Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth Luminosity Range

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The Eternal Youth Luminosity Range consists of three core products – Day & Night Cream, Day & Night Golden Essence and Day & Night Eye Cream. This powerful range targets key complexion concerns including; dullness, unevenness, redness, stress and fatigue to significantly improve the overall appearance of the skin.

The Eternal Youth Luminosity Day and Night Cream is silky and lightweight, containing X50 Photoglow, Sensibright, Juveleven™ (Juvefoxo™) and 24 Karat Gold to assist skin homogeneity and colour uniformity, leaving skin looking refreshed, radiant and luminous. RRP $69.95 (50g)

The Eternal Youth Luminosity Golden Essence combines Chromocare™, Resistem™, Lime Pearl™, Juveleven™ (Juvefoxo™) and 24 Karat Gold in a powerful, lightweight formulation that helps reduce signs of fatigue and stress. RRP $69.95 (30ml)

The Eternal Youth Luminosity Day and Night Eye Cream features Micro-optic technology, Actiwhite™, Chromocare, Lime Pearl™ and Juveleven™ (Juvefoxo™) formulated specifically for the eye area to brighten, lighten and revive. RRP $69.95 (15g)

Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Luminosity Range is a high performance range that will deliver comprehensive anti-ageing skincare benefits for a refreshed, luminescent and youthful complexion like never before.

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  2. Did you like the texture of the product?
  3. How did the product feel on your skin?
  4. After using the product on an ongoing basis, did you notice an improvement?
  5. This 3 piece range retails at $209.85. Do you think this is value for money?
  6. Will you continue to use the product?
  7. Would you consider purchasing the product?
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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: xdarkdreamsx Enthusiast

    Glowing & Luminous Looking Skin Without Makeup!

    A big thank you to Primped and Dr LeWinn’s for generously letting me trial these exciting new products!

    I found the Eternal Youth Luminosity Range very different from anything else I’ve ever used before. All 3 products contained some form of illuminators, leaving my skin looking radiant and glowing. I would describe this range as makeup and skincare combined.

    The Golden Essence: This essence comes in a silver pump pack making it both hygienic and easy to use. I found that two pumps was plenty enough to cover my entire face and neck. The essence comes out in a golden colour with slight shimmery particles, which dries almost clear upon application, leaving only some very faint shimmer. It dries really quickly upon application, but doesn’t provide much hydration. It feels like a very light serum and illuminator in one.

    Day & Night Eye Cream: This is my favourite product in the range, and one of my favourite eye creams ever! I have very fair skin with genetic dark under-eye circles, which no amount of sleep or products ever helps with.

    I really love the cooling tip applicator, which feels great on tired and puffy eyes first thing in the morning. I found that the eye cream worked best for me when I used the applicator first, followed by dabbing the rest of the product under my eye area with my fingertip to make sure it spreads evenly. Once again, I didn’t find this particularly hydrating at all, and had to use a normal eye cream underneath for extra moisturisation.

    The eye cream contains white illuminating pigment, which instantly helps to conceal any darkness. For best results, I dabbed it all the way down to my cheekbone (in a triangular shape). The product dries very quickly and a little goes a long way. I found I could get away without having to use highlighter or concealer over it on casual days. When I over-applied it, the excess would simply rub off, which I found a bit annoying.

    The Day & Night Cream: This beauty comes in a silver jar with a beautiful jewel-topped lid. Like all jars, I found it a bit unhygienic to use with my fingers, so instead I opted for a cosmetic spatula (though any small plastic or wooden spatula would do) to get the correct amount needed out of the jar.

    I normally skip face creams (especially during summer), as I find them too thick, heavy or greasy, but this was a very pleasant surprise. This cream is a light-weight consistency, making it perfect for my oily-combination skin.

    It’s a light pink-ish colour, containing shimmery particles, which left my skin lightly hydrated and glowing. Although I have to admit it looked a bit like when you mix some of your normal moisturiser with a bit of liquid illuminator.

    Like all the other products in this range, it absorbs and dries very quickly. I did experience an issue with the cream rubbing or ‘balling off’ in the beginning. I found this was corrected by gently rubbing the cream in one area at a time, and giving it ample time to dry and ‘set’. Also, a little goes a long way with this cream, like the other products in the range, if you over-apply, it will definitely result in balling off. In this instance, I had to take a clean and dry makeup remover pad or tissue to wipe off the excess.

    The one thing I really didn’t like about this product, is that for a day cream, it contained no SPF. If I tried to apply any type of liquid sunscreen, BB Cream, or even foundation over the cream, it would simply ball off and just ruin the entire look of the all the products. I tried using a mineral powder with SPF over it, and that seemed to get rid of the balling off issue.

    For these reasons, I will continue to use it daily just to see if there are any long-term improvements in my skin from the fancy list of ingredients, however I probably wouldn’t repurchase it. As for ongoing basis results, I can’t really comment as I feel I need to continue using all the products for a longer time.

