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When it comes to eyeing off a new magic wand, there are a few essential boxes every mascara must tick. First things first, is it the right colour for you (yes, blue green and plum-toned mascaras are fun, but like a good pair of ballet flats, every lady must have a black mascara at the ready for the AM and PM) and most importantly, how thick is the wand?

Just like a hair brush, it pays to use the right wand, so the thicker, the fuller, the more bristles, the merrier! For the same reason you use a big barrel brush to cut down on blow-drying time, thicker bristles mean you’re able to coat each and every eye lash with a generous amount of mascara in one clean sweep, zeroing out the need for a second application or the product ever looking clumpy.

Oh, and in case the pop-bright orange casing didn’t rock your world (on a side note, it makes looking for your mascara in a dark makeup bag a piece of cake), the formula also contains the same kind of nourishing ingredients you’d expect to find in a souped-up face cream, like keratin to help strengthen and protect the lashes.

Enough chatting from us, we want to hear from you guys now…

What did you think of the product?

Did your lashes look fuller? Did they appear longer-looking?

Did you find the large mascara wand was easier to handle?

Would you recommend this product to your friends?

Did you like the consistency of the formula?

Would you buy this product again?

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: sian Newbie

    the brush was huge! have been using it all week and have the hang of it now but the first day or so the mascara ended up all over my eyelid and once or twice I may have poked myself in the eye, purely down to my ineptitude with the brush rather than a product problem. now however, I think its a great mascara, the formula is thick and deeply pigmented and holds a curl well and a second coat goes on without turning into clumps. the orange casing is bright, like really bright which comes in handy. the only down side is the brush comes out with quite a bit of product on it so I have to wipe the tip before applying

  • Posted by: NatMon Master Fan

    When I first got the Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara I was surprised at the size of the product. It was a lot larger than most other mascaras that I’ve used.
    I found it pretty easy to apply despite the fact that the mascara brush was quite large as well. I found that it didn’t clump too much and you could also apply a couple of coats quite well.
    I was really surprised with how think and long my lashes looked. My eyes looked instantly larger. I also found that it lasted really well throughout the day.
    The only problem was that it was hard to remove. I had to use a lot of make-up remover.
    Overall a fantastic mascara and I would consider buying it again considering it worked a lot better than some expensive brands that I’ve used in the past.

  • Posted by: nicole_crowley Newbie

    I absolutely adore this mascara!

    My lashes are definitely fuller, without being bullky, and the is minimal to zero smudging. The brush is a massive asset to this product – it’s thicker, so less coats are needed and each lash is reached which really gave them volume.

    Importantly, this mascara didn’t require multiple applications (meaning I was able to use less).

    I wear a tonne of mascara and have tried just about every product on the market. I can genuinely say I love Scandal Eyes and have already began recommending it to my friends.

    I can say with certainty I’ll be buying this again :)

  • Posted by: nadiaaaa Enthusiast

    I really like the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara! It comes in a chunky bright orange tube, which I love because it makes it so easy to find when it’s floating around in the bottom of my makeup bag.

    It definitely makes my lashes look fuller and longer. In saying that, my lashes are fairly long and thick anyway, so I am interested to see how it would work on my fine-lashed friends.

    The brush is HUGE, which made it a little tricky to apply at first. I’m not usually terribly uncoordinated (perhaps I was in too much of a hurry) but when I applied it for the first couple of times, I had mascara all over my eyelids. I’m normally quite wary of big brushes as they seem to contribute to clumping, but even after several applications this one didn’t leave any clumps. I found that the brush separates and defines each lash very well.

    I religiously curl my lashes before I apply mascara and I find that I am continually disappointed with so many mascaras when my lashes drop back down. Scandal Eyes didn’t fail in this department and my lashes actually held their curl. The mascara is quite wet and takes a little while to dry but it coats lashes evenly. I only wear black mascara and I really like how dark this one is. It’s a really good night-time mascara, and lasts for hours without flaking.

    I will recommend this product to my friends. It’s great value for money and works better than some of expensive brands that claim to do the same thing.

  • Posted by: Jessielyn Master Fan

    Let’s talk about first impressions! When I first opened my package from Primped HQ and saw a huge, bright orange tube, I thought it was awesome. To me, bright colours are fun colours, and it made me even more excited to try this mascara!

    I don’t apply mascara without having curled my lashes first, and this time was no exception. Rimmel Scandaleyes went on beautifully, and more importantly- held the curl of my lashes perfectly.

