Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream & Serum

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Boosts skin cell performance by 10 years! A luxurious and fast absorbing cream that protects the skin from damage. It helps cell repair and longevity, and provides intense moisturisation lasting 48 hours, leaving skin feeling and looking rejuvenated.


A luxurious serum that is easily absorbed by the skin and suitable for most skin types. For use under Eternal Youth Day & Night Cream for increased effects. For maximum results, use the serum morning and night. Contains cutting edge JuvefoxoTM – to help rejuvenate skin – and Renaissance® – to help restore damaged and aged skin.


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Here are some questions to start you off:

  1. What did you think of the product packaging?
  2. Did you like the texture of the products?
  3. How did the products feel on your skin?
  4. After using the products on an ongoing basis, did you notice an improvement?
  5. The products retail at $69.99 each. Do you think this is value for money?
  6. Will you continue to use Dr Lewinn's Eternal Youth range of products?
  7. Would you consider purchasing Dr Lewinn's Eternal Youth range of products?
  8. Would you recommend Dr Lewinn's Eternal Youth range of products to your friends?

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: Jensta Master Fan

    Beautiful products.

    Thank you to Primped and Dr Lewinns for allowing me to be on this trial.

    On first receiving this serum and moisturiser, I was delighted witht the very luxe packaging and containers. The serum looks a lot like the Lancome one and the moisturiser has a diamond looking lid on it.

    I did my normal skin routine and applied the serum after eye cream and toning. I absolutely love the feel of the serum and in particular the pleasant scent. It just soaked right in to my skin.

    I then applied the moisturiser and loved how this just sank straight into my skin as well, it was a creamier and heavier weight than the serum, but perfect for my dry, ageing skin.

    AFter using this for about two weeks, I am pleasantly surprised at how my wrinkles have softened and my skin is more moisturised and fuller.

    The pricing on these two items are a little more than I would normally pay for moisturiser and serum, but because of the results I would be happy to.

    I will happily continue to use these divine products, as they have improved the texture, tone and elasticity of my skin.

  • Posted by: Teneal Supporter

    Excellent anti-aging (for the not-so-aged)

    I have been looking for some anti-ageing products that aren’t too ‘full on’, so was very excited to try these products!

    The packaging is lovely, the lid on the moisturiser is gorgeous! Both look luxe. The scent of both products is really nice, not overpowering at all.

    I used these products to replace my usual serum and moisturiser in both my day and night routine. The serum absorbs quickly and feels lovely and smooth. The moisturiser hydrates the skin well and leaves a lovely smooth finish – especially great under make up during the day. Living in Queensland, heavy moisturisers tend to feel like they will run off, but this is smooth and fast absorbed.

    My skin felt smoother after only a few days, and after only 2 weeks of trialling both products my skin tone has improved, my fine lines seem diminished and my pores appear smaller.

    Although the price seems a bit high for something I can get at a pharmacy, I feel the efficacy of this product is worthy of the price. It really is a great early anti-ageing product combination, and I will purchase this when I run out.

  • Posted by: Courtney -1405312869 Newbie

    Pros and Cons

    I loved the texture of this product, although the fragrance was stronger in this product than I normally purchase. The products left hydrating and non greasy on my skin.

    The packaging is beautiful and the lid on the cream is something to display in your bathroom!

    I didn’t see a change in my skin other than hydration which has been great due to the change of seasons in Melbourne. A little bit more than I would normally pay for face products – I don’t believe I’m in the catergory of anti aging at 26. So I wont be continuing to use these products.

    I would recommend them to my older friends though as they are beautiful to use and to look at.

  • Posted by: Krystie-1327570181 Newbie

    Beautiful Beauty

    My first reaction with this product was that the packaging was quite flashy, must be because I love a bit of bling.

    The cream beautiful to apply, it feels very moisturising though the first time I applied I may have put on too much (it did say apply generously) as I have a residue that rubbed off later in the evening.

    The serum also felt lovely to apply to the skin, however I did feel a slight tingling sensation minutes after applicable. This was not painful or a problem but a sensation I was definitely aware of.

    While I’ve only been using these products for a few days, I do know that I will be buying this product again and would definitely recommend to family and friends to purchase and give it a try.

  • Posted by: makeupmaven Newbie

    This was great – for my mum

    I was very excited to receive this package in the mail!