    All in all, I found using all 3 products great on makeup-free days, as they left my skin lightly hydrated, illuminated and naturally glowing. I was standing outside talking to a friend today, and she definitely noticed the
    change, and said that my skin looked healthy, shimmery and the noticed the golden particles in the sunlight… flawless without makeup.

    I will continue to use up all 3 products happily, but probably wouldn’t repurchase at this stage, unless they were on sale. I may repurchase the eye cream though. I think for such a high price range, there could be some major improvements, and it could have been formulated better.

    I might recommend these products to anyone looking for a little more glow in their skincare, but probably not for fans of layering skincare and makeup, or matte skin, as this range makes your skin really glowy, and tends to rub off when combined with other products.

  • Posted by: MrsB Enthusiast

    Almost a Perfect Set

    I’m a pretty big fan of Dr.Lewinn’s so I was really excited to try this.

    Day & Night Cream – I love the fact that it’s a light formula so it sinks into the skin easily and doesn’t interfere with my makeup application. It has a slight scent but I’m not bothered by scented products so it didn’t affect me in any way.

    The fact that this is both a day and night cream justifies the price & makes it really convenient when travelling because you only need the one product instead of two.

    The packaging is so pretty with the faux diamond covering the entire lid and the jar overall is very light and easy to throw into a makeup bag.

    Golden Essence – My least favourite of the three just because I didn’t see it do anything for my skin. It comes out in a golden shimmery colour although it goes clear on the skin with the tiniest specks of glitter which aren’t noticeable unless you look really really closely. I found it a pretty useless product if you’re using the Day & Night cream.

    Wasn’t a fan of the packaging, it was very cheap looking and looked very fragile.

    Eye Cream – This brightened my under-eye area, which is great for both makeup-less days and being a smooth base for my concealer. It wasn’t anything drastic but just made me look a little more awake. The cooling effect on the applicator is the best I’ve tried, it’s really nice to massage the under-eye area without having to touch it with your fingers. It has a slight tightening feeling that eases off throughout the day.

    A big fan of the packaging as it was small but nothing that would be damaged easily.

  • Posted by: sunflower Devotee

    Luminous Skin

    Thank you Primped and Dr LeWinn’s. I am so grateful for this trial. Thank you! The Dr LeWinn’s Luminosity Range has been very exciting to trial.

    The Eternal Youth Luminosity Day and Night Cream is a multitasking cream that as its name says can be used both day and night.

    The packaging of this cream is beautiful. It’s a dark grey jar with a screw top lid. This lid is sort of jewel topped style. This is a jar that you will want on display rather than hiding out in the bathroom.

    The cream has a pleasant slightly floral light scent. It is a soft pale-ish pink colour. The texture of the cream is great for this time of the year. It’s not too heavy or too light. Smooth even and creamy consistency that absorbs gently into the skin. The cream felt very nourishing and hydrating on my skin (and it wasn’t greasy). I have been using this cream for just over a week and I can already see improvements in my skin. My skin is hydrating for longer, softer, skin tone is evening out and the fine lines are softer and less visible. I love how my skin looks and feels after using this cream.

    This cream has been a luxury for me to use, and I will continue to use it. I would recommend this cream to others.

    The Eternal Youth Luminosity Golden Essence is a powerful, lightweight facial essence to help skin appear radiant, refreshed and luminous. The golden essence is packaged in a plastic container with a lid and squeeze pump. Like the rest of the luminosity range, it is a grey and white container.

    The texture of the golden essence is smooth, even and pearly. It dispenses as a slightly golden colour that applies clear. It leaves a luminous tiny golden shimmer on your face. It leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed.

    I think this a great product to use to give a golden luminous glow to your face. I will continue using this golden essence, especially on days where I do not makeup because it gives my face that extra glow.

    This golden essence has been a luxury for me to use, and I will continue to use it. I would recommend it to others.

    The Eternal Youth Luminosity Day and Night Eye Cream is an eye cream that comes in a tube with a metallic applicator. Like the rest of the luminosity range, it is a grey and white tube. It is good that I do not need to use my fingers to massage in this eye cream, and I found that it using the metallic applicator made it feel like the eye cream had a cooling effect when I was applying it.

    The eye cream has a soft scent that fades. The texture of this eye cream is very soft that looks a little pearly in colour. I found this eye cream to be very hydrating for skin and it help soften the fine lines.

    This eye cream helped brighten my eye area. In conjunction with the other Dr LeWinn’s products, I have really noticed some improvement in my eye area and face. This eye cream has been great for me to use, and I will continue to use it. I would recommend this eye cream to others.

    Together all three of these products are pricey but I think the results help justify this. These products felt like some much needed luxury items for my skin. I will be looking out for the Dr LeWinn’s products to come on sale so I can stock up. I would recommend to friends.

    Thank you Primped and Dr LeWinn’s.

  • Posted by: jessicagrace Newbie

    Day and Night Cream is Absolute Heaven!! Compares to Luxury Brands

    The day and night cream was a winner for me – It contends with some of the luxury brand products without the hefty price tag!

