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Whether it’s a first date, a job interview, a wedding, that big work meeting, or just dealing with toddler temper tantrums in the carpark, life is guaranteed to throw you some super stressful curveballs form time to time. Stressful situations like these can lead to sweating – and sweat patches are the last thing you want to deal with when you’re busy trying to win at life.

That’s where Rexona Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant, $14.73, comes in. Their advanced antiperspirant formula is strong enough to keep you protected – even at the most trying of times. It’s been thoroughly researched and developed by Rexona to give you unbeatable wetness and odour protection, and it’s still gentle enough to use every day.

Rexona Clinical Protection‘s clever encapsulated odour-fighting technology knows when to deliver you with a burst of freshness; movement causes the motion-activated fragrance capsules to burst – so you’re guarded when exercising – and when emotion or heat causes you to sweat, the sweat-activated capsules dissolve, which releases bursts of fragrance throughout the day.

The cream format glides on smoothly and easily as a roll-on, and never leaves you feeling damp or sticky, and it won’t irritate your skin either as it’s been formulated with a blend of skin-loving ingredients and has been dermatologically tested.

It works best if you apply it at night before going to bed when your body’s metabolism is at its lowest and sweat glands are less active. Just apply two clicks on each underarm and you’re good to go. The advanced technology protects you against sweat all day and night, so you won’t need to reapply in the morning – it’s even effective after a shower!

Rexona Clinical Protection has been reformulated and now comes in four fragrances; Shower Clean (a floral, fruity, woody scent), Everyday Fresh (a floral, fruity oriental scent), Gentle Dry (a green floral scent), and Summer Strength (a floral, fruity scent with a touch of musk).


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  • Posted by: peta88 Enthusiast

    Great productI guess if you had a problem with sweating then is is going to be a fabulous product for you.
    I wore it daily for about 3 weeks and never felt sweaty (and sydney went through some very hot days).
    I even wore it at netball and it kept me pretty dry for that game too.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the application process – but I guess that due to the formulation there woudn’t be a whole lot that could be changed with that.

    I personally wouldn’t pay the extra for this product as my normal deodorant does the job – but may consider for when on holidays in hot humid places.

  • Posted by: xdarkdreamsx Enthusiast

    Really efficient! My underarms stayed dry all day!Living in Queensland, the hot humid climate means I always have an issue with excess sweating. I normally use a spray antiperspirant which doesn’t leave white marks on my clothing. I found this product very easy to use, unlike most roll-ons, you just turn the wheel at the bottom until enough product is dispensed. The texture is a thick cream and the recommended two clicks was more than enough to cover my entire underarms.

    As directed, I applied this just before going to bed, and woke up to dry underarms! I also applied this first thing after I showered in the morning – this is when you really have to make sure your underarms are completely dry before application, and wait for the product to fully dry before dressing. Otherwise it can feel sticky and leave residue on your clothing. I found that I had to pat my underarms dry with a tissue when I got out of the shower as soon as any sweat appeared before the antiperspirant had time to fully dry and work it’s magic. Any excess product can also be easily patted dry with a tissue.

    The formula is very gentle and moisturising meaning it can be applied straight after shaving your underarms with zero irritation. The scent is okay and not too overwhelming, which works great for me as I prefer that the scent of my antiperspirant doesn’t interfere with my perfume. All in all, a great product for anyone dealing with hot, humid weather or those who suffer from stress sweat.

    It kept my underarms dry and feeling fresh all day under normal circumstances. I will definitely continue to use this! The only reason I took away one star is due to the fact that this product is susceptible to leaving white marks on my clothing (and I wear a lot of black!).

  • Posted by: tiicky Master Fan

    LOVE THIS PRODUCT!Ive always been an excess sweater (over active glands) The doctor suggested surgery while I was in my teens but I never went through with it. Ive finally found the perfect product!

    The application process is simple and clean. 2 twists up and a cream like substance comes out. you put it on just like a normal deodorant. It takes longer to dry than a normal deodorant but its only about 2 minutes so i just brush my teeth while i wait!

    The smell is quite strong but once you put it on its not over powering at all. Kept me dry all day long. Even while I was holidaying in the hot South Pacific.

    I love this product and will never go back!

