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Truth of the matter is we’re all desperately seeking a product to inject a little luminosity into our complexion, especially if imperfections including redness, dark spots, pigmentation and sun damage have taken up permanent residency on our skin – like dreaded, unwanted house guests.

L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Luminosity Extraordinary Serum is a fast-absorbing formula that’s ideal for layering under your daily moisturiser, without ever feeling oily. Utilising the 10-year-in-the-making Lumi-GEN technology, the serum gets right to the core of your skin concerns, and acts as a two-in-one. Not only does the all-star cast of active ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants reduce the appearance of said dark spots and skin imperfections, it also does double-duty, as the inclusion of L’Oreal’s Anderson Liquid, which contains optical properties, creates an even, light-reflective skin tone. In other words you’ll be one luminous-lookin’ lady!

So we’re turning the tables to you, Primpettes …


How did the serum feel on your skin?

Did you like the texture?

Did you see notice an improvement in your skin tone?

Did your dark spots fade?

What about value for money, at $35.95?

Would you purchase this item again?

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: lippylove Supporter

    Thank you L’Oreal for creating this magical little serum!

    Let’s start with the packaging; I love the pump feature of this serum its super hygienic and easy to use with one pump being all you need to use over your face. The texture of the product is velvet like and with a pearl shimmer to it so once put on your face after cleansing it just glows.

    I loved the way it felt so light on my skin leaving my face feeling hydrated. I did put this baby to the test by seeing if it would fade my dark spots that I find around my chin area and after 3 weeks of using the serum it has seemed to have faded the dark spots significantly!

    To be honest I just loved the way it made my makeup glide on and created a shimmering glow of my face.

    The only negative I would say about this product is that it did create a small break out around the jaw line which I don’t usually get, not sure if it was due to the serum though.

    I would recommend this product to my friends and family and I think I would purchase again!

  • Posted by: Becca-1306288734 Newbie

    Love, love, love.

    This serum felt magical on my skin. It was smooth and light, not at all oily.

    This product would retail at around $35 and it is definitely worth the money. It lasts for a long time; a little goes a long way.

    Primpers this is definitely a good find.

  • Posted by: pinkandbeige Newbie

    What a great product this little serum is. It made my skin feel so nice in the morning. I would apply it after my shower and before bed. It’s so silky smooth and easily absorbed. Not oily in the slightest. Fabulous packaging and $35.95 is a great price for a serum. I will be buying this from now on.

  • Posted by: PrettyPrincess Master Fan

    The sleek silvery bottle, looks great in the bathroom.
    The pump dispenser, works well, delivering a good amount of serum for the face.
    The pearlescent formula, has a light almost citrus smell to it.
    My skin felt smooth and even after application, make-up sat nicely over the top, my skin never felt oily at the end of the day.
    I did notice an improvement in my skin tone, it was evened out, however, I did experience a few breakouts and some slight congestion around the jaw. After another week of using the serum, it did start to disappear, I put this down to my skin purging.
    I will continue to use this serum.
    Overall I think this is a great product for a reasonable price.

  • Posted by: Karen-1298334769 Master Fan

    I liked it! I love serums and this was particularly good. I loved that it was shimmery and it smoothed on easily. It absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling smooth and slightly tight but I kinda like that. However, as for its claims to make my skin more illuminus and correcting dark spots, I can’t say I really noticed a difference good or bad. Maybe this was more suitable for pigmentation rather than dark under eye circles. I also felt that one pump wasn’t enough and usually used two pumps (to cover my neck area as well). Overall, I think this is a great addition to any skin care routine but if you want it specifically for correcting dark spots, I’m not sure it would be what you are looking for.

  • Posted by: stephi Newbie

    The product smells nice and has a lovely silky texture. It feels beautiful on the skin and makes my skin feel silky smooth too. It gives me an all over glow and makes my skin seem a lot clearer. I can’t say it made dark spots disappear, but they were not as prominent after about 1-2 weeks of using it. I use it after cleanse and tone, and as my skin is still damp from the toner I don’t need to use much of this product at all. This makes the product relatively cheap as it will last me at least 3 months I reckon. It’s great value for money and I’ll definitely buy it again. I think that with continuous use my spots may fade completely!

  • Posted by: ldro2017 Newbie

    the packaging was fantastic, very modern and clean. upon using the serum, the initial feeling left on my skin was really nice, (supple and light). I think however, this serum was too rich for my skin as it cause breakouts around my chin area.
    maybe on older skin this serum would be good to use, but for someone my age (23), they may need to use something slightly lighter.

  • Posted by: bertieboo Newbie

    I was excited to be chosen to review this product. Recently, I’ve noticed a small brown spot of pigmentation appear over my left eyebrow. I’m hoping the L’Oreal Luminosity Serum really will do exactly what it says on the box, and send my spot back to wherever it rocked up from.

    The bottle has just the right look, modern and silver; like it just came from a scientific laboratory. It smells gorgeous and has a lovely silky texture.

