improved and I swear even fine lines have started to diminish within 2 weeks of using it.
    I love the packaging of both serums, but the scent of the visionairre was a little bit too floral for me. I also found that if I put the visionairre too close to my eyes they would be really itchy all day.
    $115 is a lot of money to spend on serums and I usually wouldnt pay that much for my skincare but when these bottles run out i know I definitely will be tempted to fork out the cash.
    If you do have the funds I highly recommend both of these products for a young radiant fresh looking complexion.

  • Posted by: Elmo Enthusiast

    Thanks so much to Primped for sending me these to review! I admit I was a little sceptical at first – I generally avoid using any face products with fragrance due to my sensitive, tempermental skin. However these both said suitable for sensitive skin, so I tentatively gave it a whirl. The packaging is gorgeous and luxe, as one would expect from Lancome, and I liked the user friendly dropper bottle that the Genefique came in, whilst also liking the Visionnaire pump dispenser. Both allow you to carefully dispense what you require without contaminating the rest of the product (unlike a jar for example). They are both lightly fragranced, but neither fragrance is unpleasant or too strong. Both products are a creamy serum/liquid, and I found they both penetrated the skin quickly and easily. I think these are the type of products which long term usage will show more results – however whilst using these products my sensitive skin is calm, rested, and looking slightly more even. They definitely leave my skin feeling smooth and soft, so whilst these are both pricey products, the results I’ve had from just a few weeks of usage, plus the fact that a little goes a long way, I think if you have the money to invest in your skincare routine – these are definitely products you want to look at! Interestingly enough, these seem to be suited to a wide age range, so it’s something that many of you could be using! I only knocked off one star as they are expensive to buy, and although it didn’t seem to bother my skin, I would prefer they were unscented as I just don’t think it’s necessary to have scented facial products (but that’s just me being picky!).

  • Posted by: Lucy-1326971533 Newbie

    Thankyou so much for letting me trial this! The packaging itself is so beautiful and clean, I was so excited when I received them! I have never used a serum before as I am only 21 so this was a first. They both smell absolutely incredible! So nice when you put it on and you can smell it. I really liked the feel of the products, they sank in straight away, did not feel heavy or greasy and layered really well under make-up. I have noticed little improvement, but i think that is mostly due to the fact that i dont have many fine lines or wrinkles. There is lines under my eyes though and they seemed to have improved somewhat. The pores though have not shrunk at all though. But i think if i keep using if for longer i will see more improvement. I think it did notice an improvement in the texture of my skin, its very nice and smooth. My skin tone has also improved. It is a bit clearer with less pigmentation. These are all minimal improvements but after only 2 weeks i think its pretty great. I would definitely use these products again, but maybe when i am a bit older, i am to poor to be spending money of serums when my skin is still pretty good. Would definitely recommend it to friends and family that are a bit older though.

  • Posted by: FashionGuru Master Fan

    really good

  • Posted by: FashionGuru Master Fan

    mum uses this, she thinks it works wonders.

  • Posted by: Lillian-1300839978 Enthusiast

    I liked the texture of this product, and definitely saw an improvement in my skin. It was lightweight and quickly absorbed.
    Although the packing looks nice and expensive, it was a bitch to use that dropper. A squeezy tube of some sort may not look as prestige but would be way easier to use

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan

    Have been using the Lancome Visionnaire after application of the Lancome Genifique and totally astounded with the results!
    First just adore the beautiful blue shade of the bottle and the styling of it. Love that it is a pump pack and also that the pump delivers small amounts at a time. I require 2 pumps to cover my entire face. I first apply the Lancome Genifique wait for a minute for it to be absorbed and then apply the Lancome Visionnaire. Its a milky white liquid cream which absorbs easily into my skin and spreads easily over my face. It is safe enough to use on the delicate eye area so I start with applying it around my eyes and then blend it in over the rest of my face. My skin instantly feels smoother, softer, hydrated and supple. I wait for a few minutes for it to dry and then apply my moisturizer and the rest of my makeup. My makeup stayed on fine without any problems.
    Had no problems with my skin, no redness no irritations or break outs at all! Within a week I immediately noticed a difference in my overall skin tone! Was delighted to see the pores on my nose reduced as well as the fine wrinkles below my eyes and forehead. My skin actually seems to glow! The acne scars on my face were not lightened much and hope that they will fade with regular use.
    Has a beautiful light fragrance which fades after awhile. One of the only skin care products that actually made a visible difference to my skin apart from moisturizing. Totally impressed!

  • Posted by: Candice-1299035592 Enthusiast

    I have never really used a serum as part of my everyday skincare routine before. I mean I’d tried a few here and there, but never bothered giving one a good go and chance to prove itself to me. Since using this particular one for quite a few weeks now I must say I am hooked and don’t know why I haven’t bothered to take the extra 10 seconds each day to do this!

    The bottle itself it nice and a little fancy looking amongst my other not so exciting everyday products! The little pump that fills the inside little tube with product is a different and fun new way for me to use the product and I like it! It’s so easy and you don’t need much at all.

    It absorbed quickly into my skin and didn’t leave it feeling greasy or dry, but ready for moisturising! Over a few weeks I clearly noticed my skin to be much firmer, less saggy & tired looking as well as it seemed to be clearer and my pores a little tighter. Overall my skin just looks more alive! Since I am a busy pregnant SAHM I am often feeling run down and it shows on my skin, but this has definitely helped!

    As much as I loved this product it is very expensive so instead of repurchasing I would ask for it my by birthday or Christmas. :)

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