  • Posted by: kassgarner Newbie

    Does what it says!Being a part time student and full time worker and living in NQ, my sweat glands tend to get a bit of workout!
    The trial came at a perfect time, as my current deodorant just wasn’t stepping up to the mighty task I set it… It did nothing, I was all gross and smelly by mid morning… Until this little bad boy came along!

    I felt fresh all day long, and the smell is everlasting. My initial reaction at the paste was that it would get sticky, but it did the complete opposite. It dries almost immediately after application (so no need to keep your arms up while it drys), and keeps a slight powder light texture – without the residue.

    Keeps you fresh all day long, the smell literally lasts all day (even in the tropics with mid exam stress!).

    The only criticism I have is that the amount is hard to manage – one click sometimes is too much, and you can’t wind it back down, and if you dress too quickly after application it can leave residue on your clothes.

  • Posted by: cassandranancy Devotee

    This was PERFECT!I was very impressed with this deodorant.

    I often find deodorant makes my armpits feel sticky and leave marks on my clothes.
    This kept me dry, was very comfortable and there were no marks on my clothes.

    The smell is great, it is nice and fresh which I love in a deodorant.

    It’s also very easy to use, two twists and roll on is the perfect amount

  • Posted by: daylight dancer Master Fan

    SOOOOO Impressed!So I know you have already gathered that this is going to be a positive review 😀
    I have to say I am totally loving this anti P deo! And after reading Primped’s write up I am loving it even more. I would love to own the whole range.
    Primped sent me the Shower Clean variety and I really enjoy its clean scent. Just the scent alone makes me feel clean and fresh.
    I like to consider this deo as very professional and up market. It’s easy to apply and offers day long results.
    I need a deo that caters to the needs of stress and anxiety mainly. Whenever I begin to stress the sweats starts to pour around my underarms. A single does of this Rexona deo in the morning guarantees that I will be protected through the day from excess sweating and odor. I love that I can trust and rely upon it to keep me sweat and odor free.
    It doesn’t just offer protection again sweating caused by stress. It also kept me odor free after my exercise sessions which I loved! It is also the perfect size for a gym bag 😀
    I never have any issues with applying this to my underarms. I always find it to be gentle and smooth without any irritation…even after a fresh shave.
    Because it’s a roll on you don’t need to worry about it going off and spraying deo all through your bag. So wonderful peace of mind.
    To sum up I have no negative things to say about my experience with the Rexona Clinical Protection deo. It gave me everything I ask for. It’s nice to apply and keeps me well and truly protected throughout the day.
    I will most definitely be buying again and I couldn’t recommend it enough to everybody……especially my brothers.

  • Posted by: Miss Makeup Master Fan

    Love It!
    I usual don’t buy roll on deodorant so I was a bit hesitant to try it. My first impressions were good, the packaging was simple, clean and easy to read. The texture of the product was silky and disappeared into the skin without leaving white lines.
    This definitely does what it promises. It controls sweating and lasts all day long. With my usual antiperspirant I would get really itchy armpits but I noticed that it stopped once I started using this product.
    The products doesn’t dispense evenly out of the top but it does dispense just the right amount of product, you just need to be careful how you apply it.
    Overall, this is a great product and smells divine ( I was sent the shower clean). It leaves you feeling fresh and clean and did I mention it smells amazing!!
    Thanks to primped for the opportunity to trial this product. I will definitely re-purchase.

  • Posted by: Sakina-1340329667 Newbie

    I feel fresh always and it makes me confident that I will not smell of body odour.I really enjoyed trialling this deodorant. I am used to roll on and spray deodorants . This deodorant was unique and different to what I am used to.
    It has a screw mechanism at the bottom of the deo which when you wind/click the deodorant is dispensed at the top.
    The deo is of a cream/liquid type consistency. It really absorbs well into my skin. I loved that it dried relatively quickly and didn’t cause any wet/stains on my clothing.

    It did not irritate my underarms which is a huge bonus too especially in really hot days the least you would want is itchy underarms caused by your deo. This deo felt really comfortable to wear even in extreme heat.

    I really really enjoyed the scent of the product. It has kind of a fresh clean smell and it smells like you just had a cool shower and makes you feel really clean.
    The scent kind of got released every time I was sweating. I could literally feel the smell wafting through when I noticed that I was sweating too much. The Deodorant really masks sweat odours well.

    It is a really effective deo, I have been running around too much lately trying to accomplish tasks at work and in the house and at the end of the day I felt great I didn’t smell bad.
    I would definitely repurchase when I run out of the current one I’m using. Really happy with results.

