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In our latest round of PRIMPED VIP Club reviews, our trial team have (literally) had their hands full with Dettol’s Touch Of Foam, $3.49, from supermarkets. The gentle hand wash not only kills 99.9% of germs, but foams up to a rich and creamy lather, infused with micro-bubbles for silky-soft skin.

One of our favourite aspects is the pump action bottle, with the lather dispensed in one quick motion, all you’ll need to give your hands a thorough clean. Better still is the subtle fragrance – there are three variations, including Wild Berry Bliss and Rose & Cherry in Bloom, and our reviewers were sent the Jasmine & Almond Dream, a refreshing, yet soothing scent that lingers long after you’ve finishing washing your hands.

Enough from us, we’re now handing the floor over to you. We want to know how you felt it performed with an honest and thorough review. However if you’re stuck for ideas on what to include, here are a few things you might want to consider …


Did you like using Dettol’s Touch Of Foam Hand Wash?

What did you think of foam formulation as opposed to a regular hand wash?
Was it easy to use?
How did your hands feel after using the product?
What did you think of the scent? Did you like it?
At $3.49 for a pump bottle and $5.79 for a refill, do you think they are value for money?
Would you purchase it again after the trial?
Would you recommend Dettol Touch of Foam to your family and friends?

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: daylight dancer Master Fan

    Thank you so much to Primped and Dettol for giving me the chance to trial this “touch of foam” hand wash.
    I’d like to start off my review by talking about the packaging for this product. It’s very stylish and eye catching with its modern looking design. I love how the sides of the container curve inwards and then back out, like an arch. It’s also made of soft plastic, so I don’t need to worry about my children accidently smashing it. Initially you need to twist the pump to unlock it ready for use. The base of the hand wash is clear so you can see the liquid inside which is runny like water and coloured purple. This is a lovely purple, like a lilac shade. It’s pops out and screams “look at me” when placed in front of a white back drop, like my bathroom tiles. I’m very impressed with the look of the product and I love having it in my bathroom. It’s feminine looking and adds a much needed touch of colour to my mainly white bathroom.
    The pump works easily to dispense the foam. One pump is sufficient for a great clean of your hands. The foam comes out white when dispensed and has the most wonderful smell. You do need to train yourself on how to “catch” the foam for the first few uses as you may get a little bit sprayed. It’s only because this was the first time I ever used a foam hand wash and wasn’t prepared with my hands.
    I received the scent Jasmine & almond dream. It’s a lovely floral scent which lingers on my hands for a while after use. A lot of my guests have commented on the smell and they all love it.
    I found the hand wash to be very effective at removing grease and grime from my hands. It also kept my hands better moisturised then other hand washes I’ve used in the past. It feels very gentle when I use it.
    I also love how trust worthy it is at preventing the spread of germs due to the wash cleaning away 99.9% of them. I can rely upon it to give my children a hygienic clean before eating times. My children also love using this hand wash. It was so much easier to wash their hands with compared to liquid wash and soaps. Their hands always feel soft and clean after use.
    Another bonus point is that I can purchase refills rather than the original product over and over again. I look forward to trying other scents from this range.
    All round I really enjoyed using this wash during the trial period and I still do. This is definitely a 5 star hand wash for me and my family. I highly recommend it to try.

  • Posted by: oozzle Supporter

    I loved this product from the very first use!
    It’s attractive to look at, has a great scent and does as it claims.. I loved the foam, I felt it was very effective when it came to thoroughly cleaning my skin and there was no dryness afterward.
    It’s a very easy to use product, provided you don’t press down too hard! 😀 I did this once and it shot out at me, but after I knew not to do that, there were no issues!
    My skin felt lovely and soft after using, even after repeated use as with cooking I am forever washing my hands! :)
    I find the Dettol Touch Of Foam to be great value for money… It lasts a long time, you only use such a small amount with each wash and I will definitely be buying it again when I run out.. I will also be recommending this product to family and friends.. And PRIMPERS! 😀

    It’s a great product. It does the job and does it well.

    Thanks PRIMPED and Dettol for the opportunity to trial Dettol’s Touch of Foam.. I have now found another ‘must-have’!!