    Day 1: read instructions, pat serum all over face. Smells good, feels lovely. Peer at reflection, no change.
    Take a “before” photo.
    Days 2 – 5 repeat as above. (Often twice a day because if once a day is good, surely twice must be even better?)
    Day 6 – Watch video of Expert advice from L’Oréal Paris consulting dermatologist, Dr.Katherine Armour. Lots of talk of pigmentation, brown spots and pigmentation. This must be the product for me
    Day 7 – Peer closely at face. Is my brown spot fading slightly or is it my imagination? Possibly my imagination.
    Days 8 – 16 Use serum once or twice per day.
    Day 17 – My review is due. Sadly my spot doesn’t appear to have faded at all, however it does state that improvement should be seen after a month, so perhaps I’ll see a change in another 2 weeks?

    The product makes my skin feel gorgeous and very smooth, and for $35.95 it’s good value. I’m hoping to see fading of pigmentation which would take this product from nice to have, to absolutely essential.

  • Posted by: jadegrrrl Newbie

    How did the serum feel on your skin?

    The serum felt smooth and soft on my skin.

    Did you like the texture?

    Yes the texture was a light, smooth, gel/liquid formulation.

    Did you see notice an improvement in your skin tone?

    My skin felt soft to the touch and looked more luminous.

    Did your dark spots fade?

    Unfortunately not.

    What about value for money, at $35.95?

    Mm not really good value.

    Would you purchase this item again?

    Not likely, I’d prefer something more affordable with more active ingredients.

  • Posted by: essjaiiarr Newbie

    The serum was really nice to use as part of my skin care routine. It felt so nice on my skin and smelt pretty good too! The bottle was sophisticated and I enjoyed the pump feature. It made it easier to put my make up on of a morning and made my skin feel really fresh right before bed.
    As far as my dark spots fading I can’t stay I noticed a substantial difference. Regardless I would still buy it again to use as one of my skin care products.

  • Posted by: Talitha-1291067711 Supporter

    P is for packaging and what a delightful wrapper this potion comes in! it definitely looks sassy sitting up there on my beauty counter…which reminds me, probably should have hidden such beauty from equally as beauty-addicted housemate, Oops!

    The texture of this serum is much like others i’ve liked in the past. It felt like liquid silk and the luminousity one would hope for by applying actual liquid silk translated here! My skin (even after a few too many vodka & ‘whatever’s going’) the serum immediately packed a hydration punch which covered my tracks of late night mischief and added a glow yet sunk beautifuly into my skin in less than 20 seconds allowing me to continue with moisturiser and make up..

    On days where i hadn’t had a late night before i would easily say you could get away with using this and a moisturiser (with SPF of course) and it would add a nice healthy glow to the complexion. which brings me to the main advantages of this product: The serum provides a lovely glow that i would usually achieve with a tinted moisturiser whilst claiming to treat my skin and even the tone. I wouldn’t say i noticed a difference in age spots or tone ( i put this down to not using the product for long enough to notice) but i noticed i didn’t need ot use not nearly as much tinted Moisturiser as i did prior to using the product. The only negative impact the serum had on my skin was around the T-Zone. I have a normal skin type but am prone to slight oilyness around the chin and forehead and i noticed that i did break out more than usual. I decided to concentrate on the other parts of my face and go easy on these zit prone areas with improved results.

    My rating overall of this product is 4.5 out of 5 the only mark i’m subtracting is because it did cause me to break out a couple of times. This is been nit-picky as i am aware it can take a couple of months for a product to get in there and do its thing.

    It was a pleasure to test out the product and i will definitely contiune using!

  • Posted by: erikaa Newbie

    Great packaging and the serum itself was a really nice texture, light and shimmery.

    The first day, I applied the serum in the morning but there must be an ingredient that reacts to my foundation (Napoleon Perdis Foundation Stick) and it sort of flaked off – it’s happened a few different times with various serums/moisturisers so it’s definitely not just this product.

    After the first day I decided to used it before bed and it worked a treat, it didn’t remove any dark spots on my face or help the tone of my skin as such but it did definitely make my skin feel softer and brighter in the mornings! The packet also does say it takes up to a month for skin tone to change.

    I’d say it’s value for money at $35.95, one or two pumps was all I needed – the bottle would last for ages! I really liked the product overall and I’d use it as a nightly moisturiser but it did also cause a bit of a breakout, so on just that – i’d have to double think before buying it again.

  • Posted by: beautybee1 Master Fan

    Firstly I have to say thanks Primped for giving me the opportunity to try out this great product. Being someone who is somewhat prone to having an uneven skin tone (freckles especially) I was looking forward to seeing how this product would work for me.

    I really like how this product comes in a handy pump bottle with a lockable lid. This means that it is really easy to use and lessens the risk of spillage. The packaging was ok – silver with black writing although mine seems to have been an older bottle with the words printed on a white background which I thought didn’t look as good as the one in the picture above.

    The serum itself is white with a pearlescent quality. I used two squirts of the cream on my face in the morning under my moisturiser. I really liked how it felt on my skin – it absorbed super quickly and made my skin feel really soft. It also gave me a healthy glow which lasted all day.

    I have been using this for a few weeks now and I do feel as though my freckles are slightly less noticeable so I think that this is a product that has been working on my skin and I’m sure I will notice even more change the more I use the serum. I was really happy that it didn’t cause any reaction to my sometimes sensitive skin too – to me it felt quite gentle.

    The scent is a bit citrus and smells a little of sandlewood to me as well. It is quite a strong fragrance but pleasant.