  • Posted by: MoonlightSak Enthusiast

    Made me feeling fresh all day.I really enjoyed this deodorant. The application process was easy, just two clicks and the product dispensed at the top. The deodorant is a cream/liquid type consistency which gets absorbed into your underarms straight away .
    It dried relatively fast and did not stain or leave wet marks in my clothing.
    It did not irritate my underarms at all. I was really happy not to have itchy underarms especially during extreme hot days.
    It made me feel fresh and clean all day and gave me the confidence of feeling clean and smelling nice.
    I really enjoyed the scent of this deo. It smells so clean and fresh and smells like you just had a cool shower making you feel really clean.
    It is really effective and especially on stressful days I could literally smell the scent of the product wafting through which made me feel good that I was smelling nice.
    I would definitely repurchase it as I really love the results.

  • Posted by: xxmeeekxx Newbie

    This product is amazing!This product is honestly one of if not the best deodorants I have ever used. I usually use spray deodorants and find that I need to re apply within the hour. I work full time as does my fiancé and we have 2 small children so as you could imagine I barely have time to complete the every day tasks let alone reapply my deodorant every hour. I love the packaging of the Rexona Clinical Protection it is simple and clean. The medium size packaging of the Rexona Clinical Protection is the perfect size to put in my bag (Not that I need to reapply it during the day however it is just a habit that I have by having to re apply my previous deodorants. I apply it once after the shower and do not have to re apply it until the next morning! I smell fresh and clean all day. I can not thank PRIMPED enough for allowing me to trial this product and bring it into my life. I love this product and have already recommended it to my family & friends.

  • Posted by: jayla1987 Enthusiast

    love it I Do love this product I sweat terribly because we have 40 degree heat most of the time. I found this product keeps me dry and smelling fresh all day. It’s worth the money because it lasts a fair while if you only do the two clicks. I will be buying this in the future as spray ones don’t work for me.

  • Posted by: Beautynutter Enthusiast

    Really hard working deodorant!I have been using this deodorant for the past two weeks and I have to say that this product really stands out from the rest. The main advantages I found was that it kept me feeling dry and fresh all day long. It really is a hard working deodorant that I would happily recommend to others and will be purchasing in the future. I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

  • Posted by: missmj Enthusiast

    A product that delivers on its claimsWhen I received the Rexona Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant I was initially skeptical that it would actually keep me dry but it proved me wrong.
    The box for the deodorant does come across as clinical looking but it does tie in with the name of the product. As for the applicator it is quite simple to use. Just remove the lid, turn the dial at the bottom until the deodorant comes through the top and apply. The texture of the deodorant is cream like but it does spread relatively easy on the skin. The product really does assist in keeping you dry and smelling fresh.
    The main advantages are you apply it of a night time as directed and during the day you still feel and smell fresh instead of sweating in the heat of the day, it is easy to apply and a nice compact size for travelling.
    One of the downsides for me was the transfer of the deodorant when putting clothes on too soon after applying the deodorant. I also found that my skin felt a little irritated when I applied the deodorant after shaving so I would suggest against shaving and applying.
    Overall this is a product that does what it claims to do and I will definitely be recommending it to family and friends.

  • Posted by: JadeRose Master Fan

    It works… No sweat! I absolutely love this product, really works wonders and definitely delivers what it promises. I felt completely confident and didn’t have to worry about underarm sweating whatsoever throughout the entire day. Even when feeling anxious, if rushing around or exercising, or when getting over-heated. Works a million times better than usual deodorant! With the hot weather kicking in over here in WA I think this product will be worth it’s weight in gold over Summer.

    Love the ‘click’ design packaging, just two clicks and it dispenses the perfect amount through the little holes in the top. Very innovative and I prefer it to the traditional roller-ball type deodorant applicator. My only problem was that it seemed to be getting a little clogged, but it can easily be washed out so not really an issue. The texture was very smooth and creamy, didn’t build up or cause irritation even after shaving.

    Found the scent to be quite nice, little bit soapish and very fresh and clean smelling – plus it doesn’t clash with my perfume which is great. Definitely long lasting as well.

