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When it comes to anti-ageing, you know this serum means serious business. Proving that it’s more than just a pretty face, it took ten years to research,  along with 1300 proteins analysed and 4400 genes studied, but the real hook for us lies in it’s fast-absoring formula. Unlike most anti-ageing serums, this one feels weightless on and is perfect for layering under moisturiser morning and night, making it ideal for all skin types, including sensitive and oily. Plus, it also moonlights as the ultimate primer, creating the perfect base for the makeup that follows.

But let’s get back to the clever science part. As we age, our gene activity slows down, and it takes longer for the skin to visibly repair itself and that’s where this serum comes into the pretty picture. The clever team of researchers behind the product managed to track down the specific protein characteristics that keep skin looking youthful and created a serum that’s designed to trigger the same activities in ageing skin, helping to keep it looking smoother, softer and more even.

Righty oh, that’s enough chattering from us! It’s over to you Primpettes.

What do you think of this serum?

Did you wear it morning and night?

Were you satisfied with the texture and feel of the serum? 

Did you notice an improvement in the texture of your skin?

Did you notice an improvement in skin tone? 

Would you recommend this product to your pals?

Would you use this product again?

Is it worth the coin ($115 (30mL))?

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The VIP's Verdict

  • Posted by: Becca-1306288734 Newbie

    The serum is light and dewy. I put it on the in the morning and evening. I really enjoyed how fresh it made my skin feel.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone who has uneven skin tone. It really makes a difference.

    Nice one Lancome!

  • Posted by: nicole_crowley Newbie

    I love the serum. I don’t generally use a serum in my face care routine and I was surprised to see a subtle difference (may be better once I’ve used it for longer).

    I only used it at night because I’m rushed in the mornings.

    I thought at first I’d find it a bit greasy, but it soaked into my skin quickly and it didn’t feel clogged at all.

    I usually use the Clinique skin toner which is great for skin clarity, so I didn’t notice a ‘Wow’ difference with Lancome. Although, as I said this might improve once I’ve had it a little longer.

    I would definitely recommend Lancome and this serum – however, as a 23 year old, I feel that it may be a bit expensive for my age group while there are alterative products on the market.

    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  • Posted by: LM115 Newbie

    This stylish black bottle feels as good as it looks!

    Along with its beautiful fragrance, it was a dream to put it on my skin. It wasn’t too heavy so I didn’t feel like I was putting too much product on when I followed it with moisturiser morning and night.

    I noticed the difference after only a few days – my skin felt smoother and looked more refined.

    Its definitely up there with the best, but I would make sure it suits your skin type before committing to the purchase.

  • Posted by: Ami_Jo Supporter

    Thank you PRIMPED for the opportunity to review this product!
    I have rosacea, which is a skin condition that basically means I have very sensitive skin & it leaves my cheeks & nose area looking red & flushed. I have been trying different ‘miracle creams’ for years to try & calm my skin even just a little bit, as I am very self-conscious about it.
    I was very suprised when I received this serum. I know Lancome is quite expensive, so I did a bit of research on the net to see what I should be expecting. I found mixed reviews, some great & some not great at all.
    2 things I found on my first impression were that the instructions weren’t very clear. Having never used a serum before, I think the instructions were quite vague. Also, I think the the applicator ‘dropper’ is strange…but that could just be personal preference.
    I wore the serum morning & night after cleansing. Of a night, I also moisturised after as well.
    The texture is quite light & thin. Similar to water.
    I did notice a difference in my skin texture. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is a lot smoother. I didn’t notice much difference in my skin tone…which I was very hopeful about. It will take a wonder product to fix my skin tone.
    I would recommend this product again. I didn’t find it as fantastic as Lancome made it out to be, but what product is?! I’m not really one to spend a lot of money on skin products as I am opening my own business & money is pretty tight, but this is something I would definately look into buying again.

  • Posted by: sumaya Master Fan

    I am so grateful to have been able to be in this trial because this product is fantastic!
    I have been using Lancome Génifique Youth Activator for almost three weeks now, morning and night and my skin is glowing.
    The serum came in a drop applicator and is very easy to apply. It lasts so long as only a few drops are needed to apply evenly all over the face and neck.
    My skin has become so clear and so soft with visible changes, i have recieved quite a few compliments about my skin.
    I would recommend this product to family and friends as it a great product which does improve skin tone and texture.
    The only disadvantage is that as a mother, i wouldn’t spend this much for a serum or any beauty product for that matter.
    It would be something i would definately ask for on my birthday though.
    Thankyou for allowing me to be in this trial :)

  • Posted by: ladolcelana Enthusiast

    First things first- I’ll admit it. I’m a girl that is a slave to skincare, and I won’t hesitate to spend much time and money trying to find the ‘perfect product’. I’ve tried just about everything, from organic to chemical.