    The Eternal Youth Luminosity Day and Night cream – This day and night face cream was heaven. It’s got a beautiful light fragrance and instantly hydrates. I found this cream to do amazing things for fair dry/normal skin. After a week, I definitely saw a difference in my complexion – it did look brighter and hyrdrated. I’m keen to keep on with this product in my beauty regime. Note – there’s no SPF in this product.

    The Eternal Youth Luminosity Eye Cream – I enjoyed the eye cream. I found the applicator to be soothing on the eye area. Using this in conjunction with the face cream – I saw a positive change within 7 days of use. I wouldn’t yell from the roof tops but I was happy with it.

    The Eternal Youth Luminosity Golden Essence – this product is used after you apply your toner. The gold formula frightened me, it’s got a sparkle throughout (similar to a highlighter press powder). I was hesitant to use the product because I don’t literally want my face sparkling under the office lights.

  • Posted by: houndsy Newbie

    Dr LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Luminosity Range

    First I really liked the look of the packaging. It looks very good on my vanity unit!
    Now it looks nice but the Golden Essence pump bottle does not work very well. After a couple of days I was pumping away with no product coming out, so I had to unscrew the lid to get some of the cream. The Eye cream tube is ok, I did try the silver base under my eyes but in the end, ended up using my finger to put on the cream.

    Eye Cream – I really like this eye cream, better than dare I say it my Alpha H eye cream. It goes on smoothly and is cooling. It’s a generous sized tube as well.

    The Serum – I love the gold colour of this product and I like the way it doesn’t have an overpowering scent like some creams. I have oily skin so I liked the way it didn’t feel sticky or caked on like some products.

    Day and Night Cream – This is my favourite out of the three. It goes on like a dream and my skin feels so soft afterwards. I am able to put my makeup on quite quickly after using this which is a bonus when I’m in a hurry in the mornings to get ready for work.

    I will need to keep using the three products for longer to see if there is any noticeable difference in my skin. But so far I am very happy with the product.

  • Posted by: jenny-1292423444 Supporter

    Dr LeWinn’s Luminosity Range

    Thank you very much Primped and Dr LeWinn’s for allowing me to participate in this trial. I was so excited to be invited.

    My first impressions of the three products were wow! That packaging! Very classy! All three came in gold boxes and the product containers are a pearlish grey.

    During the trial, I used the creams in my skincare routine morning and night. I applied the serum, moisturiser and then the eye cream with 5- 10 minutes in between each to allow for adequate absorption.

    The serum comes in a pump bottle dispenser. I found that 2-3 pumps were adequate to sufficiently cover my face. I found this serum light (in a good way) and absorbed really fast. I didn’t detect an over powering scent. I wasn’t too convinced of its adequate hydration for my skin. Maybe the use of the serum works as a catalyst for the moisturiser to provide sufficient hydration. It did however like the eye cream feel soothing and a pleasure to apply.

    On opening the eye cream, I was impressed on how the application works with the roller applicator. I found it hygienic and easy to apply around the contours of my eye. The cream has an instant cooling effect and is pleasurable to use. You squeeze the tube so the cream is distributed through the roller ball. I did notice that there were excessive bits of cream that needed to be rubbed in. Maybe I applied too much and should have used the roller ball to rub it in more. So this is what I did a few days into the trial and found this method of application effective. During the course of the trial, I found the cream to be hydrating, soothing and less tired looking all despite my late nights studying and having broken sleep with my bubba. My eye area seemed slightly brighter which I anticipate will continue with prolonged use. I didn’t detect any overpowering smells during use of this product.

    When applying the moisturizer, I found that there was a pleasant, pretty scent that I detected stronger than the serum and eye cream. Again it wasn’t too overpowering and didn’t linger. The jar was quite fancy coming with a screw top lid that looked jewel like. I sort of was afraid to use it. It was just so pretty! The cream felt light, seemed to absorb quite fast and didn’t leave an oily residue. I did notice if it wasn’t rubbed in properly, it left white streaks most commonly around my hairline and in some parts of my face so use a mirror people! I found it great for day use but for night I wasn’t too sure if it was hydrating enough for my skin needs. I did notice a slight ballling up effect after application and this occurred more during the day when applying sunscreen afterwards as I don’t think the moisturizer contained spf. I can understand that as it’s a night as well as a day cream why it didn’t contain spf. I did readjust my application by applying less and this seemed to improve the balling up to an extent, but I still had to go over my face with a tissue. I did notice that a little seemed to go a long way. Beware of removing the plastic lid covering the moisturiser!. I used the part that sticks up on the lid while removing to access the cream. It broke off and the plastic lid fell cream side on the floor! I hate wastage, especially when its an expensive product such as this one.

    After trialling the three products for the past two weeks, my skin wasn’t irritated, it seemed to be slightly more radiant, even, less tired and clear looking. For me I didn’t notice much of a shimmery affect although the creams were pink with a slight shimmer. I do find the price quite dear, but I would like to finish the products and see if there are further improvements to completely make my mind up. I think that there are a lot of other products on the market that are half the price that could potentially deliver just as good and maybe better results, however there are so much to try! So again thank you Dr LeWinn’s and Primped for allowing me to try this range.