    This brush is probably the best yet. I’ve always loved big brushes for applying mascara, but this one trumps all others. There is literally NO clumping, and it coats lashes evenly for a beautiful finish. The brush is very easy to handle, and it separates every lash, without fail. This probably has something to do with the spiffy length of the bristles. They’re all varying lengths, so they coat even the smallest of lashes. The tapered end is also awesome for getting into those “hard to reach without poking yourself in the eye” lashes on the far corners of your eyelid.

    I have quite fine lashes, and I found after one coat this mascara lengthened them, and after two really boosted the volume. It is a very “wet” formula compared to my regular mascara, so there is a longer drying time, but for a non-waterproof mascara it is very hard-wearing, yet is quite easily wiped off with just a smidge of an oil cleanser. The colour is spot-on, too- it’s a true black and really makes a statement.

    I’ve already recommended this product to a few friends, and I’ll keep recommending it, too. I would definitely buy this product again!

    The only suggestion I could make to help improve this product would be to also have a waterproof version, as I would definitely have both- one for day, and one for a big night out on the town!

    RATING: 4.5 / 5

  • Posted by: roman Newbie

    A new mascara is like making a new friend. You’re not too sure how it is going to go. Will you get along? Thankfully Rimmel know their stuff when it comes to mascara.
    To begin with I was a little bit overwhelmed by the size of the brush that I was to put so close to my eye. I was sure I was going to get the bristles in my eye (I am a bit of a klutz like that) but no, it was so easy to us. No eye poking. There was nothing to worry about, the size of the brush meant that coverage of the lashes was so easy. One or two swipes of the lashes and they’re all fully coated in the mascara.
    I really love how Rimmel have so much fun with their packaging and names of products. The highlighter colour means I don’t have to search my makeup bag for it, as it is so easy to find. Being so much fatter than your average mascara is also an advantage. You can easily open the product with one hand (if you need to) and also gripping the brush is a synch.
    Overall, this one is a keeper. Highly recommend it to my pals. Oh, and for only $16.95, what’s not to love! Thanks PRIMPED and Rimmel.

  • Posted by: thinkpinkofcourse Newbie

    At first when I opened it I thought – WOW, The brush is huge! I found it quite easy to apply, however in my shorter finer lashes, I did struggle getting to them with such a thick brush. My mascara stayed on all day, and didn’t flake off at all, which is good.

    I thought the packaging was nice and bright, easy to find in a handbag!

    Overall, I probably wouldn’t use this mascara again. For me, the brush is just too thick and large.

  • Posted by: Amelia Newbie

    Loved the product, the formula was AMAZING and made my lashes so thick, long and full! I found the large wand a little bit hard to maneuvere.

  • Posted by: tegania11 Master Fan

    My first impression of this mascara is that the brush is HUGE, and it is almost too big. I poked myself in the eye a fair few times with it.

    I like this mascara, but it is nothing special. I found that it was easy to remove in the shower with warm water (something that I really like), and it didn’t clump on application. i just found that it wasn’t as dramatic as I would like, I am used to Benefit They’re Real or maybelline Collosal. My eyelashes were defined but there was in no way any volume, which is what i look for in a mascara. It did help lengthen my lashes though, which is good.

    I don’t know if I would buy this again, I prefer more volume to my lashes.

  • Posted by: Kate-1291100385 Supporter

    Just like everyone else, when I first opened the package, I thought WOW. The Scandaleyes Mascara is quite large and it is fluro orange but you know what – its cool. I love bold, bright and colourful things and this is exactly that.

    The brush is HUGE which made it a little difficult to apply when I first got my hands on the beauty. For the first few days, I managed to get mascara all over my left eye (my right eye has always been superior), but after awhile I mastered the brush and everything looked good. I do have quite long lashes naturally, so I would be interested to see how girls with shorter lashes handle the size of the brush.

    Overall, I thought this mascara was really good. I love the full, black lash look and that is exactly what you get with this mascara. I will definitely be buying this again and I suggest all you beauties get your Scandal Eyes on!!

  • Posted by: eliset Newbie

    I was initially really excited by the product and its claims and I think that it pretty much lived up to all of them.

    I loved the fluoro orange packaging and it really was so good to shove in your bag and be able to find it really easily. I thought that the product really did give the lashes volume without clumping (which is very hard to find!) as well as lengthening my short lashes quite well.

    The first time I used it, I did 2 coats quite quickly and I found that the mascara takes a little longer to dry. It meant that they were a bit clumpier as the lashes were wetter (than when I use other mascaras) than usual. The next time I used it I made sure to wait longer before applying another coat and the result was much better and a lot less clumpier.

