Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth Eye & Insta-Perfector Blur Cream

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Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night Eye Cream

An eye cream formulated to target the upper eyelid as well as crow’s feet, dark circles, puffiness and signs of fatigue. The formula contains Juvefoxo to rejuvenate cell performance, diamond to promote a youthful complexion, and Beautify to lift the upper eyelid, reduce crow’s feet, fade dark circles and reduce puffiness. It also features Neodermyl, which stimulates elastin and collagen production. The eye cream delivers these ingredients with a brass contoured massage applicator that both cools and micro-stimulates. It leaves the eye area looking younger, refreshed and radiant.

Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Insta-Perfector Blur Cream

A cream that blurs fine lines and hydrates and nourishes skin while creating a smooth, matte finish. The formula contains Juvefoxo to rejuvenate cell performance, diamond to promote a youthful complexion,  and gold to boost radiance. It also features PoreAway to mattify and refine skin, and Optical Microspheres to diffuse light and act as a wrinkle-filling agent. The creamy and non-drying formula is best used after serum and moisturiser and before foundation. It can also be worn on its own for a natural look. It leaves skin even and matte with fewer visible lines.


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  1. What did you think of the product packaging?
  2. Did you like the texture of the product?
  3. How did the product feel on your skin?
  4. After using the product on an ongoing basis, did you notice an improvement?
  5. The product retails at $49.99. Do you think this is value for money?
  6. Will you continue to use the product?
  7. Would you consider purchasing the product?
  8. Would you recommend the product to your friends?

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: harrietlouise Newbie

    Loved It..Mostly.

    So, this is a two part product – a blur cream and an eye cream. The blur cream is basically a primer – designed to ‘blur fine lines’. It’s called insta-perfector which is probably a reference to ‘instant’ but it just made me think of instagram and those filters that blur your skin. Which it really kind of did do! I liked the texture, quite light on the skin, and it sat well under my make-up.

    The eye-cream was good too, but I didn’t love it as much. The applicator was quite nifty but a bit too clever for its own good – I prefer the Clinique roller ball style. The cream itself felt zingy almost to the point of stingy the first couple of times I used it but I got used to that and started quite enjoying the feeling.

    I will probably buy the blur cream again, but think the eye cream has a bit more work to do if it wants to compete in the market.

  • Posted by: oscar Newbie

    Dr LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Eye and Blur Cream

    I thought the package was attractive, I loved the texture of the product, it felt magnificent on my skin, and I definitely will be continuing to use and recommend to friends, the price is reasonable as I found a little of product goes a long way. Thanks for letting me try

  • Posted by: liv_cullen Newbie

    Great Product!

    PROS: So this is a two part product that I’ve found to be really good!

    – Both items have a great texture that leaves the skin dewy but not oily.
    – Both very quick to apply and absorb into the skin, which is important for me when applying in the morning followed by make-up.
    – I’ve been using this for about a week and have noticed the skin around my eyes looks much better – I don’t look as tired or dark around the area and my eyes look more open.
    – I also liked the applicator as it distributed just the right amount of product for each use with one small squeeze. It’s also nice and delicate to use on such a fragile skin area.

    CONS: Like the other review, the eye-cream made my eye area feel a bit stingy on the first use, but I’ve not noticed it again since then. For me, it made me feel like the product is actually doing something too.

    For the price, I think this is really good value for money and would definitely consider buying again.

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan


    Day and Night Eye cream –

    Absolutely loving the difference this eye cream is making! It has a well designed applicator tip that feels nice and cool on the skin and helps to massage the cream in gently. The design lets you squeeze out the cream a little at a time as you need it, so no wastage.

    The cream did tingle and burn a bit the first few times but then my skin seemed to get used to it. A dramatic difference in the overall look of my eyes. Especially made a big difference to the darkness on my upper eyelid. The fragrance is pleasant and not too strong and fades away quickly. The cream gets absorbed into my skin in a few minutes and leaves my eye area feeling refreshed and moisturised. Well worth the price! Highly recommend this eye cream, it certainly works! Will certainly continue to purchase this eye cream

    Insta-perfector Blur cream –

    This cream is perfect for application before makeup. It creastes a nice smooth, even surface. It has a nice creamy texture, making it easy to apply. It sinks in to the skin quickly leaving a soft matte finish. Not at all sticky or greasy. Helps to diminish fine lines and improves the overall tone and texture of the skin. Has a nice floral fragrance which fades away quickly.

