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Fact: when it comes to creating flawless-looking skin, a little primer goes a long way. Watch any makeup artist on set or backstage and you’ll notice they usually always spend just as much time prepping and priming the skin as they do applying foundation. And for good reason. The more you can perfect the skin using the right combination of nourishing products, the less makeup you need to call on to create  a healthy, even-looking complexion. That’s where this newbie Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer from L’Oreal Paris comes into the pretty picture. Packed with a clever blend of silicon oils and light weight powders, it’s designed to soften the appearance of fine lines, hide pores and leave skin with a smooth, velvety texture that helps the makeup that follows to glide on and stay looking fresher for longer. And the best bit? Unlike a lot of other primers, it sinks into the skin in next to no time and you can also wear it solo, making it perfect for wearing on the weekend to even out your complexion and mask imperfections, without having to wear a full face of makeup. To apply it, try warming a teeny tiny amount of the product  between your fingertips and smooth it over the skin, concentrating on trouble spots that are prone to fine lines and pores, like around the mouth, nose and cheek area. Too easy!

What do you think of this primer?

Do you like the texture of the product? 

Did you notice an improvement in the texture of your skin?

Did you notice an improvement in  the visibility of fine lines and pores?

Do you think your makeup looked fresher for longer? 

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: roman Newbie

    I consider there to be two times in my life. BP and AP. Before Primer and After Primer. How I went so long in my makeup lofe without it, remains a mystery (I clearly discovered PRIMPED too late!) I’ll admit, that L’Oreal Base Magique was not my first experience AP, but I was so happy with it that it has replaced my old primer.
    The consistency of Base Magique initially had me a little confused, ‘would it be too thick to spread on my skin? Would the cute pastel pink colour be prominent?’ All these questions were answered as soon as I put it on my skin. The silicon-y feel of the product made it so easy to put on and I felt instantly confident that it would be a match for my liquid foundation.
    I love the look and feel of my skin after I’ve put the Base Magique on, even before I put on my foundation. It just looks so dang smooth and velvety! I’ve used this product every day since it arrived and I really have noticed that my makeup seems to stay put that little bit longer.
    Thanks PRIMPED and L’Oreal for letting my trial my new primer of choice.

  • Posted by: lippylove Supporter

    I love primers! I’ve tried many different primers but I think now I have found my one and only with this magic little L’Oreal Base Magique Primer!

    Unlike some Primers which take awhile to sink into the skin Base Magique sinks right into the skin instantly, smoothing out the skins surface and disguising blemishes instantly!
    I loved the texture of the primer, it felt so velvety on the skin so when I applied my foundation it glided on beautifully. I had ran out of my usual foundation so the foundation I have been using lately is quite thick and shiny but because this day I had used Base Magique before applying my foundation it had absorbed all the oil from the foundation and instead created a lovely airbrushed finish to my makeup which I loved! It also made my foundation last throughout the whole day.

    I noticed after using it for a few days that my skin tone was appearing more even and healthier as it creates a barrier between your foundation and your skin. Lines and pores also appeared less visible.

    I will continue to use this primer every day now and even the days I don’t wear makeup I think I will apply the primer just to create that even skin tone look.

    I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and I’ve already got some existing primer users onto it!

  • Posted by: antsmakeup Enthusiast

    L’oreal have always been one of my favourite brands. This primer is another fantastic product introduced to their range. I love the packaging and how the outside cover slips over the box. Although I think I would like to see the product name a lot larger and to stand out more, as I think it could easily be mistaken for skin care products. The texture is smooth and almost lanolin like, when it absorbs it is one of the softess, smoothest surfaces I have felt, I was VERY impressed by the texture. The product itself which I have only just received and put to use was wonderful, I’m a makeup artist who works with celebrities and the person I used this product on loved the result, and I noticed that after the shoot the makeup was still looking fresh and set. I also noticed it made the makeup look very set and clean In the photos. The main advantages of using a primer like the base magique, is that is aids in not only giving you a smooth texture to your skin, but also giving a great base for your foundations etc to adhere too therefore offering you longevity, and we all love that!
    The main advantages I liked was the container is a great size for makeup bag, handbag or makeup kit. It does exactly what it says, which I need in my field of work.
    The only improvement I would suggest, is with the packaging and the product nameeing enhanced.
    Go try this product girls, you are going to love it!

