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Ask any girl which makeup item she would never leave home without… well, put it this way, we’re willing to place a $10,000 bet that her answer is mascara. Why? Because as we’re sure you’re well aware, no other beauty buy has such an incredible impact as a magic wand does, instantly adding va-voom to your look. Maybe that’s why there are so many mascaras out there, each promising to performing some amazing feat (longer! stronger! faster!). But face it, what we all really want is simply a set of super-sexy lashes. So that, ladies, is why you’re going to fall head over heels in lust with the new Australis Killer Curves Mascara.

As the name suggests, this little wonder wand curls lashes like you wouldn’t believe (yep, you can pack away that crusty old lash curler). Featuring ‘tubing’ technology, where the formula kind of cling-wraps around individual hairs, you also get well-defined and -separated lashes. Oh another bonus: no more panda eyes. That’s because you simply massage the mascara tubes off with your fingers and a little warm water. It has never been easier to get such luscious lashes.

Killer Curves Mascara is available in Black and Blackest Brown. Buy one, or better still, buy both. Because there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing.

So, our lash-loving friend, it’s over to you …

Was this mascara easy to apply?
Did you like the application wand?

Was it comfortable to wear?
Did it make your lashes feel plumped-up and volumised?
Would you use the product again?
Would you recommend it to your pals?
Is it worth the coin ($12.95)?

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: Victoria-1302564382 Master Fan

    This mascara is very easy to apply and comfortable to wear on my sensitive eyes. My lashes are very long but this mascara made them look just incredible by giving a good volume (what I actually need). I would use it again and recommend to everyone. Price isnt expensive at all!

  • Posted by: Alexa-1312347605 Newbie

    This beautiful mascara opens up your eyes to give you a doll-like look. Its perfect for a night on the town when you want to get the attention of others! I love the bright pink packaging and easy to grip wand. A beautiful product that deserves recommendation.

  • Posted by: melany Master Fan

    This mascara was very easy apply and this can be attributed to the fantastic application wand. The mascara was really comfortable to wear as I experienced no signs of clumped up lashes and the dreaded “spider eyes”! The product definitely added some volume to my lashes, leaving them feeling plumped up. I think I would use the product again and recommend it to my friends, as you definitely get some bang for your buck. Given that lots of mascaras on the market can range anywhere from upwards of about $20, this product is great for any Primpette on a budget.

  • Posted by: doppeybird Newbie

    This product was just okay. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody and wouldn’t buy it myself again.
    It was relatively easy to apply to my already long eyelashes and made them look longer. I found it gave me ‘spider legs’ eyelashes and I had to wait til they dried and went over it with another wand to get rid of the clumps. Even then, that didn’t do much.
    Lashes felt volumised and it was non-sticky which is great.
    For the same price I’d keep buying great lash (maybelline).

  • Posted by: prudielou Enthusiast

    I love the sleek look of this product, I must say I was sceptical when I first saw the wand as I have gone off the ‘plasticy’ wands as I have found them hard to apply in the past, but this wand is actually ok.
    I have very straight lashes and this mascara definitely gave them curves! I even had a few comments on how long and lovely my lashes look!
    I would buy this product again for sure, especially with the price tag of $12.95. I have and will continue to recommend it to others, in fact I have bought my mum one as a result!
    Thanks Primped team for letting me try.

  • Posted by: Kaval33 Supporter

    I really liked the packaging.. the hot pink mascara bottle. I thought the mascara was easy to apply. However, I did not like the application wand. I have very thin eyelashes and I feel as if the real brushes vs. the plastic work better. However, out of all the plastic brushes that I have used, this one seems to work the best. The other thing was when I washed it off… the mascara seemed to crumble off- all in clumps. It was a little strange. I would use this again though.

  • Posted by: ladolcelana Enthusiast

    The Killer Curves Mascara by Australis is packaged in a sleek, attention-grabbing hot pink bottle. There’s no doubt that it would catch my eye if I saw it on the shelf!
    The wand itself it small if compared to the popular Lash Blast by Covergirl, but gives just as much volume and curve and is a very black black, making for dramatic lashes. I only wish that the brush felt stronger, because I’ve flicked myself in the face a few times while not looking when I’m putting the wand back in the bottle. But maybe that’s just my laziness!
    For $12.95, this mascara is an absolute steal! I’ll be reccomending it to all my girlfriends.
    Thank you, Primped, for the opportunity!

