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Put your hands up if you love a bold pout, but hate the dryness that comes part in parcel with many lipsticks?

Wiggle your fingers if you’re a little worried that wearing bold colours on your somewhat thin lips makes them look even thinner?

Twinkle your toes if you’re not a fan of the sticky factor that often comes along for the ride when you apply lip gloss?

If your body is going a little bit bananas right now (I know mine is!), then just like our VIPs, you’ll probably find yourself getting a wee bit excited about this newbie from Rimmel London Vinyl Max Gloss, $14.95.

This killer lip gloss is a little louder than the original Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss, Primps. The colours aren’t sheer – they’re bold and bright and intense. So, you get the effect of a lippie, without actually using one. Each shade also contains a volumising complex that magnifies your lips and makes them look oh-so-plump. Yep, it’s thin lip friendly. Woo! Better yet, the formula is ridiculously smooth and completely non-sticky, which means wearing the product is insanely comfortable. Ah-may-zing.

Oh, and just so you know, Rimmel London Vinyl Max comes in six different shades – Dazzle, Breathless, Addictive, Obsession, Passion and Outrageous – and also features one mammoth application wand, which makes application a heck of a lot easier.

This all sounds fantastic, Primps, but wouldn’t you like to know if your fellow readers actually loved using this product? That this lip gloss newbie actually did all of the above with ease? Yes, yes you would.

That’s your cue, VIP Primps; it’s time for you to answer these questions:

Was this lip colour easy to apply?
Did you like the large application wand?

Was it comfortable to wear?
Did it feel light and non-sticky on your lips?

Did your lips stay moisturised?
Did it make your lips feel plumped-up, volumised and smooth?
Was the colour bright and bold?
Would you use the product again?
Would you recommend it to your pals?
Is it worth the coin ($14.95)?

Thank you. Thank you very much. If you could also mention which shade you tried, too, that would be sensational.

Take it away, VIPs…

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: Lucinda27 Enthusiast

    I received this lipgloss in 301 Addictive to review.

    My first impressions of the packaging were great. I loved how chunky the tube was and that the colour was bright enough to be able to find in my handbag. I also thought the black lid with the clear detailing looked very classy. I was very proud bringing this one out of my bag.

    When I first opened the gloss I was expecting a soft brush and was very surprised when I found the sponge-like brush. It was a really thick applicator and it only took one or two swipes to cover my lips. I was really happy with the colour of the gloss but was a little worried it would be too bright for me.

    When I first applied the gloss, the colour was nowhere near as bright as the bottle suggested and it was translucent rather than a block colour. The gloss has a strong scent that isn’t entirely pleasant. It’s almost like vanilla but it smells so fake, it’s not a nice smell. The product dried out my lips and I had to reapply it a lot because it wasn’t long-lasting at all. It would only stay for about half an hour. One good thing about this gloss was that, unlike most other lipglosses I wear, it wasn’t sticky.

    Overall, I love the packaging and colour of this gloss but a lipgloss that dries out my lips and has to be constantly reapplied is never going to sit well with me.

  • Posted by: Emily-1292373749 Newbie

    My first impression was that the product looked expensive and a pretty colour. When I first tried it, it was a bit thick, but then I learned to only put a little bit on at a time.
    I think that my colout (addictive) was amazing.
    However the lipgloss was very thick and sticky.
    I will definitely be using it often though :)

  • Posted by: madifraser Enthusiast

    I did find it rather easy to apply with the large wand. It was strange at first but makes for a quick application.
    I still found it a little sticky for my liking but happy to wear on a night out with the girls. Not ideal if you’re going to be eating and/or drinking But relatively light-weight on my lips.
    It’s definitely not as drying as some lip glosses can be but I couldn’t go it all day without fully taking it off and reapplying.
    I already have quite a full pout so can’t really add much to that.
    The colour was great. I had Outrageous which was a lovely nude shade and the colour was very bold. Not a sheer gloss. Which I loved.
    I would definitely use it again.
    I would recommend it if my gal pals were after a lip gloss with hard colour, not a sheer colour.
    I think these days $14.95 is a pretty good price and the tube is quite large.