  • Posted by: catn2kittens Master Fan

    Perfect Products For My Sensitive Skin!

    I am 42, with normal/dry skin. I am pale but my skin is very reactive and prone to redness, and I am starting to get some fine lines (ok wrinkles). My main concerns are redness and pigmentation due to sun damage. This range seems tailor made for my skin, and I am loving it to pieces!

    I love the packaging of the range for the most part – my only big complaint is that I wish the moisturiser was in a pump, rather than a jar, but I do love that it’s plastic, not glass, and still has a heavy, luxe look about it. The eye cream has a neat little dispenser and metal applicator, it’s very cooling on the skin but I found it awkward to use and would usually end up patting the eye cream in with my ring fingers. The serum is in a pretty silver bottle with a pump dispenser.

    I loved the moisturiser and eye cream from the very first use. Both are lightweight and absorb easily. Neither are heavily fragranced, with the facial moisturiser having a more noticeable floral/fresh scent which did not linger after application. My skin felt soft and hydrated, and I noticed my eye area was plumper and fine lines were less apparent. I usually have a bit of a “sunken” eye look which I am very self conscious of in photos, and I noticed this was less pronounced. I have sensitive skin but did not experience any problems, my skin loves these creams!

    The serum didn’t really “wow” me. It is quite a thick gel with a lot of gold shimmer in it. It looked pretty but gimmicky and felt odd on my skin. It was difficult to apply and made my skin feel “wet” but not hydrated. I definitely needed moisturiser afterwards. Being more of a treatment product I may start to see some benefits with long-term use, but at the moment my recommendation would be, if you want to save a bit of money, skip the serum and purchase the moisturiser and eye cream.

    After using this range for a couple of weeks I have noticed my skin feels calmer and less reactive. I don’t get as red throughout the day, and my skin is comfortable. The moisturiser absorbs well and doesn’t interfere with foundation, and provides a good hydrating base for makeup. The eye cream definitely seemed to plump up the fine lines around my eyes. The serum may be what is helping with the redness, I just don’t love applying it.

    Overall I can highly recommend the eye cream and moisturiser, the jury is still out on the serum.

  • Posted by: Snazzie Newbie

    Beautiful Products.. But A Little Expensive.

    I was very excited to receive these products to trial because I love Dr LeWinn’s and know what good quality they are.

    The packaging is lovely and looks very luxe. I especially like the diamond finish on the lid of the day and night cream.

    Eternal Youth Luminosity Day and Night Cream: I like the feel and texture of this cream, it’s nice and light but you do have to be careful how much you use as too much will not absorb and can go streaky and settle on the surface of the skin. I would also prefer to use this just for day wear as it is not really rich enough for me to use as a night cream.

    Eternal Youth Luminosity Golden Essence: This is a lovely product and the rich golden colour adds a luminous sheen to my skin. I will need to use it for longer though to really determine whether it is changing the overall quality of my skin.

    Eternal Youth Luminosity Day and Night Eye Cream: This is my favourite of the three products. It’s lovely and light, absorbs easily and I like the applicator.

    Overall: I’m really enjoying using these products but think they are a little expensive for what they offer. I would need to use them a bit longer to see the overall effect on my skin, but at this stage would definitely buy the eye cream.

    Thank you to Primped and Dr LeWinn’s for the opportunity to try these products.

  • Posted by: Jodielee77 Newbie

    Looks Luxe!

    When I first received the product range I was very excited as I had never tried the Dr. Lewinn’s products before but had heard good things about them. The packaging of the products was very good, especially the day and night cream with the faux diamond on top (made it seem very luxurious). I liked how the eye cream was easy to use and push out a small amount suitable for the eye area. The Golden Essence Packaging was fairly standard.

    The texture of the eye cream and the Golden Essence cream was my favourite as it was not too thin to touch and it feel luxurious when I first placed it on my skin. I felt like the Day and Night Cream was a little bit too thin and I preferred the golden colour of the other day night cream over the pale beige colour. I was a little confused about why I needed both the Eternal Youth Luminosity Golden Essence and the Eternal Youth Luminosity Day and Night Cream as they both suggested to be used both Day and Night. I preferred to use the Golden Essence as the other one left my skin with a white smear and it was really drying on my skin. The eye cream was more hydrating.

    I believe that the Eternal Youth Luminosity Golden Essence was effective in brightening my skin and I will continue to use it along with the eye cream but I would probably not consider purchasing it as it is a bit too expensive for my liking and not all that different to regular moisturisers.

    I would recommend the Golden Essence for use on people like me with patchy skin and the also the eye cream for older skin.

  • Posted by: double_rainbow Newbie

    Beyonce Bling In The Bathroom

    I felt a bit like Beyonce placing these blinging products on my bathroom shelf. The diamond-esque moisturiser lid packs a bit of bling for sure.