  • Posted by: soMuchPretty Master Fan

    Primped very kindly allowed me the opportunity to trial and review a bottle of Dettol Touch Of Foam Hand Wash. A big thank you to Primped and Dettol for this! On to the review.

    I received a bottle of this in Jasmine & Almond Dream. First of all I was very impressed with the packaging. The unlock mechanism was straight forward and the hand soap was ready to use quickly. The bottle is not only attractive (I just love purple!), but practical as well with a very sturdy base and larger than usual pump. I assume the pump is larger to allow room for the foam to come out, but I find it terrific to use while hands are wet and slippery. One thing I will mention is that the first time I used it, I managed to squirt the foam all over the sink because it shot out faster than expected! But after that first little mishap, it was fine. In fact, overall, I find that this creates less mess around the sink than traditional liquid hand soaps because one pump provides the perfect amount of soap – there’s no need to go back for seconds unless hands are super dirty.

    I enjoyed the experience of using a foam wash on my hands. This, combined with the gorgeous fragrance, made the mundane task of hand washing a bit more luxurious! I thought it was a very effective cleanser and it did not dry out my hands despite multiple hand washings (my bottle is in the kitchen so it gets a lot of use). It left a lovely subtle fragrance behind on the skin which even my boyfriend liked. I would also like to try the other scents.

    I think this hand wash is good value for money and I love that you can buy refills. I am very happy with the product and I am planning to buy another pump pack for my laundry sink.

  • Posted by: maria-1321249087 Newbie

    Dettol foam wash is fantastic for kids as well as adults, it’s easy to use and wash off, the smell is lovely and I can always tell when my kids have washed their hands. My hands feel soft and I have to express again the smell is so nice. I have recommended it to my friends and family already and will be buying it again, but I don’t think the refill is worth it when you can buy the pump bottle cheaper, it should be the other way around. thank you

  • Posted by: diva89 Master Fan

    Thank you Primped for giving me opportunity to trial Dettol Toach of Foam.
    I absolutely love this product- it comes in a pump bottle and the scent is just lovely. Dettol Touch of Foam is so gentle on my skin and works to kill germs, leaving my hands so soft and smooth! 250ml pump bottle will last for about a month- I have used this product for about two weeks now, and it is only half empty.
    This product is so affordable, I will definitely repurchase the refill and I will recommend Dettol Touch of Foam to my family and friends. This is a 5 star product!

  • Posted by: Gloss_Geek Master Fan

    I would like to start this review by saying thank you to Primped and Dettol for introducing me to a product that I not only loved and my family loved as well.

    I love the foaming formulation very much, as I didn’t have to rub my hands to get that consistency which I usually do with non- foaming formulas.

    However, I would purchase this product for the scent alone. Very lovely and fresh. For $3.95, this for is good value for money.

    The only downfall of this product is that you go through it quickly- within a week!

  • Posted by: mellyboo Newbie

    I would like to thank Primped and Dettol for giving me this opportunity to trial and experience this lovely product!

    The Dettol Touch of Foam Handwash has been a pleasure to use!
    I love the foaming pump dispense system! One easy pump and the foam comes out! No more multi-pumping out the product! The fact that foam is dispensed makes it easier for me to clean my hands! The perfect amount of foam comes out with a single pump giving the perfect cleanse!

    The formula is gentle and makes my skin feel so soft! Not drying like some other hand washes I have used. I don’t need to rush to get my hand cream after using it!

    I am loving the fragrance! It smells like some expensive designer fragrance – my friends have been asking me what I’m wearing and I laugh – it’s simply the new Dettol Touch of Foam Handwash!

    When I first held the handwash bottle I noticed that it was designed to have a nice grip! It is the perfect size to leave on your kitchen or bathroom sink! And the colour purple (Jasmine/almond variation) of the bottle was very appealing.

    The price for the pump bottle is not a concern! I think it is value since the product lasts for a reasonable time.

    I would definitely purchase the product after the trial! I’m looking forward to try the other variations and fragrances! I have introduced this product to my friends and my family and they have been loving it so far. I really recommend this product and I don’t think I would be purchasing any other hand washes. I have been converted!