    My initial thought was that the packaging was a little too cheap/plasticky. I think it would have done better in a nice glass bottle (especially at the $70 pricetag). The diamante effect didn’t really encourage me to purchase it again, or display the product on my bathroom counter.

    The products themselves melted right into my skin – there was a pleasant scent, which wasn’t overpowering, and it didn’t leave my face looking like an absolute greaseball.

    I didn’t feel much of a result on my skin (I am 26 years old) so I actually gave them to my mum (55 years old) to trial. She LOVED THEM and is going to purchase them again. For me, it was something that I could do without, but for my mum, she absolutely loved it.

    I would recommended these products for older women/men.

  • Posted by: lovetoplay Master Fan

    Serum is great for daytime under my SPF cream!

    The packaging of this product is the best – so glam with it’s jewel-topped lid! It really does look stunning on the dressing table – beckoning for attention. The texture of this cream is soft and fine. Not a lot is needed for my skin as it’s quite rich yet it’s not oily or greasy. I have an oily t zone so I limit use of products there but this cream is fine to use there if I don’t overdo it. It sinks right into my skin which is really good. I feel like my skin is being completely nourished and cared for. My skin is completely hydrated and my fine lines are looking minimal. So it’s perfect for dry or normal skins and ageing skin.

    I will continue to use the Day & Night cream intermittently with my other light night time products. For day though I prefer something with a very high SPF because I tend to get dark sun patches if I don’t. The serum is something I can use under my normal SPF so I’m very pleased with that – I can have the hydration and anti-ageing effect with my high SPF over the top!

    I would buy these again to intermix with my products that I already use. My skin is looking better for using them.

  • Posted by: Jennalee Supporter

    Will repurchase

    What did you think of the product packaging?
    Beautiful – looks a lot more expensive than what it is

    Did you like the texture of the products?
    Yes – the serum feels light and sinks in straight away. The moisturiser feels rich and moisturizing

    How did the products feel on your skin?
    Great – after applying both the serum and moisturiser my skin felt really smooth

    After using the products on an ongoing basis, did you notice an improvement?
    Hard to say, as I’m pregnant so my skin is all over the place. But it certainly doesn’t look bad.

    The products retail at $69.99 each. Do you think this is value for money?
    Yes – I’ve spent a lot more on skin care before

    Will you continue to use Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth range of products?

    Would you consider purchasing Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth range of products?

    Would you recommend Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth range of products to your friends?

  • Posted by: Lollicious Enthusiast

    A gem of a product

    From the glamorous packaging to the creamy luxuriant scent. This serum and moisturizer packs a anti ageing punch. Ive been using these two gorgeous products morning and night and can notice my skin is simply radiant and smooth, its easy to apply, absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling deliciously smooth and creamy.

  • Posted by: Rebekah Newbie


    First things first…. Packaging! So luxurious! I really loved it and felt all grown-up 😉

    From the first application I actually really loved both the serum and the cream. It’s really lightly fragranced (which I love) and goes on incredibly smoothly. It feels nourishing and I felt like my skin tone was better after one application. I actually feel like my skin is quite a bit smoother after a week’s use.

    I’m 28 so I don’t necessarily feel like I’ve noticed any anti-ageing properties, but a definite improvement in skin overall!

    The product is probably a little out of my price range (stay at home mum!) – if it was around half the price I would definitely repurchase. However I would highly recommend the product to those able and willing to spend the money!

    Thank you for the opportunity to test and review! Overall beautiful products.

  • Posted by: Pum-1291855973 Newbie

    Combination skin sorted!

    1.What did you think of the product packaging?
    The packaging was nice – a bit bulky but nothing that would stop me buying it again!

    2.Did you like the texture of the products?
    The texture was nice and light.

    3.How did the products feel on your skin?
    A little goes a long way- enjoyed applying it, not a fussy product, quite low maintenance actually. Felt refreshed for a long time after applying the the serum and cream- liked it so much I didn’t want to put make up over it because it felt so lovely.

    4.After using the products on an ongoing basis, did you notice an improvement?
    I have combination skin – white heads and all. I actually was a bit nervous to try the serum and cream because I wasn’t keen on yet an other crowd of white heads on my face. Now I’m not one to really read reviews that sound magical but my skin didn’t break out anywhere near as much as it used to. I’m not sure what fangdangle ingredients make the white heads scared, but only one or two pop and my guess that’s hormonal!