    I would give this mascara a 4 out of 5 and would probably buy it again and would love it if they could make the formula quicker drying. I would also recommend it as one of the best volume mascaras as it also provides some lengthening as well!

  • Posted by: alexfromtheblock Enthusiast

    When I first saw the mascara I thought the packaging was really effective at making an impact – it reminded me of a huge highlighter texta!
    I opened it, saw the large brush, and got worried but my fears were unfounded. I found the mascara easy to apply, and only needed one or two coats. It didn’t go on too heavy (my pet peeve) and there was minimal smudging. I wore it to the gym a few times and checked after to find no black spots scattered under my eyes. I found it came off easily in the shower with cleanser, but took a bit more work removing it with a face wipe.
    Overall I was really happy with the mascara and am super excited to have a new (affordable) favourite!

  • Posted by: katiee Enthusiast

    I was immediately impressed by the bright, bold packaging (makes finding in a black make-up bag a lot easier than my usual black packaged mascara!)
    At first I wasn’t the biggest fan of the larger brush, but after a few more attempts I got the hang of it and I loved how long and thick my lashes looked.
    I thought the consistency was good with no clumping even after 2 heavy coats, staying power is great and I found it easy to remove.
    All in all I think Scandaleyes is a great product for day or night use I’d definitely buy it again and recommend it to my friends.

  • Posted by: meka Enthusiast

    I didn’t think there was anything particularly amazing about this product. This mascara, added some length, however no more than other mascaras, with minimal volume.

    The mascara wand was too large and simply made it difficult to define eyelashes, and the consistency of the mascara was quite wet and wore off quite quickly.

    I wouldn’t recommend this product or buy it again, not because it was awful but because it was really average and there’s nothing standout about it

  • Posted by: missymoo Newbie

    I was really looking forward to trying this mascara! The bright orange is really easy to find amongst the rest of my make up.

    At first I was surprised by the size of the brush and found it very difficult to apply…I had mascara all over my eyelid. Even though I curl my eyelashes by the end of the day there was little or no curl left-something I had not experienced with other mascaras.

    My lashes did not appear to be fuller when I applied the usual 1-2 coats and have had more success with other brands. However, with more coats I did notice a slight difference. The consistency of the mascara was good though and was easy to get off my eyelid when I did make a mistake. The formula dried quickly which was perfect because it meant I could get on with the rest of my make up. Removal was very easy and came off when I cleansed my face at night.

    I would be very interested to see how this product worked on different types of lashes as mine are quite short and not very thick. It appears some ladies have had success!!

    I would suggest trying this product to my friends. However, not the product for me! Although, I do wish my normal mascara came in a bright orange tube!!

  • Posted by: livi Enthusiast

    Firstly I would like to apologise to primped for my late review! Second of all I would love to thank primped for letting me try this wonderful product! I am extremely impressed and believe this is rimmels best mascara yet. It made my lashes appear much longer and volumous. The brush was perfect for easy application and made it easy to add volume to my lashes. I did love the consistency of this mascara although I did find it hard to remove. I would recommed this product to everyone, as it is very versatile perfect for day and night use. I would definitely buy this product again :)

  • Posted by: bondi_kitty Enthusiast

    I loved the bright orange tube as I made the mascara really easy to find in my enormous make up bag!

    I don’t think I have ever used such a big mascara wand as this before and the first couple of applications resulted in me painting my eye lids and nose with mascara! However once I got the hang of the larger wand I was really impressed with the quality of the product.

    I unfortunately have quite fine short eyelashes and I loved this mascara because I was able to get a dramatic effect with only 2-3 coats. Unlike other mascaras promising a dramatic effect this mascara was not prone to clumping or making my eyelashes look like spider legs!

    On the done side it was quite hard to get off but the plus side of that is that it lasted all day.

    Rimmel scandaleyes worked a lot better than some of the big name brands and it will be a long term member of my make up kit. I would definitely recommend that all primpers go and buy one! :)

  • Posted by: rosiebart Enthusiast

    I quite enjoyed testing this mascara. It’s a nice consistency and formula, and gives good length to the lashes.
    I found it ran quite easily (obviously not waterproof) but even more so than other mascaras i’ve worn.
    The brush is quite nice and large, although when i first opened it it was all matted down and yuck. Putting it back in and pulling it out again fixed it right up though.
    I really can’t decide what i think of the packaging. It’s really quite highlighter orange, and a part of me likes that it’s fun and would be easy to spot in my bag, but a part of me wishes it was a little bit more sophisticated?
    Overall it was a pretty good product though and i would recommend it to friends :)

  • Posted by: lippylove Supporter

    My first impressions of this product was wow this mascara looks insane and means business! With its fluro orange colour, attractive shape and size its definately a mascara that wont get lost in your makeup bag!