  • Posted by: Rockn Newbie

    A great handwash, foams up well with just a single pump. cleans your skin thoroughly and leaves your hands feeling clean, soft and moisturised, does not dry them out.
    has a lovely soft scent, not over powering like some other hand washes.
    only need a small pump for each wash, so would last a decent amount of time.

  • Posted by: meedee Master Fan

    I love the packaging of this product as far as the colour of the bottle, the shape and the pump. As far as the function of the pump is concerned I found that you have to take care as to start with I was sending the foamy bubbles all over the place. I soon learnt to cup my hand around the outlet to make sure i caught all of the foam.
    The scent is devine and stays on your hands for a time after you have washed them. I like that but wasnt so keen on keeping it in the kitchen which was the first location that I placed it. I tend to wash my hands a lot when preparing food but felt a little concerned about the scent getting into food so I moved my foam soap to the bathroom.
    As well as leaving my hands smelling delightful I found that the foam was a little drying on my hands. I think to start with i was using too much as it seems one full pump is way too much product and this ended up leaving my hands feeling quite dry and sore but after I worked out just how much to use this calmed down. I don not feel that its very moisturising though.
    I do feel that its very good value but i think i need a handwash thats going to be a lot more gentle on my hands.

  • Posted by: Bennie Enthusiast

    I loved using Dettol’s Touch Of Foam Hand Wash. I loved the shape of the colour of the soap. The scent was enough to be pleasant, the blend of almond creme and jasmine is suprisingly nice as I usually do not like Jasmine as I find the smell quite overpowering, this was not the case with this one.

    I love the foam formulation over the regular soap wash that is available. There is no soapy residue on my hands and my skin does not feel dry after use.

    It was very easy to use, just one pump and the right amount comes out.

    I was quite surprised to find that Dettol is now made in China, I was quite disappointed, as this is such a reputable brand. For the price At $3.49 for a pump bottle and $5.79 for a refill, I personally do not think its value for money. I would if it was made locally.

    I was using a hand wash previously to trialling this one and it is made in Australia and similar price. I am not sure if I would purchase this one if its made in China, a shame really.

    I will recommend it as it is nice but I will also tell them that its made in China

  • Posted by: katiee Enthusiast

    Firstly, thank you to Dettol and PRIMPED for sending me this product to trial.
    I was impressed by the packaging, it was brighter and prettier than I had expected.
    I’ve never really been a huge fan of foam hand wash, I don’t feel as though it cleans quite as well as normal hand wash.
    So that was my only issue with the product but I did love the scent and the fact that it didn’t leave my hands feeling dry.
    It seems to last well also, we’ve been using it a lot over the past couple weeks and there’s still half a bottle or so left.
    I’ve recommended it to my Mum and she seems to love it, I would also probably buy it again because it doesn’t dry your hands out.

  • Posted by: Knyholm Master Fan

    Thank you so much to Primped and Dettol for giving me the chance to trial this “touch of foam” Jasmine & Almond dream hand wash.

    The hand wash comes in a stylish looking bottle, and the pump is easy to use, even when you have dirty hands and push it with the top of your hand. Only, I found that you have to carefully place the hand underneath to avoid the foam from spraying everywhere.

    The foam comes out white when dispensed and has the most wonderful smell, which also lingers on your hands afterwards, and in spite of getting used to using liquid hand soaps, I found that the foam is so much easier to use.

    It is very concentrated, and I found that I only needed to use half a pump to wash my hands.
    Having two dogs, I 99.9% of germs. I also love that gets rid of any bad smells such as when you have been cutting up onions or meat.

    The only negative I have about this hand wash is that it is a little too drying on the hands, so I found that I only use it when I need to, and otherwise I have to use a ‘normal’ hand wash which is a little more gentle and moisturizing on the hands.

    However, I do give it bonus points as there are refills available so I don’t have to keep purchasing the pump as well.
    All in all, a great hand wash, that I will definitely purchase again.

