Dr Lewinn’s Private Formula Day Cream Moisturiser Light SPF15

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A light, day cream that offers instant and non-stop hydration with SPF15 protection.

Contains Hydroviton® Plus, Super Berry Trio (Pepperberry, Riberry & Muntrie) proven to protect and nourish, antioxidant-rich Argan oil, as well as Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) which encourages cell renewal and addresses the visible signs of ageing. Leaves skin nourished and protected.

Provides instant & non-stop hydration with SPF15 protection, best suited to women with normal to dry skin types. Skin concerns including first signs of ageing, dry and dehydrated skin.

A great everyday cream that provides sun protection and keeps skin gently moisturised. Also has anti-ageing qualities as an excellent added bonus.

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  1. What did you think of the product packaging?
  2. Did you like the texture of the product?
  3. How did the product feel on your skin?
  4. After using the product on an ongoing basis, did you notice an improvement?
  5. The product retails at $49.99. Do you think this is value for money?
  6. Will you continue to use the product?
  7. Would you consider purchasing the product?
  8. Would you recommend the product to your friends?

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: MrsB Enthusiast

    Great product!I applied this on my face pre-makeup and it sunk into my skin almost immediately and I didn’t have to wait before applying my tinted moisturiser which I normally have to do with other moisturisers.
    My skin feels hydrated and made the winter dry patches disappear within a day.
    There was no greasy-ness on my t-zone the morning after which usually is an issue for me and my skin still felt really soft. The SPF is a huge bonus as I tend to neglect sun care during winter.

    I love the packaging, it’s small, travel friendly and doesn’t pump out too much product. Plus to be honest, it looks really cute and fancy in my bathroom.

    The only downside for me is the scent, normally I don’t mind scented products but this has an old lady smell to it, although it doesn’t linger once you apply it.

    I will definitely keep using this, it’s hydrating enough for winter yet light enough for summer too.

  • Posted by: liv_cullen Newbie

    Really great productI’ve been using this SPF cream for about a week now and have not a single complaint! the packaging when it arrived was really nice and I love the design of the bottle. That aside, the product applies really nicely and I haven’t had any breakouts while using this product. In contrast, the spf cream I was using before this felt a lot heavier on my face and I was getting small bumps on my forehead – I think from using that product as they’ve all cleared up now! I would definitely buy this product and recommend it to friends

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan

    Non greasy SPF protection all day long!Love the cute and simple white with touches of silver and pretty pink in the packaging. Easy to dispense but do wish the pump was on the same level as the can.
    The fragrance is a bit too strong for my taste, a strong floral which reminds me of jasmine. But it does not stay strong and fades away after awhile.
    Really like the way it instantly gets absorbed by my skin leaving it smooth, dry and silky to the touch. I often skip sunscreen in winter but with this cream I’m protected even during the colder months. Really does hydrate my skin and makes a real difference to the dry areas on my T zone. Love how light the cream feels on my skin. Love that it has anti-ageing properties as well.
    Overall its a great all rounder and worth the purchase price. Would certainly re-purchase.

  • Posted by: photobia Newbie

    Absorbs super fast. Packaging is really nice however the pump needs to be little higher I find that sometimes when squeezing out it ends up on the bottle and not my hand.
    The texture of the product is perfect and really light which is great. The smell isn’t offensive but isn’t great as a young fresher fragrance would be nicer. In saying that as fast as it absorbs into your skin as fast as the fragrance disappears.
    Great for under make up.
    I really do think this is a great moisturiser, not sure about seeing a difference after a day as advertised but after a week and a bit I can see my skin looks fresh and hydrated.
    I think the price is reasonable for the quality of this product. I think it’s only downfall is I wish the SPF was 30 and not 15. Living in the harsh sun in Australia is the only reason why I wouldn’t buy it but overall if that doesn’t bother you I would definitely recommend as you will see a brighter, softer fresher face in around a week of using the cream.

  • Posted by: georgiamae83 Devotee

    Gorgeous! I’ve really enjoyed trialling this product for Primped.

    Dr Lewinn’s Private Formula Day Cream with SPF15 is divine. The moisturiser is incredibly light-weight and sinks into my dry winter skin within seconds of contact and it leaves me wanting to put more on just because it feels so good! Within a couple of days of using this product my skin felt smooth, soft and, well, happy. My skin never feels that way in winter!
    You don’t need a lot of this to use on your face and décolletage – one pump of the bottle can cover your face, another pump will be ample for your neck area.
    I’ve been trying to figure out what it smells like but I can’t pinpoint it. It’s got quite a distinct fruity/floral scent but by the time it’s on your skin the smell has disappeared. It’s more pungent only when pumped from the bottle.