    Being someone who generally partakes in a very basic level of skincare I was excited to use these three matching products together. I mean I know what to do with moisturiser, but what even is a ‘skin essence’?

    The skin essence comes out gold and shimmery. Rubbing this bling into my skin I didn’t feel extra moisturised but I definitely had a nicer tone to my skin, it did look more golden and alive, as I have quite fair skin.

    The moisturiser smells amazing and feels nice and light for day time, but being a Day and Night cream I didn’t feel like it was moisturising enough for night. I generally like more of a moisture hit while I’m asleep. Also, I accidentally applied it over my lips one night and woke up with them a little puffy. But as convenience goes, it’s pretty good.

    I was a bit confused as to which product I was supposed to use first and I think I was doing it in the wrong order for a bit! I’m guessing now the serum goes on after the moisturiser as it has the gold tinge.

    The eye cream came in a fancy-pants applicator so I didn’t actually have to touch my skin to apply it, which was more hygienic, and meant less tugging on the eye area, and felt cooling as I massaged it in. Really like this eye cream.

    Over two weeks I didn’t notice a huge improvement in my skin but day to day I definitely like the instant golden tone from the essence. I liked these products but I didn’t overwhelmingly love them so It’s probably a little expensive for me in the future.

  • Posted by: efin Enthusiast

    Gorgeous Products!

    I have never tried Dr. LeWinn’s before and what gorgeous products! I was lucky enough to trial the Eternal Youth Luminosity range consisting of – Day & Night Cream, Day & Night Golden Essence and Day & Night Eye Cream.

    The Eternal Youth Luminosity Day and Night Cream is rich and creamy yet still lightweight. It left my skin hydrated and plump. It has a lovely fragrance and the packaging is sleek and looks expensive.It is very reasonably priced and I would definitely buy this product again.

    The Eternal Youth Luminosity Golden Essence has a similar consistency to the day and night cream. I didn’t feel a difference between this product and the day and night cream so I probably wouldn’t purchase this product again.

    The Eternal Youth Luminosity Day and Night Eye Cream is my favourite product by far. It is extremely hydrating without being heavy and definitely lives up to everything it promises to do. The tube has a metal applicator which is extremely cooling and produces the perfect amount of product.

  • Posted by: TLOVELAI Enthusiast

    This Is Quite Luxurious

    The packaging of this range is quite simple and chic. The texture of the product is smooth and easily blend-able. The product felt refreshing and smooth, once applied on skin it was smooth and bright.

    After using this product for two weeks, i only found that the night eye cream gave me the most results as it eliminated dark circles and definitely brightened up my eye area. Retail price of $209.85 is quite expensive, value for money wouldn’t be considered.

    I will definitely purchase and recommend to my friends and family the eye night cream! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review this product, because i was able to find a night cream that works for me !

  • Posted by: fhe5 Newbie

    Lovely Moisturiser, But a Bit Expensive

    I couldn’t believe my luck when I was chosen, so thank you, Primped, for that!

    I excitedly opened up the parcel and found my 3 Dr LeWinn’s products, which were packaged very impressively. The gold shiny boxes stand out and make the product look like they are worth the extra money spent on them and I started using them that night.

    The eye roller cream was tingly when I first started applying it but I like the cool sensation of the application which felt very refreshing every night. The Blur Cream to be honest, didn’t feel like it did much for my skin and I probably wouldn’t purchase that one, as I feel a serum does a better job. The Day & Night Cream though was lovely and made my skin feel so soft and I would definitely use this cream in the future.

    My friends commented on how good my skin was and how young I looked, about 2 weeks after I routinely used all 3 products every night which was nice to hear and I could feel that my skin was softer to the touch in general and under make up.

    I think for $49.99, this is too pricey for the eye cream, as there are many cheaper brands that have the same type of applicator and the blur cream felt too watery and I didn’t see it do much, so I think those products are overpriced, but the Day & Night Cream is very soft and feels like a quality product that I would happily spend $49.99 on (especially if it was on special!!)

    I will continue to use the products together, but would purchase only the Day & Night Cream in future as I feel this is the only product that really helped my skin, especially since I’m trying to start using anti-aging products now in my early 30’s. I did actually recommend the Dr LeWinn’s products I received to my friends when they told me how good my skin looked. I told them how much the set would cost, which they thought was too expensive, but if it was on special, they would consider buying.

    Overall, I have really enjoyed using these products and even started using them on my boyfriend every night, which surprisingly for a man who has never had any product on his face and doesn’t believe in creams, looked forward to our nightly ritual of the eye cream, blur cream and then moisturiser! He was even patting his face in the morning saying how soft his skin felt!

  • Posted by: vetsy Newbie

    Dr LeWinn’s

    The packaging was great, I also love how the cream feels on my skin, no greasiness or oiliness at all, Seems to be working well. I would confidently recommend theses products to my family and friends, Thanks for letting me try Dr LeWinn’s!

  • Posted by: Bantam Master Fan

    Radiant Glow

    Serum: I have enjoyed using this product every morning and night. I found the texture to be particularly pleasant – light and it just glides on and preps my skin for the moisturiser!

