Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Night Renewal Cream

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Our skin goes into regenerative mode at night, Primpettes. In a nutshell, it means that it’s able to absorb the antioxidants and specially formulated ingredients in the cream that both combat the signs of ageing and replenish the loss of hydration we experience throughout the day. So if you haven’t already, we recommend you add one to your beauty arsenal. STAT.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Night Renewal Cream, $12.99, is a rich night cream infused with retinol, which promotes skin renewal and also assists in repairing your skin overnight, while the combination of peptides and antioxidants leave it feeling silky-smooth and soft. The fast-absorbed formula also contains subtle wafts of the cocoa butter scent we’ve all come to know and love from Palmer’s products, and the addition of  both the cocoa and shea butter reduces the appearance of age spots and adds an extra moisturising boost.

All that said Primpettes, we want to know what you thought about the product. Remember, these reviews are what people read before heading down the shopping aisles.

A few things to consider when writing your review …

Did the night cream leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated?

Did you notice a reduction in age spots, fine lines and wrinkles?

Would you use it again?

What about value for money, at $12.99?

How did your skin look after using the product?

Did you like the way the products smelt and felt on your skin?

Would you recommend them to your friends?

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: sumaya Master Fan

    I have been trialling Palmer’s Night Renewal Cream for almost two weeks now and i am loving the results.

    First off, i love the refreshing colours on the packaging and the cute little tub it comes in. A bonus is that it’s affordable and will not hurt the budget.

    The cream is very thick and a little goes a long way which is fantastic. When i first applied the cream it was greasy and oily which concerned me at first but then as i moisturised into my skin it was surprisingly absorbed very quickly and left me with no oily residue at all.

    I have noticed some change in my skin such as it is well moisturised, firmer and left me feeling great which is awesome as i often suffer from very dry skin in winter (well not this winter). I have been looking for a good night cream but with so many on the market and so many which don’t actually do anything for my skin, i was finding it hard but now i feel that i have a cream that i can use especially with the cooler months. Tighter, firmer and well moisturised, would more could i want?? Everything i could want in a night cream is right is this little tub.

    Would i use this cream again? Most definately and i have already recommended to all my family and friends. Thankyou for allowing me to take part in this trial :)

  • Posted by: daylight dancer Master Fan

    I love the packaging of this product, with its apricot and white shading with a golden line. It actually looks like a designer product, which is great when it’s sitting on my desk for all too see, and with its $12.99 price tag why wouldn’t you want to show it off. The actual container itself resembles the box it comes in. An apricot coloured lid with a white and apricot base, also featuring its own golden line.
    The cream is very thick, you can turn the jar upside down with no lid on and it doesn’t budge at all. You can also feel the thickness of the cream when you’re getting the product out of the tub.
    To follow directions you need to apply enough cream to cover your entire face and neck each night. I had a feeling that the cream may be too heavy for me but it’s not at all. When you’re working the cream into your skin, it soaks it straight up almost immediately so the thickness does not affect this effect at all. Afterwards your skin feels plumped up, hydrated and very smooth. I have normal/dry skin and I had no reaction at all. The product does not have that typical smell like the other Palmers products I own. It’s not an offensive smell at all, but it’s not fragranced, which I consider a good thing as I do not like to apply fragranced products to my skin at night. After application you cannot smell the product on your skin anyway, another bonus. Come morning, my skin still felt moisturised and soft.
    The main benefits I found from this product were how hydrated it made my skin feel and how long my cheeks stayed moisturised. Compared to other moisturisers I own, the Palmers night renewal cream has better,longer lasting effects on the skin.
    I do have laughter lines in the corners of my mouth and fine wrinkles under my eyes. Within this 2 week trial period I didn’t notice any change though. In saying that, the product does advise for best results you need to use the full line of Palmers products and I believe with longer use I will see more results as it feels promising. Also I think this product may be more for deterring and preventing wrinkles and fine lines rather than erasing them.
    Ill suggest one improvement as it seems to be becoming common with other brands of moisturiser and it’s that the product evens out skin tone.
    I look forward to applying this product each night before bed and i will continue to use it.
    I will give this cream a rating of 4/5 as it is a wonderful night cream.