  • Posted by: leggingsarenotpants Newbie

    I admit I am not an expert on primers. To this day I’ve only ever tried two. One being the Clinique pore minimiser, which I reserve for my t-zone only and the second being the Smashbox primer which I feel should be kept for special occasions due to its heavy nature. So in came the L’Oreal base magique, perfectly packaged and fancy looking. The potential happy medium and it definitely delivered on that front.
    The first time I touched it, I thought the texture was strange and mousse like, but when rubbed between the hands and applied it leaves every part of your face you’ve applied too, silky smooth and almost airbrushed looking. It definitely delivers on the pore minimizing part, as for wrinkle reduction, I can’t say, I’m too young to have any yet. It does however have a lovely, photoshop-like ‘blurring’ effect, which in turn minimizes the need for too much foundation. It definitely makes my makeup stay on longer, and having an oily t-zone I usually need to blot atleast thrice a day, with this however I only needed to blot my nose ONCE. My makeup also stayed on looking ‘freshly applied’ for quite a few hours more than it usually does (for reference I use Revlon Photoready and sometimes colorstay light). It did not cause me to break out or cause any other skin irritation and my skin can be prone to irritation sometimes.
    I also must add that it is not hard to remove when taking off makeup, it comes off as easily as the other stuff, so no need to scrub and tug. Lastly it works amazingly as an eye primer as well, even in todays intense Sydney humidity my liner and shadow stayed on perfectly! Overall I would definitely repurchase when I run out and recommend to anyone who wants an affordable primer. It is definitely worth the almost 30 dollars it costs since I can assure you, you would only need to use a pea-sized amount everyday and it could last you well over a year. I know adding another step to an already long makeup routine can seem annoying but the pros definitely outweigh the cons for this one, and the extra time spent applying it is more than compensated for by reducing the number of time you’d have to reapply or blot! The only thing I really worry about is whether it will dry up quickly in the pot due to the texture, but only time will tell.
    Thanks PRIMPED for allowing me the opportunity to test this product and share it with others. I hope the rest of you like it as much as I did x

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan

    L’Oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer comes in a small round jar with a twist top lid. I use my fingertips to apply the primer as the warmth from my fingertips helps to spread the primer evenly across my skin. The soft pale pink primer feels velvety, silky smooth and hydrating when applied. The formula moisturises my skin very well whist reducing the appearance of pores. I was really amazed at the results as I thought this primer would be similar to their Studio Secrets Smoothing Resurfacing primer, which is of similar formula and colour as the Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer. The major difference between these two is that the Base Magique hydrates the skin as well as minimising the appearance of pores. This primer leaves a beautiful matte finish and doesn’t leave my skin looking oily during the day. Also, my foundation lasts longer than usual and that’s a really great bonus for this primer. I would definitely recommend this primer and give a confident 5/5 rating! Thank you to Primped and L’Oreal for giving me the opportunity to trial this product!

  • Posted by: Razamataz Enthusiast

    I was a bit wary of this product when I first received it. I’m a long time user of Mac Prep & Prime so this had a lot to live up to.
    First impression: I liked the look of the packaging, nice and sleek. Wasn’t a big fan of the fact that the product comes in a jar. I much prefer my skin products to come in a pump or squeeze bottle as I have trouble regulating the amount of product and don’t like the idea of digging my fingers into a product, especially as I have long nails and find that products can get stuck under them.
    I did like the colour, a cute pink, and moussy texture.
    Use: I liked the way the product absorbed quickly into the skin and felt nice and smooth. I actually use a Loreal foundation so was keen to see how they would work together. I focused the product on my forehead and nose which are the oiliest parts of my face.
    Verdict: I found that my foundation actually lasted a lot longer on my forehead than it usually does. I had foundation, concealer and powder on and it all stayed smooth for about 6 hours which was a great surprise. It hung on through a hot day and considerable stress.
    Overall mark: 4/5.

  • Posted by: lero Supporter

    The L’Oreal Base Magique Primer is an interesting product.