    Overall, my skin just looks better than it did, less tired and more radiant. I think that this is a great value product for $35.95 and I would recommend it to friends and repurchase myself. Thanks again Primped!

  • Posted by: staceyb Newbie

    I was very excited to try this product.
    The packaging did the trick and sold me even more. The bottle is sleek and the size was perfect for me to take away with me when i went interstate for the weekend, (it’s perfect for taking on a plane as it is under 100mL’s, and great for planes due to its hydrating nature!)

    I loved this product. It’s texture was silky smooth and on first application i fell in love. It soaked straight into my skin and made me feel dewy and smooth instantly, without that heavy feeling that some creams give you. It definitely hydrated my skin too. I did experience some breakouts but it had little to do with the serum.

    I have definitely noticed a difference in the look and feel of my skin when using it. faded spots and a generally clearer, brighter complexion.

    At $35.95 it is great value for money. You don’t need to use much on your skin, being a serum a little goes a long way. I also used it after work before dinners and such to lift and brighten my skin (plus a little extra make-up).

    I think this serum is a must have item for me now and will definitely be purchasing again!

  • Posted by: o0Kellie0o Enthusiast

    1. First impression of the product
    a. Packaging:
    i. While the cardboard box the product comes in looks fantastic, the information on the back (at the very bottom) was a little hard to read and I actually think it could have been more informative. The actual pump bottle the product comes in looks fantastic. I like the colour of the bottle; I think it looks really attractive sitting on my bench top. I think the silver colour makes the bottle appear more expensive than it is. I especially like that the pump/nozzle can lock back into place so that if you carry it in your bag or are travelling, the product doesn’t come out by accident. The pump/nozzle also allows the product to be used more hygienically.
    b. The texture of the product was really nice. It was a little thicker than I would expect a serum to be. It was more like a lotion.
    c. The product itself, on first inspection, was pearlescent white in colour. It has a really nice scent to it, which is not overpowering. You don’t need to use a lot of product to cover your entire face and on use, the serum immediately soaked into my skin. It was not greasy and I could wear foundation or a tinted moisturiser directly over it without any issues.
    2. Main advantages: The main advantage for me was the luminous look it gave to my dull complexion.
    3. Impact on the skin: On application my skin appeared to glow. I normally only experience a little bit of redness on my chin and I didn’t see a great decrease in this. After approximately five days of use, I started to break out. I’m not entirely sure if this was the product but it was the only new item I was using on my face at the time. I stopped using the product after this because I did not want to aggravate my skin any further.
    4. Improvements: The biggest improvement I noticed when I did use the product was that my complexion did not appeared as dull.
    5. Rating: I would give this product a rating of 3 out of 5. I think for the budget conscious the serum is well priced and it’s well packaged. For those with problem skin, I would avoid using this product.

  • Posted by: glowmakeupartistry Newbie


    That pretty much sums up my feelings for Loreal Youth Code Luminosity Day Serum! I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a lot. After developing pigmentation from pregnancy and too much sun exposure a few years ago, I have tried many serums on the market only to be left with no change in the pigmentation and no change left in my purse! So when the spots started to fade within days…yes days…I was so excited!

    It’s a lovely product to apply with it’s shimmery, light texture. I’m not a huge fan of fragrance in products, but I am willing to look past the strong scent in this one as the results have been amazing!

    As a makeup artist, I well know the tricks to covering up said pigmentation, but I believe makeup is best used, if possible, to enhance rather than cover. So to have such an effective serum in my stash to make sure my skin is clear and luminous is an absolute winner!

    I will definitely continue to use this serum. The price point of $35.95 is fantastic value compared to disappointing products I have tried at 3 to 4 times the price. The only negative I would say is despite the pretty packaging and convenient pump, the name “Youth Code” might be misleading on the shelves. I wonder if at first glance I would have walked past this product at the shops, assuming it was a range for teenagers? And that would be a damn shame as I think everyone will benefit from this amazing serum. I can’t wait to try the entire range! Well done Loreal on 10 years of research…it was “worth it” 😉

  • Posted by: Knyholm Master Fan

    Having increasing pigmentation, I was very excited to trial of the L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Luminosity Day Serum. And when I received the product I was instantly impressed; it came in a sleek metallic silver box, and inside the simple pump bottle in white metallic looks very luxurious and appealing. I love that it comes with a pump bottle as it is so much more hygienic than a jar, and it is s so much easier to use.
    I have combination skin with tendency for breakouts, so I am always worried when introducing a new skincare product, and even more so if it’s a concentrated serum. So I started out only using a little and soon found that ¾ to 1 full pump of cream was more than sufficient to cover my full face.
    The cream has a pearlescent white look to it, and it quickly absorbs into the skin, without leaving behind any greasy residue. Afterwards the skin is left feeling smooth, soft, moisturised and looking luminous.
    The serum has a nice and pleasant fruity scent, which is still subtle and not too empowering.
    As with all serums, I followed with applying my usual moisturiser; day cream during the day, and night cream at night time. During the day, I also used makeup, including primer and foundation, and did not find that it had any negative effect on the staying power of my makeup, rather I found that it made an excellent base. For those with oilier skin types, I could imagine that the serum on its own would be more than sufficient, with no need to use moisturiser as well.
    After having used the serum for a few weeks, I am pleased that it has not made my skin break out.
    Apart from the instant glow and sheen you get from applying the serum, I am starting to feel that my skin is look a tiny bit more even in its tone, it is thoroughly moisturised and more healthy looking, although I’m yet to see any major difference to my pigmentation. However, it does state on the box that effects will not be visible until after a 1 month of use, so given I have not quite used this for a month, and I do see some minor improvements to my skin, I am excited about what continuous use will do to my skin.
    As only one pump of serum is used, a bottle will last you at least a couple of months, so at $35.95 I find that it is good value for money, considering the results that I have already seen. Other serums on the market with similar claims, are three times as expensive, but whether the results are three times as good, can be discussed, although I did find that one other more expensive serum did give me quicker noticeable luminous results. As for long term use, so far things are looking bright for the L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Luminosity Day Serum.
    I highly recommended this for anyone with concerns of pigmentation; it is a great option, for those on a budget.
    Thanks Primped for letting me trial this serum.