    I’ll be recommending this product to my friends and family for these reasons:
    -It’s affordable
    -It’s deeply hydrating
    -It’s keeps skin smooth longer

  • Posted by: Talitha-1291067711 Supporter

    a. Packaging. Simple, nothing fancy but appropriate given the price.
    b. Texture Nothing like most night moisturisers i have tried in the past. The consistency is more like that of a day cream. As someone with normal to dry skin i prefer a thicker cream but this may be suited to those with oil issues.
    c. Product Smells good and won’t break the bank. As far as hydration goes i wouldn’t use this cream without first using a hydrating serum. On its own it wasn’t enough for my skin.
    1. Main advantages The main advantage is how affordable the product is and the nice smell. It’s a no fuss cream as it sinks quickly into the skin to deliver a hydration boost.
    2. Impact on the skin No huge impact on the skin. It didn’t break me out which was a major plus for someone who is prone to slight oilyness in the Tzone. Personally i would use this as a day cream rather than at night.
    3. Improvements No major improvements but could be because it can take a number of weeks for a product to really start working its magic. It delivered an acceptable amount of hydration but i didn’t notice any difference in any other way.
    4. Rating 3 out of 5. Great affordable option for those on a budget. Delivers a nice amount of hydration and with continued use may deliver more results. I would recommend this cream to someone with normal to oily skin or to those who prefer a lighter cream that sinks in quickly. I would consider using this cream as a day cream over my sunscreen or as a primer.

  • Posted by: zoeemac Newbie

    Opening this package in the mail, I didn’t know what to expect. Having been a fan of Palmers for many years, I was delighted to see their classic packaging. However, I was more delighted with the fact that this reasonably priced night cream was in a heavy, high quality ceramic pot.
    At the age of 23, I havn’t tried using a night cream before. Usually just applying some serum to my face and neck before bed felt like it was enough. I cannot tell you how different my skin feels after applying this cream (after my serum). However, a couple of times I tried just the night cream, without any serum first, and it still did a great job! The cream feels thick, compared to my day moisturiser, and you only need a little to cover your face, neck and chest.
    This product smells great, like any other Palmer’s product. It is not overpowering, but still has that nice fresh smell, which is great before bed.
    Although I don’t have any fine lines appearing just yet, my skin feels much better using this product. My skin does look better in the morning and it feels more youthful. This product didn’t harm my sensitive, oily skin. It was perfect for my skin type.
    I’m going to keep using this cream until the pot runs out…and I’ll probably buy some more when this happens! I’m rating this product 4/ 5. I’ll also be recommending this to everybody I know. Thanks Primped and Palmers!

  • Posted by: Fashionista8P Master Fan

    Palmers has always been a well known brand in our household with bottles of cocoa butter and lip balms lying around the house so I was glad to try something else from the brand.
    This night cream has simple packaging and is such a bargain price for a night cream. I cannot tell you how many night creams there are out there all with very expensive price tags and due to that I stay away from them and usually just use my normal moisturiser and a serum for my night routine.
    The cream is very thick yet somehow smooth. I thought it might just sit on my skin and stay oily until the morning but it works its way into your skin straight away and by the morning there is no oily residue.
    This product is great especially for the winter months when I tend to wake up in the middle of the night feeling dry and my skin feels overworked.
    This cream leaves your skin soft and puts the moisture into the skin and it works overnight so its really a no hassle product.
    I do apply the cream with a small spatula which I got with a different moisturiser because I think tubs can become too grimy and a bit unhygienic.
    Other than that its a bargain buy and great for those with younger skin concerns as its a great all round product but if you are targeting wrinkles and deep lines than I would say go for something more specific.

  • Posted by: Fan_of_blush Newbie

    I love palmers cocoa butter as a body moisturiser but for the face, I think I’d prefer to use another brand. It is deffinately value for money, felt nice to apply.