    First impressions of the packaging were good- the small glass pot/container is very L’Oreal and similar to the packaging of their other products. The box is comes in is small and cute. First impressions of the product itself were surprising. The texture doesnt seem to have a sent and is a mix between a very thick cream and a mouse-like product- if you held the jar upside down without a lid, it would not drip out! So, it is much ‘thicker’ than other primers I am used to, which are more liquid-like, and does make it feel more velvetey.

    The instructions say to rub the primer between your fingers before applying- something I rarely do with other products (like moisturisers/primers) as I feel like I am wasting it on my fingers and not my face! I didnt and it was difficult to apply. This primer definately needs to be warmed between fingers to ‘ease the spreading’ as the instructions note. Once I did it went on nicely. Waiting for a few minutes before applying makeup, the primper ‘dried’ or settled on my skin and it felt soft and smooth. My makeup went on as usual and seemed to last well, as it does with other primers too.

    Overall, I like the product and will continue to use it occasionally, particularly when I am wearing more matte foundations, as I feel the velvety texture lends itself to this kind of base rather than a very dewy one. I do feel that it will run out quite fast though as the thick texture made it harder to spread over my skin, so I used more than I thought I would need to. Considering the price though ($29.95, I think) this seems reasonable compared to other primers I use which retail around $50.00 and are not much bigger.

    The L’Oreal Base Magique Primer was nice and did the job. I am not sure about the ‘poreless skin’ or ‘invisable lines’ claim (which product doesnt claim this these days though?) but it really does leave skin feeling softer and smoother than without it. A full 3 stars!

  • Posted by: Momo Newbie

    My first impressions of this L’Oreal primer were positive, the product comes in a cute little jar, has a surprisingly thick but pretty mousse-like texture and is pleasantly fragrance free.

    It leaves your skin feeling very soft and is a good base for makeup but in comparison to my current primer which is a liquid, you have to use quite a lot more product.

    Overall though I would recommend this primer, the price point is reasonable and I will continue to use it. Thanks for the opportunity Primped and L’Oreal.

    Rating: 4/5.

  • Posted by: missy1632 Newbie

    I can’t say I am an expert when it comes to primers, but I have tried a few.
    Firstly, I love the packaging. It looks very luxe on my dresser; understated and a bit glamorous. Pink just happens to be my favourite colour, so I adore the colour of the actual product.
    It feels extremely light to the touch and melts into your skin like a mousse. A little goes a long way. It makes my skin feel like silk and I also love that there is no scent.
    I felt the L’Oreal Base Magique Primer definitely made my foundation go on smoother, and I feel like it helped spread it more as well. My foundation stayed put ALL day… Even when using my lightest coverage one and not even as much product as usual.
    Thankfully I don’t have many fine lines or enlarged pores, but that didn’t stop the primer from making an improvement to the appearance of my skin.
    I would consider buying the L’Oreal Base Magique Primer myself and incorporating it as part of my regular routine. I feel it’s a great compliment to any repertoire and would recommend it to my friends to try as well. I wouldn’t classify it as a necessity but I would say if you are looking for a primer, the L’Oreal Base Magique seems like a pretty good product in an affordable price range by a trusted company.

  • Posted by: VivaLaVicki Master Fan


    I loved it. I used to use NP primer but I’m converting to L’oreal.
    The texture was definitely strange to begin with, kind of creamy and foamy at the same time. Once applied to the face you can already see a difference – a smoother surface to work with and reduced pores.

    It really does help to make your face stay on all day! I can’t believe there are people who still don’t use primer so if that’s you, jump on the band wagon – you won’t be sorry!

    It’s worth the coin, it really makes a difference and you don’t need to slather the product on, just enough to prep your face and you’re good to go.

    Thank you Primped and L’oreal!

  • Posted by: eliset Newbie

    As an avid Napoleon primer fan I was really surprised by the thick formula of the BaseMagique. I found that I really had to work it in to my fingers before I popped it on to my face because it was very hard to work into the skin without warming it up first. My skin felt so perfect once it was on and so ridiculously smooth- I’d never had that feeling from a primer although it was a bit of getting used to the feeling. I did find that I had to use a bit more foundation than when I use my usual primer so that was a bit of a downside for me but I did find that it really made my makeup sit on top of the skin and gave a better finish. I didn’t find that it lasted any longer that my Napoleon primer or that it gave me smaller looking pores. In terms of everyday wear I think I would stick to my liquid because it is a bit easier to use but I would definitely recommend this product for night time wear. I found that I prefer a liquid on my younger skin but my mother absolutely loved this product so I think we will now share. I would give this product a solid 3 stars and would recommend that all women give this a go as the price of it is outstanding and it is a good product staple. I would encourage older women in particular to give this a try.