  • Posted by: Jazmine24 Newbie

    Thanks Primped for letting me review this ah-maz-ing product! So lucky!
    The lipgloss was easy to apply and although the large application wand is different than usual I found it easy to use.
    The gloss is very comfortable to wear and smells delicious! Addictive even? The gloss is so light and is a little sticky but not too bad.
    My lips stayed moisturised while I wore the gloss and it made my lips feel smooth.
    The colour used (shade 301 – Addictive) is amazing. Bright, bold and beautiful – such a great shade.
    I would definately use this product again and I’m going to buy other the other shades asap as well as recommend to my pals.
    $14.95 is def a fair amount to pay for this gloss.
    Thanks again Primped xo

  • Posted by: Rockn Newbie

    I tried the colour 301 – Addictive
    Was this lip colour easy to apply? very easy to apply, just glides on
    Did you like the large application wand? love the wand, large, soft and so easy to use!
    Was it comfortable to wear? yes
    Did it feel light and non-sticky on your lips? I found it to be a little sticky after about 30 minutes after applying
    Did your lips stay moisturised? my lips stayed moisturised while I was wearing it
    Did it make your lips feel plumped-up, volumised and smooth? It made my lips definitely stand out and look fuller
    Was the colour bright and bold? love the colour, can apply thin layer for lighter colour or thick for very bold colour
    Would you use the product again? yes
    Would you recommend it to your pals? yes
    Is it worth the coin ($14.95)? for the size I would say it’s great value

  • Posted by: Tiffins88 Enthusiast

    My literal first impression of the Rimmel Vinyl Max lipgloss was WOAHHH MAN SIZE! The larger sized package and HUGE applicator make it seem a bit less feminine in my opinion. The packaging itself is rather pleasing, the bold colours and shape of the tube, though online the plastic in the top looks like a pretty addition, in reality it’s not so much pretty as its just “there”.
    Being a lipstick wearer I wasn’t really sure what to expect with the gloss, (my colour is passion, oh la la) but I was pleasantly surprised with the punchy colour produced. The texture was a little sticky and I wouldn’t try to eat a meal while wearing it. The applicator itself I found more hindrance than help, it was more difficult to stay inside the lines and I felt like I had little control.
    The main standouts of the product are definitely the vibrant colour. It goes on so smoothly and if you’re not eating (or smooching) the gloss will last a good while before the need to reapply. If I was to make changes to the product it would probably on be making the applicator a bit smaller and changing the tube to something a bit more feminine and dainty.
    Overall I would rate this as a 6/10. I personally wouldn’t buy the product for myself, but could definitely understand gloss enthusiasts buying it. It’s reasonably priced like all Rimmel products and being in a large tube it outstanding value for money!!
    Thanks Primpers!!

  • Posted by: mel1981 Newbie

    I was lucky enough to trial Breathless and the colour is fabulous

    Was this lip colour easy to apply? it went on smotthly and easily
    Did you like the large application wand? i loved the wand, it made for easy grip and application
    Was it comfortable to wear? I liked it, it felt nice on and wasnt too heavy
    Did it feel light and non-sticky on your lips? it was lovely and light but was a little sticky for the few 10 minutes or so
    Did your lips stay moisturised? they did, it kept my lips soft and hydrated the length of time it stayed on
    Did it make your lips feel plumped-up, volumised and smooth? it did, i felt the tingling of the plumper start when applied and gave a subtle plump
    Was the colour bright and bold? loved it, just what i prefer and was very smooth and comfortable to wear
    Would you use the product again? absolutely the colour was amazing
    Would you recommend it to your pals? already have
    Is it worth the coin ($14.95)? definetely.. i will be trying more colours very soon