    The pump bottle is quite beautifully simple. My favourite style of packaging. Everything you need to know about the product itself is included in a leaflet inside and with some instructions on the bottle.

    Loved trying this. Thank you Primped!

  • Posted by: vonvonyy Newbie

    Holy Grail Moisturiser but wish it was SPF30Packaging
    The packaging, once I worked out the trick was ingenius as you didn’t risk losing a lid or dirtying a cap, a simple twist and the pink part popped up to cover the opening and avoid accidental spillage

    – Unbelievably dewy look – even when I layered on top my powdered mineral foundation for extra SPF coverage, my skin looked so dewy and luminous no more potential dullness
    – Amazing texture; the product sqiurts out to be a small creamy liquid blob to avoid mess but IS SOOO easy to spread around my face – one pump was enough for my whole face
    – so moisturising, 8 hours in I took a photo having lunch with a friend and my skin still looked glowy and dewy

    – not SPF30 which is a problem if you don’t have time to slap on something else and if you live in the sunnier parts of Aus but fine if you’re using it as a base for foundation/BB cream that has higher coverage
    – price tag as it is just a daily moisturiser but I’ve been using it daily since receiving the product and it’s still going strong

    I’m likely to buy the product again when I finish all my other daily moisturisers as the texture, moisturising factors are simply unbeatable. However, I would probably try and wait for sales given the price is a bit more than what students spend unless I can see that it lasts for a long time

  • Posted by: Caitlin Newbie

    The perfect does everything moisturiser! Firstly the packaging is gorgeous and comes with a twist top pump, perfect for me as i’m about to go travelling!

    When i pumped it out I noticed the small straight away and having sensitive skin I am always cautious of scents, but weirdly I can usually tell just by the smell if it will irritate me. The smell is so delicate and I have had no issues with it irritating my skin.

    Its not too think so it spreads really well, but I also feel like my face is moisturised all over with all two pumps and no dry tight spots.

    I will only use a moisturiser with an SPF component so automatically this ticks the box for me. It also doesn’t clog my pores, I’ve noticed my skin isn’t oily in the afternoons at work anymore and my makeup sits so much better and lasts longer.

    I will definitely be reccomending it and buying it again for myself!

  • Posted by: Courtney -1405312869 Newbie

    Great product! A simple twist and the pump is ready to use and safe any spillage, in saying that my lid was already twisted in the mail and had wasted a little bit :(

    I loved the texture of the cream and the fact I didn’t need to use much to get full face coverage. Unbelievably dewy look all day long. Didn’t feel the need to reapply and felt dewy for longer than other brands I’ve used before.

    Disappointment that it wasn’t 30+, ok if you’re going to layer under other products.

    I’m likely to buy the product again as ti liked the texture, the price is a little high for a daily cream.

  • Posted by: Alison-1314103798 Newbie

    Great for combination skinI have dry cheeks/forehead but an oily t-zone, so I’m always hesitant when giving new moisturisers a go – especially when they contain SPF as it can turn my face into a disco ball!
    This moisturiser goes on smoothly and sinks in quickly. It leaves a slight sheen but my primer removes that and I haven’t had an issue with oiliness throughout the day while wearing this. It gave me the perfect amount of moisture, my skin did not break out at all, and I felt like it improved the feel of my skin over time. The only downside is the “old lady” scent, but like another reviewer said – this goes away quickly so it’s not a real concern and wouldn’t deter me from purchasing again in the future. Great product!

  • Posted by: renwizzle Newbie

    I couldn’t use itAfter a couple of hourse of using it, my skin went red and started to get itchy. I washed it off and gave it to a friend :-( however when I put it on it felt lovely, and I could put primer and makeup straight on because it absorbs nice and quick!

  • Posted by: Bennie Enthusiast

    Love the texture and love how much skin feelsThe packaging is a slimline pump

    I liked the scent and texture of the product, it is light and non greasy. upon application the mosituriser is absorbed into my skin quickly which I also like.

    My skin felt soft and supple but I didnt notice any change in the wrinkle department yet. I did notice my skin looked more hydrated than normal so thats a plus.

    The price is a reasonable price and is average compared to others in this range.

    I will continue using this moisturiser and I would consider purchasing this product in the future.