  • Posted by: Sara-May Newbie

    At first glance, you may question the value of this primer, particularly for a drugstore brand – $29.95 for primer? Having said that, I think it is absolutely worth it.

    This primer is an extraordinarily thick texture, which reminds me of marshmallows. This makes it very easy to apply too much – you seriously only need the tiniest amount. One small tap of my finger on the top of the product and I have enough primer to do my whole face.

    After working this very small amount of product into my skin I notice a slight mattifying effect to the eye, and a certain softness to my skin. My pores appear smaller, but I don’t really notice a difference in my fine lines (I don’t have many anyway).

    This primer does what a good primer is supposed to do. It improves the texture of my skin and helps my foundation stay put for longer.

    My one complaint is that I cannot use this as my everyday primer. My skin is very reactive and has a particular sensitivity to silicones. No matter how thoroughly I cleanse my face at the end of the day, if I use this primer for a few days in a row I start to suffer from skin congestion and breakouts. Not a problem, I just sae it for my special occasion makeup!

    Incidentally, this seems to be the exact same formula as the old L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base, so if you loved that, you definitely need to give this a try.

  • Posted by: Louise-1295043242 Master Fan

    Just got my oh so cute jar of loreal magique in the mail to review yesterday, hip hip hooray! I love the classic shape of the jar -reminds me of cosmetic jars my mum had when I was a kid (in the nicest possible way!)
    There is no scent which I think is great -so many cosmetics are heavily fragranced and it can be quite nauseating so that’s a plus for me :)

    The texture is thicker than I expected -many primers i’ve used before have been quite creamy and some almost runny, this borders closer to a paste than a cream -so far its been really great on the areas where my face gets oily the most -eyelids especially (soooo great to keep the eye makeup on, especially in the warmer weather!)

    So far (only got it today so just one day to try it!) my make up has lasted better than usual (my foundation at the moment tends to get oily over the day) -still feels soft and has a better matte feeling than normal……no smudges of make up too so might just keep wearing it this evening without a touch up!!! :)

    THis might just bump me off the Dr Feelgood bandwagon from Benefit (this is similar but easier to apply) :)

  • Posted by: xKMS Master Fan

    hmmmm I see all the reviews thus far are extremely positive and i’m afraid i’m going to have to disagree :S I don’t like it very much…
    But – starting with the positive.. I like the smell – It’s really light, barely there but just smells ‘fresh’ which is nice. Also my first impression was positive – it feels really good, like a thick mousse type texture which is interesting, and I also like the way that it makes my makeup stay put all day (but all primers do that, and my makeup usually lasts even without primer) So.. the negative would start with when i’m applying it – It’s so thick that i cant tell how far it has spread, and if it has actually covered my entire face.. :/ It also leaves my skin feeling powdery, which I don’t like (though I will say that it has no effect on the was the foundation sits) so.. would I recommend to my friends? No. Would I buy this product for myself? No. Is it worth the coin? Hell No!!! – 15mls for $30?.. You can get the best primer (so they say) NP Auto Primer at 50mls for $49.50… works out way cheaper, don’t you think?… Just as a side note to my fellow Primpers – Leave more accurate reviews, Please! You’re helping advise people how to spend their money! You can’t have all thought this was the best primer ever?!.. anyway… :/

  • Posted by: neko Enthusiast

    This is a primer that truly delivers.

    I have tried both high and low end primers and I have never been fully convinced that a primer is essential until now.

    This primer makes makeup application an absolute breeze especially around the eye area. I rub the primer between my fingers to warm it up and then lightly dab and spread on skin. My concealer now spreads like butter, giving my skin a nice smooth finish. I also like to use the primer on any dry patches on my skin after I have applied foundation – it will cover up any dryness in an instant.