  • Posted by: fifi73 Newbie

    There’s only one word to describe this lip gloss…….. WOW! I love everything about this Rimmel lip gloss, from the cute packaging, to how easy it is to apply. It has a bigger than average applicator on the end of the wand, which makes applying quicker and easier. It slicks on so smoothly and leaves such a rich & intense colour, it’s just amazing! It doesn’t feel sticky or gluggy like some other glosses do and it lasts on your lips quite well…… All in all I love this product and will definitely be buying more in different shades, thanks Primped & Rimmel! 😉

  • Posted by: Fashionista8P Master Fan

    Thank you Primped for giving me this opportunity to trial this fabulous new product.
    At first when I received this product I didnt like the colour or the look of the bottle, but now after using for a few days it is growing on me.
    I got the colour 301- addictive and at first I thought it was the pinkest of pink colours and I wasnt such a fan.
    The bottle is really bulky and holds a lot but I’m not a fan of the big packaging as you cant really take it anywhere.
    The lasting-ness of the gloss isnt too great, about an hour for aa really good shine then it justs fades to a slight glimmer.
    The gloss goes on really easy but I wasnt a fan of the really thick applicator tip. The sponge tip applicator is quite large and actually gets quite a lot of product on it so its a tad too much to apply to your lips so i usually just did one quick wipe on the bottom lip and smoothed the rest with my finger.
    As for value, it is defiantly a great product for the price. This lip gloss is choc-o-block with product and will last for a long time.
    The colour was less pink then I expected and the colour grew on me so much and now I really love it and am glad I own it.
    If you love gloss then this one is for you but if your not so big on the glossy effect then I would recommend a longer lasting colour-stay gloss or tint.

  • Posted by: particuliere Enthusiast

    Was this lip colour easy to apply?
    Yes and no I guess. The texture was fantastic, really smooth and silky and great consistency. I really didn’t like the oversized wand though – it’s really not very precise and it picks up too much product, which I then had to wipe back on the tube.

    Did you like the large application wand?
    See above – no, not really. It’s not that bad but I really don’t see the point of it.

    Was it comfortable to wear?
    Very comfortable to wear, great texture, left my lips feeling nice and smooth, and I wore it on some pretty windy days and I never had hair sticking to it, so that’s a good test!

    Did it feel light and non-sticky on your lips?
    Definitely felt non-sticky – not too sure about light. It’s quite a creamy consistency but I don’t think that’s a bad thing, I think it was lovely. Definitely not too thick.

    Did your lips stay moisturised?
    Yep overall I’d say this is really good for my lips. They felt lovely underneath and nice and moisturised while I was wearing it.

    Did it make your lips feel plumped-up, volumised and smooth?
    Yeah, I felt a slight plumping tingling action, and the lips looked good. The reflective particles in the gloss are really flattering on my lips too.

    Was the colour bright and bold?
    Yep – maybe too bold? I was sent a colour to trial I wouldn’t normally wear (Addictive) – and because of that I only wore a very light layer of this gloss. The colour still evens out to something a little less crazy than it looks in the tube and was wearable at work.

    Would you use the product again?
    Yep definitely, I really liked it. I’d probably prefer a colour a little less hot pink and with less sparkly.

    Would you recommend it to your pals?
    Yep, I will! Definitely.

    Is it worth the coin ($14.95)?
    Great price, definitely worth it. I love Rimmel pricing, it’s always great value, and this is a huge tube, you get heaps of product.

    Highly recommend!