  • Posted by: beautiful87 Master Fan

    Great Products

    The Insta-perfector Blur Cream is amazing as a primer, it works really well on my normal to oily skin. It is hydrating, but mattefying at the same time. It smooths my fine lines and I really like it. It is quite creamy and it’s not thick at all, applies like a dream and is very easy to use. I love it underneath my makeup.

    The eye cream is great too. I use it morning and night on my upper lid and underneath my eyes. I have been using it for about a week now and I’m really happy with what it’s done for my eye area. The cream is quite light and absorbs really well. My eye area looks moisturised, healthy and refreshed. I love the applicator tip, it’s nice and cool and instantly refreshed the eye area.

    I highly recommend both products.

  • Posted by: tiicky Master Fan

    Love The Eye Cream. Not So Sure About The Blur Cream

    1. What did you think of the product packaging?

    The boxes were very simplistic. Silver with Text, which I really liked. The product it self is a beautiful black to grey scale tube which looks really classy yet not intimidating. The eye cream has an applicator that I have now found out is called a brass contoured massage applicator. Ive never seen one before let alone used one, there was no instruction how to use it so I spent the next 5 minutes randomly squeezing and pulling the tube in hopes it would work. An instruction would have been good!

    2. Did you like the texture of the product?

    Eye Cream: I have very oily skin so I was a little concerned that using this would just make things worse but the Texture was amazing, was absorbed really quickly and didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky or oily but I did notice my eyes felt “hot” for a few minutes after applying the cream
    Blur Cream: While it didn’t make my skin oily it made me feel rather weighed down. I applied the blur cream as per the insructions and then waited a few minutes and tried putting foundation ontop. Bad Idea. It was impossible to blend the foundation. I ended up washing it all off and starting again without the blur

    3. After using the product on an ongoing basis, did you notice an improvement?

    Eyes seem a little lifter and the skin around brighter

    4. The product retails at $49.99. Do you think this is value for money?

    Price is a little high for my liking but you get what you pay for

    5. Will you continue to use the product?

    Yes I’ve heard that Dr LeWinn’s works wonders but I wont be using the Blur Cream again

    6. Would you consider purchasing the product?

    Eye Cream: Absolutely
    Blur Cream: No

    7. Would you recommend the product to your friends?

    Eye Cream: Absolutely
    Blur Cream: No

  • Posted by: Joanne-1302072254 Newbie

    Old Can Wait – I have The Dr. On My Side

    Have been fortunate enough to gain the opportunity thanks to the wonderful PRIMPED team to Trial both Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night Eye Cream and the Eternal Youth Insta-Perfector Blur Cream. I’m a huge fan of Dr. LeWinn’s for one specific reason… results! Every product I’ve used has made a positive impression on me, and for that reason it’s my go to product range. So to be given a chance to trial these two Eternal Youth Products was amazing.

    Couple of things, love the packaging and the application dispenser of the eye cream, the cool brass contoured massage applicator is fabulous. I will say you do have to be careful about not being over enthusiastic about squeezing the tube to administer the cream. I do suggest if you do squeeze out too much I put it on and around my lips. It was wonderful.

    Within a week of using the Eternal Youth Day & Night cream yet again the Dr delivers! The delicate skin around my eyes soaked up this wonder product and they looked firmer and less dark. Sleep has been somewhat elusive over the last couple of weeks, so it really had it’s work cut out for it, but it delivered with flying colours. So much so that my partner decided he needed to use it too after hearing me rave about it each day!

    The Eternal Youth Insta-Perfector Blur Cream, that took a bit of getting used to as in my hurry to use it on the first day I did fail to read the instructions and if you don’t moisturise (as instructed) your face beforehand it can be a little hard to apply evenly. However upon correcting this on the second day I am very happy to report that both wearing it under make up and/or by itself certainly gave the impression of smoother skin, younger looking skin. A few people mentioned how lovely my skin was looking so I am happy to report that both products get a big tick from me and a “do yourself a favour” and go and out and buy it. You will love it ! Skin luxe at it’s best!