    I took off one star from my rating purely because I found it left pretty bad white marks on my clothes. But in saying that I guess when the deodorant is applied at night it’s not a huge problem but personally I prefer to apply deodorant in the morning instead. If it didn’t leave white marks it would basically be a faultless and perfect product.

    Overall it’s an excellent value product that really works wonders! Would definitely recommend trying it, especially over Summer. I will be continuing to use Rexona Clinical Protection and will be buying it from now on to replace my usual deodorant.

    Thank-you so much to Primped and Rexona for the opportunity to trial this great product. xx

  • Posted by: Alycef Newbie

    a few flawsI really enjoyed the smell of the product and even received comments on how “clean and fresh” I smelt. It definitely made me feeling confident about my sweating, even through some presentations.
    For me what let the product down was the application process – I prefer the other roll on method as this left white residue all over my arms, the head of the product and on my clothes. It also didn’t feel particularly smooth or nice when applying to my underarms – almost like putting soap on dry skin. Such a shame as the smell and way in which it prevented sweating made me very happy, but I became too annoyed/self conscious to wear it becaues of white marks.

  • Posted by: kveeg25 Newbie

    Excellent ProductWhen I first received this product I wasn’t sure it would be something I was interested in. I wouldn’t consider myself a very sweaty person and I didn’t think it would be any different to my usual deodorant. But after using this product for the last few weeks I’ve become a little bit addicted.

    I put in some pretty long days, starting with boot camp or personal training most mornings, heading off to work and then often straight out to dinner. So I am often up at 5am not back home again until 7 or 8pm. I have to say this product did hold up, I was always dry and smelt very fresh!

    The packaging is great, it is fun to twist up the product and watch it worm out of the little holes The product itself is quite nice to apply, it is a cream formula and applies very smoothly, however it does require a little bit more working in than your typical gel formula deodorants. The scent is nice too, I don’t like it straight away but I notice throughout the day that I get a whiff here and there and it is a very pleasant and fresh scent that doesn’t compete with perfume.

    I would recommend this product; it makes a big difference in keeping you dry and smelling fresh.

  • Posted by: Beautybee Master Fan

    Keeps Me Fresh & Dry All Day Long!Thank you to Primped and Rexona for the opportunity to trial this product. This antiperspirant deodorant comes packaged in a 48g/45mL container. It has a pleasant, fresh and powdery scent.

    To dispense the product simply turn the wheel at the bottom two clicks to deliver the recommended amount. This makes it very easy to use and ensures that you apply the correct amount every time.

    After using this deodorant every day for the past three weeks I have found that it works very well and keeps me feeling fresh and dry all day long. I am really impressed with this new antiperspirant deodorant from Rexona. I would happily recommend this product to others. I give it 5 stars!

  • Posted by: cmulvenna Newbie

    Hands-down favouriteSo I’ve actually been a devotee of this deodorant for a couple of years now but they’ve somewhat relaunched the brand lately. I was so excited to receive it to trial, as I do find it an expensive deodorant.

    For me, it is the hardest-working deodorant I’ve ever used. Hot weather and I’ve put it though 5 a week exercise classes, without that inevitable sweaty feeling.

    Positives for me – it really really works. I’ve been applying in the morning post shower, as the idea of putting it on at night on unwashed skin didn’t really appeal to me. Don’t think it’s made any difference, as the sweat control is still as good.

    Negatives for me – I did have some transfer onto dark clothing (just underarms). Having read another review below, it may be that I didn’t wait until my underarms were fully dry from showering before applying? I will have to check that out! The price is also a little high, especially since I used this product in London where it cost approximately 5 pounds (about $8). Rexona, please explain?

    Overall – I will continue using this product as I really do feel it is the best deodorant on the market, but I would love to see it selling cheaper!

  • Posted by: sunshinenici Newbie

    Great product for Sweaty Bettys!To preface this review, I already use this product so I am very familiar with it.

    I am quite a sweaty person so I need a super strong antiperspirant and before I found the clinical varieties nothing really worked as well as I wanted it to.

    I use this product just like normal antiperspirants, apply it in the morning after my shower. I’m VERY happy with the results and will continue to use this stuff as long as they make it. I switch between fragrances and this shower fresh one is lovely, not overpowering, nice and fresh.

    The only downside to this product is that it does build up on your skin and clogs your razor when you shave your underarms. I sometimes go deo free on weekends if I am not going out, and give my skin a break. Having said that, I do not get any irritation or other adverse reactions. It does leave white marks on your clothes if you are not careful.

