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We Aussie ladies are busy, active bunch. We love lapping up the summer sunshine and frolicking about in the great outdoors, but the downside of our active lifestyles is increased exposure to the #1 cause of skin ageing – the environment.

But there’s no need to retreat from the world and stop living the life you love; you just need to ensure you protect your skin against environmental damage and free radicals with a hard-working anti-ageing skincare regimen.

Enter Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage range.

With over 100 years of expertise, this trusted brand has always been at the forefront of technological advancements in skincare and have developed an extremely powerful antioxidant complex that helps fight the signs of ageing by protecting your cells from oxidative stress and reducing UV damage.


Here’s the low down on the range:

Prevage Anti-Ageing + Intensive Repair Daily Serum, $250, is the pièce de résistance of the Prevage range, and protects against free radicals and reduces the signs of ageing caused by chronic inflammation. It’s so effective you’ll start seeing a plumping and lifting effect in just 15 minutes!


Prevage Anti-Ageing Overnight Cream, $175, uses potent idebenone that works during the night in synch with your skin’s sleep cycle to boost your skin’s natural moisture and repair capabilities and helps fight the visible effects of environmental damage.


Prevage Moisture Cream with SPF, $170, provides powerful environmental protection while broad spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreens help shield skin from the sun’s damaging rays, helping to diminish the appearance of sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration.


Prevage Anti-Ageing & Intensive Repair Eye Serum, $145, helps counteract the appearance of ageing around the eyes from from crepey lids and crow’s feet to dark circles and fine lines.


Prevage Clinical Lash & Brow Serum, $99, helps you achieve fuller, lusher brows and lashes in just two weeks courtesy of Arden’s exclusive triple peptide complex that supports lash’s natural renewal cycle.


Prevage Anti-Ageing Treatment Boosting Cleanser, $59, dissolves away impurities, makeup and surface pollution as it refines skin with gentle bamboo microbeads and enzymatic exfoliators.


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  1. What did you think of the product packaging?
  2. Did you like the texture of each of the products?
  3. How did each product feel on your skin?
  4. After using the products, did you notice an improvement in the appearance of freckles, dark spots and pigmentation?
  5. Did your skin have a more youthful appearance after using the products?
  6. Which was you favourite product from the Prevage range, and why?
  7. The products retail from $59 - $250. Do you think this is value for money?
  8. Will you continue to use the Prevage range?
  9. Would you consider purchasing these products?
  10. Would you recommend the Prevage range to your friends?

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: Linda@primped Newbie

    love love love!As a newcomer to Elizabeth Arden products I was super impressed with all the products in the Prevage range.
    First, the packaging – the products all looked beautiful, especially the top of the range Intensive Repair serum, which looked stunning! The serum has a luxurious feel, but is easily absorbed, and made my skin look and feel smoother. This was my favourite product in the range.
    The eye serum was also a gorgeous product to use, and easy to incorporate into my beauty routine.
    I found the delivery method of the day and night moisturisers different to other products I’ve used ( it’s a sort of push button mechanism) but once I got used to how much pressure to apply to get the right amount of product, it was fine. The night restorative cream felt creamy and luxe, just the right texture to feel nourishing. The day moisturiser with SPF is a slightly heavier cream than I am used to with a slightly shiny finish, but absorbs well and was a good base for my foundation.
    The two products I used least were the treatment boosting cleanser and the lash and brow serum.
    The cleanser is just a personal preference – I prefer a cream to a foaming cleanser, but it made my skin felt really fresh and clean after use. The lash and brown serum just felt a but finicky to use – the brush is very tiny, and i did manage to get it in my eyes once and it stung a bit.
    Overall, I loved the products and would definitely use them again.
    I have one piece of negative feedback – the written instructions included inside the products and/or printed on the products themselves were absolutely impossible for me to read – the printing is minute! I asked several friends and family to read them and everybody agreed that it was either extremely difficult or downright impossible! Given the target market for anti ageing products, I imagine this would be a real difficulty for most users. The result was that I had no idea how the products were meant to be used, and just had to wing it!

  • Posted by: Farah Sobey Newbie

    When First Impressions Count!When first impressions count…Elizabeth Arden New York certainly knows how to make an impressive, and everlasting one!

    From the moment I set my eyes on this divine skin care range, I was literally captivated. The attention to detail in the packaging alone is second to none, which is a good sign for what is actually IN the products themselves.