  • Posted by: HillaryC Newbie

    Reliable, all round moisturiserI have used this moisturizer for about a month now, and it seems to be a good all round moisturizer. I have combination skin, prone to congestion and it is light enough not to irritate my skin, while still being hydrating enough to get me through a day in the office with air-conditioning.
    The downside to the product is the smell – I’m used to fragrance free moisturizers and the overly synthetic fragrance was a bit overwhelming.
    The product is slightly on the pricy side, but is definitely a reliable moisturizer, and I would recommend it to others looking for a daily moisturizer with light hydration.

  • Posted by: millym Newbie

    Good for dry skin, but mine’s very thirtsyThis moisturiser comes in a pump that took me a while to work out out to open. An arrow on the lid might assist with this, or it could have just been me

    It had a nice consistency, not too runny
    It felt nice on my skin, but after it had absorbed i felt like I still needed more moisture.

    As I need to put another moisturiser over the top, I didn’t notice much difference in my skin. My sensitive skin didn’t react to it though, so would be great for slightly dry and sensitive skin.

    For me the price point is a bit high,as it wasn’t really working for me. For someone that has less dry skin though, it would be an acceptable cost.

    i will continue to use this, maybe save until warmed weather where a lighter cream suits me better, but won’t purchase when empty.

    I would recommend this to people with slightly dry and sensitive skin that are trying to minimise ageing and sun damage.

  • Posted by: SaraLouise22 Newbie

    I’m in love!!!After initially struggling to work out how to open the bottle, I instantly fell in love with this product! It smells fresh, is light on my skin and just glides on. After the first use I noticed a healthier glow to my skin, and 3 weeks on, my skin looks completely hydrated, and I’m so very happy! Now, I feel that it is a bit on the expensive side, however I will absolutely buy it when I finish this bottle, as I am very impressed with the results. Plus, you really do only need to use a small amount. I’m also considering buying the Dr Lewinn’s toner as well. I’m so excited to have found a skin product that really suits my skin. Thanks for the chance to review, Primped!

  • Posted by: teegsw Newbie

    A great multi use product!This product comes in a simple but cute packaging. I loved the pump dispenser! it works well so that you don’t waste or contaminate your cream. Being someone who breaks out with most SPFs I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had not one blemish and found that the the light texture soaked into my skin quickly leaving no oily residue, a big plus in my books. I would definitely but this again as it tick most of the boxes for me.. I also found it to be a great make up primer the hydrating properties promoted a smooth foundation application that lasted all day. Give it a try!

  • Posted by: sprinkles37 Master Fan

    A great everyday SPF moisturiserBecause it contains SPF it’s slightly heavier than your average moisturiser. If you have oily skin, you may find it feeling heavy on your skin.

    I found that this was great for when I was wanting extra sun protection and would wear it underneath my sunscreen. I would recommend it to anyone that finds it hard to remember to apply sunscreen. I do wish that it had a slightly higher SPF rating for longer protection.

    I’m a huge fan of the packaging, as I’m not a huge fan of tubs. The only negative with the packaging is that it’s hard to see when you’re getting low,but I think the fact that it’s more hygienic is more important than seeing how much is left..

    I probably wouldn’t purchase it at full price, but would pick it up when Priceline has it on sale or if there was a GWP on. Skincare is so personal, so it’s worth picking up to test it for yourself.

  • Posted by: Sally Mack Newbie

    ImpressiveWell, you know it’s a good product when your boyfriend has “secretly” started using it as well. So I guess that compliments both the ease of use from the simple and clean pump, as well as the lightness of the cream itself.

    So let’s break it down…

    Texture and finish?
    Light and non-greasy. It absorbs quickly in to my skin, leaving a fresh and clean complexion. I found, especially after using a toner, that I only needed a light amount of tinted moisturiser on my skin to start the day, as I didn’t want to hide the natural glow it seems to give. At first I thought it might be too light for a winter moisturiser but I was happily proved wrong.

    Ongoing results?
    My skin definately feels softer and has a bit more of a glow than it usually would in this dryer/fresher weather.

    I think the price may be a little steep for the Priceline market, and may deter potential customers who haven’t trialled the product.

    And the tough question….will I use it again?
    Yes, if my boyfriend leaves any of it for me, that is.