  • Posted by: Jennalee Supporter

    Mixed Feelings

    Firstly, here are my thoughts on the Insta-perfector Blur Cream:

    Packaging is lovely, as with all products from the line from Dr LeWinn’s. The texture is initially sticky, then goes almost matte once dry. It feels like it does smooth things out slightly, but you really need to let it dry before putting makeup etc over the top. I haven’t noticed an improvement to my skin since using it, but it does help my makeup last the day – especially around my eyes.

    I think it’s a little expensive at $50 – would probably pay closer to $30. I might consider purchasing if I see it on sale and probably wouldn’t recommend it to friends.

    Now for the Eye Cream:

    Again, love the packaging. I find the metal applicator to be useless – I’ve been applying it to the back of my hand then dabbing on with my fingers. The texture is lovely and smooth. And it smells great too! I’ve been applying this is the evening and my skin feels soft and smooth when I wake up in the morning.
    I would almost certainly consider re-purchasing and will recommend to friends.

  • Posted by: Nadine-1334818046 Newbie

    Dr LeWinn’s Blur Cream and Day/Night Eye Cream

    Eye Cream: I’ve been using this cream for over a week now and I have noticed some subtle differences in the eye area. The age lines seem to have softened and my eyelids (which are hooded anyway) seem to have lifted a touch.

    I love the applicator – it’s so easy and you don’t need a lot of product which is great. I too had the tingly/burning sensation when I first started using it but that has now subsided. I will continue to use the product to see if the effects increase and to determine whether I would purchase it in the future.

    Blur cream: I’m not a huge fan of this product. It seems to set quick so you need to apply it rather quickly. I don’t like using it under make-up as it makes it difficult to blend my make-up. I tried the cream on it’s own (sans make-up) to see if it did in fact blur imperfections but I didn’t notice a huge difference and I certainly have plenty of imperfections to test it on. I have oily skin and when I used it under my make-up, it didn’t “mattify” at all.

    I wouldn’t purchase this product.

  • Posted by: chicklet Master Fan

    Great Duo!

    Both products were stylishly presented in silver/grey graduated tubes, perfect for efficient and hygienic product application.

    The eye cream features an interesting delivery system – a metallic applicator/massager, which instantly cooled the eye area. Although I liked this feature, it took a little getting used to – initially I found I was massaging without any product coming out. I found it was easier to squeeze the tube a little first to ensure some of the product was on the tip of the applicator.

    Unlike most eye products, the cream is designed to be used both under the eye and also on the eyelid itself, which usually ends up being neglected. I did find that sometimes my eyelids were a little sensitive to the product.

    The eye cream itself is very light in texture, perfect for the eye area and quickly absorbed. It felt nice on the skin and gave my eye area a refreshed appearance. I like the versatility of being able to use the same product for day and night.

    The Insta-Perfector Blur Cream basically did what its name indicated – it provided a thin layer of ‘filler’ that blurred imperfections. I found it applied evenly, and didn’t feel overly heavy on my skin. Drying to a matte finish, it provided the perfect primer layer for foundation, and helped extend the wear of it.

    I think both products represent good value – given you don’t need to use a lot, and I would happily recommend and purchase them.

  • Posted by: peta88 Enthusiast


    Upon receiving my package from Primped I was so excited to try this product. Opening my parcel the two items seemed quite high end and luxurious.

    The eye creme has this fancy applicator that makes it quite nice to apply.

    After having it on there for a few seconds you feel a slightly stingy/tingly feeling that you worry about slightly but soon subsides (this faded after using a few times).

    The burr cream just comes in a plain tube (which was a little boring after the fancy applicator on the eye cream – but served it’s purpose.

    I have used the products religiously as per the instructions for about two weeks and I can see a very small change around my eyes with the eye cream.

    In regards to the blurr cream, I can’t see any visible change. The product for the price isn’t something I would purchase as I have used cheaper for effective products that do the same thing more effectively before.

    The product retails at $49.99. Do you think this is value for money?

    I would probably recommend the eye cream to friends but give the Blur Cream a miss.

  • Posted by: mandeelou88 Newbie


    Seeing as there are two products I will try to keep it short and sweet!