  • Posted by: samreen Enthusiast

    looks amazing and results awesome

  • Posted by: goddessmagick Enthusiast

    Rimmel Vinyl Max Lipgloss claims to be ‘one stroke maxi shine lipgloss’ and that it truly is! The gloss is in a see-through tube that allows you to see exactly what colour the gloss is and the colour you see is the colour it applies unlike many glosses that apply lighter than the shade they appear. The plastic container tapers and is comfy to hold while the soft applicator tip built into the screw top lid with signature Rimmel symbol on top is a generous size and works to coat my lips perfectly each time with literally one swipe.
    Less is more with Vinyl Max as one coat feels soft and light on my lips, and gives amazing strong and striking colour. I was surprised from my first use that I didn’t need a second coat like most glosses would have me do. My favourite colour ‘Addicted’ is a bold pink with slight shimmer through it and it has staying power. It does need to be re-applied after eating and drinking like most glosses however even when its worn away it leaves my lips with a soft stain and slight shimmer so they still are not bare. This gloss really has high shine which I love and applies like a lip lacquer rather than a runny gloss but without the sticky feel, perfect because it means my long hair doesn’t get stuck to it easily. It’s comfortable on the lips and doesn’t dry them out like many glosses can, and definitely gives lips wow factor! They look painted and drenched in bold, beautiful, coloured glossy shine something my lips are new too but I totally adore. Its like a makeup artist has coloured my lips perfectly and given me a luscious Angelina-esque pout.
    At first I wanted to give this a 4 because I thought the applicator was tricky to apply the right amount and that a different applicator would be an improvement. After using it a few times I quickly realised it was me trying to apply more than I needed because I’m used to most glosses being sheer in colour. Seeing how amazingly striking this colour is I give Vinyl Max a 5, definitely suggest you try it and am 100% Addicted!

  • Posted by: Brooklyn Newbie

    Hello there fellow primpettes!

    I was extremely excited to be chosen to review Rimmel’s Vinyl Max Lipgloss! The colour i received was passion and boy was it ahhh-mazing!

    First impressions were all positive! The packaging was uniques and very eye catching due to the shape and the elegant writing across the front. The product itself had a very smooth and light weight consistency which allowed the product to just glide on with ease. The size of the applicator wand was great, it covered my lips easily and precisely with minimal ‘gooping’ on the sponge.I found this lipgloss very easy to wear except when eating as it did disappear after lunch a little, but it is very easy to just re-apply.

    The $14.95 price is very worth it, I would purchase it in a heart beat and I do strongly recommend it to all my girlfriends. The colour was bright and flattering, my lips were moisturised all day long and it gave me, my own personal little oomph during the day.


  • Posted by: 4boys1princess Newbie

    The Lip colour was very easy to apply it went on smoothly. The application wand was plump and soft so it made it a little hard to apply the product neatly.
    Although it went on nicely it felt sticky, it smelt of lanolin which really put me off.
    My lips did stay moisturized and plumped.
    The colour was very bold I choose Passion which didn’t really suit me well, but perfect for someone who like a bold red.
    I would use the product again but maybe just apply it very lightly .
    I wouldn’t recommend this product to my friends.
    It is worth the money. Thanks for choosing me to take part in the trial, its great to try a new product.

  • Posted by: luciec Newbie

    Thanks for the opportunity to review such a great product.
    My first impressions when I saw the Rimmel London Vinyl Max was I loved the overall funky look.

    I liked the larger wand that made it easy to apply. One stroke was all it took for my lips to look great.
    I found it comfortable to wear, it is little bit sticky but felt very light not as sticky as some lip glosses.
    My lips stayed moisturised and definitely looked plumped.

    I got to review the ‘Addictive’ shade and love the bright colour perfect for going out.

    I will recommend Rimmel London Vinyl Max to my friends and buy it in the future as it is worth $14.95.

  • Posted by: lippylove Supporter

    I trialed “Addictive” and my first impression of the product was that it is the biggest lip gloss I have ever seen!

    I love the retro look of it with the black lid and silver writing. The colour of the lip gloss was so vibrant from the outside which made me want to try it on instantly!

    The texture is one of the smoothest lip glosses I’ve ever worn with a very high gloss shine. The hot pink color is very bright but perfect if you love a bold lip but don’t feel like wearing lipstick.

    The main advantages is that its super easy and quick to use with its large applicator, all you need is a swipe of gloss on each lip and your ready to go!

    One improvement I would make would be that it has a longer lasting finish as you need to reapply to give that bright glossy look after an hour.