  • Posted by: reka oc Newbie

    I really love this product. It is unbelievably light on my skin. Being from Europe, I find that many face creams make me ‘sweat’ in Australia’s (relatively) high humidity, but not this one. I am truly amazed how smoothly it soaks in when it is applied and yet leaves my skin luminos.
    After using it, the improvements were dramatic. My skin got visibly smoother, all the spots evened out, and since I have been using it day and night, in the mornings it felt as if I also got a gentle face scrub overnight.
    I’m a bit of a value shopper, so beside quality of the product, I also look at value. I think this one ticks both boxes. You get a really good sized bottle for your money.
    I was originally going to mention that it would have been nice to see a cap in the box to seal the product to avoid it drying up – but to be perfectly honest, it didn’t have the chance. I’m using it day & night… seriously. love it. It’s is recommended.

  • Posted by: kanashimiblue Newbie

    I’ve been using the original youth code serum (up to my third bottle) prior to trialing the new luminosity serum. First of all, the pump dispenser is so much more convenient to use. The texture, as everyone else has said, is pearlescent, light and easily absorbed – very similar to the original youth code, except for the pearlescent part. I didn’t find it as hydrating as the ordinary youth code, nor did it impart my face with a dewy, transluscent glow the regular youth code serum imparts. I immediately noticed this when I switched back to the regular youth code serum for two days, two weeks into my luminosity trial.

    After using this twice a day for three weeks, I didn’t notice any improvement in my skin texture, nor did pigmentations fade. So I’ll be switching back to the regular youth code serum once my luminosity bottle is used up. This one just didn’t do anything for me. But it’s not a bad product.

  • Posted by: Andy16 Enthusiast

    From the moment I received this serum I was captivated by its silver, shiny packaging, the luminosity was so intense and I was excited to give it a try. The silver glass bottle has a pump dispenser which keeps it hygienic and also very convenient with only two pumps needed to cover the face and neck. The serum itself has a pearly sheen but disappears on contact with the skin, the scent is pretty enough that I couldn’t wait to try it again and the texture is lotion/gel-like. I have been using this serum morning and night for three weeks now and I am in love with my skin. My skin is fairly normal but can be sensitive with a little dehydration as the humidity here in North Queensland is unbearable in summer/autumn, so it’s not easy to keep skin as hydrated as it should be. With winter nearing though my skin seems to be looking better, the serum is keeping my skin nicely hydrated. I can definitely see a change in my complexion – it’s so even, so smooth and I can see more of a luminous effect that’s for sure. I apply the serum as a base under my foundation also and it seems to look so flawless and smooth. I have a few age spots on my face and chest that I desperately want to fade, so time will tell if they continue to fade using this serum. The price point is superb in comparison to other serums on the market that offer similar results and it feels so good to know that I don’t have to spend a fortune to get the results.

  • Posted by: Mampha Master Fan

    This product leaves a classy impression visually. The product is presented beautifully, with an appealing outer box with plenty of information (I hate having to prise open a packet to read the nitty gritty on a leaflet). The heavy-weight, shaped glass, pump bottle is lovely to look at and a pleasure to use. The controlled soft touch pump action is excellent. I much prefer a pump as it seems more hygienic and is easier to utilise. It closes readily, with a turn, not a push and turn, thereby minimising wastage.

    The feel of the product is silky and it is neither too runny, nor gloopy. No oily residue, and with a luminous shimmer to it, the smell is mild and pleasant. It applies nicely and evenly, and absorbs quite quickly. A little goes a long way. I used 2 small squirts for my entire face and neck (avoiding eye area).

    Even the initial application left my skin feeling smooth and glowing.

    I didn’t expect to notice a dramatic visual or textural improvement in the time given for the trial, but I was pleasantly surprised with the effect of this product on my skin. Within days my skin was vastly improved. The texture was looking more even and felt smoother, and my skin looked healthier and better nourished. My red and damaged areas faded rapidly and my skin has not only evened up, I have had less breakouts. I feel my skin was looking quite aged and weathered, and I am feeling remarkably more cheerful when I see my skin in the mirror so far!