  • Posted by: zoeeb Newbie

    First of all Palmer’s Night Renewal Cream is fantastic value for your dollar. My usual night moisturiser is a few dollars more and runs out alot more quickly. It only has a faint smell, so you won’t feel too perfumed heading to bed.
    I was impressed with how thick it is – when I first tried it I thought it was almost too thick, however it sinks in quickly and leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. I used my regular serum underneath and they combined well. I was also impressed to see that my face still felt well-moisturised in the morning, a sign of a good night cream in my opinion.
    Did I notice a reduction in age spots or fine lines? I can’t be completely sure as I only used it for two weeks, but I feel like some of my recent fine line additions toned down a bit.
    I would definitely consider using it again and would recommend it to my friends as well.

  • Posted by: Razamataz Enthusiast

    I have been using Palmer’s night renewal cream for almost two weeks – my skin type is combination/oily.

    First impressions:
    Packaging – classic Palmer’s packaging however I think it’s a bit old fashioned.
    Texture – really nice, thick texture that you would be expecting if you have used the Palmer’s range of body lotion.
    Product – has quite a strong smell, of cocoa, similar to the body lotion but a bit lighter. This put me off a little bit as I really prefer my face products to be unscented.

    Main advantages
    Felt really smooth and luxurious on my skin and in the morning I coulld definitely feel like my skin was softer. I was a bit concerned that the heaviness of the cream would make me break out but I didn’t find that this happened. I think this product is perfect for colder weather when your skin takes a bit of a beating and can dry out. Definitely a product that will make your skin feel smoother and more nourished.
    Impact on skin
    Definitely got rid of any dryness that I usaully experience around my nose and chin when the weather gets colder. I could geel that my skin was softer and smoother in the mornings.
    I would prefer this product if it wasn’t scented and also if it came in a more modern packaging or otherwise in tube form – I really hate digging my fingers into cream jars. I think that this would be a cold weather specific product as I can imagine my skin feeling oilier and even breaking out in summer. I think that this product would work for people with drier and more mature skin – I was unable to identify whether it got rid of fine lines as my skin is still quite young.
    Rating – 3.5/5

  • Posted by: ruchi Newbie

    A value for money, substantial quantity product that didn’t impress wrt changes to my skin or fine line reduction.
    Have to agree that it felt good on the skin & smelt pretty nice as well.

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan

    Palmer’s Night Renewal Cream helps to improve the complexion, texture and tone of skin and is used as a night treatment. My combination skin type is lacking that radiance and supple texture, so this cream is the ideal product I’ve been looking for.

    Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Night Renewal Cream is housed in a sturdy jar with a screw-on lid. Upon opening the jar, there was a protective plastic covering, so you would avoid any leakages.

    The cream is a luscious rich thick cream which smells so yummy with the main scent of cocoa butter. At first I was a little hesitant to use this cream due to the thickness, but then after the first application I was pleasantly surprised as to how easy it was to evenly apply a decent layer to the skin and how quickly the cream absorbed.

    My skin did not look or feel greasy and it did not irritate my skin at all. My skin felt comfortably hydrated due to the core ingredient of shea butter. Other core ingredients in this cream include retinol, peptides and milk proteins to help renew the skin, plump the skin and improve the skin’s texture and tone, respectively.

    I have been using this cream every night for the last two weeks and I have only noticed slight improvements to the texture of my skin. My skin looks and feels smooth and I’m glad that my skin has maintained it’s good hydration levels during the night.

    Overall, I’m impressed with the scent, feel and benefits Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Night Renewal Cream has to offer. Despite the thick texture, I am very pleased that this cream is compatible with my skin and that my night time skin regime is working effectively. I will definitely continue to use this product and at $12.99 a jar, you can’t go wrong really! Star rating: 4.5/5

  • Posted by: ruchi Newbie

    It’s always a happy surprise when you get a ‘win’ in the mail.I use night creams and have found them to be very useful.
    The Palmer’s packaging was simple and effective, giving a clear and pure message, however maybe too simple.
    The cream was very heavy and at first it left my skin feeling oily and quite full, but 3 days later i noticed the cream getting easily absorbed and disappearing into the skin. Magic.
    My skin feels more hydrated but I don’t see the benefits in fine lines yet, possibly continued use will help.
    It is definitely a Value for Money product which smells clean and fresh.
    I am going to adopt a wait and watch policy before i decide if I will continue using it or recommend it to other friends.
    Definitely one of the better products out there !

