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You might have noticed: nail art is kind of huge at the moment. You can hardly shake a hand without seeing some kind of floral motif or diamanté display flash back at you. But not everyone has the time (nor, ahem, talent) to paint mini works of art on her nails. So thank goodness Sally Hansen has done the hard artistic work for us. Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color (available in eight shades) works like this: Slick two coats of Magnetic Nail Color over your base coat then hover the lid – which has an in-built magnet – above your nails. Here’s where we get a tad technical: the metallic particles in the formula are attracted by the magnentic forces. Which basically means that your nail colour swirls and whirls until it forms a fabulously three-dimensional-like finish. It has never been so easy to be so nail-arty!

So now we’re turning the tables to you, dear VIP-ers, for your thoughts on this nail polish. We want to know how you felt it performed with an honest and thorough review. But if you’re stuck, here are a few extra things you might want to consider along the way…


Would you purchase it again after the trial?

How easy was it to use?

Did you like the finished look?

How long did it last?

Would you recommend it to your friends?

Is it good value for money ($16.95)?

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: catn2kittens Master Fan

    Sally Hansen Magnetic nail polish is the latest range of magnetic polish available in Australia, and it is by far the best brand available here in terms of formula, magnet quality and ease of use. I was sent “Electric Emerald” to trial.
    When getting started, it is good to have the polish and the magnet very close at hand, as it dries very quickly. The magnet itself is on top of the detachable lid cover of the polish; this lid is perfect: the magnet sits flat on top and there is an excellent curved finger guide, which you rest at the base of the nail to ensure correct positioning of the magnet.
    This polish is quite thick with a creamy texture; it applies very smoothly and dries incredibly quickly. The first coat went on smoothly and evenly, in spite of the fact that I wasn’t particularly careful; having used magnetic polish before I know it tends to look fine once the second coat is applied.
    The magnet: The second coat is magnet time! I made sure I had the separate lid close at hand, upside down and ready for me to quickly snatch up and place straight over my nail. I got an excellent result with this! I applied a thick coat of polish to my pinky, popped the brush back in the bottle, grabbed the magnet, and put it over my nail – thanks to the guide it was easy to position it correctly the first time. The pattern develops fully in the first couple of seconds, but I leave the magnet for a ten-count in the hope of maximising definition. I messed up one thumb, the pattern only appeared on the left half, so I reapplied polish to just the unpatterned half of the nail, and it levelled out beautifully. The polish was opaque in two coats and glossy without needing top coat.
    The colour: “Electric Emerald” is actually a warm olive green polish; once the magnet works its magic, it transforms into bands of deep mossy olive and pale, almost grassy green. It reminds me of green-toned tortoiseshell. The staying power of this is excellent, I want to believe it’s the iron particles that make it strong, but I don’t know if that’s true! I wore Sally Hansen Electric Emerald with no top coat for 6 days before it started to chip, I had no tip wear and it stayed shiny.
    Overall, Sally Hansen Magnetic nail polish is an outstanding product. The formula is creamy and trouble-free, it dries VERY quickly, lasts well, has a smooth, glossy finish, and the magnetic pattern appears fast and stays sharp and clear. The finger guide, magnet and the lid which houses it are all sturdy and extremely user-friendly, making it easy to get a great result without too many hiccups. If you do make a mistake, the fast-drying formula means you can simply pop another coat on and try again.
    The only improvements I could suggest would be more magnet patterns available to purchase separately, and an expanded colour range e.g. vivid teal or lighter, cooler green. In summary, I would highly recommend Sally Hansen Magnetic nail polish even if, like me, you have tried and disliked other brands available here in Australia. This is super-easy and gives pretty, unique, eye-catching results!

  • Posted by: CC12394 Enthusiast

    This nail polish is out of this world!! After reading the instructions I quickly applied the first coat, and silly me used the magnet the wrong way but I still got the wavy effect.
    Very nice colours aswell!

  • Posted by: wendyc Newbie

    I love it and would drfinitely buy again!

    Very easy to use and excellent results!

    I love the finished look -very professional soit looks like its done in a salon

    I applied t last Wednesday and itis looking great – no chips yet!!!

    I woulddefinitely recommend to friends! Ive had lots of compliments on it and have told people about it already

    Great value – much cheapr than a visit to the salon and so easy!