    In the first few days of use I experienced a few small white pimples, but these cleared rapidly and I experienced no further problems. I tend to have mildly sensitive skin, and pleasantly had no other reaction. I have as yet noticed little effect on the pigmented area on my temple, but I feel it is early days yet, and based on my success with other problem issues I am keen to continue application and see how this fares.

    Considering that this product has delivered on many of its claims for me so far, I think it is exceptional value for money. I would have expected this level of improvement from a significantly higher cost product only. Not only is the rrp budget friendly for a serum that delivers, but I see it is readily and conveniently available: always big plusses for me when I suddenly and absently realise I am low on a product.
    The one thing I dislike is not being able to see how much product is remaining in the bottle.
    I am definitely continuing with this product and have already purchased more, although I confess it was on special :)

  • Posted by: MadisonC Enthusiast

    I wanted to love this product – I was hoping it would replace my more pricy ultraceuticals ‘Even skintone’, but sadly not. The packaging is pretty, i love the pump.
    The texture of the serum is great, but it broke me out! and I haven’t had a reaction like that in over a year. I’ve worked so hard in tryinng to prevent breakouts, and this serum is aggravating. I notice a lot of other reviewers had that too sadly.

    I only used it for just over a week ( I only got it a couple of weeks ago!), as I felt it aggravated my skin, which isn’t sensitive, but i’m experiencing more redness, breakouts, etc..
    I wouldn’t recommend this product if you have combination skin, but may be great for dry skin users.

  • Posted by: bugmum Newbie

    So, I’m a bit of a magpie…I like shiny things. So a silver foil box was a good start. And then? The serum itself is luminous…ooh baby…I’d keep using it even if it didn’t do anything, it’s so pretty.

    But, the nitty gritty. I’ve been using some pretty hardcore cosmeceuticals (which I’m currently out of because the price is also hardcore), so I approached the Luminosity Extraordinary Serum with a healthy dose of skepticism. Could a product so inexpensive really do the job?

    It did pretty well.

    The serum had a nice skin feel…it was light and easily absorbed with a pleasant fragrance. The texture and appearance were both really appealing (again, the luminosity is really quite gorgeous!)

    In terms of improvement in my skin tone, look, to be honest I think two weeks is a pretty tough call to see any kind of real change in tone or pigmentation. After all, we’re talking years of damage here and I think any reasonable person realises it’s going to take some commitment to reverse the effects.

    But did I see any deterioration in my skin tone or texture since switching to L’Oreal from my expensive products? No. And that, to me, is a sign that the product is doing its job as well as the more expensive brand. And that’s very appealing to the wallet!

    At $35.95, it’s a product that will definitely have a permanent place in my beauty cabinet. Love that L’Oreal is making great skincare affordable.

  • Posted by: Rikki Newbie

    I applied to my whole face in the morning and evening, and while some parts of my face improved, I did find the oilier sections weren’t so pleased… A few spots made an appearance – Never fear though, I booed them off with my secret weapon: toothpaste.

    However, I used it as a primer to rest my skin a little from the twice-a-day straight-on-skin application, and that worked a treat! Flawless flawless flawless. I’d actually buy it again for this purpose – cheaper than most!

    I loved the texture of this serum, and the pearl-like finish made my skin look all fresh and glowy on application.

  • Posted by: nakira Supporter

    Packaging was really nice, very classy. The product was velvety smooth and went on really well. Just need one pump for the whole face and neck and it’s instantly absorbed.
    During the trial I didn’t change any other products in my skincare regime and I used the serum morning and night to get maximum benefits from it. Well, after 2 weeks I didn’t actually get any benefits from it at all. I never ever get pimples and yet with this product my skin broke out.
    Also, I would examine my face during the day at work and in the lift and it’s been especially dull during the last 2 weeks. I switched my foundation and used a dewy one with the same result, very very dull looking skin. I looked haggard & tired without being so.

    I will definitely continue to use it as I’m hoping to get results on my dark spots so I can’t really give a recommendation on it at such an early stage.

  • Posted by: kiarra.taylor Supporter

    Firstly, thanks for the chance to review, who doesn’t love free beauty products!
    Packaging – Big fan of the sleek, minimal look of the bottle and the pump applicator was convenient and generous enough altho if you were feeling particularly dehydrated (few too many wines anyone?) you might want to use a second pump.
    Feeling & Texture – Great texture, smooth, not greasy, immediately luminous and hydrating, you get an immediate ‘glow’ with this product and while it might not last all day it certainly gives you a nice fresh look for a couple of hours.
    Did I notice an improvement? – Considering the price of this product I don’t think you can expect a huge improvement on skin tone or pigmentation, you need to be spending at least $80 plus if that’s what you’re after but if you’re looking for a nice daily serum that gives you a luminous look this definitely does that.
    Would I purchase again? Yes! It’s good value for money and I have gotten my BF on to it as well for an extra injection of hydration. If you are after a lovely, fresh ‘glow’ I would say go and grab yourself one of these babies :)
    Enjoy Primpers! xx

  • Posted by: fdunne Newbie

    I also was very excited to try this product. I thought the bottle looked nice and I loved that it had a pump feature.

    The serum felt nice and it went on easily and gave my face a lovely glow making it feel nice and hydrated.

    At this stage I haven’t noticed a real change in my dark spots / pigmentation, but it definitely has made my skin tone more even. However, I will continue to use this product and maybe over time it will help.