    I like the cream texture and I find it easy to apply from the wind up packaging.

    I love this product!

  • Posted by: Carisma Supporter

    Great Deodorant!While I prefer a spray, I understand that for more “hard core” deodorants a stick is the better formula. I liked the packaging and while the 2 click system sounded fancy, I did get confused by the instructions which is why I didn’t give it a 5. Do I do 2 clicks then apply to both arms? Or do I do 2 clicks then one arm, then 2 clicks and the other? Or 1 click per arm? I ended up settling on the first and it seemed to work well. I

    The actual formulation itself was great. While it initially felt a little heavy, I did find that soon after application I forgot I was wearing it and there was no sweat to be seen! I suffer from sweaty feet so am interested to try and use it on them next coming up to Summer after the good results. The scent was stronger than what I’m used to but not offensive at all.

    I think I will be purchasing this to provide a little extra support over Summer and perhaps ongoing if it works as well on my feet.

  • Posted by: karleymichelle Enthusiast

    So fresh & so clean!I have always been a spray deodorant girl, however after trialing Rexona Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant I think i’m going to make the switch!

    Easy to hold and use. a double click to dispense the creamy liquid & then roll away. It’s not sticky & dries fairly quickly.
    Scent is fresh, I trialed “shower clean”. it’s not overpowering.

    The best part is that it actually works ALL day! I always carry a can of spray in my handbag because I hate the feeling of being sweaty before going into meetings. I felt confident not needing to reapply during the day.

    It left white marks once, but all deodorant does & I got changed straight after applying.

    I am wearing this for my upcoming wedding! I know i’ll be stressing & now can relaxing knowing I won’t be smelly!

    Thanks Primped & Rexona!

  • Posted by: nidhi12345 Enthusiast

    great productI have been using this product for 2 weeks now and loving it. It works really well does what it claims.
    It’s has a roll on wheel which you have to click twice to get the product out, it’s consistency is thick and fragrance is not too overpowering.
    It is recommended to apply it before going to ex and also after taking shower in the morning after drying out the armpits and wait it to dry before wearing clothes otherwise it can leave white marks.
    I noticed that it kept me dry whole day even on very humid days which is great. Only thing I don’t like is that it can leave white marks on your clothes if ot careful.

  • Posted by: ladybec Master Fan

    Great at combating those smelly momentsI’ve been dabbling in natural deodorants, and unfortunately have had no success. For me, they led to skin irritations and a fair bit of smelliness. So I was excited to jump off that bandwagon and try this deodorant. I have never tried a clinical strength deodorant before so I was looking forward to giving it a go.

    This deodorant is brilliant at stopping nasty BO smells. I was left fresh and clean-smelling at the end of the day, which is really my biggest concern when it comes to deodorant. So very happy on that front. This deodorant did not actually stop me sweating. I still did sweat, especially in the hot days Sydney has been having. However, I can handle a bit of dampness, as long as the smell isn’t also there. And this deodorant stops that.

    One thing that I really didn’t like about this deodorant was the white marks it leaves on my clothes. I wear a lot of black, especially to work, and I found this left a fair bit of white stains in the underarm regions of my clothes. If this could be fixed, this would definitely be a perfect product for me.

    I wasn’t fussed with the application process, I always prefer roll-ons to sprays and this cream texture suited me fine. I have had no irritations like I have had to natural deodorants, and my underarms feel smooth and hydrated.

    All up, I’m very happy with this product. Apart from leaving the white marks on my clothes, I think it’s great!

  • Posted by: Michelle-1320649049 Supporter

    Great all day protection!I found this easy to use and non irritating on my sensitive skin. I found the scent a little too strong but overall a fresh smell. It lasted well and I felt like I smelled clean and fresh all day. Also I was relieved to find no white marks on my clothing either.

  • Posted by: sprinkles37 Master Fan

    This is perfect for anyone worried about wetness or odourYou apply the Rexona Clinical Protection the night before and it works overnight. I like being able to apply it at night and still being able to have a morning shower and know I’m protected against wetness and odour.

    Since I shave in the morning, I find that applying this at night helps to reduce any irritation post shaving, without having to give up protection.

    I love the packaging of the Rexona deodorant as it’s easy to use.

    I like that there are some different scents, as one scent doesn’t fit all.