    Thanks for a great product Sally Hansen and thanks to Primped for giving me the chance to review such a lovely product

  • Posted by: daylight dancer Master Fan

    I absolutely love everything about this nail polish. It really is quiet simple to use. Firstly you apply one layer of the polish to all your nails and allow to dry. This polish dries so quickly, its dry in 30 seconds to a minute. I love the applicator brush. Its slim and not bulky. This creates a streak free finish and allows you to get right into the edges of your nails easily.
    Next you apply another layer of the polish to one finger at a time. When you’ve applied your coat, make sure the coat is still wet and hold the magnetic lid above your nail and rest it on your finger. Make sure the magnet doesn’t touch your nail and ruin your coat of polish. Hold the magnet there for around 10 seconds and take away. You repeat this process one finger at a time until you’ve done all 10 fingers. This second coat of polish also dries very quickly and your left with a lovely smooth streak free finish.
    I did my nails a few times over the past 2 weeks using this Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish and I loved it every time. I often received compliments and people would ask questions about how to do it. It gave me salon quality results and beautiful nail art. I found the polish didn’t wear away at the tips of my nails or chip. I received the Silver elements to trial. It’s a lovely dark silver base shade. When you use the magnetic it brings out some black iron particles in curved patterns across your nail. Its looks great and the colours match well.
    When it comes time to remove the polish, I found that it was a tad tougher then regular polish but easier then a glitter polish. I would just soak my remover in a cotton ball and then press and hold on my nail for 10 seconds. This made it easier and quicker to come off. This polish never stained my nails or made them yellow.
    I cannot wait to see more shades being stocked in my local stores. I love them so much, and although the price may seem high, the quality cannot be beaten. It really is worth the $16.95 and you will love the outcome you get.

  • Posted by: melany Master Fan

    Would you purchase it again after the trial?

    Whilst I enjoy trying new nail art trends like the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colour, I think I would only repurchase the product for a special party or occasion. The product creates a fun and unique look, though I couldn’t say that I’d like to incorporate into my daily look.

    How easy was it to use?

    The instructions at the back of packaging were very straightforward, so the product was very easy to use. After applying the second coat of colour, it was great to see the magnet work its magic in creating a funky wavy pattern.

    Did you like the finished look?

    I do like the uniqueness of the finished look, as it’s unlike any other type of nail art trend I’ve come across. I definitely think the product will grow in popularity and will be embraced by teens especially.

    How long did it last?

    The look lasted for a good 4-5 days without chipping. It’s important to follow the instructions and be sure to apply a base and top coat!

    Would you recommend it to your friends?

    Sure, why not? It’s something worth trying out at least once for some nail fun.

    Is it good value for money ($16.95)?

    I believe Sally Hansen provides great quality products for an affordable price, and the Magnetic Nail Colour is no exception. I’d say that $16.95 is very comparable to your typical nail colour on the market.

  • Posted by: luciec Newbie

    I love the gorgeous Kinetic Copper colour I received.
    I would definitely purchase it after the tril and recommend it to my family and friends.

    I haven’t used a magnetic nail polish before so I was really happy there are clear and easy to follow 2 steps instructions on the bottle which are vital to the success of the final effect.

    The magnet is attached to a detachable lid for easy use.
    The nail polish was easy to apply not too thick or runny as some brands. It dried very quickly with both first and second coat.
    I loved the finished look. I’ve had mine on my toes for 5 days and still looking great.

    I think it is value for money to get a professional look for $16.95 is definitely worth it.

    Thanks for the opportunity to review such a quality fun product.

  • Posted by: Hannah-1333512553 Newbie

    Would you purchase it again after the trial?

    Maybe, I am probably the only reviewer who didn’t really like it by the sounds of it! If I would I would probably choose a better colour than the one I was given to test, as it wasn’t too flattering (the emerald shade was more of an olive gunky metallic green), and the bottles are deceptive of colour.

    How easy was it to use?

    It was pretty easy, but had some drawbacks. The colour goes on very thickly, which is great! The brush wasn’t too wide or too thin, which made the application fairly easy. However, I found with applying the second coat it became harder to use because the magnet is involved, and this stage can also be quite messy. I would recommend someone else aiding you with the magnet so you don’t accidentally smudge your work. The magnet in the lid also got VERY annoying to use.It didn’t work properly when taken out of the lid, and I found it smudged my work, so maybe something to change would be the magnet position.