    Opening a package of Lancome’s Genifique Youth Activating Serum is an experience of luxury in itself.
    The bottle is impossibly sleek, silver and surprisingly heavy, which I take to signify it’s quality.

    The serum itself bears an almost gel-like consistency.
    It is easy to spread and I soon realized that a little goes a long way. When applied to the skin, it feels very lightweight and is absorbed instantly.
    I applied the product after cleansing and toning both morning and night.

    Using the serum for three weeks thus far, I can say that I am ecstatic with the look and feel of my skin.
    Whilst my skin is primarily clear and breakouts only come about hormonally, I do have uneven skin tone and acne scarring that has caused me to be embarrassed of my skin in the past.
    My skin tone has dramatically improved, to the point that I would be confident enough to go without makeup, and my scarring is dramatically less pronounced- and all without the need for uncomfortable microdermabrasion!

    I’d be happy to fork out the money to purchase this product again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone. I believe that skincare is an investment, and I can’t imagine how great my skin will look at six weeks and beyond!

    Lancome’s Genifique Youth Activating serum has certainly earned its prime position on my dresser! Thank you, PRIMPED and Lancome, for the wonderful opportunity. :)

  • Posted by: Channyberry Newbie

    I have really enjoyed using this product! My first impressions of the packaging was ‘wow’. I like the idea of the applicator, as I am usually very heavy handed with my other products and use more than needed! I thought that a little more direction was needed about how to use the product and the areas to focus on.

    As directed, I have been using this product morning and night and love the way it makes my skin feel after application! Its a very light, non-greasy serum. I have noticed a smoother texture of my skin but no real change to my fine lines. I would recommend this product to other people. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to trial a new product!

  • Posted by: Princesso Newbie

    I’ve never been one to use serums before, so I was really excited at the prospect of giving this a whirl.

    At first glance it appears very luxurious with the sleek black bottle and eye drop disepeser. Anything that is packaged this well has to be good!

    I started using it morning and night and was amazed at the lightness and smoothness of the texture. It basically feels like you are wearing nothing at all! It also has a very neutral smell so doesn’t feel overly perfumed or chemically. It sinks flawlessly into your skin and does not leave any obvious residue.

    I have combination skin and the first thing I noticed after only 2 days use was the my skin was a lot more balanced. Less obvious dry spots and reduced shine in the T zone. Win!

    After a week my skin definaltely appears brighter and healther and I feel confindent that continual use will also lead to long term wrinkle reduction.

    Although it is a little on the expensive side, you can’t put a price on healthy skin so I believe it is worth the investment!

  • Posted by: domzel Newbie

    Thanks for the opportunity to review this product PRIMPED! :)

    I was impressed with the packaging of the serum when it first arrived – very expensive looking indeed! However I was a bit confused on when I was meant to be using the serum and how much of the serum I should be using in each application.

    I loved the texture of the serum and the smoothness it gave my skin once applied, however I found it to make my skin feel a bit greasy when using it day and night. I eventually cut down and used it just at night time and found this decreased the greasy feeling which was good.

    I found it did help with balancing my skin tone and texture but at $115 per bottle I don’t think I would be purchasing it as a regular part of my skin routine.

    Thanks again PRIMPED!

  • Posted by: lippylove Supporter

    This is the first time I have ever used an anti aging product…bad I know! At 23 years of age I think its about time I start my regime and to be given a chance to trial Lancomes Genifique Youth Activator kicks it off in the right direction!

    This serum does mean serious business with its ever so stylish black bottle and drop applicator giving you the perfect amount of serum to spread evenly accross your face, I used around 2-3 drops per application.

    I mostly used the serum in the night after cleansing my face and then toning as I thought it would be better to perform its magic while I sleep, I then moisturised my face on top of the serum.

    The texture is very light and almost like a thin gel, even the littelest amount of serum goes a long way!

    The morning after applying the serum I noticed my skin was so soft and had a an almost tight feeling to it, appearing brighter and healthier, my pores seemed to have minimised also.

    Now after using it for 3 weeks I can safely say that this little gem of a serum will stay with me throughout my new anti aging skin regime! My skin has continued to stay bright, healthy, smooth, my pores are still minimised and it also seems to have filled up those small lines I never noticed until examining my face. I’ve also begun using it as a primer every morning before applying my makeup as it helps my foundation glide on easily.