    Day/Night Cream: The texture is thick and creamy, and I love how fast absorbing it is. I prefer it more as a night cream as I also prefer SPF in my day cream. I love using this as I wake up to plump and soft skin. The container is very pretty and I love how it’s so reflective. What more could I want for a night cream?

    Eye Cream: I liked this from the formula down to the applicator. The formula was brightening and nourishing at the same time, and the applicator was always cool and relaxing. The metallic applicator allows you to squeeze out the exact amount that you want to apply. I always love how the entire applicator always fills out evenly with product when I squeeze it.

    Overall: To be honest, I’ve never paid much attention to Dr LeWinn’s brand and after using this range, I’m feeling like I’m missing out! I feel this skincare range can rival the best out there, especially given all the research and trademarked ingredients going into this range! I have dehydrated skin and loved it for providing a youthful glow to combat the long and stressful days at work. Bottom line is, I’m at the stage in my life where my skin concerns are changing from getting rid of spots to reversing aging and I would recommend this range!

  • Posted by: Kathleen-1322799920 Newbie

    Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth Luminosity Range

    The packaging was great. The bottles/containers were just beautiful and looked expensive.

    When I put the face cream on my skin, besides the amazing scent it had once rubbed in, it just felt like I was draping liquid silk on my face, it felt very luxurious! The texture was very smooth and not oily, it was very nourishing and felt like my skin was lapping up every bit.

    After it had been applied, my face felt cool, calm and hydrated. Some creams can feel like they dry and your face feels a little tight but this felt like I’d dipped my face into a silky fountain and just felt really refreshing.

    I noticed a slight improvement of my skin. I have bad dark circles under my eyes from insomnia and this did help lighten and reduce puffiness a little under my eyes. My skin also felt more hydrated although still had a couple of dry spots that keep recurring.

    It is a very expensive skin care range and most people couldn’t afford that. It is a lovely product and over a longer period might yield more results but as a single girl with a mortgage, it’s not affordable at all to me.

    I will be sad once my product has run out as it does feel like it’s starting to make my skin more hydrated and smooth.

    I would recommend this to people if it was a little bit more affordable. I would even buy it again even just for how it feels and the scent, if it were cheaper but doesn’t look like that’s a possibility.

    Thanks for the chance to review this product, it was very luxurious and I loved every bit!

  • Posted by: serenamesylvia Newbie


    I was really excited to try this range of products as I love brightening ranges – but this range of products just left me confused.

    I like the packaging of the Eternal Youth Luminosity Day and Night Cream. The jar is a little light (I like my products to have some weight to them) but the cap with the crystal top is fun and adds a night touch. The first thing I noticed about the cream is the very light pink, texture. It feels super light and silky to the touch. Because of this light texture however, it doesn’t feel very hydrating. It also ‘sets’ to a velvety finish and if you use to much of the cream, it get’s streaky (like makeup). It also contains a lot of shimmer. It’s not hydrating enough for me – especially for evenings.

    The serum packaging is ok – again, the bottle feels very light and not very luxurious. The design of the bottle doesn’t blow me away. Because it contains gold, again there is shimmer in the formula. Luckily this shimmer is much more less obvious and the serum sinks into the skin without a problem (with no streaks to be seen). In regards to moisture, it doesn’t pack a punch.

    The eye cream has an interesting metal tip applicator which feels incredibly soothing and cooling. This was my favorite product out of the three.The formula is very hydrating (and the formula has some great ingredients in it, which are proven to work) which I love. It is rather pearly, so if you suffer from dark circles like I do and you use the eye cream without makeup, it can actually ‘highlight’ dark circles. Under concealer, it works quite well and it is brightening. I should also mention that I like to use quite a bit of eye cream (prevention and all!).

    I don’t know if the products actually improved the look of my skin due to all the shimmers used to almost ‘mask’ the skin. I really dislike it when skin care products start to cross over into makeup, as I don’t think one product can do well across all areas. The eye cream could be justified for the price because it contains tested and true ingredients which will benefit the eye area, but I wouldn’t spend anywhere near the RRP for the serum and moisturiser.

  • Posted by: Alicia-1334448420 Newbie

    Very Disappointed

    I was absolutely thrilled to receive Dr LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Luminosity Range to trial.

    Very eye catching with it’s shiny gold cardboard packaging and when you open it up, the bottles are silver!

    I am on the market for a good eye cream as sadly the bags are getting bigger and the dark circles are getting darker. When I first applied the Luminosity Day & Night Eye Cream, I wasn’t sure how much to apply. The directions on the packaging said “Massage around the eye area using the applicator. Use morning and evening.” I found the scent very pleasant however my under eye started to tingle as soon as I had applied it. Perhaps I used too much – I don’t know. Unfortunately this had the opposite effect on my eyes and made my eyes puffy and the bags even more noticeable. I could see what the product was trying to do (eg tightening the skin) but it just did not work properly. I tried four days in a row but was very conscious of the puffiness. I gave it a rest for a day and tried again and straight away the puffiness came back.