    Did you like the finished look?

    Yes, I think the pattern was quite cool and the ’emerald’ colour came out after the magnet was involved. However, to truly see the pattern you had to look sort of up close, but I did do it on my toenails (I always have Shellaced fingernails) so maybe this is why..

    How long did it last?

    It lasted quite well, but again it was on my toenails so maybe this is why. I can see some substantial chipping after a week, and I am not sure how it would have lasted on fingernails. I chose to test it on my toes because I am a Shellac devotee, wanted a cool pattern for the start of spring and work in a shoe store, so my hands are always busy and getting ruined and chipped

    Would you recommend it to your friends?

    I probably would recommend it to my friends who love nail art, as they would have great use for it and I’m sure would like to try something new.

    Is it good value for money?

    Hmm, yes and no. All Sally Hansen products are that bit more expensive because it’s what they specialise in and do a good job with. I am not sure if it is good value for money, I think it’s more likely not because the novelty of it may wear off quickly and people may be spending $17 on something they use twice..

  • Posted by: Newbie

    I’m in LOVE with this Nail Polish my first reaction when the product arrived was curiosity…
    “How will this product work???”

    I was so surprised!!

    The product looks great and its easy to apply,it spreads well and dried so fast.It has lasted a week without and chips and its in my fav colour blue…although would love other patterns as well!
    I have recommended it to all my friends and have had lots of people asking “Where did I get my nails done?”
    And I tell the it’s this AMAZING 3D MAGNETIC nail polish by Sally Hanson

  • Posted by: danigirl Enthusiast

    Thank you Primped for allowing me the chance to trial this product!
    This polish was super easy to use with the magnet, however you did have to make sure that you put the magnet over your nail asap after applying the second coat as the polish dries very quickly.
    The finished look is very unique and not something that has been done in a polish before. The wavey effect is very cool.
    It lasted the normal amount of time a polish does. Not better or worse.
    I would recommend this polish to my friends.
    One improvement I would suggest is to make the magnet wider and curved around as to mimic the natural bend in the nail so that the wave pattern can cover the whole nail and not just the middle.
    I would also recommend that the polish be priced a little bit cheaper, as the younger generation (who I’m assuming is the target market) might be hesistant to purchase the polish at this somewhat hefty price.

  • Posted by: Jas93 Enthusiast

    I actually really disliked this product. At first I had high hopes because in theory the product sounds really interesting.
    Firstly I really disliked the colour (kinetic copper) with my skin.. I have pale skin and I thought the colour was really unflattering on my hands.
    Maybe it was just me, but I actually found the instructions really confusing. I just couldn’t get the wave effect to happen. I ended up searching youtube and finding someone demonstrating how to use it. The instructions are misleading when they say to use a thick second coat before using the magnetic. I used a thick coat and then applied the magnet for longer than the recommended 10sec but nothing happened. In the end I had to start again with thinner coats, and even then some nails turned out good whilst other didn’t have much of the wave effect.
    I have the admit that the nails that did turn out well had kind of an animal stripes look, especially in the copper colour. So if you really like animal prints then maybe give it a try in that colour.
    The polish lasted me about 4 and a half days, which is pretty usual for nail polish on me as i’m not particularly careful with my painted nails. Although for the time spent trying to figure out the product and get it to work properly, i probably wouldn’t use it again (especially not in the copper colour!) Also i wouldn’t recommend it to friends as I didn’t like it much. I gave it 2 stars because it does give a shimmery 3D effect when it works like the packet claims and it could be good if you are someone who likes animal prints.

  • Posted by: katiee Enthusiast

    I received the ‘Graphite Gravity’ colour to trial and initially wasn’t too sure about the colour as it was a metallic grey. However I pressed on as I was intrigued to see if the magnet really worked.

    The polish went on smooth and dried very quickly which was great, and once the magnet was applied it created a very cool ripple effect with most of the polish turning almost black with slight grey metallic ripples – loved it!

    It’s very easy to use and create your own unique results. I have already recommended it to a couple of friends and I think for $16.95 it’s great value. I would purchase it again but most likely for a night out or special occasion.

    Thank you to Sally Hansen & Primped for sending me a great product to trial & review!