    I would recommend this product to my friends and family and I definately think its worth the money. Think of it as an investment for your skin!

  • Posted by: Trisha Newbie

    I love the silky feel of this serum and that it sinks straight into the skin – so there’s no waiting around to apply makeup or moisturiser. Which makes it excellent for busy women like me who don’t want to spend loads of time layering on skincare, but do want to delay fine lines and wrinkles!

    I applied day and night and did notice an improvement in the texture of my skin, it’s definitely smoother. I didn’t notice a change in my skin tone.

    I would use this again and I think it’s a great idea for someone looking to invest in anti-aging skincare without having to change your whole skincare routine.

  • Posted by: Lillian-1300839978 Enthusiast

    When I was chosen to review the Lancôme Génifique Youth Activator Serum I was very excited. I had a sample size gifted to me at Sephora in the states and used it up very quickly.

    I was even more excited when my Primped package arrived with a very impressive and expensive looking glass bottle inside! Definitely looks like a luxury product, which is always nice. At $195 it definitely a splurge item and something I’d really have to love to buy for myself.

    The serum is one of the best I’ve tried. It’s really rich without being too oily, and absorbs into the skin quickly. I was using mornings and evenings after I cleansed and toned, before moisturising so it was easy to incorporate it into my skincare routine.

    I am only starting to get a few lines on my forehead and I did see a difference when using it. I noticed my skin was a suppler and a bit plumper. I tend to get dry skin around my T-zone and the serum definitely helped with that.

    The only negative was the bottle/applicator. It has an eyedropper type application wand that was really clumsy. I would have preferred a pump bottle like other serums I’ve tried, which are much easier to use.

    Overall, I would consider buying it again, fingers crossed it comes in a different bottle in the future!

  • Posted by: len10 Newbie

    Genifique Youth activator is the best youth-activating skincare serum i have ever used. I noticed the differences almost instantly after using the product. Unlike other anti-aging products which tend to feel quite heavy on the skin, this serum leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth after every application.

    I applied the serum morning and night before my normal skincare routine and found that is was perfect in the morning to primp up my skin before applying my makeup. In fact, prior to using this serum i would often feel the need to use primer before my moisturiser and foundation, but since using the youth activator serum i don’t feel the need to do so and believe it works great as a skin primer before applying my makeup! At night it leaves my skin feeling fresh and supple!

    I loved the texture! I thought it might be a little like others, which have proven in the past to be thick and heavy but to my suprise it was the complete opposite! Not only was this serum a great consistency, it didn’t leave my skin feeling dry which was fantastic!!

    The texture of my skin has greatly improved since using this product. I noticed a vast improvement in my skin tone in only a short couple of weeks and after 8 weeks, my skin has been left completely renewed and rejuvinated!!

    I would absolutely recommend this product to others! I think that these days we put our skin to the test with chemicals and many environmental and lifestyle stressors, so it is great to come across a product which can reverse the premature signs of aging! I am in my early 20s and i think it’s never too early to start this kind of skin regime! I absolutely loved using this serum and am definitely going to re-purchase it for years to come. The price of the serum is worth it! The results speak for themselves! Fabulous! :)

  • Posted by: sprinkles37 Master Fan

    I felt really lucky to be chosen by primped to review this.

    The bottle is divine. It is very sophisticated. Even though it is quite expensive, the great thing with a serum is that you don’t need to use much each time.

    My skin is quite sensitive and I found that using it twice a day was a bit too much for my skin. So I only used the serum at night, and used rosehip oil in the day. Because I was using it only once a day, my results took longer to see. But using a serum makes a huge difference! Once you start, you won’t ever stop.

    I like how simple it is to use and it sins into the skin so easily. The great thing with a serum is you don’t need to change your other skincare products

    Lancome’s Visionnaire is also fantastic! Which ever one you get you will notice a difference.

  • Posted by: Evanescencessy Devotee

    This is one of those products which received divided reviews and may or might not work for you. I personally love it and have been using it for about 12months now. It comes a sleek black glass bottle with a silver dropper lid, which I think looks luxurious and glassy. The product is a slightly whitish, gel-like fluid with a slight fragrance (some might interpret it as a strong alcoholic smell, but I personally don’t mind it at all nor think it’s irritating or overpowering).