    Each product is packaged in a stand out stunning and sophisticated platinum container with silver detailing. I felt like I had purchased a pair of Jimmy Choos shoes, or a hot new designer dress with the way these products were displayed. As you open each product, the inspirational message from Elizabeth Arden greets you…
    “To Be Beautiful Is The Birthright Of Every Woman”

    Both the anti-aging + intensive repair eye serum, and the daily serum have a subtle, yet luxurious pearlised shimmer, and the texture of both serums literally glides on your skin. I noticed a difference in the feel, and texture of my skin within minutes of applying the daily serum. It has an instant lifting effect, and with time I noticed quite dramatic results with an improvement on the reduction of freckles and pigmentation, and my skin seemed to be turning back the clock, as the product worked its magic and bought back a luscious youthful glow and even complexion in a matter of weeks.

    The anti-aging treatment boosting cleanser would have to be my number one favourite product in this range, as it completely cleared away all impurities and makeup with every wash, and with time (only a few weeks), it cleansed away all dead skin cells, and got rid of the problematic black head zone around my nose, which had been an ongoing issue for me, prior to using the Prevage range. The bamboo microbeads & enzymatic exfoliants are like little balls of brilliance that work at bringing back your beautiful youth filled skin.

    I loved the anti-aging moisture cream with sunscreens, as it was hydrating and nourishing, without being too rich. The sunscreens means my skin is protected, while the power packed ingredients within the product do their thing to give you back your glow.

    I also found the night cream to have a beautiful feel and lovely texture. Again, ultra hydrating, without the heaviness. The clever packaging on both of these products helps to reduce “over usage”, as the push top “trampoline” feature at the top releases just enough each time.

    The Prevage clinical lash & brow enhancing serum comes with a gorgeous draw string velvet tie bag, to keep your power packed product in a glamorous way. Upon first using this product, I accidentally got some in my eyes, and was initially quite concerned that I would have a reaction, only to discover that it had no stinging effect whatsoever. In fact, it literally felt like water in my eye…not that I would encourage all of the pretty primpers to be trying that particular little stunt! I noticed new lashes growing through around week three, and look forward to continuing with this product and seeing more results.

    Overall I am completely head over heels in love with this range! The only improvement I would make note of, is the pump on the serum didn’t always work, however the products themselves were super active, and my skin has never looked better!

    Whilst the price range my seem on the higher range… the products really do work, and you will absolutely see the results! The Elizabeth Arden Prevage range is definitely an investment, and a worthwhile one at that!

    Invest in YOUrself Primpers!

    Be-YOU-tiful xx

  • Posted by: Katek Newbie

    Elizabeth Arden – a family favouriteI come from an Elizabeth Arden family. From the moment I was born, my Mum has used EA products on myself and my sister. We have also passed on the tradition to our children and have back up EA Eight Hour cream tubes in our cupboards so that we don’t ever run out.

    So when a large package of EA Prevage products arrived I was instantly excited. I have tried a couple of other products in the range and have been impressed so I was looking forward to see if they lived up to what I had tried before.

    All of the products are beautifully packaged and look gorgeous in my bathroom on full display. I don’t want to hide them away in the cupboard – I want to show them off!

    All of the products have a fresh fragrance that is noticeable at first application, but which fades quickly and doesn’t overpower. The moisturisers feel beautifully luxurious and absorb quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. I can put all of my moisturisers on in the evening and get straight into bed without worrying about my face sticking to the pillowcase. I can’t say that about many brands!

    The cleanser has micro beads in it which I find a bit too much for every day so have chosen to only use it every two to three days with much more success. My skin feels smoother and has a noticeable glow on the days that I use the cleanser so I am extremely impressed – especially as my makeup looks better on those days.

    Both the eye and face serum are a glorious gold which has fine gold flecks through it offering illumination to the skin. You need to ensure that you gently pat the eye serum into the skin fully, otherwise there will be a slightly noticeable build up.

    The face serum is dispensed via a dropper to ensure the correct dosage and one pump is enough to do my entire face. If I want to do my neck and decolletage I need a second pump. As this is the most expensive product of the range, you would have to assess whether you want to use one or two pumps as it will end up being a very expensive product to use daily if you are using it this way.