    5.The products retail at $69.99 each. Do you think this is value for money?
    Look, because we were gifted these products to trial, I’m not going to lie- I looked up how much it costs and was a bit shocked. In saying that I think they’ll last me a while and so although it is a bit pricey, I’ll have to see how long I get out of them before I do my calculations of price VS lifetime.

    6.Will you continue to use Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth range of products?
    If they last long enough to be worth the price- yup!

    7.Would you consider purchasing Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth range of products?
    Like I’ve said – I’m cautious because my skin is sensitive but with the cream and serum, I’m feeling confident to checking out more of this Doc can provide me!

    8.Would you recommend Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth range of products to your friends?
    Yes! I’m only 28, so not feeling ‘old’ enough to be keen on ‘age renewal’ stuff yet but if it makes my skin feel this healthy, I’ll be telling all of the people!

  • Posted by: Anthea-1327557057 Enthusiast

    Love it!

    I love this product I prefer the texture of the day and night cream it glides on very easily and absorbs very well.

    The products are a bit pricey but they made my skin look very bright i noticed my complexion was nicer under makeup. So i will definitely buy these products.

    I especially loved the top of the bottle of the Day and Night cream looks like crystals.

    The texture is so soft and feels very nice and refreshing on my skin. The price tag is a bit out of my budget at the moment but when im back at work I would love to use these products as my usual day and night creams, I would definitely recommend to all my Mummy friends and also my Mother.

  • Posted by: angela_ Newbie

    Dr Lewinns gets a new look!

    Dr Lewinns has come a long way from the brand I remember selling when working in a pharmacy 10 years ago. Long gone are the plain white packaging, instead when I eagerly unwrapped my package, I found two shining silver boxes. Inside the bottles brought thoughts of Lancome to my mind.

    The serum and face cream both have a lovely texture and felt beautiful on my skin. I too noticed a slight tingling after applying the serum, which was a little disconcerting.

    I don’t know that I have seen any improvements in my skin since starting to use these products, but then again, I have only been using them for two and a half weeks, and I would usually give at least a month to see whether I notice any improvements.

    I will continue to use the products until I finish them (mainly at night), but I would not purchase them in the future. I am not sure of the science that backs up the claims Dr Lewinns is making in their marketing, what exactly are “Juvefoxo”, “Renaissance” or “PatcH2O”? The Facebook page they have set up as the only portal for information about their products does not make this clear. I could not find any study results from the company that would support the claim that Juvefoxo “helps to rejuvenate skin cell performance by 10 years”. I would also like any product that contains Vitamin A to either contain an SPF of any level, or at least to have packaging that recommends the use of sunscreen with their products. For a product marketed as anti-aging, leaving out sun protection in a day cream seems like a major oversight.

    While these products feel nice on the skin and have visually appealing packaging, without the inclusion of an SPF for a day cream, I will not be purchasing theses products in the future.

  • Posted by: Snazzie Newbie

    Beautiful products.

    When the products first arrived I was excited to see the packaging. It is beautiful and luxe .. all silver and shiny!

    I wasn’t disappointed when I got the products out and tried them. The texture of the serum is lovely and light, and it sinks in really well. The moisturiser is richer than the serum but still sinks in really well.

    Both left my skin feeling soft and smooth.

    They are quite expensive at $69.99 each and I haven’t decided yet whether I would use them on an ongoing basis as I think I need a bit longer to see the real effects on my skin.

    Overall they seem to be great products and are not too expensive for everyday use (a little goes a long way).

  • Posted by: Procrastibaking Enthusiast

    Unfortunately, this isn’t for me.

    The packaging on this was good. Nothing to really write home about though. The serum comes in a simple plastic pump and two pumps covered my face and neck.The moisturiser packaging couldn’t nbe simpler as it’s just in a pot. For a premium product, I sort of expect a more sophisticated packaging that a pot I have to swipe my fingers into. Just doesn’t seem like it would be hygienic by the time you get to the end of the product.

    The texture of the serum and moisturiser was fine also, what you would expect from a serum, not runny or thick. The moisturiser was a thicker consistency and hence I had anticipated it being greasier than it was. On the skin, the product felt nice, gentle almost cooling and absorbed easily.

    Unfortunately, this product broke me out. I basically never break out but I found myself walking along the street with an itching burning forehead, 5-6 deep breakouts and looking for the nearest Priceline to duck into to buy some towelettes to get the stuff off and calm my forehead.