    In terms of application, I release a small drop (probably 3 drops) using the dropper and apply this all over my face after cleansing and toning, morning and night. It is very easy to smooth all over the face and dries almost instantly due to the fact it does contain alcohol, so it might not be suited for those with very sensitive skin or acne prone skin. I have normal skin and it doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin and I actually like how it isn’t sticky or greasy and leaves a slight glow on my skin. After this, you should apply your usual moisteriser for added hydration because this is not an overly hydrating serum as say, compared to Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum, which is slightly more sticky and hence feels more moisterising.

    Over the course of using this in conjunction with the day, night and eye cream in the Genifique range, my complexion has improved. I noticed the fine lines on my forehead and around my mouth appear less noticeable, my skin is a lot smoother and generally radiates a slight healthy glow. This product didn’t cause any breakouts (though I have read that some people who have used this product got small white oily dots/breakouts or didn’t notice any difference at all). Once again, I would recommend you get a small sample to test out for those considering buying this product to ensure it is suitable for you. This product should last you a good 6months or longer and I’m up to my second 50ml bottle. I love this serum and would continue to repurchase this.

  • Posted by: xKMS Master Fan

    I was lucky enough to receive this to review (thankyou Primped!) and at first I was in love with it! for about the first week to 10 days of using it my skin felt AMAZING! Unbelievably smooth – my skin always felt extremely hydrated, even when it was completely bare (even of moisturiser) and I was completely loving it (apart from the fact that it’s Lancome and they test on animals :( )

    BUT after that time period, for whatever reason, my skin went mental! I had a horrible reaction to it all of a sudden – my skin came up with all these tiny bumps all over my face, like all on my forehead, cheeks etc and the skin under my eyes would sting whenever I put the product on (after a couple of days of this I stopped using the product completely)

    It’s been a couple of weeks since I stopped using the product and my skin has returned to normal (thanks to my trusty rosehip oil :) ) But I won’t be using this product again, but gave it to my mum to finish and hopefully it works for her… So obviously I wont be buying it again.. haha

    And I would say maybe it just reacted badly with my skin so you should still try it, but honestly if you’re looking for a great serum that works, go with rosehip oil! It’s natural, much much cheaper and any support of Lancome is bad, because they test on animals!!! 1 star

  • Posted by: kimberleyjade Newbie

    Thank you PRIMPED, for being able to trial this fabulous product!

    What I liked about it most that it just glided onto your skin with a silky, matte finish, feeling fresh and barely there.

    It was non greasy which is a must in beauty products that I require for my skin, so it worked like a dream on my skin.

    Skin feeling and looking amazing makes me one happy girl!

  • Posted by: meredith Enthusiast

    I tried a sample of this a while back and was instantly sold on it. My redness was gone after a few days use and my skin was shine free

    This serum is incredible – left my skin feeling freshly rehydrated and instantly improved the tone of my skin. Instantly absorbed by the skin. I did have slight acne scarring on my cheeks from about 7 years ago but after a week the scarring was visibly improved and after a month it seemed to have dramatically improved (this is coming from someone who has used COUNTLESS products over the years to try and diminish the appearance of scarring)

    I wore it morning and night and noticed an immediate improvement in both texture and tone

    I would & have recommended this product – I definitely stand by this serum because it is a miracle in a bottle

    $115.00 is a lot of money to spend on a serum, but a little goes a really long way and you will notice almost immediate results which you will not be disappointed with :) The packaging is very appealing and the applicator makes it easy to apply

    Good skincare is an INVESTMENT – and at $115.00 it is cheap in comparison to ALL the other products you don’t need when using this – it is incredible

    Lancome have always made great products, but this really does set a new standard in serum’s


    I purchased this product without even trying it and could not be happier with my ‘impulse’ purchase – it is very concentrated so I was surprised how long the bottle lasts

    When I was purcashing it, the woman at the Lancome counter told me if I was not happy with it I could return it which was something I was very surprirsed by


  • Posted by: FashionGuru Master Fan

    pretty good for lancome

  • Posted by: anita0210 Newbie

    I have to share my experience with this. I went in to the store to purchase a concealer.. I have rosacea. Instead the lady at the counter offered me a foundation. It was nice so she was showing me how to put it on. SHe cleaned my face, and showed me my before look in the mirror. My face was red at my cheeks, between my eyes and a little on my nose. She put on the light blu bottle and the genifique. She showed me the mirror again and she said that pretty much all you need. My face was significantly clearer! I was amazed. I bought the product. I guess it does not work well for everyones skin but I feel lucky that it worked for mine. I wore it all of yesterday under foundation (just in case) but I will try to see how it works out without foundation. Also, i defeintely see some tightness /smoothness. Due to the rosacea, my skin at my cheeks is a little bumpy.. the appearance of bumps lessened significantly. I am excited about this product.

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