    The day moisturiser was too rich for my skin unfortunately. I found that I experienced conjestion and breakouts so I went out and purchased the lighter version and had much more success with that one. My skin can be on the dry side but with the added use of the highly potent serum I found that I needed a lighter day cream. The added benefit of sunscreen is great however there is no information regarding the rating so I would recommend using a separate sunscreen in your regime.

    The brow and lash serum is one of my favourite products as I have seen visible results. I use it by painting it on my lashline at night and after a few weeks I have noticed that when I curl my lashes they are reaching further up the curler and that my lashes look longer when I apply my mascara. The only issue for me is to remember to use it every night!

    I am normally not a fan of face creams that are in a jar, but the EA night cream is in a jar with a very hygienic method of dispensing. There is a button on the top of the cream which when depressed dispenses the correct amount of cream to do your whole face. I absolutely LOVE it. The night cream is beautifully nourishing without being so rich as to cause me to break out.

    I find it extremely difficult to say which product is my favourite as I believe all of the products work beautifully together to offer you more youthful skin. The texture and luminosity of my skin is noticeable not only to myself, but has been commented on by others.

    When asked what I have been using I am very pleased to recommend to my friends and family the fantastic Elizabeth Arden Prevage range.

    I believe that investing in your skincare is one of the most important things you can do in your anti ageing regime so if the products are within your budget I would highly recommend them.

  • Posted by: Parisienne chic Master Fan

    Results you would see from more invasive proceduresThis really is a work of genius.You know it is something special the moment you see the glam packaging on all the products to the lux feel and textures (silky,soothing and perfect for apres winter skin that is not 21 anymore such as mine).I really do believe that if a product feels as good as it looks,you are more likely to stick with a routine,as it is a moment of “me time” that you look forward to each and every day…that is also when you start to see real results.I don’t have freckles,but i do have some pigmentation,and i did notice an improvement in this after about 3 weeks..that and a glow that i had not seen in years (enough to have my friends ask whether or not i had been away on holidays or had “something done”).I love serums at the best of times,and have tried many (from supermarket cheap to the boutique massive splurge to the heavy duty pharmaceuticals you get from a dermatologist that work,but are hell on your skin),and the Prevage Anti-Ageing + Intensive Repair Daily Serum was a standout favourite for me…it really did plump up my skin,felt beyond beautiful and seemed to soothe my sensitive skin no end (and i must say,i used this twice a day for 2 weeks,as nightshift work is hell on your skin,and i felt i needed the extra input to at least look like i had a pulse).The metered dosage applicator / dropper was fantastic to give just the right dose of precious fluid..and was standout hygienic.The overnight cream was divine and a much looked forward to luxury at the end of my weeks of terror on aforementioned shifts, (nourishing,but not at all greasy,long lasting moisture boost,without feeling like it was still “just applied” after sleeping.It worked amazingly with the serum to give skin a massive dose of hydration,which again came with a metered dosage “pushtop” anti – contaminating jar….brilliant and no wastage)whilst the daytime moisturiser was rich (maybe a little too rich if that is not something you like,and definitely not a cream over which you would immediately apply your makeup) and the SPF was great to prevent further pigmentation issues.I love eye serums as well (a “must use” for all of us over 30 i think),and found the Prevage one a lovely consistency.It is probably more a bedtime texture (it is RIIIICH) yet feels silky and truly nourishing (fine lines,dark circles etc softened and appeared less pronounced).That was truly a test of a product for me,as you can only imagine what your eye area looks like after a series of 13 hr night shifts…..HARD CORE PRODUCTS ONLY NEED APPLY,and this delivered.Staying in the eye area,the brow / lash serum was something i was pleased to have received.I admit….i was a waxing / plucking junky with my eyebrows,and the old saying that if you overpluck they won’t grow back…..IT’S TRUE GIRLS.I used this every night on my eyebrows and lashes,and did notice an improvement in both after a 3 week or so period (i will continue to use it,and hope to see even better results).I will then go and have my eyelashes tinted and brows shaped and swear to not pluck my brows into oblivion again.I have tried other lash / brow serums,and this was a bit of a standout for me.Lastly,the gorgeous cleanser.A cleanser is the first and (to me) most vital step in a good skincare regime (if you don’t start with a clean,smooth canvas,nothing you apply after will do half of what is possible….and that $200 serum will be wasted,the lux moisturiser will sit atop a clogged,dull surface and show no results) and this one was just a treat to use.It had a subtle (yet effective) exfoliant action,whisked away makeup,grime and the day in general with a non drying formula that preps you skin for the amazing routine to follow (and it smelt lovely…a nice touch that just adds to the overall experience,but was not obtrusive or irritating at all).Overall,i love,love,loved this UNIMAGINABLY fantastic opportunity to try this regime,and i thank both Primped AND Elizabeth Arden for the chance.I will admit….YES,some of these items are a splurge,but i prefer to think of them as an investment….an investment in YOU,your skin and your own self image / self respect (after all,we are born with one face,one body to last us a lifetime…..so you better look after both).And whilst we would never baulk at spending on maintaining our cars,our homes,our family,we choose to err when it comes to our own bodies…..DON’T,because as another brands catch phrase attests “you’re worth it”.I will definately be both continuing to use / buy these products for as long as i get results,and will be recommending them to both my friends and YOU Primpettes.