    While it’s pricier than other deodorants, it works amazingly. I don’t use it everyday, just on days when I know that I’ll be busy or if the weather is really hot and humid, so I find this lasts quite a while.

  • Posted by: marlia1988 Newbie

    Great productAs a very busy and active person running around from my office job in the city, running errands on my lunch break and ducking out of work as quickly as I can to attend netball 3 nights a week, I can forget the little things – such as regular deoderising.
    After receiving this product, I read the instructions and was surprised to find they suggested to put the deoderant on at night time. I did and found that it worked! I never had to race to my bag after lifting up my arm and smelling that horrible BO in the middle of the day.
    The fragrance was nice – not overly fragrant but it had a nice odour to it. The creamy texture was also nice and the twist-like bottle was easy to use.
    Loved the product, will buy after using it in the trial and will definitely recommend to my friends!

  • Posted by: Kaval33 Supporter

    Fresh all day!
    I have to say I wasn’t expecting much from this product but it really surprised me and turned me into a Rexona girl.

    I was finding lately that my deodorant was not keeping up with my active lifestyle. I am running around all day at long and then always to try to fit in a quick gym sesh. Sometimes I find that my body adapts to the deodorant that I use every day so this came at a perfect time!

    I actually liked the application process but maybe cause I am from the States and that is our normal application. And it honestly dried right away.

    I have been using it ever since and I never once thought uh- oh. What a great feeling!

    This will be my new deodorant going forward!


  • Posted by: Bec1 Newbie

    It’s my deodorant match made in heavenI feel like I’ve never settled on a deodorant that works for me and have always been switching it up between different brands to find the right one that actually works and does the job of stopping me from sweating! I applied this one in the mornings after my shower and once i’d let it dry, just got dressed as usually, and it kept me totally dry all day. I’ll definitely keep buying this one!

  • Posted by: Deavine Enthusiast

    Not a fanContrary to the reviews below I would not rate this product. Others have gone into detail about the application and claims of the product so I will instead keep my review short and sweet and outline the problems I had with the Rexona Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant.

    The application is pretty messy, dries up and gets blocked very fast. I found that the product did not always absorb and instead dried up and crumbled away upon application on some occasions – to prevent this applying when armpits were slightly damp after a shower helped.

    Do not wear this deodorant with black dresses because this product is by no means invisible. A problem that is common with Rexona products in my experience.

    I found that this product did not stop perspiration any more than other deodorants do and I will be reverting back to an old faithful Dove (invisible roll on) before finishing off this product.

  • Posted by: Holly_Golightly Newbie

    almost perfectI really love this deodorant, it keeps me dry and fresh all day, even through 12 hours days and is dry as soon as you put it on. my only complaint is that it leaves white marks on my clothes.

  • Posted by: Maudeor Newbie

    My armpits were sweatier than a sinner in church, but now, they are as dry as the Sahara desert.I used to be ‘that girl’ who would blatantly yank her arm up in the air as if asking a question and shove her nose into her armpit just to see how I was doing.

    I was using regular run ‘o the mill spray on anti-persperent, but after walking past Rexene’s clinical protection in store, I couldn’t resist. I’m a nursing student and I was scoffing at the claim that it was ‘clinical’ protection (I was also scoffing at the price!)

    I apply clinical protection under my arms straight after my shower at night and before bed. Ever since beginning my use of this deodorant I have never looked back or had to bother worrying about underarm sweat.

    As well as having some beautiful scents available, my favourite is ‘Gentle Dry’ (I just call it ‘purple’), it keeps my underarms amazingly, fantastically, MOISTURISED AND SMOOTH. I don’t think you guys get it, I was having the worst irritation under my arms, to the point of dermatitis like symptoms, when all of a sudden it eased up after ceasing spray on deodorant and commencing clinical protection!

    I could rave on for hours about clinical protection by Rexona, but girl (or boy), you need to get your keys, get in the car, and go get some!

    Happy Primping!

  • Posted by: JasminNoir Enthusiast

    Works!!I used to suffer from bad body odour during Summer when I was using a all natural crystal stick.

    Due to bad body odour I was embarrassed to go out or sit next to my co-workers. That’s when I decided to switch to a stronger deodorant. And as soon as I started using Rexona Clinical protection my problem disappeared and it keeps me protected for more than 25 hours.

    I highly recommend this product.

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