    Overall I think this is a lovely product at a reasonable price which I would definitely recommend / re-use.

  • Posted by: tifina11 Newbie

    1.The serum felt very nice on my skin. It felt like a moisturizer that I would wear at nighttime (left my skin a bit shiny so wouldn’t just wear it alone).
    2.I really liked the texture. It was inbetween a cream and a lotion – a little thicker than lotion, a little thinner than cream. It was also sort of ‘wet’, and i felt like it absorbed well into my skin.
    3. I haven’t seen much of a difference in my skintone yet, however I don’t really have a ton of discoloration. I will continue using it though to even out any blotchiness I do have.
    4. I don’t have many dark spots.
    5.It’s a bit pricey, I don’t think I would spend $40 on it.
    6. No, I don’t think I would purchase this item again as I don’t really have many dark spots.

  • Posted by: mocka Newbie

    I love this serum. The pump on the bottle gives you the perfect amount for your face. The pearly formula has a gorgeously light and creamy texture, it smells lovely and sinks into your skin immediately, making your skin feel hydrated and smooth and there is no yucky residue. After using this product, my skin feels smooth, moisturised and definitely looks and feels younger. My complexion has evened out dramatically including the pigmentation around my eyes. I’ve been much more comfortable in my skin using this product and have been very tempted to go out sans makeup on the weekend… Well, maybe next weekend ;)And for $36, I’ll be buying this when I run out.

  • Posted by: EmmaHasking Newbie

    Loreal’s Youth Code Lumiere is value for money (30 ml); only a minimal amount is required for a glowing, refreshed, summery look in these cooler months!

    The appearance of the serum is a shimmery white colour which glides on smoothly and skin looks refreshed following a layer of moisteriser. I found my blemishes were easily covered though I am unable to comment on the visibility of dark spots as I do not have any.

    Whilst my skin appeared refreshed I did not feel the intensity of the hydration as I hoped. My one concern regarding the product was an outbreak of pimples on my forehead which cleared following the end of the trial.

    This serum would be great for women looking for a product which illuminates the skin. This product is not suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Posted by: ProductJunkie2010 Devotee

    I was so excited to hear that I was going to be part of the L’Oréal Paris Youth Code Luminosity Day Serum trial. Having turned thirty last year my concentration has turned to reversing the harm that I did in my twenties. If only I had known all that sunbaking to get that ‘glowing’ tan would cause dark spots and pigmentation later in my life. It’s definitely a case of “if I could only turn back the clock”.

    The bottle and packing is a step up from their regular lines. The silver box is attractive and modern and covers all the necessary information about the product – what it does, what is in it, what to expect and how to use it. My only criticism is that it doesn’t tell you, on the box or on the bottle, how much product to dispense for each application or how to apply it ie, dab onto or rub into the face/neck. I believe this is vital information that should be included on every beauty product. The bottles is made of glass and is of a decent weight – no risk of it being knocked over on the self. It is a pump applicator which I love because it eliminates unnecessary wastage of the product and there is no chance of dirty fingers getting into the serum and containing the whole bottle. The nozzle can also be turned to lock the pump action which is great for if you are travelling with it as there’s no chance of a disastrous leakage.

    After some experimenting I found that two pumps was enough serum to cover my face and neck. I also applied to my dabbing it onto the skin and pressing it down, instead of rubbing it in. As compared to other serums, the consistency is the perfect middle between a liquid and a cream. It is creamy without being oily and has a faint pearl shimmer. The serum has a fresh fragrance which while I find pleasant, it may irritate those who are super sensitive to fragrance.

    On application, the serum absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it feeling velvety smooth. My skin look fresh and has a healthy glow immediately after application (perhaps due to the slight shimmer in the serum), and remains to look illuminated after application of my regular foundation and blush. I didn’t find it to cause excess oiliness within the hour or by the end of the day which is what some serums can do due to the potent moisture. I have also found that I no longer need to use my regular primer and the serum provides a smooth canvas to work with.

    Whilst I have haven’t noticed any dramatic improvement to my sun spots I believe I need to use the serum for more than two weeks to see the full effects. However I can say that I have noticed an overall improvement in the texture and plumpness of my skin. Within the first three days I noticed some tiny raised bumps on my cheeks which whilst never turned into pimples, I can’t actually blame the serum. I look forward to seeing what happens after consistence use of the product.

    $39.95 is a great price point for this calibre of serum. I have been lucky enough to use the Lancôme Visionnaire (interestingly both serums are produced by L’Oreal) and I honestly can say I don’t see much of a difference between the two. Lancome Visionnaire retails for $115 a bottle and L’Oreal Luminosity Day Serum retails for $39.95 which is why I think this serum is one of the best products to come onto the market within the last two years. I will definitely re-purchase this serums and I look forward to seeing the long term benefits.

  • Posted by: bondi_kitty Enthusiast

    With my pale English skin, which is often sunburnt, I was the prefer person to try this product. I have some pigmentation across my forehead so I was quite keen to see if this product worked.

    First off, the the bottle and packaging is very sleek and the pump dispenses the perfect amount of product for each application. The products has a velvet like texture and absorbs easily into the skin.

    I’ve been using this cream for just under a month and it has made a slight difference to my pigmentation but it is quite noticeable so I dont think I would buy this product as i didnt notice much difference in my skin.