  • Posted by: fitgrandma Newbie

    Luxury products with results you can see Firstly I am honoured that Primped gave me the opportunity to try these products. I’ve admired the Elizabeth Arden brand but had not tried their products before.

    My first impressions were that these were luxury high end products. The packaging, especially for the serum, was quite fancy. One of my favourite things about the packaging was the clever idea with the day and night cream of a push button that dispensed a small amount of cream rather than scooping it out with my fingers. The only criticism of the packaging would be the instructions printed on the products and the leaflet were so small I struggled to read them even with my glasses on. I actually had to get my daughter to read them out for me.

    The texture of each product was good. The day and night creams were easy to apply, not too thick and absorbed in easily.

    The cleanser was gentle on my skin and didn’t require too much effort to use. The day moisturiser felt quite light and not greasy. The night moisturiser was also light and not greasy. The eye serum had a nice feel to it. The face serum felt nice and light. I was a bit apprehensive to use the lash and brow serum but even they felt quite nice and light on my skin.

    I think that there has been some improvement in the appearance of pigmentation on my face. As a more mature skinned lady, I have been hoping to find a product which would assist in the appearance of pigmentation on my face.

    I have noticed some improvement over the last four weeks since I started using Prevage, in particular around my cheeks and eyes. I did miss a day or two due to my busy schedule, but it did not seem to affect the overall improvement of my skins.

    My favourite product was the face serum. The reason why it is my favourite is that it is not something that I would normally use and I am sure it contributed to the improvement in my skin.

    I think the verdict is still out for me as to whether the products are value for money. I say that because I would like to see how long the products last and how much of an improvement they make after finishing the products before deciding whether the cost would be worth buying it. I’m not normally one to spend that much on my skincare but if it delivered such amazing results and lasted a reasonable amount of time then I would say that it’s worth it.

    I will definitely continue to use the Prevage products I have been supplied because I would like to see how much of an improvement occurs and how long they last.

    I will definitely consider purchasing the Prevage range but if there was to be a slight price drop or some complete set deal it would make it more appealing to me to invest in.

    If someone asked me about a good skincare range or what I’d been using then yes, I would recommend the products to friends.

    Overall, I think that they are fantastic products to date as I have seen noticeable differences with my skin. I do not normally spend all that much time on my skincare routine as I am still quite active with sports and work but I made the effort to spend the time to try these products. The biggest point of contention for me would be the price/affordability as I would not normally consider spending that much on my skincare products. .

  • Posted by: Ira

    hi Jenna,Sorry to hear that it broke you out. The most potent fmroula may not necessarily be the best for you, as it depends on how sensitive your skin is. I did see quite a few reviews on Makeupalley’s Productville also complaining that Prevage broke them out. This new Advanced version has been fmroulated to be more gentle on skin, so hopefully it will work for more consumers. Skincare is very subjective so it’s quite difficult to know what will work for you unless you try it out personally.

  • Posted by: Khwanchai

    hi Jenna,Sorry to hear that it broke you out. The most potent flomura may not necessarily be the best for you, as it depends on how sensitive your skin is. I did see quite a few reviews on Makeupalley’s Productville also complaining that Prevage broke them out. This new Advanced version has been flomurated to be more gentle on skin, so hopefully it will work for more consumers. Skincare is very subjective so it’s quite difficult to know what will work for you unless you try it out personally.

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