  • Posted by: Toria Newbie

    I quite liked this Mascara. Im used to buying more expensive mascaras (Estee Lauder, Dior) so was pleasantly suprised by this. I wouild say it gives you lashes like Kim Kardashian (coz we all know they are fake) But it does give you good length with a slight curl – perfect for the office or when you dont want to over do the make up. Will be using this again, and for the price Id recommend it.

  • Posted by: hmpeach Newbie

    So, I’m going to be straight with you (pardon the pun).. my name is Hannah and I am a mascara junkie.
    My first impressions of this little beauty were all positive.. I really like the slim line packaging (big chunky mascaras aren’t my thing) and the hot pink is always a hit with the ladies.
    A little dubious about the highly flexible, light plastic applicator.. my fears subsided as the brush glided easily across my lashes. Volume added immediately to my lashes, who obediently curled skyward as I applied. Several blinks in the mirror later and I was feeling pretty chuffed.
    Next was the endurance test.. worn to a job interview, out to dinner and to a loud pub afterwards, this mascara kept me panda-free for the whole day, easily going the distance.
    Perhaps my only gripe would be the way the tubing comes off your eyelashes once you’re finally ready to remove it, rolling into little tubes and resisting most of my specific make up removers. That being said, there were no smudges under my eyes the next morning as the product works itself off your eyelashes in a completely different way to conventional mascara. As long as you’re aware of this – it’s not a problem at all!
    Overall I would definitely recommend this product, it looks chic, delivers as it promises and the price is the icing on the cake – for $12.95 you’d be mad not to get it in both colours!

  • Posted by: KWharton Newbie

    I love the packaging of Killer Curves – the metallic hot pink looks great on my dresser, and the slim tube means it doesn’t take up too much space in my handbag. I have long but very thin, sparse lashes so I’m constantly buying new mascaras in search of the holy grail. This definitely comes close – the texture is not too thick or thin, so it adds volume and length without clumping. The plastic-y brush bristles also seperate well. What I really loved about Killer Curves were the length and intensity of the black – my lashes were definitely noticeable, and its pretty longlasting. The only downside is that it didn’t curl or ‘lift’ my lashes at all, which I was expecting from the name. I would still buy it again though.

  • Posted by: michaelaa Enthusiast

    Let me start by saying this mascara was super lengthening, at least for me. I could feel my eyelashes hitting my brow bone, I didn’t even know my lashes were that long!

    The mascara was super easy to apply, though I found it didn’t build up very well. The wand was super flexible, sometimes it felt too flexible, like when applying a second coat I felt like it couldn’t get between my lashes that well.

    I found it super long lasting, and even at the end of a hot humid day in the city it still looked like I’d just applied it at the end of the day. When removing this mascara however, it doesn’t dissolve off with water, cleaner or makeup remover but tends to come off in chunks, not sure whether thats a good thing or a bad thing.

    I would consider using this product again, however it didn’t quite have enough of a volumising effect that I like from my mascaras. However for $12.95 you can’t really complain.
    I would recommend it for those who like a lengthening effect from their mascara.

  • Posted by: Coconal Master Fan

    First of all, thank you, Primped, for giving me the chance to review this mascara. I am always on the look out for the next new mascara that will achieve a miraculous result!

    Let me start my review by saying that the packaging is quite interesting; it’s a slim, metallic tube in a fuschia colour, which makes it both easy to find in my beauty case and also easy to handle during application.

    The wand is what I would call a cross between a brush and a comb. It quite slim and narrow, which I think is a bonus, as it gets into the hard to reach lashes at your inner and outer lash line very easily. The formula is quite good, neither too thick (so less clumps) nor is it too runny (takes too long to dry, therefore smudging easily). I’d say it’s just perfect, which makes it very easy to apply.

    It was very comfortable to wear, I curled my lashes and then just wiggled the wand through them, sort of ‘rotating’ the wand as I went. It coated my lashes very well without leaving clumps or ‘sticking’ my lashes together, I ended up with nicely separated lashes after one application.I should mention that I wear contact lenses on a daily basis and had no problems with this mascara at all.