    1. Product packaging was great. Nice and clean and modern. Definitely reflective of what it has to offer.
    2 & 3. Texture of the product was lovely. Both the eye serum and Blur cream were lovely to use on the skin. Did not feel sticky or heavy on the skin – especially around the eye area.
    4. I only continued with the Eye serum as I felt that the Blur cream appeared to promote a small breakout! Considering my wedding is a few weeks away I wanted to avoid. The eye serum did appear to reduce lines and puffiness. The dark circles lightened a little, but then again I wasn’t getting too much sleep!
    5. Pricing is great. Most products like these can be in the $100’s and it’s great to see this kind of product available at a more convenient cost.
    6. I would definitely continue to use the eye serum and would give the Blur cream another go! Perhaps there were other factors – stress – affecting the products capabilities.
    7. I would see how this course of finishing the product goes before deciding. If it gave great results yes! Otherwise I would look for something more potent (Beauty Salon specific)
    8. I would recommend this product for someone who is wanting to add a more sophisticated product to their regime without spending the big dollars!

  • Posted by: Eileen86 Enthusiast

    Great Mid-High End Products

    First up, thank you to Primped.com.au for the opportunity to review Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth eye cream and Insta-Perfector blur cream. Both packaging looks posh with it’s reverse ombre black white colour. I also liked that both products are in tube form, so as to keep them away from nasties.

    The eye cream was easy to use and I really liked the weird massage applicator, although I am not too sure if it helps absorption. I still had to use my finger to dab the product in and it absorbs well, no sticky residue. I did find it improves my dark shadows and puffiness but there is no difference on the fine lines.

    Value for money is reasonable for the eye cream, but any specials or discounts would be really good. I will continue using up the product and hopefully it will improve the laughing lines on around my eyes.

    The Insta-Perfector blur cream acts like a primer for me. It really did perform very well for me (I only do light coverage in the day). Unlike the Loreal (pink bottle), this product did not make my BB cream ball up. The Insta-Perfector gave a smooth finish for very easy BB cream application. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends and continue using it.

    Value for money for the Insta-Perfector is alright. It is on the higher side for a chemist shop product.

  • Posted by: millym Newbie

    Skin Feels So Smooth!

    When I received these products I was impressed with the packaging. looks like products that are high quality and effective.

    The texture of the eye cream was good, not too runny or thick. I could possibly use a thicker formula, but my eye area was definitely moisturised.

    As a few other people have noted, there is a slight stinging sensation at first, but it went away quickly and my skin didn’t look or feel irritated.

    The blur cream was nice and thick. For someone with pretty dry skin, this felt nice, but I haven’t worn it under make-up so I don’t know how it would affect the life of foundation. It seemed to me to have a similar texture to Professional by Benefit, which wears well on my skin. Once again, I felt no irritation and my skin felt and looked nice and smooth.

    My eye area feels more moisturised and soft. I am yet to see much of an improvement, but what little I have seen is hopeful.

    I have noticed after application of the blur cream that my skin looks smoother and more even, but I have yet to see if this is temporary/cosmetic

    If my skin improves further, I think it is value for money. I will continue to use both products until empty and if my skin improves more I will purchase.

    I would recommend both products to friends and family that have similar skin types and concerns as me.

  • Posted by: simonecrozier Newbie

    Great Eternal Youth Products by Dr. LeWinn’s

    I absolutely LOVED the Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night Eye Cream! It’s hard to choose my favorite aspect of this product but I think the packaging just takes the top spot. The product is delivery onto a contoured applicator which just glides over your skin gently massaging the product into the eye area. The applicator feels very decadent and is cooling in contrast to the slightly warming feeling of the product. The product itself is light and absorbs easily leaving the eye area feeling hydrated. After using the product for a few days my dark circles have reduced and generally my whole eye area looks brighter. I’m sold, I will definitely be purchasing this product when it runs out.

    The Eternal Youth Insta-Perfector Blur Cream was also a hit. I really liked the lightness of the product, the slight fragrance was very delicate and the matte finish. It significantly reduced any redness in my face and sat well under my foundation all day. I have slight redness across my nose and cheeks and was really happy with how this product reduced this.

    I thought the price was very reasonable for both products and would certainly recommend them.