  • Posted by: lpilz Enthusiast

    I have been trialling this product for 2 weeks now and I am somewhat pleased with the results. To be honest, I was expecting more, having used Palmer’s Products for years now, so a little bummed the results haven’t been better.

    The smell is delicious and addictive, and it feels really luxurious on your skin for the small price you are paying

    The thick cream goes a long way and is great for dry skin areas; especially in the coming colder months.

    Helped reduce lines on my chest (minimal, but I noticed) and left my chest and neck soft.

    The packaging isn’t ostentatious, so does not take away from the product itself (which is what you are buying). I am not a fan of overly decorated bottles as I feel the draw you in and spit you out: Sure a bottle may be nice to look at, but you are using what is inside- don’t judge a book by its cover!?!


    I didn’t think it was that hydrating. My skin felt more residuey then hydrated.

    Jar is a little heavy- you assume there is more product in it then there actually is. It is also easily breakable for clumsy hands like my own.

    I do like the product, but I am not raving about it. I will definitely be using it on my décolletage from now on, as I feel it gave better results then on my face.

    It definitely is value for money. What other brand offer a night cream for under $13? I feel however, that to actually see visual results, it would need to be used for a few months continuously.

  • Posted by: Lisa82 Newbie

    For a night cream as good as this, I don’t think that the packaging does it much justice. I think that the colours of the packaging are too plain, make it look too cheap, and if I were shopping for a night cream, it would probably be the last one I see, as the packaging is unfortunately just too plain. The table at the back of the box, however, is great. It lists all the key ingredients in the cream and their benefits. Great for us girls who dislike seeing too much information written on a product, as it can get confusing!

    The actual jar of Palmer’s Night Renewal Cream is very heavy. I’m not a fan of these jars, as they can easily crack the tiles of your bathroom floor!

    Palmer’s Night Renewal Cream has a lovely texture. It is not watery and not too thick, and it absorbs easily into the face without any stickiness. It has an infused cocoa and white lily fragrance which is divine and not too powerful.

    There are two main advantages of this product. Firstly, it contains Retinol. This is a powerful anti-aging ingredient. Secondly, it is super-moisturising with its added cocoa and shea butters. I usually add a little sorbolene cream to other night creams to boost their moisturisation, but with Palmer’s Night Renewal Cream, I didn’t have to.

    As soon as I applied Palmer’s Night Renewal Cream to my face, I noticed an immediate radiance, and fine lines were instantly smoothed because of its fantastic moisturising ability. My skin looked just as radiant the morning after, too. After nightly use for 2 weeks, my skin is practically glowing and the fine lines around my eyes have been reduced.

    The improvements that I would recommend be made to Palmer’s Night Renewal Cream are only to do with its packaging, because the cream really does what it claims to do. I think that the entire packaging could be made more eye-catching by using brighter colours on the box and jar. Also, if the jar could be made using lighter materials, then I think that would be an advantage too.

    I would definitely use this product again, and recommend it for its superior results and great value for money…dirt-cheap at $12.99! Well done Palmer’s!

  • Posted by: Annabelle Enthusiast

    Did the night cream leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated? Yes it did. My skin was super smooth, soft and moisturised.

    Did you notice a reduction in age spots, fine lines and wrinkles? Being 24 I dont have any lines yet.

    Would you use it again? I would use it again if I was limited to buying a budget cream. The major downfall for me was the smell, i know its Palmers and they have their signature
    scent but its a bit too full on for the face.

    What about value for money, at $12.99? Great value for money. Based on the cost it really delivers.

    How did your skin look after using the product? My skin looks healthy and smooth.

    Did you like the way the products smelt and felt on your skin? As said above i don’t enjoy the strong cocoa butter scent on my face. It feels quite thick at first but does sink into the skin quite quickly.

    Would you recommend them to your friends? I would if they were looking for a good value for money night cream.