    Now that I have tried Addictive I would definitely buy and recommend this product, I am now keen to try the other colours from the range!

  • Posted by: Annanotherthing Newbie

    As I sit in my air-conditioned igloo, I am reflecting on the fortuitous arrival of my Rimmel London Vinyl Max lip gloss, which has quickly shot to no. 1 on my lip prod chart (yes, I have one!). I detect a hint of lanolin on application which gives me confidence that this gloss can handle anything my air-con gives out, and I’m not disappointed.

    I trialed shade 701 ‘Outrageous’ and it is outrageous to me that this peachy-nude perfection has stolen my heart from the much pricier gloss I’ve been using for the past two years. This nude looks great with my medium toned skin. The larger size applicator gives great colour coverage with one application, however may overwhelm thinner lips (mine are, er, prominent).

    While the colour was not particularly long lasting (it didn’t survive beyond my morning coffee), it was bold, not sticky and easy to reapply, and comes in a generous 8ml.

    I will definitely purchase this gloss!

  • Posted by: Toni_hill Newbie

    I did find this lip colour easy to apply with one dip of the large applicator wand
    I did like the large applicator making it quickeer and easier to apply
    It was fairly comfortable to wear i did find it a little sticky/
    Yes defiantey left my lips feeling nice and moist, i was a little surprised how well it worked,
    Defiantely made my lips feela little fuller and sexier pout!
    I tried Addictive i love the cour its very bold and bright just the way i like it
    I would defiantely use/purchase the product again, i would highly recommend to my friends.
    I defiantely think its worht the $14.95 considering some other lip glosses cost more then this, this is great value for this one, love the sparkle.

  • Posted by: sezaluke90 Enthusiast

    Love the packaging of this lipgloss especially because you can see the lovely colour through it, this gloss itself is not sticky or drying on the lips, it applies lovely but i do think the lip brush is too thick for a neat application which is a bummer, when trying to apply quickly i ended up with way too much gloss. the colour i chose was 301 addictive, it is very pink so not something i’d wear everyday but a nice colour to wear out. i would use this product again if the brush was smaller as it is a reasonable price.

  • Posted by: Christien Faddoul Newbie

    Wowzers! The first thing I noticed about the Rimmel Vinyl Max lipgloss was that it was HUGE… I usually carry everything bar the kitchen sink in my handbag so I like my lip-glosses to be a little bit more ’fun size’ so they don’t take up too much room. In saying that, I did like the bigger wand as it made application easy-peasy.

    I’m a sucker for beauty infomercials. Usually, I see someone like Kate Moss advertising a new lip gloss and I rush out and buy it. So, I am often disappointed when the colour doesn’t turn out as vibrant as I expected it to be. Well, I trialled the colour ‘passion’ and it definitely lived up to its name! I loved the punchy colour and it went on smoothly (hooray!). It also made my smackers feel super moisturized and plumped, but it was a little sticky. Overall, it was pretty comfortable to wear although I would probably dilute the colour for general day-today use. I think the $14.95 price tag is very reasonable and I would wear it again.

    Thanks Primpers xx

  • Posted by: hkcandy Master Fan

    Did it make your lips feel plumped-up, voluminous and smooth?
    Was the colour bright and bold?
    Would you use the product again?
    Would you recommend it to your pals?
    Is it worth the coin ($14.95)?

    My first impression of the lip color was that it was PERFECT for my pale lips! The shade was 302 addictive.
    The wand was absolutely huge and I was really able to apply lip gloss in one easy stroke as my lips are a little fuller and this gloss made me so proud of my big lips!
    The lip gloss was also non sticky so it made the lip gloss really easy to use and I was extremely comfortable with using this gloss.

    Plumped, hydrated and definitely lips to die for! This lip gloss does it job!

    I have actually had friends purchase the same shade as me as they really found this lip gloss extremely cheap and easy to use!

  • Posted by: FashionGuru Master Fan

    i really like the colors, this lipgloss is really moisturising.

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