  • Posted by: bethtalia Newbie

    I was sent the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colour in Golden Conduct and was instantly attracted to the beautiful bronzey gold colour.

    Would you purchase it again after the trial?

    Perhaps. I loved the colour, but I wasn’t particularly fond of the result.

    How easy was it to use?

    I actually found it quite difficult to use, the instructions weren’t very clear and being rather clumsy, I found it hard to hold the magnet close enough and to get it to cover the whole nail.

    Did you like the finished look?

    Not particularly, as I mentioned I found it difficult to apply, but the gold colour, while lovely on it’s own ended up looking patchy and weird once the magnetic effect went through it, there wasn’t a clear distinction between the shades.

    How long did it last?

    Disappointingly not very long. I used a high quality base and top coat and found that it started to chip off my nails after a day or two.

    Would you recommend it to your friends?

    I’d recommend everyone have a turn as it’s a great look and $16.95 is a decent price for something like this.

    Is it good value for money ($16.95)?

    Yes, for this kind of product it is. However I could prefer if it had a better magnet for the price.

  • Posted by: karleymichelle Enthusiast

    This nail polish is great for a fast & eye catching look.

    I got to trial Golden Conduct.Colour is is more of a bronzed look – but still gorgeous.

    Product was very easy to use with very siple steps to follow.
    This does dry VERY QUICKLY so you have to have your magnet ready to go!
    I applied one coat over all nails as directed. Then one at a time, apply a second coat (I found I applied this a little thicker than normal) then right away you have to hold the magnet over nails so the magic can start to happen. Then finish off with a top coat to protect & add shine!

    The lid is very cleverly designed.The cap pulls of that has the magnet attached. It also has a little “lip” that i found very helpful. I rested this on my finger/cuticle area so the magnet was nice and close without actually touching your polish and ruining the design.

    I found the wave effect sublte, but pretty.

    Results are instant, it is very easy to use, apply & remove.

    I would reccomend – its great for something a little different without having to be too creative.

    Thanks Primped!

  • Posted by: GertyBird Newbie

    I was sent the colour Graphite Gravity to trial (a dark metallic grey) and I have to say I loved it!

    The packaging is compact and the lid indicates the pattern effect that will be achieved by the magnet, which is conveniently built into the top of the exterior lid case.

    The polish went on smooth and the first coat dried quite quickly. You definitely need to make sure you apply a thick second coat so that the magnet can pick up the metallic particles to create the pattern properly.

    The instructions for creating the pattern were easy to follow — the only thing I would recommend is to gently rock the magnet side to side using the nail guide so that the effect wraps around the whole nail surface (especially the larger nails like your thumbs).

    The effect looked like burnished steel in this particular colour — very wavy and very cool 3D effect! The polish lasted around 4 days before any noticeable chips started to appear, which was quite impressive given that my nails had just come out of having a shellac polish on them, so they were very brittle in the first place.

    I would definitely recommend this polish to friends who are happy to invest a little extra time in creating their mani, or for those who want something for a special occasion. For $16.95 a bottle, I would definitely give a few of the other colours a go!

  • Posted by: tamika.mackenzie Newbie

    I was one of the lucky VIP’s chosen to review the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colour. Its a great product with a really funky concept. I easily rate it 4 stars :)

    Would I purchase it again after the trial?
    Yes, It’s a really cool concept that works really well. I have a copper colour, which was good but on some nails harder to tell the difference between the base coat and top coat, so if i did purchase it, I would go for the purple hue instead.

    How easy was it to use?
    It was really simple and straight forward to use. The instructions that i was given were spot on. Its quick, simple and easy – anybody could do it.

    Did you like the finished look?
    Yes. The finishing look was really cool, there was lots of wave like pattens in my nail polish, which give a real 3D effect. It looks really unique which i love. It also felt really smooth and wasn’t clumpy to use.

    How long did it last?
    The nail polish lasted 2 days without any chips, after that it started chipping alot, and quickly – Although i am really rough with my hands this may have been why. It took a good scrub to get it removed from my fingers with nail polish remover, which i suppose is a good sign that it would normally have good staying power.

    Would you recommend it to your friends?
    Defiantly! Its a fantastic concept, and i love that it gives a salon style, but its done in your own home.