  • Posted by: CatherineHarry Newbie

    I have really loved to have the opportunity to review Palmer’s Night Renewal Cream over the last two weeks. Wearing a night cream has been on my “To Do” list and so this was a kick start in the right direction for me.
    As far as the product leaving my skin feeling smooth and hydrated is concerned – let’s just say, I would hear my skin saying “Thank you” to me each night as I lay my head to rest. I always moisturised at night, but with my “normal” moisturiser and I have really noticed the difference that this product has made.
    I haven’t noticed the reduction of any age spots, but the fine lines and wrinkles have definitely started to even out a little. Which I am very happy about!
    I must admit I was a little skeptical at first and even thought that it was a little greasy compared with what I was used too. But as I smoothed it onto my skin I felt like it was being soaked up perfectly. The smell was fine too – I rather like the cocoa butter smell though.
    I would definitely recommend this product to my friends because the results have really been so good. And for $12.99 you really can’t ask for anything more.
    Honestly, it’s a bargain skin revitaliser that I will certainly be using again!

  • Posted by: madifraser Enthusiast

    I got to trial the Palmers Night Renewal Cream.
    I must admit I love the old fashioned style packaging.
    The texture is great, it’s quite thick without feeling heavy or greasy and is absorbed straight into the skin.
    I really don’t like the smell though, as with most Palmers products for me.
    I found the cream really helped with the dry skin I can get in Winter however I had to keep it away from my nose as retinol and the sensitive skin on my nose are not a good mix. But otherwise I thought it was great. My skin felt firm and moisturised which is what I was after.
    For the price it is definitely worth while.

  • Posted by: Renee-1301808129 Supporter

    My first impression of the Palmer’s Night Renewal Cream is the packaging. I love the bright orange Palmer’s Logo which is easy to recognise at the shops for future purchases. The white and gold detail adds a special touch, while the pink pearl jar looks cute in my bathroom.
    It has a beautiful silky texture that’s non-oily and absorbs fast. This product feels thick on my fingertips but spreads well over my entire face and neck..
    I’m happy to read on the box about the natural ingredients :- coconut, aloe, cocoa, shea butter and vitamins, antioxidants plus Evening Primrose Oil which is great for dry skin. The main advantages of using this product is the Retinol for anti-aging. My pores became very reduced in size after the 3rd day I could really notice the difference in the mirror. What it also doesn’t say on the box was that it’s an excellent primer! It creates a smooth surface for flawless make-up.
    The deep lines in my neck started to look softer and my whole face is plumped up making it feel young and smooth. I had a lot of improvments in firmness I’m guessing that’s because of the Peptide Complex. The Night Cream has a lovely fresh fragrance and helped the tone and texture of my skin.
    The most amazing thing about this product is how much my pores reduced in size. I will admit to re-applying more to the dry skin on my cheeks and pores for added hydration, after splendid results why wouldn’t I ?
    Please note that I was using this products in combination with the Daily Facial Lotion which I have at home already. I would recommend that ladies and men try it to see what it can do for their skin and if they find some other unexpected benefits. My skin is glowing and I had almost instant results so I would love to try some other Palmer’s products too maybe the Rejuvenating Serum, Eye Cream or Mask. It’s within my price range. 4 Stars

  • Posted by: sprinkles37 Master Fan

    My skin is normal to combination, and I currently don’t use a specific night cream. I normally just use whatever moisturiser I am using for the day. I do use a serum to combat uneven skintone and splotchy skin.

    The Palmers Night Renewal Night Cream is my first proper night cream that I have used consistently. Straight away you feel it really hydrate your skin. The formula is really thick and helps to plump up your skin. I haven’t broken out after using it, even though it is thicker and heavier than the types of moisturisers I normally use.

    While I’ve only been using it at night for a fortnight, I didn’t see it reduce lines or age spot but did find my skin has been feeling much softer. Even after I wake up, I can still feel it hydrated.

    It has that gorgeous Palmer’s cocoa butter smell. If you don’t like that smell, then you won’t like this.

    At under $15, it is such a great night cream. I’s perfect for anyone on a budget, or for someone wanting to try an anti aging night cream for the first time.

    I really loved using it and found it made my skin soft and hydrated. It’s perfect for winter.

    Thanks Primped! I would have normally passed this by, but am now such a fan.

  • Posted by: emilyb Newbie

    On application, my skin felt hydrated but not oily, but this didn’t seem to last more a few hours. I didn’t notice a visible reduction in wrinkles.

    I would probably use again – it’s quite good value for money at $12.99 but I did notice some breakouts.