  • Posted by: All tact Newbie

    Big Punch In a Little Packet

    This was my first experience with any Dr Lewinn’s products and I have to say I am very happy. It has only been 2 weeks using both the products and I am already seeing noticeable results. The eye cream with the silver tip feels beautiful to apply. My crows feet are minimised and I am looking a lot more rested already. I plan to continue using this product. I wasn’t too sure about the Blur cream to begin with as the packet looked small and I didn’t really know how much to use. Yesterday I forgot to apply this before my makeup and it really highlighted what a great product it is. In comparison today my make up is going on a lot easier and neater, my forehead is looking smoother and overall my skin feels tighter after applying it. I am not sure if that is the creams primary purpose but it does product a perfect base for makeup. The combination of both products has given my skin a real glow that I haven’t had for many years.

    1. My products arrived by mail and the packaging had been damaged by rain. But overall I was impressed by the packing. The silver made it feel like an expensive and high end product.

    2.I loved the texture of the products. The eye cream was refreshing and would give me an instant lift, I found the blur cream a little sticky at first until I worked out the correct application amount. It does go a long way, so not a lot is required.

    3.Both products made my skin feel refreshed and tight. The blur cream gave my face a smooth finish that worked great for makeup.

    4.I have been using both products for 2 weeks and my crows feet have minimised. In my opinion I look more rested, which is purely illusion and hasn’t been the case at all :-) I do notice the blur cream makes my skin a lot better but mainly only when I have it applied. Looking forward to see if using it for longer will give deeper improvements.

    5.Initially I would have said no as the products were not huge. Other cheaper creams I have used in the past required you to use much bigger volumes of their products. However since using the products for 2 weeks I was shocked at how little is needed each day. It really does go a long way and I can see this lasting for some time. So based on that and how my skin is looking and feeling already I would say that is good value.

    6&7. I will most definitely continue to use both products and plan to purchase them again in the future. If anything I have to stop myself from applying the eye cream more than twice a day :-)

    8.I have already started recommending these products to my friends who have noticed some subtle differences in my appearance. I will continue to recommend this product and plan to check out other products by Dr Lewinn’s.

  • Posted by: Erin-1292984254 Newbie

    Surprisingly Good

    I’ve tried a few products like both of these before, but with varied results. I have SUPER dry skin, so for me, often when I initially try something the result is great, but by the end of the day my skin is tight with dryness and sometimes worse the next day, even after a night time cleanse and moisturise.

    Not so with these products though! The blur cream was great – the texture when you first use it kind of thickens and somehow softens on your face – INSTANT soft focus! plus the effect stays when putting some light foundation over – I found that when using this, I used a lighter (less coverage) foundation because the prime base it gave me was really lovely.

    The eye cream was a hard act to follow – as a true convert of YSL Touche Eclat, it’s great that at this price point there’s something that stands up to it. The applicator was good, lots of these products use a ball style applicator, which always makes me wonder about the long term cleanliness, but this one has a little pop open and close mechanism which means there’s no mixing in of old and new product. There is a little sting to it when you first put it on, which worried me a little at first, but even with dry skin and sensitive eyes there was no bad impact.

    These two products are fantastic, blur cream is definitely replacing my current Revlon product.

  • Posted by: charlz Newbie


    I love this face cream. The packaging looks expensive and stylish in the bathroom (always a plus when products double agent as décor). It is smooth to go on, and evens out the feel of my skin. It leaves my skin feeling kind of like there is a fine layer of baby powder on it, but without the residue. I have been using as a primer too and it makes the foundation stay on longer, and look more even.

    The eye cream tingles, and I am not too keen on the little contraption to get it out, I think a roller ball would be better. However in saying that, when I actually can get the cream out, once the tingling passes it has actually reduced my dark circles to the point that work colleagues have been commenting how fresh I look. Paired with white eyeliner on the bottom lid and this little baby is a god send.

  • Posted by: chris8877 Newbie

    So Light

    I love Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth Range!

    The product is light and suitable for my skin. Previously, I have tried some other products which is too heavy and I felt uncomfortable using but this one is fine. It is also very effective. I have only used it for 3 days and I can see that my eye bags are less puffy and the fine lines underneath my eyes have started diminishing. The best thing is you do not have to use several products to address your eyes issue. This little product helps to reduce puffiness, fade under eyes dark circle and reduce fine wrinkle lines – all in one go.

    Also, the packaging makes the product looks very premium.

    I would definitely continue using this product in my beauty regime. Thank you, Dr. Lewinn :)

  • Posted by: SARA-1341539898 Newbie

    Thank You!