    Is it good value for money ($16.95)?
    I sadly think the price is a slight turn off. I think $12 would be a fair price to pay, as it doesn’t last very long & cant really be touched up, instead it needs to be re-done.

    I would give this product 5 stars hands down if the staying power was better, and the price was less expensive.

  • Posted by: gabrielle12 Supporter

    Thanks Primped for sending me this awesome polish to review!
    I was sent Polar Purple, a pretty light metallic purple shade.

    It was very easy to use, even if you’re new at this magnetic nail craze. The magnet at the top of the outer lid has a thing to put your cuticle on.. so it’s all good, just try to put your nail as close as you can to the magnet without touching it!

    I left the magnet on for almost 20 seconds instead of 10 and it really brings out the pattern! I actually put the magnet sideways (horizontally not vertically) when doing my right hand and the ripply pattern turned out vertical :)
    Yes I reaaally like the finished look :) And I like the colour too, it’s a great purple.

    I would totally recommend it to my friends. This is such an easy nail art that anyone can try at home, plus it dries pretty quickly too.. It lasted me almost a week with a good topcoat (I use China Glaze) but it should last more because I took it off to change my shade. So wear time = great!!!

    The only (a bit) down size to this product is the price.. It’s a gorgeous product but for $16.95 I don’t think I will purchase it again, just because I can find another brand with similar quality at fraction of the cost. (I’m on student budget :p )

    But but but I would really recommend this to anyone wanting to try! You can find it stocked at Priceline, Target etc, it’s really easy to find AND use :)

    Once again, thanks Primped and Sally Hansen for letting me trial this :)

  • Posted by: ladolcelana Enthusiast

    My name is Alana, and I’m a nail polish-aholic.
    There, I’ve said it. I have a mild (read:major) obsession with nail polish, nail art, you name it.
    Whilst I have no intention of getting help for my obsession anytime soon, I do suffer from a lack of patience when it comes to doing my nails, which is not always harmonious to the intricate nail art I lust after.
    Sally Hansen’s new Magnetic Nail Polish makes it easy for a girl like me who can’t simply sit and wait for their polish to dry before creating an intricate nail design.
    The process is deceivingly simple: one coat of polish, let it dry, then a thick coat. Then, the magic happens. Simply hold the magnet to the nail, a bit of squiggling, and your nail is adorned in a wavy design. Simple, chic, and totally time-saving. Not to mention that the polish is EXTREMELY fast drying!
    The only thing to watch is that you balance the magnet well on your finger, thus removing the risk of dents. I learnt the hard way.
    It’s been three days, and my polish is still chip-free and looks like I spent far more time on it then I did. Definitely reccomend!

  • Posted by: lepote Newbie

    Would you purchase it again after the trial?
    I would purchase this again after the trial, although perhaps in a different colour.

    How easy was it to use?
    It was easy to apply once I knew how to use it. However, the instructions do not make it clear and I had to use youtube to work out how to use the magnet.

    Did you like the finished look?
    I love the finished look, however I would prefer it in a different colour. I don’t think that using a magnet and metal particles necessarily means the colours need to be only ‘metallic’ themed. The pattern created would look great on a range of different colours.

    How long did it last?
    It lasted about a day longer than most other nail polishes I have tried, which was great. I find that many polishes chip when I shampoo my hair, however this one didn’t.

    Would you recommend it to your friends?

    Is it good value for money ($16.95)?
    Yes, especially compared to expensive salon nail art that achieves a similar effect.

  • Posted by: tenkerialc Newbie

    This nail poolish was fun and rather easy to use. It’s not exactly my style, but is very funky and cute :)
    Would you purchase it again after the trial?
    No, only because it isn’t “me”

    How easy was it to use?
    Pretty easy, I stuffed up a few nails, but it was my first go

    Did you like the finished look?
    Yes, it was very different and unique

    How long did it last?
    Without a top coat it started chipping on day 2.

    Would you recommend it to your friends?
    Is it good value for money ($16.95)?
    For me, no. For people who want this sort of thing, yes!

  • Posted by: CC12394 Enthusiast

    Would you purchase it again after the trial?
    Yes, but only for special occasions, I am more of a plain jane when it comes to nail polish, classic french, or block colours

    How easy was it to use?
    For me the instructions were great, they let me know every I needed to do to get the best result. I did find it abit annoying with the magnet though, as it had to be close enough to the nail to get the effect, but not so close that you end up blotting the nail polish.