  • Posted by: Mampha Master Fan

    I was impressed from first sight with this product. A tidy sized bottle , it has curved sides that allow easy transfer even with slippery hands, but not over-fashioned and attention grabbing. It is sturdy enough to not be knocked over easily, but without taking up a huge amount of vanity space. I used the Jasmine and Almond Dream, which features a purple cap and liquid. It’s pretty but not flashy. The smell is pleasant, and not overpowering.
    I was a bit non-plussed when I first spotted the liquid, as it is a foam product, but of course it is the pump that foams the product :) It produces a nice stiff foam, and the amount is able to be varied depending on the depth of pump push, just as with liquid soaps. When rubbed on it is a soft thin consistency and rinses easily. A little goes a long way and it has lasted much longer than the previous product we were using. It cleans perfectly well and leaves your hands smooth.

    The foam has been an absolute blessing with my Smalls!! They make a horrendous mess around the liquid soap dispensers, and electric dispensers are an absolute no go with those two! The foam stayed on their hands long enough to actually be of use, instead of dripping off on the way to the tap. I also found it much easier to use, and it wasn’t gluggy to wash off like some gel-like liquid soaps. With the frequency that I wash my hands I battle to find antibacterial washes that don’t ravage my hands, but I have given this a THOROUGH workout, and my hands are fantastic. I did still use a handcream as I always do.
    The Smalls love it and when pushed as to what they would prefer again, they insisted this was their preference to other products we have used.

    One thing I would change would be the spout on the dispenser. Like with all the dispensers I had in my house, the nozzle protrudes straight out. With a liquid soap, this is not an issue, as it generally splurts off the end and falls down. Some thicker soaps can give you a bit of distance, but not like the foam. If you inadvertently give a hard shove on the pump it jet propels a spurt of foam straight out, across the distance of the basin and beyond. Luckily the Smalls cottoned quickly, but I jetted myself a few times :) A simple solution to this, perhaps, would be to have the moulded spout curve down slightly at the end, forcing the foam in a downward direction to your hands, even at full force.
    All in all, we found this a very good product, and it saved a LOT of mess and hassle in my bathroom. Certainly I wil be purchasing it again.

  • Posted by: Kirsten-1336215141 Newbie

    This product arrived at a perfect time for us as our household was all sick. The bacteria killing properties were just what we needed.

    I thought the product looked nice. We kept it in out main bathroom and it didn’t look out of place. I liked the name – Jasmine & Almond Dream. It actually made is sound a bit attractive!

    My family preferred this product over liquid soap. It was very moisturising, and had a lovely scent. The foam made it much easier to lather and rinse off your and didn’t leave a residue (an issue I often find with other liquid soaps.

    I loved how soft it left my hands feeling. This was a definite plus for me as I hate my hands feeling rough and dry.

    I would definitely recommend this product and will be purchasing it.

  • Posted by: Nicole-1320289435 Newbie

    Thank you so very much for allowing me and my family to trail and review the new Dettol Touch of Foam Hand Wash. I loved the packaging of this product – suited the look and feel of my bathroom and I thought it was quite a modern and fresh design.

    Myself and my husband quite liked the feel of the foam in comparison to the liquid hand wash that we usually use, but my children didn’t really like it and prefer our usual wash. We found it very use to use and it dispenses very easily and cleanly and one pump of the foam was just the right amount for a decent hand wash.

    The Jasmine and Almond scent was just beautiful and was liked by all and I find it to last reasonably well. It seemed to make our skin nice and soft. I find it to be a reasonable price and considering it has a refill available, I would purchase it again and am looking forward to trying the other scents available too.

  • Posted by: Candice-1299035592 Enthusiast

    Thank you so much to Primped & Dettol for giving me the opportunity to trial this lovely new product! :)

    I love the purple easy to pump style bottle which pumps out a light white gorgeous smelling foam! Our whole family have been using it and we all love it, especially our 15 month old who has just leant to wash her hands on her own. (She even tasted it! haha)

    The scent is so nice and lingers on your hands afterwards for quite a while. Leaves your hands feeling fresh and clean without drying. :)

    We’ve been using it several times a day for a few weeks and we haven’t even cracked the half way mark yet! Great value as I think this will last ages!