  • Posted by: michaelaa Enthusiast

    Great everyday moisturiserIt took me a little while to figure out the pump packaging, but once I got it was really great. The twist to get the pump exposed means this would be great for travelling.
    The texture was very light weight and easily absorbed into the skin. I found it had a great level of moisture for my normal/combo skin. The SPF 15 means that this would be great for every day wear.
    This product didn’t break me out and I will continue to finish the tube as I had no adverse reactions.
    My only complaint is that this product is highly scented, which luckily fades after the product has been absorbed.
    At $49.99 for a tube it is a little on the expensive side, and it may put me off repurchasing as I have used similar products that are cheaper.
    I would still recommend this product to a friend if they were looking for a slightly more luxurious moisturiser for daily use.

  • Posted by: NATALIA-1429081439 Newbie

    perfect light moisturiserThis moisturiser is so light and sinks right into the skin. My skin feels so much softer after using it. It’s not thick and oily, it’s just light. I would 100% recommend to anyone!.
    may sound silly but figuring out how to actually open the bottle was an issue. thought that was the only negative and perhaps a design flaw

  • Posted by: mgrove Newbie

    Dr Lewinns’s Private Formula ReviewDr Lewinn’s Private formula review comes in a convenient pump pack, so can easily be transported around. I was travelling in Europe for a month when I used it, so it was great for this.

    The texture of the product is silky smooth and very easy to apply, it feels really light on the skin. Fro someone who doesn’t like wearing SPF in their day to day make-up (but knows that they should due to sun damage and ageing!), this product was fantastic as it just glided on my skin, and there was no heavy product feeling and it was really easy to apply.

    It is smooth, silky and really easy to apply and feels like it moisturisers your skin thoroughly. I will continue to both use the product and I would also purchase it. I was supplementing it with other heavier sunscreens as I was in Europe and on the beach, so I am looking forward to now using it as a stand alone moisturiser in my day to day regime. I would also recommend it to my friends to try

  • Posted by: miss danger Enthusiast

    The ideal day cream!I was really excited to be invited to trial the Dr. LeWinn’s Private Formula Day Cream Moisturiser Light SPF15+ as my skin has become increasingly dry and dehydrated, particularly over the winter months, so I’m always on the lookout for new products that will bring some much-needed moisture to my skin. This product certainly did not disappoint; not only have the effects been noticeable in regards to my skin both looking and feeling more hydrated, I also experienced more clarity and radiance as well as a more youthful appearance.

    The first thing that immediately caught my attention to this product was the packaging; it’s sleek, slim and also very travel-friendly. To dispense the product, you simply have to twist the lid counter-clockwise until it clicks and then push down on the top. The bottle can then be locked again by twisting the top clockwise, so there’s no need to worry about it potentially opening and leaking through your bag during transit.

    The cream itself is a lightweight lotion and has a pleasant subtle fragrance that isn’t too overpowering. It’s recommended to use a generous amount of product on the face and neck, however I found two pumps to be adequate. The cream feels so much more luxe than you would anticipate considering the very reasonable price of the product, it’s texture is smooth and silky, feeling just as luxurious as my high-end moisturisers but at a far more respectable price! ($49.99). It does have a slight oily feel to it at first but this tends to dissipate quite quickly and the skin is left feeling soft and deeply hydrated. Once the cream has absorbed, I found that I could really feel an immediate difference in the softness and smoothness of my skin, dry, rough patches are transformed and the skin has an overall healthy, radiant appearance. Makeup glides on easily over the top and skin stays feeling perfectly hydrated and moisturised all day long. The added bonus of an SPF in this cream is fantastic as I’m super cautious about sun exposure to my face so the extra peace of mind is great.

    After using this product day and night, as recommended, for approximately three weeks, my skin now appears radiant and even-toned and I have definitely noticed a difference in the moisture and hydration levels of my skin. I’ll definitely be re-purchasing this cream in the future and it has also made me very keen to try other products from the Dr. LeWinns range. If you have issues with dry,dehydrated or dull skin which needs a bit of a boost, I can’t recommend this cream highly enough!

  • Posted by: lesleyh Enthusiast

    Light Moisturiser with a complex Pump I am used to the easy turn pumps with the arrows . The moisturiser is exactly as described , light and a liquidity so it feels more like a lotion rather than cream . The fragrance has a light scent with a touch of SPF clinical smell as what you expect from SPF products.
    Having dry skin , using it instantly on my cheeks and neck didn’t do much for me as the texture is too light even though it does absorb well into the skin. It is suited more for the oily to normal skin types where less oils are needed to penetrate the skin . There is also no tint , so don’t expect it to be like a BB cream .
    Otherwise it is a good light cream to give you some protection from the sun during the daytime .

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