    The texture is more like a balm which I wasn’t used to so you only require minuscule amount each time – that makes its $29.95 price tag terrific value.

  • Posted by: beautyapprentice Enthusiast

    When I first got this primer, I found it to have quite a “plastic” sort of smell and to be honest, that turned me off a little. But because Primped has been so nice to have a review club that includes it’s members, I had to give it a go 😀

    I had expectations. Having tried liquid primers, creme primers, moisturising, mineral, high uv – the lot, I knew what sort of primer I wanted. I have combination skin and always get annoyed that foundation just sort of slip off after a few hours out or under the sun. I needed a matte, oil free primer that can really smooth out pores around the nose. And BaseMagique did!

    I honestly was surprised! It’s thick cream texture had me worried that it wouldn’t spread well, but it was okay after some rubbing between fingers (I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re after something really light). But this texture smoothed out my pores VERY OBVIOUSLY WELL. You’ll find skin becoming really matte so if you like dewy skin, you’ll need to work it in your foundation and highlights. I wore it out on one of Sydney’s crazy summer days and it did last a whole 6 hrs of sun, cloud and rain so durability would get a tick :) I think at $29.95, it’s a bargain! Considering Laura Mercier’s apparently famous liquid primer is almost $70 yet this does an even better job! So definitely recommend! :)

  • Posted by: EmmaHasking Newbie

    BaseMagique is delicious! The packaging is a perfect representation of the product; the colour is identical to the product and the image is in proportion to the contents. L’Oreal Paris have provided clear instructions for application. The texture of BaseMagique is a rich, velvety mousse. The texture combined with the pale pink colour is inviting to apply. My first impression of the product was that it glides on easily and illuminated my skin. The main advantage of BaseMagique is that provides an even skin base; smoothing blemishes resulting in minimal foundation use. In using the primer, I found that unlike before I was not racing home and wanting to remove my make up immediately. The primer makes your makeup feel fresh and lightweight, in addition to soft skin, free of oils.

  • Posted by: StayC Enthusiast

    I’ve tried quite a few primers over the last few years and for my skin with it’s crater pores I find the best are the thick, putty-like primers which is why L’Oeals’s Base Magiquie is a hit with me.

    If you have lovely, smooth skin then good for you and I quite possibly hate you, but I’m getting a bit off track here, so for you lucky ladies a primer this thick may be unnecessary but for those of us with something to hide then Base Magique will help blur the lines while giving you a great base for your foundation to stick to making it last much longer.

    I can’t say how well it works for wrinkles as I only have those early little lines but it’s great for them and as I said earlier it’s brilliant for large pores and uneven skin plus the pale pink colour seems to brighten my skin but I will admnit that it might not be ideal for anyone with dark or very olive skin, perhaps L’Oreal could release a more golden shade for those ladies.

    I’m not a huge fan of the packaging as I find glass too easy to break and dipping my fingers constantly into the product isn’t the most hygenic, yes I know I could use a spatula but seriously who is going to go to that much trouble? But I will say that the screw top seals really well so the product shouldn’t dry out. The texture is almost like a thick, whipped mousse which is why it fills pores so well and really stays where you put it, no excess moisture or oil to cause slippage plus that helps mattify the skin too.

    Overall if you’re looking for a primer that will stay put and help blur pores, fine lines and uneven skin tone then this is the product for you as it can be worn alone or under tinted moisturiser or foundation, just remember that if you don’t have a fair to medium complexion then it might look a little obvious on your skin so you will definitely need to apply foundation over the top.

  • Posted by: bondi_kitty Enthusiast

    I cannot believe how much difference this little pot of primer made to the overall appearance of my skin!

    The primer has a thick mousse like texture and blended into my skin very easily giving my skin a very smooth even appearance and hiding my pesky pores.

    I have been combining the primer with l’oreal true match foundation and I have found that my foundation lasts longer and I don’t get as oily as normal across my t-zone like I do with other primers.

    At $29.95 this primer is great value for money as it works as well, if not better than some of the more expensive brands primers. In terms of effectiveness and value for money, I will be giving this product 5 stars!

    Thank you to Primped & L’Oreal for letting me try this product x

  • Posted by: SWrong Enthusiast

    This is only the second primer I’ve ever used, so I can only compare it to one other. The only tricky thing about this L’oreal one is that you have to remember to smooth it between your fingers before application rather than going straight from jar to face.