    Highly recommended! :)

  • Posted by: nakira Supporter

    This product smells wonderful and the fragrance lingers on the hands. It doesn’t feel like it completely wants to wash off but I guess that’s because it leaves the hands feeling moisturised. Myself and others in my family have problems with dry skin but this product definitely did not cause any issues so it is on our “trusted list”. Lasts a long long time as 3 of us at home have been using it daily since receiving the product some 3 weeks ago and it’s only missing a quarter so I recommend it.

  • Posted by: strawbsundae Master Fan

    Thank you to Primped and Dettol for giving me the opportunity to trial the new Dettol Foaming Jasmine and Almond Hand Wash.

    Dettol Foaming Jasmine and Almond Hand Wash is a refreshing and gentle hand wash which is housed in a very convenient pump bottle. I use this hand wash in the bathroom and one pump is adequate for each wash. The foam feels very nice against my skin and thoroughly cleans my hands. The scent is beautiful and not overpowering at all. Overall, Dettol Foaming Jasmine and Almond Hand Wash is a great product which works well to clean and hands without drying my skin.

  • Posted by: genkitten Enthusiast

    Primped kindly sent me a bottle of this Dettol Touch of Foam and I have to say I was really impressed. I mean, I know hand soap is not the most exciting product in the world, but as hand soaps go, this one is lovely. It smells delicious, and the smell lingers just enough to be pleasant, but not overbearing. I normally get really dry skin on my hands, but after using this I don’t need to put on hand cream, which for me is pretty amazing! It coats your hands easily, and washes off easily and the foam is lovely and soft. I plan on buying more of this when the bottle I have runs out!

  • Posted by: serendipity Newbie

    If you are like me, you get excited when there is a foam dispenser in public toilets. I know, it might seem odd, but we are not the minority. There is something fun about having foam dispense onto your hand instead of the mundane liquid soap isn’t there?

    From the moment I pushed down on the Dettol Touch of foam’s large plastic handle, I was impressed, a thick white soapy foam was dispensed onto my hand and the scent of lavender filled the bathroom. It is light, yet the formulation makes it dense so it covers your hands and creates a light lather.

    Afterwards, my hands felt soft and dewy. The scent is lovely although it does tend to linger afterwards rather strongly. For $3.49 it is a groovy accessory for any bathroom. My entire family have been using it and love it.

    Live on the edge a little, discard the soap dispenser and try a foam dispenser- you won’t regret it.

    A special thanks to PRIMPED and Dettol for letting me try this special product!

    Love e xx

  • Posted by: beauty3122 Enthusiast

    Feels really nice and smell heavenly too. Still not sure on the value side. Have to pump twice for one hand wash.

  • Posted by: FashionGuru Master Fan

    I really love the scent. the foam is really fun and it washes the hands really well

  • Posted by: Tina-1291133452 Master Fan

    i used this hand wash for the first time at a cousins house and immediately fell in love with it! the packaging is gorgeous, the smell is lovely and my hands are soo soft after using it! love how it foams up and lather nicely :) definitely recommend!

  • Posted by: Sparkles17 Master Fan

    Loved the fragrance of the product and also liked how soft it made my hands. I wash my hands very often during the day and they tend to dry out easily, felt they did not dry out too much and liked the foam instead of soap. Like the shape of the bottle and the pump worked beautifully till the end.

  • Posted by: talkalot Master Fan

    I was not in the trial team for the hand wash but thought the hand wash deserved a shout out from me.
    Dettol Touch of Foam Hand Wash:-
    -comes in a plastic pump action container.
    -kills 99.9% of germs.
    -Jasmine & Almond Dream, see through purple tint.
    -runny consistency in container.
    -pumps out to a soft foam texture.
    -washing or rubbing hands together, texture changes to soft creamy foam.
    -fragrance of Jasmine & Almond Dream, nicely scented, appealing floral, fruity mix.
    -1 or 2 pumps is all that’s needed.
    -convenient pump action is easy to use.
    -rinses from skin easily.
    -cleanses hands well without stripping natural goodness from skin.
    -hands feel soft and smooth after use.
    -Dettol is a brand I trust to be hard on germs.
    -love the fragrance and the quality of the luxurious hand wash.
    -I do recommend Dettol Touch of Foam Hand Wash, it is good.

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