    Firstly, a big thank you to the Primped team for allowing me to trial these beautiful products smile emoticon

    Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night Eye Cream:
    This product I found was very easy to use, and quite cooling on the skin.
    It is extremely hydrating and refreshing, yet doesn’t leave behind any oily or sticky residue.
    The special applicator tip makes it easy to control how much product you use, and to prevent any wastage.
    This product gave my eye area an overall lift and brightness which was noticed by friends and family.
    It really is a beautiful product which makes a noticeable difference to the texture and brightness of your skin.

    Dr. LeWinn’s Eternal Youth Insta-Perfector Blur Cream:
    This was my favourite of the 2 products I trialled.
    This blur cream has a smooth and creamy texture, but is not oily or heavy.
    It has a nice light fragrance which is not overpowering or sickly.
    In just a few days I could see my skin tone and texture improving with this cream.
    I used it after my moisturiser and before my makeup which worked perfect for me. My foundation would glide on giving me an airbrushed look.
    I suffer from acne and scarring and was so pleased to find a product that delivers what it promises. It smoothed out all my acne scarring and provided a smooth base for my makeup allowing me maximum coverage.

    I also have extremely sensitive skin, and found none of these products irritated me in any way.

    The packaging is very minimal and simplistic, which I also like.

    Overall I loved both of these products, and would definitely recommend them. For the small amount you need to use a little goes a long way, and these are well worth the price.
    Treat yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

  • Posted by: Scarlet88 Newbie

    Really Wanted To Like This!I loved the packaging of Dr.Lewinn’s Eternal Youth Eye and Insta Perfector Blur Cream and I couldn’t wait to begin the trial.
    I found the texture of the Blur Cream not too thick. I wouldn’t call it a ‘cream’, it’s almost like a balm and it mattefied my skin, especially the t-zone.
    The Youth Eye was luxuriously cooling and. However, at times i did have a little stinging sensation.
    I stopped using the Blur cream after about a week and a half because I started to break out like mad – I had a mixture of little tiny pimples and big, red, sore ones so I discontinued use.
    The Youth Eye – I didn’t really see any improvement.
    $49.99 isn’t too bad for these products if they work for you, I’ve seen much dearer. But then again, you’d be able to find a much affordable product that would provide optimal results if not better than this range by Dr. Lewinn’s.
    I wouldn’t consider using these two products in the future and wouldn’t say that I’d recommend these to my friends.

  • Posted by: fhe5 Newbie

    Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth Eye Cream, Blur Cream and Day & Night CreamI couldn’t believe my luck when I was chosen, so thank you, Primped, for that!
    I excitedly opened up the parcel and found my 3 Dr Lewinn products, which were packaged very impressively. The gold shiny boxes stand out and make the product look like they are worth the extra money spent on them and I started using them that night.
    The eye roller cream was tingly when I first started applying it but I like the cool sensation of the application which felt very refreshing every night. The Blur Cream to be honest, didn’t feel like it did much for my skin and I probably wouldn’t purchase that one, as I feel a serum does a better job. The Day & Night Cream though was lovely and made my skin feel so soft and I would definitely use this cream in the future.
    My friends commented on how good my skin was and how young I looked, about 2 weeks after I routinely used all 3 products every night which was nice to hear and I could feel that my skin was softer to the touch in general and under make up.
    I think for $49.99, this is too pricey for the eye cream, as there are many cheaper brands that have the same type of applicator and the blur cream felt too watery and I didn’t see it do much, so I think those products are overpriced, but the Day & Night Cream is very soft and feels like a quality product that I would happily spend $49.99 on (especially if it was on special!!)
    I will continue to use the products together, but would purchase only the Day & Night Cream in future as I feel this is the only product that really helped my skin, especially since I’m trying to start using anti-aging products now in my early 30’s.
    I did actually recommend the Dr Lewinn products I received to my friends when they told me how good my skin looked. I told them how much the set would cost, which they thought was too expensive, but if it was on special, they would consider buying.
    Overall, I have really enjoyed using these products and even started using them on my boyfriend every night, which surprisingly for a man who has never had any product on his face and doesn’t believe in creams, looked forward to our nightly ritual of the eye cream, blur cream and then moisturiser! He was even patting his face in the morning saying how soft his skin felt!!!!

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