    It’s really given my lashes a good look, making them look lusher, thicker and a bit longer in length. My lashes look more defined. I stuffed up the lash curling this morning, and left two lashes standing almost straight while the others were curled, but I just brushed the area upwards with the tip of this wand and it curled the ‘straight’ lashes out just like the neighbouring ones, so I will say it definitely has some curling effect.

    I will definitely be using this product again and I will probably repurchase when this runs out. While I will honestly say it’s not the best mascara I’ve ever tried (I usually use higher end mascara for special occasions, my favourites being Lancome/MAC), I think this is a great mascara that is perfect for wearing to work or during weekends. I’ve worn it for 3 days without any noticeable smudging and it’s very easy to get off at night (I use Shu Uemura cleansing oil to remove this). The only slightly odd thing is it comes off in ‘crumbly’ bits instead of sliding off like ‘tubes’ but overall, a great product that I plan on recommending to friends! At approximately $13, it’s a great bargain buy that totally lives up to the promise of volumising, defining and curling lashes.

  • Posted by: bondi_kitty Enthusiast

    After trying this mascara for a week I would rate it as average.

    It is easy to apply and very comfortable on my eyes and gives fantastic length and definition to lashes. It gives a really nice natural long lash effect. However I found when i applied a second coat that it often made my lashes look clumpy and spidery. It is definitely not a mascara i would use for a more dramatic look.

    I also found that it was very prone to smudging and runs very easily even for a non water proof mascara.

    If you are on a budget and want a nice day time look then this is a good mascara to buy.

  • Posted by: AmeliaWay Newbie

    I liked the application wand & it was easy to apply. I definitely think it made my eyelashes stand out and even got a comment on how long my eyelashes looked whilst wearing it. For that price I would definitely wear it again. I usually like to check whether products are tested on animals though before I buy them, so would like to find that out.

  • Posted by: Georgia-1302158019 Enthusiast

    I really liked the packaging for this product…but unfortunately that was about it.

    The application wand was flimsy and I found I couldn’t get a good application first time then had to keep adding layers resulting in clumpy lashes that were stuck together, not a good look. I also didn’t like removing this mascara, it was very flakey and hard to remove even though it is not a waterproof product.

    I would not recommend buying this product when there are so many better ones out there already!

  • Posted by: sprinkles37 Master Fan

    This is one of the best mascara I have ever tried (besides a Dior mascara!) One coat makes your eyelashes thicker, longer and more defined. Two coats makes your lashes POP! Three quick coats makes your lashes look like they are false lashes. They become so thick and incredibly long . It is easy to apply and the wand is a great shape.

    It lasts all day and doesn’t fade or smudge. It is also easy to take off, but it does remove in clumps, so I normally use a cotton pad under and one over my eyelashes to watch it, so it doesn’t go over my face.

    You won’t regret buying this! The price is incredible! I will be sticking with this mascara from now on.

  • Posted by: uffie Newbie

    This mascara is suprisingly good! I have never tried an Australis mascara, or really many items from their line at all, so I did not have high hopes for this Killer Curves mascara. But I must say, for a cheap alternative, this is a great item to grab at the chemist.

    I found it quite easy to apply, as the ‘plastic’ like mascara wands like this one do not tend to clump. I quite like the application brush, it was sleek and simple.

    I thought that this mascara was great for lengthening, my lashes definitely got some extra length on them. I would usually apply two coats and this was enough for a full-eyed look. I don’t think this offered much in the way of volumising, so those who prefer a very thick lash look could do a second coat with a volumizing mascara.

    The only thing that was a little strange was the removal. The mascara did not melt away like normal mascaras, bur rather ‘peeled’ away, almost like dried glue. I often found that when I was washing my face, little black chunks of the mascara would float away down the drain. Sort of similar to those ‘tubular’ lash coating mascaras.

    Having recently tried Benefit’s They’re real mascara, which is excellent I think, this Australis one is a great cheaper alternative. I would probably use this again if i was short on cash and couldnt purchase the Benefit one. So all in all, defintiely worth the money.