    Did you like the finished look?
    I did like the finish look, nice wave pattern. The only thing I would suggest is that they sell the different magnets separately, as I only like a few colours from the range.

    How long did it last?
    For me it lasted 4-5 days before it started to chip. I found that if you follow the instructions i.e. Base Coat, Top Coat, the effect should last longer.

    Would you recommend it to your friends?
    Defiantly, I think every woman should have at least one of these in her beauty box.

    Is it good value for money ($16.95)?
    For me this would be a bit pricey usually, but Sally Hansen products are top quality, so if your use to spending this amount than I say go for it!

  • Posted by: brinsley Master Fan

    I think this looks interesting – I must say I have not used it myself but will give it a try as I like the look. I must admit I do love trying out new colours and applications but I always end up favouring the classic look of a french polish on my hands. My toes however a another story and I love them to be very bold, bright and “in style” :)

  • Posted by: ladybec Master Fan

    I was so excited when I got my hands on this polish. I love all things nail art but I’m hopeless at anything more difficult than a French tip. This polish allows even the hopeless nail art addicts amongst us a chance to have amazing looking nails that always attract attention.
    I received the colour Kinetic Copper which is a beautiful shimmery brown. I had a bit of trouble understanding how it works to begin with but basically you paint one coast an let it dry before painting another over it and hovering the magnet in the cap over the nail. There is a handy nail rest which shows you where to place the magnet. The effect is out of this world! Such cool patterns are made from the magnets! The polish lasts well, and stays shiny for days. Overall I think this is another great quality Sally Hansen products thy I will be recommending to friends. I’ll definitely be picking up more colours too!

  • Posted by: beautybuzz Enthusiast

    Would you purchase it again after the trial?
    Definitely, its such a great nail polish with a unique look that is so easy to achieve! I would like to try some of the other colours available.

    How easy was it to use?
    Super easy.

    Did you like the finished look?
    The finished look was amazing I must say, I have been admiring this magnetic look finish in nail polishes and when I tried it myself with the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nails it was a winner!!

    How long did it last?
    With a top coat about a week.

    Would you recommend it to your friends?

    Is it good value for money ($16.95)?
    $16.95 for a unique nail polish finish, I think yes!

  • Posted by: Lollicious Enthusiast

    Fun and cute look… Ever so slightly time consuming to do. Looks great as a statement nail xx

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan

    I bought this new addition of nail polish last week in the shade Polar Purple. Polar Purple is a pretty plum purple shade which I think looks very intense and bold on my nails. To get the ‘wave’ effect, immediately after coating your nails with the polish hover the magnet on the applicator cap over the surface of the nail, without touching the nail, and you will see the ‘waves’ forming before the eyes. It’s a really nice concept and my nails have attracted a lot of attention since application!

  • Posted by: FashionGuru Master Fan

    I reallyyyyyy like this product.
    it actually looks like magnet.
    i love it so much i would buy it again.

  • Posted by: wendy-1326953367 Enthusiast

    Just love this nail polish,easy to use and love the magnetic affect.Lasts at least a week.

  • Posted by: Mickeymoo Supporter

    Most nail polishes take forever to dry and never turn out fantastically but this one does and the colour is amazing

  • Posted by: TLOVELAI Enthusiast

    love the concept not so much the product itself. doesnt make me think “wow thats a nice mani”

    tried it. havent used it again.

  • Posted by: Candice-1299035592 Enthusiast

    I have this in the shade Kinetic Copper which is a stunning, shimmery brown/gold shade. Initially not a colour I would normally buy, but I needed a colour like this to shake up my nail polish collection. The colour on my nails actually turned out looking much prettier than I thought, especially in the sun light. The shimmer just shines and it is so effective and beautiful. The magnetic effect took a little practice to perfect, but after a few goes I easily got the hang of it and had a lot of fun experimenting with different patterns. I found the actual polish to last quite sometime longer than some other polishes I wear so was very impressed with that. It didn’t even chip for days either! A great quality polish and a lot of fun! Would definitely purchase the other colours! :)

  • Posted by: wendy-1326953367 Enthusiast

    what a great product!so easy to use and you get a great look for little effort.Its also fun to do!!!!!

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