    I tried it for about a week and had to give up after that time.

    Given the breakout, I’m afraid there is no amount of money you could pay me to use this product, let alone for me to pay money myself. I haven’t had deep pimples like that for a very long time and so this product simply isn’t for me.

    Even still, for the pricepoint, to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend this product to friends. For this much cash, I think you can do a lot better with a non-drugstore brand.
    Hope you have better luck with it.

  • Posted by: 123bardy Newbie

    good product

    I like the packaging it looks good. The cream is really great to use it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily. The only thing is that there is not a lot of cream in the jar for the price that you would pay. At $69.95 a jar I would expect just a bit more inside the jars.apart from that I would recommend the cream ad it is great to use and keeps your skin feeling moisturised for the whole day. I will be buying it as I love how it makes my skin feel moist all day.

  • Posted by: JulieH77 Newbie

    Dr Lewinns….don’t mind if I do!!!!

    My initial thoughts when I excitedly ripped open the parcel was that the product packaging looked like the Lancome packaging but a much cheaper version. The actual product though is amazing, the serum was light, silky and smelt delish! It felt great on the skin too. The moisturiser was a little heavier than I would normally use daily but it certainly didn’t feel heavy on the skin. I did notice that if I didn’t let the serum absorb or if I used too much serum or moisturiser they would dry and cake on my skin which was kind of unsightly. I have been looking for an anti ageing product and this product really felt like it made a difference to my skin, it feels clearer, my redness has calmed and my skin is plumper. I would definitely recommend this product although I think the packaging has let it down, I think the price is really reasonable for the quality of the product.

  • Posted by: verityelizabeth Newbie

    Dr. Lewinn’s eternal youth day and night serum

    I have been using this product morning and night for three weeks and can see a reduction in the fine lines around the eye area. It is a very smooth and silky and absorbs quickly into the skin. I like the shape of the bottle and its easy pumping action.

    The eternal youth day and night cream-
    I have been using this product morning and night for three weeks, and i find it tacky and sticky to the touch at first, however it does dry and absorb quickly. I find it very hydrating as I have extremely dry skin.

    The wrinkles do appear to smooth out and leave the skin feeling plump and soft. I also like the way it prepares the skin for my foundation application. I would continue to purchase both of these products as long as they are within an acceptable price range.

  • Posted by: LizArmy Newbie


    Love the serum and moisturiser. They look lovely under make up and made my skin feel very smooth.

    I did feel as though it made my skin feel tighter.

    I wasn’t too keen on the scent and found it quite overpowering and for that reason I wouldn’t buy the product for myself.

  • Posted by: chont Newbie

    Overpowering scent

    Absolutely loved the packaging- silver boxes with black writing. Very eye catching. The diamond looking lid on the cream is also very impressive.

    Both the serum and cream have very smooth textures, and you only need a little bit as it spreads easily and evenly over a considerable area.

    I feel I need more time to comment on the effectiveness on my skin, and will update in the future accordingly.

    I can not justify paying $70 for each product. While they will last a long time due to how far a little bit spreads, that is a lot to outlay initially and way out of my budget.

    The main reason I would not purchase these products are that they are heavily scented. While the scent is in no way unpleasant, it lingers for a long time and I find that off-putting and annoying personally.

  • Posted by: kate_l88 Newbie

    Great products, interesting ingredients

    I fell in love with the packaging when I saw it. It looked so glamourous and lush; with a hint of sophistication to it.
    The product didn’t feel heavy on my skin when applied and although I have quite oily skin it didn’t seem to make this any words.
    I wasn’t blown away by the fragrance of either product and thought a more natural flowerly scent would work better.
    My skin did look quite a lot fresher and smoother after using the product for 4 weeks. Although I did forget some nights to apply I still managed to see great results.
    As I’m still quite young (27) at this point in time I wouldn’t be looking to try the Eternal Youth range but will have a look at it when I reach the mid – 30’s / 40’s period in life.

    I was a bit dissappointed that aqua (water) was the first ingredients in both products. Also, the cutting edge Juvefox in the serum was quite low down on the list of ingredients which made me wonder what % off it was acutally in the product?

    Overall, it was a great product in which I saw results from. The price point is a little big high for me however, it does suit the packaging and advertisment of the products.

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