    Other than that, this prod is a dream to use. I love that the skin feels like it’s powdery smooth before makeup goes on.

    I was surprised to find that dewy foundation still looks dewy as I was expecting the primer to mattify everything. This is a big plus because I am a fan of the dewy look on warmer days. With matt foundations and a more powdered finish, the primer of course worked wonderfully as well.

    BaseMagique delivers all you want from a primer. Smoother looking skin with less obvious pores, and sleek foundation finish that seems to last hours longer.

  • Posted by: missy1632 Newbie

    I am not an expert at primers at all, but I can’t deny that the L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer makes my foundation apply much smoother and seems to spread further as well, thus not using as much.

    The primer itself spreads a lot as well, and a little goes a long way. Luckily I don’t have too many wrinkles, fine lines or enlarged pores, but I do like the way my skin looks and feels with the primer on and my foundation stayed looking FINE all day! That never happens!

    The pot seems like it would last a while, and seeing as you use less foundation by using it, I would consider it a worthwhile purchase and I would buy it again and would recommend my friends try it!

  • Posted by: domzel Newbie

    After trying all types of primers -from the cheap ones to the pricey ones, I would definitely say that L’Oreal Base Magique is a happy medium, but only when it comes to price!
    I was really impresed by the texture and performance of this product. While many of the other primers I have used tend to make my skin overly shiny and oily, this one was a hit! Not only did it give my skin a smooth silky look and feel, it was able to do so without making me look greasy in the slightest!
    I definitely noticed an improvement with the consistency of my skin and was able to get that little extra wear out of my make up which you gotta love!

    Overall – great price, awesome performace! what more could a girl ask for out of a primer?!

    Thanks PRIMPED!!

  • Posted by: missymoo Newbie

    I’ve only ever attempted to use a primer once in my life and needless to say I didnt love it. I have quite sensitive skin and was concerned about a possible reaction. However, there was NONE, yay!

    I was surprised at the consistency of the product however, after application my skin was smoother, softer and my pores less noticeable. After a few days of continual use my skin even seemed healthier. My foundation went on smoother and cleaner and definitely lasted longer than with no primer at all. My made up face was clear and smooth.

    I would definitely recommend this to friends! makes your routine so easy in the morning when you have the perfect base. worth every cent.

  • Posted by: Sarah-1295826012 Newbie

    1. First impressions
    a) Packaging – simple & classy pale in the pale pink and black box, which when you open it matches the actual pale pink colour of the primer (which of course I appreciate)
    b) texture – i found the texture odd on your fingers (it’s one of those moussey ones) but very light when applied. definitely felt lighter than other primers I’ve used.
    c) Product – The primer creates a thin coat that definitely creates a smoother appearance – especially on my forehead and around my nose. I found my eye makeup looked very fresh even at the end of the day. On the flip side, against my skin tone the primer created was a bit lighter which meant I had to wear more foundation than I normally would during the day. Also found my foundation didn’t blend in as well (liquid foundation and concealer).

    2. Main advantages – smoother overall appearance and longer lasting eye makeup

    3. Improvements – The primer needs to lose the whiteish hue so that people with darker skin can wear it more easily.

    4. Rating – overall rating of 3.5 out of 5
    I would definitely wear it if I was going out at night for a flawless finish but wouldn’t wear it during the day.

  • Posted by: Danni Master Fan

    I have been using the L’Oreal studio secrets primer for over a year now, and I was very excited to see how this one compared.

    The packaging and product looked exactly the same- I’m not too fond of the jar, it seems a bit germy, but there id a lot of product packed in there compared to other primers. The texture is incredibly smooth and a little bit goes a long way, I know the jar will last a long time! It does make my skin incredibly soft and makes for a beautiful makeup base. My foundation sort of glides over my skin when I wear it. As for making my makeup last longer, I don’t find too much of a difference when I wear it and when I don’t- I really just use it for the smooth base. I will continue to use it and keep on buying it since the studio secrets one is no longer available. It’s basically the same stuff anyway- I looked at the ingredient list on both L’Oreal primers and was surprised to see they both contain exactly the same ingredients. Maybe L’Oreal just re-branded it?