  • Posted by: immy Newbie

    This mascara is exactly what is says; killer curves!

    In terms of application Killer Curves is relatively easy to apply although I did find it leaned more towards the clumpy side, which I think is partly due to the applicator (which I didn’t love) but once I have mastered the application it worked like a dream.

    This mascara lasts all day; it doesn’t fade or smudge and is the blackest black. Removing the mascara was a breeze. I have to admit I am a tad lazy when it comes to removing mascara but it washed of simply with cleanser which is a massive plus.

    This mascara is perfect for both day and night. With one coat is provides a natural look with long defined lashes but if you want bigger, voluminous lashes this mascara does this trick. Two coats and you have thick and incredibly long lashes, three coats and your lashes will pop.

    Without a doubt I would use this product again and for such a great price I bet my friends will get sick of me raving about it very soon. If you want an inexpensive mascara that ticks all the boxes this bad boys for you. I’m loving it!

  • Posted by: lovefashionangel Master Fan

    This has to be one of the awesome ones. Though it does not hold a curl, if i apply it and curl after i can get a decent sort of ‘killer curve’. For me it is the most lengthening mascara i’ve used. It seems to really stretch out my lashes to lengths i didnt even know i had (or have)
    In terms of volumising, on its own it does not provide much but if i layer it over another maascara i can get gorgeous thick lashes like ive never been able to get. ALthough the brush is not my favourite, it is effective. A little bit more wobly than i would like, but at least its not hard and spiky. Usually australis has nice products but this is probably pushing the best in their range (and for the price, i’m definitely going to repurchase!

  • Posted by: jiyeong96 Enthusiast

    the mascara was really easy to apply and really gave volume to my eyelashes. I recommended it to all my friends! It’s definately worth it.

  • Posted by: Knyholm Master Fan

    Having sensitive eyes, I am always on the lookout for the perfect mascara, and with a name like Killer Curves, I was certainly tempted.
    One coat of the Killer Curves gave my lashes a very subtle curl and separated them nicely, leaving my lashes looking glossy, while two coats made my lashes even thicker, and longer. Adding three coats, and my lashes started sticking together, so I wound only recommend applying two coats. It does give the lashes a nice curl, without the use of an eyelash curler prior to applying the mascara.
    The formula of the Killer Curves Mascara is quite nice, and it doesn’t budge, fade or smudge, during the day, even with my sensitive eyes that tend to water very easily.
    It is claimed that it can be removed with warm water, but I felt that I ended up with panda eyes, so I did feel that I needed a gentle makeup remover to ensure that my lashes were completely clean from mascara.
    With a name like Killer Curves, I did have a high expectation of a dramatic curl of my lashes, and while the mascara did give my lashes a nice, clean and defined daytime look with definite curl, I wouldn’t call it a killer look.
    All in all this is a mascara, which is good for every wear, but I would not say that it’s the best one I’ve tried. But at only $12.95, it is still a bargain buy that won’t break the bank.

  • Posted by: Talbot Newbie

    This wouldnt be one of my most favourite mascaras I’ve ever bought. I absolutley hated the wand which made it extrememly difficult to apply. In say that, it was nice on and it did make my eyelashes look long. I wouldnt necessarily recommend it but if one of my friends said she was going to buy it – I probably wouldnt stop her. And I guess it is good value for its price.

  • Posted by: Lollicious Enthusiast

    Black tastic Mascara, this fantastic brush lets you get right into the corners of your eyes!! Colour is intense and long lasting

  • Posted by: katyfloss Supporter

    I loved the brush, it seems to be sturdier than most plastic brushes and it really gets into the corners and edges to help you fan your lashes. The product lasted well and gave adequate volume but I have found others which offer a lot more, it did lengthen and curl well. I’d use it again and recommend it to friends who want a great everyday mascara and it’s good for the price.

  • Posted by: FashionGuru Master Fan

    Killer Curves? YES siree! this was fantastic for parties and occasions

  • Posted by: Mickeymoo Supporter

    This mascara lived up to its name especially compared to other products I had tried!! It’s really easy to apply and use, and it doesn’t get all cloth and gives the ultimate look! I also love the design of this product I especially love the pink :)

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