    The Golden Essence (serum) was pleasantly fragranced and easy to apply but I didn’t feel it moisturised my skin enough.

    The Day & Night Cream again was pleasantly fragranced but didn’t moisturise enough. I had to apply another moisturiser on top before I applied a BB or foundation as my skin was too dry.

    I can’t see any mention on any of the packaging of an SPF rating. I think this is very important in any skincare.

    I was really disappointed. At $69.95 each, this is not cheap. I certainly wouldn’t purchase it or recommend it to anyone.

  • Posted by: kimberliejw Newbie

    Was Hoping For More!

    Golden Essence: I had high hopes for this product. I thought it would be a rich treatment that would penetrate deep into the skin, however I was disappointed. While it does look luxe (it is gold with shimmery particles, and it has a light, pleasant scent), it is quite light in texture and I didn’t feel that it did anything positive for my skin.

    Day& Night Cream: I am not a fan of this product. It doesn’t apply well to my skin (it has to be patted on, not rubbed), and it has an unusual scent. Like the essence, this product also has fine, shimmery particles. Surprisingly, this cream left my skin quite dry, which I rarely experience with my normal/combination skin.
    I found the combination of the Golden Essence and Day & Night Cream were drying to my skin, and also resulted in my face being covered with small gold particles. I assume this is the ‘luminous’ effect the product claims to give, however I didn’t like how this shimmer looked on my skin.

    Eye Cream: This is my favourite product of the three. I love the metal applicator as it’s very cooling and soothing on the skin, and unlike the cream and essence, it doesn’t have any shimmery particles. It has a light scent and moisturises my eye area well.

    Overall, i’m disappointed with the range (especially considering the price) and found it to be ineffective in its claims. The packaging is nice, however I think that gold would have been a better colour option than silver. Out of the three, I will continue to use the eye cream only.

    I always love trying new products, so thank you for this opportunity!

  • Posted by: Cassy-1340003510 Newbie

    Not As Good as I’d Hoped

    I loved the gold outer packaging but the bottles came out silver. Packaging isn’t really important to me so this isn’t a big deal but why not match them?

    I liked the texture of the products, very lightweight and non-greasy. The eye cream and the serum stood out to me the booth performed well and generally did what they claimed to. The day and night cream was the least impressive. I didn’t feel like it did much of anything and didn’t really moisturize well.

    I noticed my eye area brightened up but the rest of my face stayed mostly unchanged.

    I think it is a very expensive range that doesn’t deliver on its claims. I’ll finish off the products but wont be repurchasing. I would only recommend the eye cream to friends who just need some brightening up in that area.

  • Posted by: Gracie Devotee


    I was extremely excited when I received my Dr LeWinn’s Eternal Youth range, especially because the gold boxes were stunning. However, after two weeks of religiously using these three products I have come to the conclusion that I would never pay money for these creams.

    The Eternal Youth Luminosity Day and Night Cream:
    I’m not a fan of the giant plastic crystal on the lid – it feels cheap. The cream is pink and has a very pleasant smell. It reminds me of an expensive shampoo scent. It glides onto the skin beautifully and doesn’t leave a greasy texture. Unfortunately I don’t think this product “plumped” up my skin or make any noticeable difference in my skin’s texture or appearance.

    The Serum:
    This has a strange gritty texture from the gold coloured particles. It’s not a typical serum and it doesn’t feel oily. The bottle looks like but feels cheap, and I had issues with the plastic pump mechanism. My biggest issue with this product is that once it has dried on the skin if leaves a thin film, so if you touch your skin the film rolls up into tiny balls of product. I can’t stand this as I feel like the product must be sitting on the skin’s surface and not penetrating into cells. Perhaps the film is to lock moisture it? But I didn’t feel like my skin was any softer after using twice per day for 2 weeks. I wouldn’t feel confident putting foundation on top of this serum.

    The Eye Cream:
    I do like the innovative metal applicator that you use to massage the product around your eyes. It enhances the cooling effect, as the product made my skin tingle and feel cold. This is the only product I would purchase out of the range. However, if you use too much of it before bed you wake-up with flakey residue all around your eyes – kind of scary!

  • Posted by: kanashimiblue Newbie

    Could Have Been Formulated Better

    I was really excited to receive this luxe-looking 3 piece kit from Dr LeWinn’s full of luxe sounding fancy-smancy ingredient names I can’t even pronounce. But the experience of testing this new range was a bit underwhelming.

    I have no qualms about the packing. It’s plastic and looks good. The serum comes in a pump applicator and eyecream is a squeeze tube with a cooling metal applicator at the end. Hygenic. It’s only with the face cream that your dirty fingers will come into contact with the rest of the product. But you would have washed your hands by this stage of your skincare routine, so it’s no dealbreaker.

    All 3 products contain tiny glitter/gold particles that will cosmetically illuminate your skin. Unlike Estee Lauder’s Idealist serum, the gold particles are a tad too much, and makes your bare naked skin look a bit frosty, highlighting your open pores and fine lines. Normally, I’d wear a foundation over the top, so this isn’t a dealbreaker for me either.