  • Posted by: shelleypelley Enthusiast

    From the outset, this product makes big claims: to provide visible results within two weeks. As a relative newbie to innovative skincare products, I was skeptical, and when I (like many others) experienced a breakout after the first two days of use, I wondered if L’oreal had been a little too bold in it’s promises. But, after my skin adjusted to wearing this light serum I began to see results. After two weeks of morning and evening use, my old childhood freckles were visibly lighter, and I began to get comments on how good my skin was looking. My skin tone is more even and I feel more confident about leaving the house without makeup on.

    In my opinion the packaging could be better – I like the futuristic look of the box but felt that the grey plastic covering over the glass bottle makes it look cheap. It’s not something I would want to show off on my bathroom cabinet. I am a huge klutz and was glad that when I did knock the glass bottle onto the floor it broke, but only at the neck of the bottle, and quite cleanly, so I was able to salvage the remaining product and pour it into another container. 

    When I initially applied the pearlescent serum I felt a heat and a tightening of my skin, but it soaked in well and was fine for me to use on my entire face.  The only issue I experienced was minor pilling with my moisturiser.

    Packaging gripes aside, I’ve found that this product has delivered the results promised. Since using it I’ve recommended it to others, and I will be purchasing it when I run out. I love that this product is in my price range, and something I can buy with my weekly groceries. Thanks Primped, I’m glad my first trial was a good one! 

  • Posted by: roman Newbie

    L’Oreal Luminosity intrigued me from the word go. I saw the ads on TV and then got to trial it within days. I am so grateful, PRIMPED. Thanks!

    To begin with, this product looks like a dream, or a dreamy, runny candy treat of some sort (I bake and so almost everything reminds me of some kind of food). The pearlescent glow of the product transfers effortlessly on to the skin. I totally love the way it feels on my skin as soon a I put it on. But more than that, it retains its dewy, just-returned-from-a-cocktail-at-the-pool-bar kind of glow on my skin. So when I combine it with my illuminating day cream (yes, I even went out and purchased the Youth Code Luminosity Day Cream to use with the serum) my skin feels so silky.

    I’ve dabbled in the realm of serums, but have never found one that has pushed me over the edge to full blown serum love. I think this here product has done just that.

    Conveniently matched with my bathroom decor (blue and gray) L’Oreal Luminosity has found a new permanent home on my ‘display beauty product shelf’.

    P.s Also, I loved the video Hayley did explaining how to use it properly. Great tips!

  • Posted by: beautystar Enthusiast

    How did the serum feel on your skin?

    The serum felt silky soft when i applied it. It really glided on and left my skin feeling so soft to touch afterwards.

    Did you like the texture?

    I loved the texture. It was heavy enough to be used as a moisturiser during the day yet still absorbed easily, and never left m skin feeling greasy or dry – it was just perfect for my normal to oily skin.

    Did you see notice an improvement in your skin tone?

    When I applied it, the pigmented areas on my skin were instantly dimished. It really did even out my skin tone. However, I think it was the light reflecting particles creating the illusion of an even skin tone as my pigmented areas still remained when i didnt wear the product.

    Did your dark spots fade?

    My dark spots didnt sem to fade during the period of the trial, however I was pregnant so was having a lot of issues with pregnancy pigmentation. I think that with all the hormones surging through my system, nothing was going to reduce the pigmentation until the hormones were no longer there. Now that I have had my baby I will keep using it to see if it has an effect.

    What about value for money, at $35.95?

    Yes – this serum reminded me of Estee lauders illuminsting eventone serum but is about 1/3 the price so very good value in my eyes.

    Would you purchase this item again?

    Most likely. Even if it doesn’t permantly remove the pigmentation on m skin, the light reflecting aprticles create the illusion that i have an even skintone and i really liked that so I would buy this as a makeup item, rather than a treatment product.

  • Posted by: emilyb Newbie

    I really likes the smooth creamy texture of this – it was like a gel and absorbed quickly.
    1 pump was enough to cover my entire face, so I’s expect the bottle to last several months.
    My skin definitely felt softer, and it acted as a good primer for makeup, but I did notice some breakouts around my chin.
    My dark spots did fade slightly, I’m looking forward to monitoring the progress over the coming weeks.
    I think is good value for money, at $35.95, and I’d probably purchase again.

  • Posted by: Fions Newbie

    LOVED this serum, esp coming into the cooler months I felt like my skin wasnt so dry. The serum is lightweight and smells really good! Which is a nice side note, kind of like D&G Light Blue! After 2 weeks my skin looks smoother and has certain shimmer to it which was def not there before! Good value for money as you only use 1-2 pumps. I would purchase again, along with the matching face cream.

  • Posted by: sprinkles37 Master Fan

    I had heard about this on an overseas blog and was so excited when I was chosen to be on the trial team.

    I normally use Ultraceuticals Eventone Serum which is amazing for making your skin smooth and fixing pigmentation, and I wasn’t sure if this would even compare to that. But luckily it does!!

    I’m always hesitant about trying new skincare because I’ll never know if my skin will react, but luckily this was a match made in skincare heaven.