    Overall it smelt great and made my skin smoother.

  • Posted by: Amanda -1293680654 Supporter

    The first thing I noticed about this product (besides the great quality packaging) was the thick, richness of the cream. It has a light, fresh fragrance and the cream applied very smoothly. I applied it morning and night for the first week of the trial (as per instructions), but reduced my usage to once a day (night) after about a week, as my dry skin was starting to look a bit too oily with my make-up. The cream left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated, and I have actually noticed my skin looking a bit smoother and my complexion more even.
    Would you use it again? Yes I would. But not morning and night. I would personally use it a few times a week alternated with my usual night cream.
    I think it is fairly good value for money at $12.99.
    I would recommened this cream for people with dry skin in need of hydration, but not for those prone to pesky breakouts, as it probably a bit oily for that.

  • Posted by: Knyholm Master Fan

    I have combination skin prone to breakouts, especially when using too heavy or concentrated products, and at the age of 40, I have increasing pigmentation as well as some acne scars, so I was very excited to be trialling Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone Tone Perfecting Cream.
    On the other hand I was also a little worried that the cream would make my skin break out as it seemed so thick and heavy…
    Normally I use a serum and a day cream, and at night a serum followed by a night cream, so I started replacing my usual day cream/night cream with the Eventone cream.
    The first thing I noticed about the Eventone cream was the gorgeous scent – very perfumed, but this also worried me a little as I’m not used to using so perfumed moisturisers in my face. The second thing I noticed was how thick the cream was. It is very concentrated and only a little is needed. It is a little difficult to spread on the skin and it does leave the skin feeling a little greasy for a while, but it did leave my skin feeling very moisturised, and soft.
    Because of the greasy, I found that it was simply too thick for me to apply makeup over, and my makeup would not last as long as it normally does, but start to slide off my face already at lunch time. So consequently I started only using it as a night cream as well as on my decollate where I also have quite a bit of pigmentation. Sadly after just a few nights of using it, I felt that my skin was starting to break out, with more breakouts than I had seen for a while, and consequently I immediately stopped using it on my face, but continued to use it on the pigmentation on my decollate.
    After now having used the cream for a few weeks, I feel that the cream is slowly starting to give my chest a more even appearance and sunspots/age spots are slowly getting a bit lighter in colour, and my skin also feels very soft and thoroughly moisturised. I am excited with the thought of what further improvements the cream will do to my skin before I reach the bottom of the jar.
    The cream comes in a large 75ml glass jar with a peach coloured lid. I must admit that I always prefer moisturisers in tubes, as I find it a little unhygienic constantly dipping your fingers into the pot. At just $12.99, and considering I’ve barely made a dent in my pot, and have sufficient for months to come, I think it is great value.
    As mentioned above the cream has an absolutely gorgeous floral scent which I absolutely love – and I can’t stop smelling my fingers after I have applied it – but sadly it is just a little too perfumed for me to use as a face cream, although I do not have sensitive skin. I could also imagine this being too perfumed for sensitive skin types.
    I will definitely continue using the cream, but as for repurchasing it I’m not too sure – if only the cream was available in a lighter version that was unscented, it would be a different story. But this Eventone Tone Perfecting Cream is well worth a try if you love strong scents, and maybe if you have dry skin on your face used to a thicker and heavier cream. At just $13 you can’t go wrong in the fight for a more even toned skin.

  • Posted by: Lollicious Enthusiast

    rich and creamy, a perfect treat for skin at bedtime x

  • Posted by: mwalker6293 Enthusiast

    I used this for about a month and noticed no real skin benefits.
    This really sat on top of my skin all night and left me feeling greasy and my skin unable to breathe in the morning.

    It is also overly scented…well more than it needed to be. Mostly floral, not the most pleasant.

    Overall there are better things out there for $13.

  • Posted by: Dee123 Enthusiast

    This night cream definitely left my skin completely smooth and soft for the morning.
    There was a complete reduce in age spots and wrinkles.
    I would definitely use it again and it is very cheap to buy.
    I would recommend this to all my friends.

  • Posted by: FashionGuru Master Fan

    i love the scent!!!
    the cream is very moisturising and makes my skin really soft.

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