    The dealbreaker for me was how drying the whole range felt once it had settled on my skin. Like there was no moisture or oil. I have naturally oily skin – so it is a big deal for me to notice this. To use up the remainder of the products, I will have to mix my own oils with the moisturiser and serums.

    Also, I find the eyecream stings a bit. Not a good sign.

  • Posted by: justmoi Supporter


    First things first, the packaging of the products is lovely and looks quite luxe. However, overall I was disappointed by the products themselves as I feel they did not all live up to their claims and up to my expectations (especially given the cost of the products).

    The texture of the products is nice and they feel non-greasy which, to me, is a plus. I enjoyed using the serum and eye cream but felt that the day & night cream left a lot to be desired.

    The serum and eye cream are the products that I felt lived up to their claims and they were lovely to use but I didn’t notice any difference by using the day & night cream and have tried many better ones that cost less.

    Overall I am quite disappointed with the range. I do not feel that the price for the products is justified as there are many other products out there that would do the same thing (and more) for a lot less $$$.

    I don’t think that I will be repurchasing the items as I didn’t enjoy using them enough to justify the price.

    Finally, thanks Primped for giving me a chance to try these products – I always love trying new things!

  • Posted by: jessicasims Newbie

    Not Quite So Luminous

    I was excited to try this range of products. You’ll find Dr LeWinn’s products already on my desk at work or in my bathroom, but this range of Eternal Youth products won’t be there much longer.

    My skin tends to be matt and has a small amount of pigmentation that always annoys me, so I’d hoped these products might improve those areas.

    On first try, I was excited, the smell, although obviously synthetic, was pleasant. The eye cream with the cool roller was soothing to apply and my eye area felt tighter. The illumination from the range seemingly came from tiny sparkles in the cream, rather than improvement in my skin.

    On first application of the serum, my skin felt dry, so the next time, and all times after, I doubled the amount I’d normally expect to apply. This improved the coverage and how my skin felt after, but if I’d be disappointed in how long the pump bottle lasted if I’d had to continually purchase.

    The serum didn’t nourish my skin, which is the first rule of my skincare. It felt like a coating, filled with dots and sparkles to catch the light and provide illumination that way, rather than improving how my skin looked and felt.

    Similarly, the Day and Night cream, needs a very (and I do mean a VERY) generous amount applied to provide any sort of moisture to the skin. After application of the cream, my skin looked brighter, and whiter. But after an hour, the effects wear off, and they certainly don’t hold up under a any make up (even a light coverage).

    My 30YO skin was dryer than usual and hanging our for some nourishing oils and creams after two weeks of this range of products – my skin is luminous with some love and moisture without the synthetics.

  • Posted by: detroitcat Newbie

    Not Bad, But Not Totally Convinced

    I was super excited to try this range out because Id heard about it before.

    The packaging is nice, the plastic is great as there’s no fear of breaking and its lightweight. Its not terribly innovative, but the lid of the day/night cream is the exception, quite pretty.

    The day/night eye cream I have to say is not the easiest applicator. I’ve used a few with the metal tip and rollers which all were a lot easier. This one seems to let out too much cream and smears it everywhere over your eye, creating the need for you to use your fingers anyway to pat it dry, otherwise it leaves a visible film sitting on your skin. If you use a little less, its too dry to swirl around your eye. So definitely not a fan of the applicator.

    The texture of the serum and day/night cream were both quite nice. They spread very easy and my favourite part they absorbed into your skin really well. They didn’t leave an oily film at all, and were quite a nice base for make-up. The eye cream unfortunately I cant say the same, as mentioned prior, if not rubbed in properly it seems to leave a slightly shiny film over your skin.

    The serum was a little thicker than expected but felt pretty good on my skin. As did the day/night cream. I have quite oily skin around my T-zone (combination), so its great that it didn’t leave my skin looking oily which quite a lot do.

    The eye cream felt too wet too be honest. Most other eye creams I’ve trialed have been thicker and absorb better. Though I didn’t see a visible improvement on my skin, I don’t think this is a sign of it not working, as long as a cream maintains my skin and doesn’t break it out, for me that’s still success. All three products passed this test. I haven’t used them long enough to comment on the long term effects, but so far so good.

    I found the products a little pricey to be honest, this is probably the only factor which would stop me from buying them again. $69.95 per product is about the most I would pay for a beauty product, unless it is exceptional. None of which were. If they were half the price I would definitely purchase the day/night cream and serum again. I probably wouldn’t purchase the eye cream again, but I would give it another shot if it were in a better applicator. I feel this really impacted the product negatively for me.

    I will definitely continue using all three products till the end, though I have noticed myself skipping the eye cream in substitute for some of my current eye creams (Kiehl’s at the moment). I think the day/night cream is great, so I may recommend this to a friend. I’m indifferent with the serum, and the eye cream Id say no.

    My favourite part of this range is that its a dual night and day which saves a lot of space at home and while traveling. So much easier!

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