    The formula is really smooth and has a pearly finish, so it looks more expensive than it really is. You don’t need much, just one pump, so the bottle will last a while. The packaging is gorgeous and it looks like a high end skincare product. It sinks easily and quickly into the skin and is so simple to add into any skincare routine.

    After the first week I saw results. While it wasn’t too noticeable to others, I could see that my forehead and chin had a more even tone and some of the redness I have disappeared. It was most noticeable when I didn’t have make up on. Once I saw that it worked, I went to Priceline and bought the matching day cream.

    For the second week, using both the serum and day cream, the results tripled! While the redness on my cheeks is still there, the redness on my forehead and chin have nearly disappeared!

    This would make a great first time serum for anyone that wants added benefits to their skin, but doesn’t want to spend a lot or go for a serum that is for anti aging.

    The price is fantastic for anyone on a budget. I love the fact that I can pick it up in Priceline or my local supermarket. It makes it that bit easier when you’re busy and don’t have to go out of your way to a store.

    I have actually purchased another bottle of this since I love it so much.

    Thanks Primped for giving me the chance to find my holy grail (affordable) serum!

  • Posted by: shell88 Newbie

    Love the packaging of the bottle. First impressions were great. As everyone else has mentions, the serum is amazingly silky! It goes on a dream and you need not use much at all. I am yet to notice any improvements of their promises, however it has not been sufficient enough time, so I hope to see some of my redness and brown spots disappear. For the moment it is a gorgeous product, would defiantly consider buying it again!

  • Posted by: domzel Newbie

    I’ve tried my share of serums and Ive gotta say, I love the feeling of this one! The serum made my skin feel silky and smooth!
    After using the serum my make up was so much easier to apply, and my face in general seemed to give off a more healthy glow which I loved! My skin appeared to have a more balanced consistency, with spots and pigmentation fading.

    It did however make my skin feel a bit more oily during the day than usual and I did notice my skin began to break out after a few days of using the serum.

    Overall though I found the product to be a goodie! I liked the sleek packaging and the luxurious texture of the serum itself, minus a few breakouts, which I’m hoping will calm down after I use the serum for a longer period, I would give this serum a big thumbs up! :)

    Thanks PRIMPED!

  • Posted by: kimberleyjade Newbie

    Thank you for Primping me once a again with a fabulous product!

    This product has a nice consistency, it is very smooth and silky when applied to my face! I found that it absorbed very well l found it leaving my skin very fresh and clean.

    I have been using it of a night time putting it on just before I go to bed.

    The presentation of the bottle is quite compact making it able to take with you whereever you go for your daily skin routine.

    Thank you L’oreal and Primp I will definitely buy this product again and at such a good price the quality is great

  • Posted by: kristinshorten Newbie

    Texture felt OK but fragrance very offputting
    Did not fade spots
    Packaging ok
    Not sure if it is value for money
    Would not buy this product
    Feels OK on skin but is not moisturising at all, you would still need to layer a mosituriser over top.

  • Posted by: makale Supporter

    Thanks for the opportunity to review this product. At first I was surprised by the packaging – it looked a bit too plain in a cardboard box – I think some clear packaging rather than a cardboard box might have been nicer. The silver pump seems consistent with other brands packaging their serums.

    I did like the feel and texture of the serum. A light white, pearly cream. One pump covered face, 2 for neck as well. It smooths on extremely easily and honestly is not the slightest bit oily or feels like it is sitting on the skin, rather than being absorbed. This is a great thing!

    I didn’t notice anything different in terms of my skin quality – I do have a mark on my neck, and after 3 weeks…well, it looks pretty much the same.

    I use other serums – rosehip oil and SKII vitamin serum…is this one any better? I’d put it in similar category. However, given the price, I’d probably just stick to rosehip oil as its cheaper – and because I don’t feel any more luminous than before.

    But overall, a nice, smooth, well absorbing serum. I’d probably buy again if it was on sale :o)

  • Posted by: dale.elizabeth Newbie

    The serum had a nice texture and didnt feel sticky or greasy on my skin, the fragrance was nice, but didnt smell very natural.
    I didn’t notice an improvement to my skin, this product didnt agree with my skin, causing some breakouts. Therefore I couldn’t use it for the recommended time.
    For me, this product is not value for money, and I wouldn’t purchase it.

    I was excited about recieving this product, it held alot of promise, but unfortunately didnt come through.
    Also, I wasn’t convinced by the message on the packaging, i couldn’t make the leap between gene’s and a topical cream…

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan

    i’ve been using this product every morning for the past 10 days. The product comes in a silver bottle and has a pump, which I prefer.

    This product is great – I have somewhat uneven skin tone and texture and this serum has helped my skin soften and even out in texture.
    I find one that one pump is enough for the whole face.

    My skin feels soft and nourished without breaking out or drying up; im very excited to see long term effect after a few more weeks of use!

  • Posted by: SophYesterday Enthusiast

    This serum feels awesome on the skin. It feels like silk and I really noticed less dry patches and less obvious redness around my nose.

    I usually use Genefique by Lancome which is a fair whack more pricey than this so the value for this is awesome as far as I’m concerned.

    Overall I have been surprised by the quality of this product and may even considering giving up my pricey Genefique for this baby!

  • Posted by: FashionGuru Master Fan

    my mother uses this and she just raves about it.

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