    I love this mascara and now use it everyday! It makes my lashes look fuller and really stand out. You can play it up in the night by applying 2 coats or you can keep it natural with just one slick coat.

    The wand is very big as well as the brush which I sometimes did find a bit difficult to use as it would sometimes hit the top of my eyelid creating a smudge, but once I got used to the size of the wand I found it easy as I would only have to use it once to create the effect I was after.

    I found the consistency a lot thicker than what im used to but I like it as it was very very black and made my lashes look very full.

    I would recommend this to my friends and think that this mascara has definately hit all the marks!

  • Posted by: Parisienne chic Master Fan

    I bought this when it first came out,and tried it the next day.I looked at the brush and thought “ok “.I wore it ,and i don,t know whether the humidity helped or what,but it did start to stream down my face within a few hours.I normally don,t mind Rimmel mascaras,but this did have issues.In it,s favour,it was deep colour,thick ,but not too thick and the case is a gorgeous colour.The brush takes a little getting used to,but it is worth it.

  • Posted by: Kendall Supporter

    First impression was definitely the size of the brush. As they say though, it’s not the size of it, it’s what you do with it! I quite liked the chunkiness however I found it did tend to get a bit ‘fluffy’ at the end of the brush, might just be down to my mascara tube opening skills though.

    It went on really nicely and the brush was easy to manoeuvre , especially around the bottom lashes, which I find can be a challenge with certain mascaras.

    The consistency was nice but I found that it didn’t really look too different to any other mascaras once it was on. Overall, nothing to complain about but nothing to really write home about either. The bright orange is definitely a plus though with the amount of products fighting for space in my make up bag!

    Cheers Primped for letting me try it!

  • Posted by: Gilberto

    I, too, have no vbliise lashes without mascara and do not leave the house without it even to go to the gym. I am a L’Oreal girl, though. I have been using the lash conditioner for 20 years and it has saved me (it used to be available only through Lancome, but now can be found in the L’Oreal line.) My lashes used to fall out in clumps leaving big gaps but not since I have used the conditioner. Anyway, my current love is the Telescopic Explosion with the round brush. LOVE it. It has similar attributes to the more spread out brushes in that it rarely clumps. I do use 3+ applications after the conditioner for bolder lashes but can get away with 1 when I am just going to the gym or around the house.

  • Posted by: katann Enthusiast

    I purchased this last wk ($11 on special :) ) and found it great for my short lashes, it lengthened and made my lashes look fuller and great. I have tiny short sparse lashes this filled then out and the brush size was easy to work with, I guess bigger really is better.

  • Posted by: Candice-1299035592 Enthusiast

    This mascara definately goes to the top of my favs list! I have never before used such a large wand and what a difference it made! Maybe it’s because there is more product on the want because it is larger than your average mascara wand? But my lashes have never looked so BIG! 😀 This is one part of my body I don’t mind being fat! lol The bright orange packaging is great to and makes it easy for me to find it amongst my other beauty items. The formula doesn’t clump or fall out and glides on like a little dream. It clearly separates each last for maximum doll like eyes which I love! Highly recommended!

  • Posted by: Lollicious Enthusiast

    Love this mascara for maximum impact, you will be asked if your wearing falsies!!!

  • Posted by: mwalker6293 Enthusiast

    The brush and formula are the most important aspects when choosing a high quality mascara.

    This mascara claims to be a one-swipe-wonder, which I have to politely disagree on.

    The brush, for starters, is big. Usually for me this is a good thing. But there is a line between big and brushy, and oversized ridiculousness. Unfortunately this falls into the second category.
    It is very easy to poke yourself in the eye with this, as well as leave smudged mascara at the top and bottom of your eyelids.

    The formula I found to be wet, which weighed down my lashes and created spider lashes (ie 4 clumped together lashes on each eye.)

    I am really tired of all these mascaras coming out claiming to be totally amazing, one swipe, volume boosting, defining blah blah. They are all really turning out to be much of a muchness.

    *le sigh* one day…

  • Posted by: FashionGuru Master Fan

    i really like this mascara but i would prefer my false lash effect better.

  • Posted by: TLOVELAI Enthusiast

    love it… always have replacements of this product.
    i have short and sparse lashes, and this product makes it look fuller and longer! im obssessed!
    it doesnt clump and make your lashes hard. i like that my lashes still feel soft and therefore natural and clean!
    the formula is great.. it keeps my eyelashes curled all day long. XX

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