    I give the primer 4 stars. Thanks so much Primped for giving me the chance to be a VIP reviewer!

  • Posted by: onlythebest Newbie

    This Primer is definately Magique! I personally love the packaging of the product, it looks so sophisticated and so easy to pop into your makeup bag.

    At first I was shocked by the texture of the product as it has a powdery texture to it, but once rubbed through your fingers which helps warm up the product (something I learnt on Primped!) it applied oh-so easy and really gave a lovely soft finish. Applying my foundation on top was a dream as it gilded on and seemed to make my foundation appear more airbrushed which I love!

    I noticed an improvement in the visible lines especially around my forehead, it also helped my makeup last throughout the day which is a huge bonus for me as im always running around the city.

    I would buy this primer again and I cant live without it now, it has become a part of my daily makeup routine!

  • Posted by: gemmacocks Enthusiast

    The Loreal Primer comes in a super cute little jar. I’ve only started using primers over the last one or two years – I did not know they existed. However, I love them now. This primer stays on for longer and is ultra soft and smooth on my skin. Two drawbacks are the price and the thickness. It feels like I’m caking on the primer- even though it’s clear. The results visually are great and with long-lasting wear it’s a keeper! Great for work when you’re spending hours in the office. I come home with a full face of makeup!

  • Posted by: Candice-1299035592 Enthusiast

    I love L’Oreal products so was super excited to try this product, especially since I have not had much experience with face primers and wanted to see what this one was like. My first impression was a little mixed. The box is twice the size needed for the product and had an extra layer or packaging to be a bit fancy I guess, but to me its just wasteful. Inside the box is a cute little 15ml pot of fun though! It is a very light peachy pink colour that looks like whipped moose with very little if any smell at all. A good thing when you’re coving your whole face with something! The texture of the cream is like that of a very rich moisturising cream. Following the instructions to rub the product with my fingers before applying I found that this did not make much of a difference if you did this or not. Either way I found you really had to work at the cream to get it to spread out evenly over your skin. Being 28 and my skin is just starting to get some fine lines. I didn’t find that this product reduced them or made them disappear or smooth them out as it claims to do. It also says that it perfectly hides pores. One of my big skin problems are large pores and I could see the product trying to cover them and it did, but not 100%, probably about 80%. So it you’re skin is quite good, then I think this product would do all the things it claims to do. Unfortunately for my it didn’t. It also left my face feeling very greasy. It didn’t absorb into my skin at all, but felt like it was just sitting on the top under my makeup. I did not like that. Overall, I think it would be great for some skin types, perhaps if you have dry skin but maybe not for others.

  • Posted by: libra29 Enthusiast

    BaseMagique = BaseBeautiful. After trying every foundation I could afford & not ever achieving a flawless polished look I decided to try a primer & tthe 1st one I ever tried happened to be L’oreal BaseMagique. After using it, I was addicted! I finally achieved a beautiful, smooth, pore-less,polished fresh look & my makeup truly lasted all day!When it ran out I almost cried as I couldn’t bear the thought of applying my makeup without it. As I’m unemployed I opted to try another brand of primer that was cheaper. All up, I tried 4 other types of primer & was disappointed with all of them. I wasted money while trying to save some :-(
    BaseMagique is truly a “magic” film for your skin & worth every cent.

  • Posted by: FashionGuru Master Fan

    this feels really heavy on my skin therefore i don’t think i will use it. considering i have oily skin

  • Posted by: sweatershoes Newbie

    A small amount goes a long wayI first received this as a sample when I bought a bunch of products from L’oreal 2 or 3 years ago. This primer leaves the skin with the silkiest finish and evens out the texture of your skin before applying your foundation. It doesn’t leave your face greasy neither does it dry your skin out.

    This primer is is also good for the eyes however i recommend blending eyeshadow quite quickly after application as it sets and becomes hard to blend out. However it really holds on to the eyeshadow and you can definitely pack a little bit more of those sheer glittery eyeshadows which, without a primer, would have a lot of fallout and fade through out the day.

    It seems quite pricey, however you do get a fair amount of use as only a small amount is needed for the face and eyes. So far it hasn’t dried out in the container and has lasted a long time.

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